Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, September 25, 1924, Image 4

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B ill Wm ■ H l BliPSiPS * * 1 SPISI m m m B Ä S »lljls M ^ W M M :iÊ Ê à IW W A K lim B B lG B B E P « ® * * * * THURSDAY, SKPTRMBE* H , M t* At tito L. M. G j Wisdom Cal« owi, Proprietär Bob Datls wtt over from Salmon last Friday. T J Logenne#*« « m a Baala vis­ itor last week, looking for bay. Don Albee dropped in teat week to say “Howdy” to his did friends here. Save your calves. Vaccinate with Blackleg Aggresain—16 cents a dose. Cbas. Quint. adv sept 11 Mr. and Mrs, G D McKevitt re­ turned Tuesday from an automobile trip ito Spokane. New York Counts raw, fried, scal­ loped. stewed—any style you wish- at Wisdom Cafe. adv sept 25. * There were more than 300 cars es­ timated at the Medicine Tree cele­ bration Sunday. Paul Spannttth and family have returned from an anto trip which in­ cluded Spokane and Seattle. When in need of glasses don’t fal to see Drs. McKendry A Hannnflr at the Butte Optica) Co , Butte. 1- Dorothy Oliver is a guest at the B K Stevenson home during the two weeks abeeuce of her parents. Mrs. J P Loaal entertained (the Five Hundred club last week, Mr« Danny Tovey winning the prise. FOUND—A purse. Owner dtMcribt contents and pay for advertising, at The News office. adv wepit 11 Otto Spannuth of the Wildwood da'ry was an interesting caller at The News office Tuesday afternoon L K McClintock of Spokane, own er of the 1120 ranch, arrived last weak to look over his holdings It the Basin. Mrs. B R Stevenson entertained Mrs George Woodworth and Mrs W A Armitage at dinner Saturday eve­ ning. Mr and Mrs. B R Stevenson, Mrs Lizzie Armstrong and Mrs. Maud Ar mitage were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. George Woodworth, At m m tom v u * --------- L SL Gran, Proprietor INI Itttier took kts «-att -du-k w. Moil« Son, to Butte Tuesday., Miss Zorn ts taking .he MUier children to Los Angeles with hew for the whiter.L j Miss Anna Jorgenson left Monday Tor Bozeman, where »he will attend college this winter. Mr. and Mrs.] Jorgenson accompanied her to Butte.; Sheriff Mocmey came over Monday j inspect hio polittcai fences. Dan has made an efficient officer, “toting fair” on every hand, and is entitled to re-election. Mcsdames Henry Olsen and Jack Hus; ted paid The News a call Mon­ day afternoon. They came down to have Mr.s. Hathaway vaccinate their children, two from.each family. When a candidate thinks enough of the Big Hole to patronize your lil’ ol’ home papah he is entitled to your vote, all else being equal. Dan Moo­ ney asks for it in our advertising columns. Any eld time you th'nk Wisdom kids are behind the times, you’re on the wrong track. One was ajked the other day how he was along in school. “Flue,” was the reply; “we’re learing words of four cylin­ ders.” Lou Gross of (he Wisdom Cafe io adverting New York Count oysters this week. Mr. Glass is a cons'.dent advertiser, “simply because it pays,’ he truthfully says; and he has a pride in furnishing the very choicest viands. Mrs. Harry Helming gave a little party Sunday evening in honor of Mies Anna Jorgenson, who left for Bozeman Monday Besides (he guest of honor and the hostess there were present Misses Hungate, Clapp and Hedflrom; Meadanuj John Troupe and Harold Capehart, Mr.