Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, October 23, 1924, Image 1

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FEDERA TIOX AT JACKSON (Contrtbuted) Despite the stormy weather aad bad roads, the aemi-anaiíal meetlag o í the County Federatioa of Womaas club* held tu Jackson Oetoher 11 vas atteaded by a lar ce aad eathuai- ast'c crowd. The program for the day v a s: ForeaOon Sesstoa Soag, \America the Beautlful\—AJI Invocation...........Mrs. Fred Nolaoa Address of Welcome ..................... .......... .......... M m . Fred L Hirschy Respota© ............. Mrs. Geo. Oottreia President’s Address ...................... ........... Mrs. Muaslgbrod, Actg Pres Business Session Health Talks and Reports by Dr. Bradley of the State Health depart­ ment and Miss Aagot Lian, county health nurse. Report on Federation meeting at Kalispcll, Mrs. Ted Woodward Report on biennial meeting in Los Angeles, Mrs. Dave Hirschy. Luncheon at 12 o’clock noon. Afternoon Session Song,\Whispering Hope\ ............. .......... Miss Gray and Mrs. Hirschy Talk on constitutional amendments pertaining to schools ................. . . Judge Bennett ©t Virginia City Reading— ’The Fleet Goes B y ” . . . .............................. Eleonora Olsen Talk on metal mines tai measure ......................Tom Davis of Butte Song, \It Isn’t Any Trouble t o . . . ............... 8 m 1 1 e”—Assembly Plano Solo, “Dance Eccentr'c” ., ........................Mrs Philip Murphy Song, \Auld Lang Syne”—Assembly Luring the bountiful lunc.wo'i n,c delegates f - o m the different clubs ct the county responded tp the roll ca., ly giving the name, office and party of a candidate to be voted for at the coming election. At each plate the guests found a \Fun Official Ballot” asking them to rote for Cal or John or Bobble. Cal seemed to be the favorite, as he re­ ceived a large majority of the rotes. The center piece on one of the ta­ bes was a miniature \beef pen,” com­ plete, from the Jack-leg fence, feed raeks, beef steers and cows to a cat­ tle buyer on horseback. A slod losd of hay drawn by a team of dappled gray horees was about to enter thro’ the open swing gate, shore which was the slogan: \Big Hole Basin, the Home of the Cow and the Big Beef Steer.” The evening session was opened with a tong by the assembly, fol­ lowed by a talk on contagions 'dis­ eases by Dr. Bradley, a reading: \Somebody Did,” by Eleonora Olsen A motion picture, “At the End of the Road,\ was presented by Miss Lian to a very appreciative audience, ‘ A radio was installed in the Community hall and the crowd was treated to a radio concert, The evening ended with a dance, music by the Pendergast orchestra. A fair sample of the kind of campaign that h being waged in behalf of the proposed Metal Mines License Tax is shown in the distortion o M m story of the DavisDaly Copper Oompany taxes. The unfairness is apparent of using a s i f » instarce of assessment as typical of an entire in­ dustry. Many cases might be cited wherll&rge tr.icts of land have entirely escaped assess­ ment, but that is no reason for urging an imfreasad tax upon land generally. But when the facts of this single instance are unfairly ap^incorrectly set forth, it is enough to discredit the entire tax campaign against the mining ijqptry. Governor Dixon Stated la hid speech at Dillon, Sept. 26,1821: “I an sorry I couldn’t get the county treasurer to give me sonu yard stick of measurement here; hot here hi what the Metal Mines Tax really means. I think I can give it to you so that you will understand it. Last February the Davis Daly mine in Butte was sold and bought by the Ana- oonda for three million dollars. They had gotten into a little litigation in the federal court, and finally a majority of the stockholders sold to the Anaconda for three million dollars in cash. That was last February—the Davis Daly mine. And McIntyre, the countv treasurer of Silver Bow Oounty, certified to the tax commission, that the tax that year on this three million dollar cash deal was $2,549; that was the entire taxes, net pro­ ceeds, machinery, surface ground end everything, on a three-million.dollar sale was $2,549. d As a Matter ot Fact The taxes paid by the Davis Daly Copper Com pauy for 1923 were as follows: Property Tax (County) ..... $ 2,141.06 Net Proceeds Tax (County) 11,087.66 $15,228.72 Property Tax (City) ......... $ 1,112.12 Net Proceeds Tax (City).... 