Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, October 02, 1924, Image 4

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER t, U H ■essBaesaaiBasnaBSBBsnsseaseeea! Chicken Stoner A w lv At th* WUdom Cat« L. ML Crow, I’roprictor Harry Davit wag down from Jack- son Saturday on a business mission. Mesdames Crane and Keas went tc Butte Friday, remaining until Mon­ day. Save your calves. Vaccinate with Blackleg Aggreeslu—IS cents a dose Cha*. Quiet. adv sept 11 Mrs. Crane is making additions Improvement« on her business prop­ erty. Master Fred Miller Is employed at ter school hours at the Basin Mercan tile store. New York Counts raw, tried, seal loped, stewed—any style you wish — at Wisdom Cafe. adv eept 26. Harold Capehart Is building an ad ditlon to his new home and digging a cellar as well. Will the party who borrowed (?) The News' copy of “The Story ol Ajax\ please return it. Mrs. C G Johnninue took charge of the hotel during 'the absence of Mrs Kius In Butte for a few days. C B Fairchild, appraiser for the f ederal Land bank at Spokane, wu.- a visitor In ¡this metropolis hut week Misses Emma Hedstrom and Jews Clapp were guests of Mrs, Jesse Heed rt! a dinner of fried chicken Tuesday Miss Swarbrick has resigned her I st In the Wisdom schools, to take effect at the close of school Friday of th s weak. Last week was bear week in the 11»; in, Monte Clinton g A tw\ on the o ist . ide and Herb Arm!!.;);; one on tin; west side Dresden Shields was the proud ex hib'tor in Wisdom Tuesday of some all wool shirts he had made from the wool grown by his own sheep. Mr, and Mrs. llaserodt were early morning visitors in Wisdom Tuesday, having brought their niece to take the outgoing stage for Butte. James Scofield went to Butte Fri­ day to meet Mrs: Scofield returning from a visit Ito her parents at To peka, Kansas Saturday morning. It may seem a bit unusual to par­ take of fresh oysters at a Wisdom restaurant, but the Wisdom Cafe serve« them in any style desired, adv Mesdamee Anson and Hathaway, with Misses Clapp and Hedstrom, en Joyed Mah jong at the home of the first mentioned last Wednesday even­ ing. Helming Bros, are tidying tip their garage property across the street from The News, hoping to be moved Into these quarters by the middle of October. Mrs. Anson aHtoed to Butte Friday to have eome dental work done. She was accompanied by Mrs. J T Arml- lage, who went to visit friends and relatives there. MTS- tVTT’Tnnrmj ■«rrtrTc w-w 4 *. Tuesday afternoon to see “The Tea Commandments.” Mrs. MeKevitt, Mrs. Schreiber and Virginia Crane were her guests. Ralph and Clark Huntley left for their home Jn Spokane last Thursday, driving the same IT ol’ Ford which brought them over at the beginning of the haying season. Chkfcca H u n Swatfag At tkt WMem Cat* It'll. Groan, IhtM Mat Postmaster ami Idea. Will Tore} relumed last week for a lay and loft ter CfcaHis, Idaho, es a v.,leivltt 0 J Woodworth in charge of the pom office. Eddie Wenger, he of the baseball boys who have so royally entertained ue oa the Wisdom diamond, was elect ed president of the Anaconda Bowl lag association last week. If only we had fish ladders at the fount of supply so the fish would not be spread over the meadows lu the spring and early summer we would have the best fishing in the state. Hirschy & Wachly, near Jackson, sold 1,000 tons of hay at $11 Iasi week to Frank Reed, the Twin Bridges sheepman. Frank likes to winter ju the Big Hole— says we have the best hay In the world. From the Dillon papers we learn that George P Lossl and Mrs Joseph Kramer are democratic committee­ men at Jacksou, J P Lossl and Mrs. Mary Cottrell at Wiudom, Ben Mel­ lon and Mrs. Fred Gill at Dewey. Thursday aud Friday of last week the weather man treated us to light snowfalls. Tenderfoot