-and Mrs Grover Helming, Messrs Clair Qu t, Fred Pryor, Harry Helming MSB» [lb- 1^7#' «Win We are in a position now to furnish you with your winter goods ; See us fifr prices on il Save Money-Buy the Best Automobile owners cannot be too careful a s to the quality of gasoline and lubricating oil they put in their cars. It is not wise to stop your c a r at first one filling station and then an­ other. This gives you mixed grades of “gas” and oil and plays havoc with your engine. We handle o n ly the best grades o f gasoline and oil. And our prices are lower than you have often paid for cheaper grades. Get into the habit of calling here regularly and notice what a difference it will maKe in the way your car runs. Quich and courteous service will meet you every time you stop here. Helming Bros. Wisdom, Mont Poles were erected In the school yard Monday and swing rope 3 at tached, to the complete satisfaction of uhe rising generation. It may seem a bit unusual to par take of fresh oysters at a Wisdom restaurant, but the Wisdom Cafe serves them in any style desired, adv Mr. and Mrs. Horace Helming re turned from Elko. Nevada, Tuesday afternoon, leaving neat day for the Bitter Root to visit friendb and re! fttlves there. Later they will go ti Idaho Fall*. An error in the head of the editor last week placed Mr and Mrs. Ralph Jones out in the hills on a vacation when we should have printed Jorgen son instead of Jones, Mesdames George Woodworth and Maud Armitage favored The News with a call Monday afternoon, Mrs. Armitage has been Mrs. Woodworth’s guest for several days. The vocabulary of one four year old Wisdom boy does not eontain the word “automobile,'' As a saftey iret measure, his father has taugh him to call every motor vehicle he sees a “burapme.” Mr. Brown of Helena worked' the Baein last week in behnlf at the Mm.tana hild-en's H„>me set 'ety. He Montana Children's Home society.He w<t* very successful, it is stated. »1 though his methods of sedielt:»« did not meet with general approval. Wallace Franelt stands at the head of hia class fn successful hunt­ ing, but he is bashful about it. One morning last week he shot at a prat rfe thicken. Of course he htt ft, hut when he walked to where the dead bird laid he found two ethers he did sot see when he shot. W R Alien, mewing spirit in the development of Elkhons Springs min lug district, was * Sunday visitor in W M « » , accompanied by a party of wealthy Eastern stockholders. We »re wmtf 1» I * * » been *bue*t M the wy», knf aeeejt « fth ghaaikn thu to­ by « * * - ^ W a * - ! i i » L r * P KEEPING WELL f GOOD FOOD SUR- PASSES DRUGS on. FRtcuEitirK n. gurkn of ‘ HKAI.TH” low YORK city spends thirty five million dollars each year main talnlng Its hospitals, Of this amount, ten millions, or nearly one third, are spent for food. This Is quite different from the old Idea of a hospital. People used to think they went to a hospital to take medicine. They know better now. A hospital Is a place for making sick people well, not for dosing them un necessarily. A hundred years ago doctors didn't know what caused diseases or how they could be prevented, so the only thing they could do was to give such medicines ns they had, In the hope of restoring the patient to health. The wise doctor todny doesn’t give any medicine unless he knows that It's going to help the patient. Of course, this means that what medicine Is given today is much more necessary and beneficial than the larger quantities that used to be administered. Doctors give fewer drugs today because they know more than their predecessors did. Hospitals spend more money for food than (hey do for medicines, because they know that every patient needs to he properly nourished, while compara­ tively few need drugs. With our better knowledge of the chemistry of foods and the processes of digestion we are able to combine feeding and medication In a way that the old-time doctor never thought of. A certain amount of Iron Is necessary for health. If you must have it In a hurry your doctor gives you a prescrip­ tion cofitaining iron, which will rapidly Increase the amotmt of Iron 1« your blood. But he would rather gi ve H to you In a natural way through your food. The Iron you get In fresh vege- f