994.83 $ 2,106.95 Metalliferous Mines License Tax paid to State— Colorado Mine ....... $ 640,08 Ilibernia Mine ............ 2,917.34 Mount Moriah ....... ... 1.00 $ 3,558,42 TOTAL TAXES PAID - . $18,894.09 The Montana Mining Association has in its pc »session the original certificates from the Oounty Treasurer of Silver Bow County, Montana, and the City Treasurer of Butte, Montana, show ing Davis-Paly tax payments, as given above. The certificates from Oounty Treasurer McIntyre and City Treasurer Riley read as follows: OFFICE OF OOUNTY TREASURER Silver Bow County, Montana. Butte, Montana, October 11, 1924. Montana Mining Association, Helena, Montana. Gentlemen: In response to your inquiry this will certify that the taxes paid by the Davis Daly Copper Company for the year 1923 on its mines, ma­ chinery, net proceeds and other property in Silver Bow County amounted to the sum of $13,228.72. This does not include its City taxes or State License Tax. This office did not certify to the Tax Com­ mission or any one else that the entire taxes of the Davis-Daly Copper Oompany on the net proceeds, machinery, surface ground and everything for that year was the sum of $2,549, or any other sum less than $13,228.72. Yours- very truly, (Signed:) II. A. McINTYRE, County Treasurer, .A * OFFICE OF CITY TREASURER Butte, Montana, Oct. 11th, 1924. Montana Mining Association, Helena, Montana. ^Gentlemen: In response to your inquiry, this will certify that the Davis Daly Copper Co. paid City Taxes to the City of Butte for 1923 as follows: Mining claims, buildings, and machinery and supplies ........... $1,112.12 Net Proceeds . .............................. 994,83 TOTAL ........................................ $2,106.95 Yours very truly, (Signed:) JOSEPH E. RILEY, City Treasurer. J. M c C a r t h y , Deputy. JACKSON NEWS NOTES Mr. and Mm, Roy Jackson wont to Butt« Monday. Club mooting with Mrc. Walter Stewart in two weeks, M D Jardlae wee. a visitor la Butte last week, consulting a physician. Edwin Anderson returned Friday after spending a few days in Dillon. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Helming were up from Wisdom Friday even- 'I ' . S , I W Daw has purchased the pool hail from Roy Ford and moved his family to town. Jack-:o:i Woman i dub held their regular meeting Friday in the Odd Fellows building. Jack lluu'cd mado regular trips last week to Sal in a, laying in a win­ ter supply of vegetables. Judge Jos. C Smith and A E Main were in Jackson tbld week, looking after their political fences. Mrs Franc!» Shaw is confined to her home with a severe cold hut is improving at this writing. Miss Ethel Crowley, the pt.-iary teacher at Jackson, spent the week­ end with her parents in Dillon Mr and Mrs George Clemow were visitors in Butte last week and went to the Bitter Hoot Monday of this A large bunch of fat hoof steers passed through Jackson last Satur­ day on their way to a western market Mitt. Otto Christensen and Mrs. Dlgle lOmerlck of Ape* were In Jack- son to attend the Federation meeting Little Hoy, o n of Mr and Mrs. John Jackson, was operated upon In a Butte hospital Monday for appendi­ citis. Mr and Mrs, Fred L Hirschy and little Jack are home from Butte, where they went tor medical treat­ ment. Mrs. Alex Peterson