folks had the dues mightily,but the old-timer com­ forted himself with the knowledge that Injpu summer wa; Ju.vP around the corner. ‘ Never missed us yet,” he said. Following the snow, which melted quickly, the weather has been \just what the doctor ordered ” Grover Helming was on ((he war­ path Sunday evening Children art mak'ng life miserable for him and his horses at the old Emmet Douglass barn. They have scattered things around promiscuously and once they shoved a load of hay off onto the tijund Mr Helming'» particular tiievance Sunday wat the fact lout he youngsteis had bein stoning a earn he had left tied in the barn, as vas evidenced by the rock-strewn iloor of the stall. These childish dep edations and utter disregard for the property or the rights of others lack 1 whole heap of making >m an attractive town to live in Worst of ill Is; Mr Helming says he ha3 no ified the parent; of the,little mau rautiers without avail If parents would read the law and learn that they are financially responsible foi the acts of their children perhaps Solomon’s advice may be taken H has been suggested that The News publish the namm of the children engaged in the practice of destruc­ tion of other people's property We are not quite ready to do this, but it Is a glaring disgrace to the town for such prank.; to be allowed. Politice! AAmtlaMBMt FOR SHERIFF D. F. M O O N E Y REPUBLICAN TICKET S E R V l C R . a r f ^ i f l I é Dll. llENTON T. ANBURY DENTIST Room 5 Daly Bank Bldg , Anaconda WRITE FOR AITl’OINTMENTN Spuds, Npuds, Spuds I am in a position to quote you low prices on Idaho netted Gents, No. 1 sorted, Geo. Blake. ad sept 26 Put Your Car in Good Hands No matter what worK you may want dona on your car, y o u can rest assured that ft will be properly done if it comes to us. Only the most capable men are employed b y us, and carefulness is our motto. We treat every car we worK up­ on exactly as though it were our own. We will gladly quote you prices on storage with full service or part serv­ ice, Or we can give y o u service without storage if you prefer. Why not give us a trial and let the results determine future relations be­ tween us? Pay us a call and we can talh it over. Helming Bros. Wisdom, Mont *‘*'!MJ«^4*I**t**t******M»*4**,»*^**i***,**Mi*^45HWM$^CMw*it*^1*' KEEPING WELL Woodworth Billiards Room A CHEAP AND EASY OBESITY CURE ÜU. I liHOblRK K R, GHEKN Hriintr of “H1CAI.TH” O. J. WOODWORTH, Proprietor X Good cold drinks served i y lall times. Pigs for Sale I have a few v^nug Pigs to sell at “live and let live” prices. A 0 On- serud, Wisdom. adv sept 25 By th« way, do you notice that Daa Mooney is the only candidate 1 b Beaverhead count? «sing the eotnnns of T%e New»? Most of v» fa the Big Role »tend by oat friends. A movement h «a foot to clean up the Wisdom cemetery and volunteers may notify Jfr». W A Armitage. Mr». Dare Hiraehy or Mra. V a . Montgom­ ery of thter wfOingnass to assist la the much needed weal. Be. logm , Byeeigfct Expert Of Mtaeevla, arm he at the Wisdom Be**! Thnareiay, October t. City ■errino » « i , orican. A f t «h* Registered Holsteins for Sale Baby bulls and other; old etiouh for “\*-**»- Wildwood Dairy, Wisdom adv. Sept. 18 TELEPHONE OFFICE HOURS Wisdom exenarge open from t a ra. to i p. m, dafty except Sunday rhea the hoars are from 16 to It a a. and t to I p. o. H. R. Capehart, Local Manager ,ights and Batteries, Knives, Pipe«, Watches. I TAKE ORDERS FOR SUITS Satisfaction Guaranteed Always Look over my samples before ypu atronize one of those traveling ped- lers. You can compare prices with uality and service. Your patronage solicited. 