tables and fruits fs better suited for o 60d eotd your I toddy need* than the Iron yoa get ta pills and In bottles. So the doctor today gives Ms pa­ tients. either at borne er In the hos­ pital. many needful substances In their food which he formerly !r»fi to give In the form of medicine«, Wb« he does give medicine, he gives It because It la necessary and he gives the smallest amount (hat wth do the work. Every capable fffiyafelus knows to­ day that It is Jtast as Import«« for Ms patient to barve the right M b « of feed as It M for him to bar* |he right kind WISDOM GASH STORE Louis Givogre, Proprietor New Goods, New Prices Your Patronage Appreciated | QUESTION« QUISlT Lady— I rupipoae you are a quali Red druggist? Our Local Druggist — Yes, Madam. Lady— You pai sed all your exam 'nations? 0 L D— Oerta'nly! Lady—Never poisoned anyone by mistake? O L D -Not to my knowledge. Lady- Then you may give me a dime’s worth of cough drops and powder puff. Some fellows who see everything wrong in the good old USA might ex­ plain why all Europe is trying to come here to live. Registered Holsteins for Sale Baby bulls and ©them old enouh for service. Wildwood Dairy, Wisdom, adv. Sept. 18 Figs tor Sale I have a few young pigs to sell at live and let live” prices A O On- serud, Wisdom. adv sept 25 Spuds, Spuds, Spuds I am in a position to quote you low prices on Idaho netted Gems, No. 1 sorted. Geo, Blake. ad sept 25 DR. RENTON T. ASBIRY DENTIST Room 5 Daly Bank Bldg., Anaconda WRITE FOR AFFI’OINTMENTS ORDER IT NOW 1 have hougbit an©ther truck and am putting it on Immediately (so there can be no possible chance of not flllin your orders for fruit, vegeta­ bles or grain, provided I get the order before October 10. Thanks HANS LAUESEN Sawing and Fencing TOST BORING POLE RIMMING Grover Helming Woodworth Billiards Room O. J . WOODWORTH, proprieto* *9». . drinks served tt I. carry in stock for your inspec­ tion: Fishing Tackle, Ail Kinds of Tbbueso, Candy, Overalls and Jump­ ers, Cotton Underwear, B. V D.’s, Skirts, Men's Hose, Shoes, Buckskin (Sfaaw) Gievna, Belts, Suspenders, Bow Supporters, Am Banda, FUtsh- Aghts and Batteries, Knives, Pipes, Watohes. i t a k e m a m s » f o r « c i t s Backed by over 8 0 years- acquaint a n » with the people of the Basin and knowledge of their conditions, we offer them our serv'.-e sad solicit their bust»ess. A. L. STORE W. A. GRAETEB President Cashier » Dillon fori’jtnre Go.| EVERYTHING IN FTRNTrtTRE HEDMNG.FI XXHt COVERING* Our facilities ter handling Kad j are se* excelled tnj ned we sclfctt yeur] bawd «pea enmtett-g with easy other «Market ing | the country. T. Pat4 Propriety] i I 0 C RESTAURANT SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE A. B. Crane, Proprietor j 1 ! L Wisdom Cash Market J. A. Louk, Proprietor Special Rates on Meat in Quantities Fith and Vegetables in Season Prompt Attention to Telephone ! i i Big Hole Drug Store Headquarters for Fishing Tackle A large and well selected stock of F L I E S of all kinds, £ Martin Lines, Leaders, Reels, Spinners, Hooks, Fishing | Baskets, Fly Hooks, Leader Boxes, Fishing Rods of all ? Size said Weights, Priced at I $1.50 o p to $20.00 Hunting and Fishing Licences j Chas. Quirt Propiietor i Montana Products for Montanans Keas & Hopkins sell Montana Gasoline. When yoa bay Moo-, j tana Gas you patronize home industry. Keep* your money in yottr own state. Keas & Hopkins will make you wholesale/prices Bell & Reinbold, Darby, Montana ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY have « good Hue of I represent fho N o rth«» JoA o d y Hue o f i ’ i s t H overeo«ts » « ctrságht price o f «31.60 wit* C«. «f Ü fca* f û t M umm ««, wfth s

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 25 Sept. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.