and little daughter are home from an extended vieit with Mrs Petersons parents in Minnesota The Misges Bessie, Eleonora and Helen Olsen and Mies Eixabeth Gray enjoyed a chicken dinner with Mrs. 8 J Johnson. Soren Nelson returned home Wednesday with a small bunch of feeders which he purchased on the Grasshopper. Mrs James Woody has been taken to Butte on accounnt of serious eye trouble. We trust she may soon re­ turn, wholly well. Large bands of sheep have been af riving amost daily. They will he win­ tered at the Dan Pendergast and the old Hirschy ranchos. WAS WONDERFUL PICTURE Saturday night’s picture shew was a stunner, and ne mistake. For two and one-half hours a erowded house enjoyed every moment Min Lois Shaw at the plane tempered the few waits aad lent test to the pictures. Paths News, akwayts good, was tally up to the average and \1%« Two Wagons, Roth Covered,” a par­ ody on the famous Covered Wagon film, was a button-buster. It happens that the writer has had soma little experience in training horses and he feels competent to y that the ail bet human work ot the big back «union in “The Xing of. Wild Hones” a five-reel film featur­ ing Hal Roach, was the host piece of e«*J It la Che practice o f the meet to ghre a free ticket to schesd Children for perfect deportment and the vtacero far Satarday right were: 1st Grade—WOma Cttvogre fad M 4th The Governor’i »titement as to the $3,000,000 valse of the Davis-Daly property is equally as erroneous as Us statement of the amount of taxes paid. The facts an as follows : The Davis-Daly Copper Company owned a number of miniad daims adjoining claims of the Anaconda Copper Mining Oompany. Ore-bodies at great depth, two thousand foot or deeper, had been developed in the Davis-Daly ground, and it was claimed by the Amurada Company that theso ore-bodiee had their topa, or apices, in the Anaconda Company ’s ground, •aid wan owned by the Anaconda Company. _ __________ rose. One «tit to reoevor many of dollars was instituted by Mm Anaconda Company against the Davis-Daly Comnany; counter- daims wore m ide by tho Davis-Daly Oompany; each oompany claimi n g tho other company had mined mil­ lions of dolían man Its era-bodies. The cost of de vdopment at gi «at depths to prove these contentions was tremendous. Tho result of tlte whole situation was a compromise, all controversies, the relea«# by each oomph sy of all claims against Ac ether and the conveyance of tho Davis-Daly properties to the Anaconda Oosrjtny, all in ooneideration of the pay­ ment by the Anaconda Company of $3,000,000. / Mr. Dixon jmnpi to the oondasion that the amount paid, ($3,00D¿P0g), was entirely for the pnrohaee of the prepwty. M O N T A N A M I N I N G A S S O C I A T I O N r -l- B m m 4M ___ J- - # M ____ IJ ___ I W f InUllHt vs w K t f t j j rilllHRi I §^jN-fySsN:#\ • Mildred Peterson, who is attend­ ing High school in Anaconda, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Peterson. Mies Alice Roe, eounty superin­ tendent, visited the Jackson and both East and West Fox schools last Wednesday and Thursday. Ethel Anderson, who is attending High sehool at Dillon, spent Satur­ day and Sunday with her parents at their ranch home at Jaekson. Mrs. George LossI accompanied J P LossI to Wiee River Saturday, to attend the Mg dance down there and «pent the week-end with Mrs. Walter C Jones. Mr. tad Mrs. Joe Kramer bare gone to’ Anaconda for the winter. We are Indeed sorry to lose them. Mr. Kramer Is one of oar staunch citi- ms and Mrs. Kramer Is Just about the best neighbor ever. Newt was received at Jackson last week of the marriage o f Joka Wen­ ger o t Jaekson and Jean LaagsAorf of DEBon, «he wedding «furring at October t . The aewlyweds A d r borne 4» 1er tbs

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 23 Oct. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.