10I R C REDIT IS GOOD IF YOU MAKE IT GOOD adv juy 10 ORDER IT NOW 1 have boughlt an<other treck and am psttfng it on tramedietely so there can be so powible Chance of not filha yonr Orders tor frnit, vegeta- bies or grafn, provided I get the Order befere Oetober io, Thenks. HANS LAUESEN Sewing and Fendng I carry tn stock for your Insptc OVERWEIGHT is a billin g sin of Fighing Taekle) A„ K|ndg oi the American people. U hU Is Kimwu m _ ,, , , hv the numerous •‘obesity cures, ' -re- Overalls end Jump (¡notion treatments” and other method» Go on ^erw e a r, B. V D.’s, of getting thin, which are widely ad Shirts, Mens Hose, Shoes, Buckskin vertlsrd. ° |(Squaw) Gloves, Belts, Suspenders, F»t Is simply the surplus food which Tlose Supporters, Arm Bands, Flash the lmdy cannot use aud consequently »foies awny. Where does this fat come from? From unnecessary food, which has been eaten hy the thoughtless or glut­ tonous person, who Is unable to control his appetite. In spite of alluring advertisements, there Is Just one effective and harm­ less way of reducing one's weight. * i U can't he done hy anything put up ( In a Dot tie or a powder or a box. It ) ran only be done hy limiting the amount of food to what the body ac­ tually needs and by Increasing the amount of work to a point where the muscular activity burns up the surplus fuel. This process doesn’t require en enor­ mous amount of self control or self- denial. All that la necessary Is to cut out the unnecessary foods and so to plan the diet as to furnish enough fuel without too much fat-forming food. Cutting out cream and sugar from your coffee and substituting whole wheat bread for white bread will en­ able yon to reduce your weight ta six week*’ time from 10 to 15 pounds. The plain coffee tastes better and the whole wheat bread satisfies better than the white and one slice will do the work of two of white. This means that yon «ill eat only half as much bread and half aa ranch butter, white the bread that is eaten la not a» fat produetag aa white bread. Substttufing leafy vegetables sack a« lettuce, cabbage, aplnarh, esttliftow- er and other», for the starchy repot» bles,\«uch as potatoes, peas and beaus, la good for a reduction of another 15 or pound*. By tbfs time the health and tertty j toefcey ha* not only gotten rid nf the i fat deparit* trader (be skis and a W 6 (be tmmriet which Interfered with ftetr effidcgKp. tn w«8 ns G* f i t * » °f D illo ?/\ Backed by over #d year»- acquaint *uce with the people of the Basin tnd knowledge of their conditions we offer them our serv’.oe and solieh heir busteem. K. L. STONE W. A. GRAETER President Cashier Dillon Fornitore GoJ _________ <jg EVERYTHING Df eEMMNGJTiOOR COYEKDfG»^ Our facflftle* tor haaiRst ttd »hipping tn set exeeSad I» Montana, and w* solicit ja m - at «. * F a l l S u p p l i e s gg We are ina position now to furnish ‘ yon with your winter goods. See us r . 5 8 tor pnces on ‘£ t ■(h m I F a W T T T ^ m r W W I Ê Ê K Ê B Ê S B t Ê Ê Ê M 0 ^ UU I M111 U ^ ri| i i i i k B C RESTAURANT SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE j A. B. Crane, Proprietor ) r Wisdom Cash Market J. A. Louk, Proprietor j Special Rates on Meat in Quantities j • Fivh and VegetablesVegetables in Season ft i l Prompt Attention to Telephone ) ¡Big Hole Drug Store j Headquarters for Fishing Tackle j i jChas. Quist Propiietorj A large and well selected stock of F L I E S of all kinds, d Martin Lines, Leaders, Reels, Spinners, Hooks, Fishing | Baskets, Fly Hooks, Leader Boxes, Fishing Rods of all r Size sand Weights, Priced at | $1.50 up to $20.00 Montana Products for Montanans Keas & Hopkins sell Montana Gasoline. When you buy Mon­ tana Gas you patronize home industry. Keep your money in your own state. Keas & Hopkins will make you wholesale;prices Bell & Reinbold, Darby, Montana WISDOM CASH STORE

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 02 Oct. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.