Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, October 30, 1924, Image 3

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% iB,tf~rT¥ir r r a f e a s S t t s a o «HPiWiay THE F IR ^ íS rioÍíÍL n^. „ w ,_B *»•>*•* ■WW«l ’■\• « T— « any ot th* Govtcmaunt* Asyycta With Uw rolled State* Daring 8oM and AiitboHiinx tt>e, Incurring of * b debteduo**; Authorising the iMuiag - DouOs; FruvUHng for th* Is i f of « *«• BE IT »NACTKD BY THK LWlSI^TIVSi assem bly o r t u b s t a t s o r mg » TANA* Suction 1. That the CoaaUtutioa of the State oi Montana be »»ended »» t.^ r provided, and that, the «aestion of suck amendment be submitted to the qual­ ified electors of the State of .»onun*-at the general election to be held In No*«® b<!Sectiou' 2.' That the Constitution of the State of Montana be and the «ante U here­ by amended by adding thereto an article to be known as Article XXII, and te read “ “ 'Article'' k x t l; Bdbtlon t to order to promote the spirit of patriotism ana loy­ alty, 1» testimony of the gratitude of the State of Montana, and In recognition of the sulendl'd services of Montana men in the war botweeu the Uulted States and the Herman Empire end Its allies, there shall be paid to each person who was regularly called, enlisted, drafted, Inducted or corn missioned and who served on active duty iu the Army, Navy or Marine Corps of tlu t utted States between the slit» day ol AprH, Nineteen Hundred and Seventeen and the Eleventh Hay of November, Nine­ teen Hundred Elghteeu for a period longet than two mouths; uud to each person who, being a eltlseu oi the tinted States at the time of eutry tliereiu. served ou active duly lu the naval, military or air forces of auj of tUe govermu*kuU uuiiucliUed witu tin Vlilted State« durlug the war with the ecu trul allied powers between the tith day ol April, Nlueteeu Hundred Seventeen and tut: eleveutii duy of November, Nmoteeu Hun­ dred Eighteen, for a period longer thaw two months; and at the time of his call enlistment, luductlou. commission or eery , lee, was a bonutide resident of the Stub of Montana, the sum of Ten Dollar: ($10.00) for each month or major fraction thereof that such person wus lu active service during said war, whether bofore 0 : after November 11, IMS, not to exceed however, a total sum of Two Uuudred I>ol ]urs ($200.00); provided, that persons wh< have received extra compensation from any other state, or nutlou other tliau the Unit ed States for Bueh active service shall not be entitled to compensation under till: Article unless the amount of eumpeusutloi so received Is less thnu they would be eu ■titled to hereunder, in which event the! shall receive the difference between tin compensation ullowable under this Art lcle uud the extra compensation al reudy received from such other slat: or nution; provided, further, that per have received greater com ----- 1... ...... ,,f tin com sons who SOUS WHO UU¥0 , « ----_ - pensutlou than the regular pay of Army, Navy, or Marine Corps and c . . « W _ ____ i _____ _ .1 H ik l\ 111 u t l l l l l U k XJ mutation for quarters and subsistence, sfittl uot he eutltled to receive eompeusatioi under this urtlele uuless the amount o, the extra eompeusutiou so received 1» lea: tliau they would be entitled to hereunder iu which event they shall receive the dif ferenee between the compensation allow uble nuder this article uud such extra com iieusutlou, Iu case of the death of any such person while In such service an «qua niuouui shall be puld to his surviving wld ow, if not remarried at the time coinpeu nation Is requested, or lu case he left U widow and lefl children, then to bis sur plviug children, or iu the event he left m willow or children, then to his surviving parent or parents. 1'ersons of the fernnli sex, or their surviving children or pureuts who are in all other respects within tin terms of this Article, shall he entitled ti compensation thereunder, \ffcetiou 2. The word ‘person as usei' In Section 1 of this Article, shull not In elude persons who, during the period o thetr service, refused on conscientious, po lit leal or other grounds, to subject them selves to full military disci»Hue or un u us It had service, or who while In sue! ecrvlce, were separated therefrom unde circumstances amounting to a dlshonorabh discharge and who huve not subaequeutl; heeu officially restored to an houorabh status, and such person shall not be en titled to the benefits of this Article. \8ee 3. All disbursements required by this Article for compensation shall be rnaih upou the presentation of a certificate up«» a form to be prescribed by the State Aud (tor, which certificate shall he duly verifiei by the claimant under oath and shall se\ forth the name, residence at the time « entry Into the service, date of enlistment Induction or commission, date of dlscliargi or release from active service, If the claim ant Is uot on active duty, a statement thir the claimant daring tba period tor which compensation la allowed qjd not refuse to subject himself to full military dteeiplim and unqualified service and that he has nm been separated from the service under eh euinstauces amounting to a dtslumoiubfi discharge, and such further Information n the Stale Auditor may require, bueh eer tifleate shell be presented to the Rtute And itor pr his represeutetlve together with nr honorable discharge or release from aetiyi OP lo of Its loss ft |>ro|»<trl) ftutbeutlc»t«4 r«o.or4 of servloe, or in tin event that claimant isi still In the sery ce r properly autnentlcatad record of all aitivi service performed by (i)sluiaut, or if th, same be presented by tlia widow, child o, parents of a deceased v*f*rifii then w it the proper evidence of death, together with a properly authenticated record of set vler •na the State Auditor shall endorse noon such discharge, release or record of ectivi the fact that tt was made tin ( i scrv Ms to the-iamr^ o7 ^ ' S i l y S I upon the Veteran’s Compensation Fund fo: an amount equul to Ten Dollars ($10.00) for each end every month of active scrv tee, or major fraction thereof, subsequent t« the sixth Hay of AprH, Nineteen Hun dred geventeen, not exceeding however « tote) at Two Hnn'dred Dollar« (1290.60) and the State Treasurer shall pay such warrants from the Veterans\ Compensa tioa P m I In eases where application tor compensa­ tion Is made by the widow, children ot parents of 1 deceased veteran, such per S ob shalf torntsk |be same informetion ** though the *pp|a*t'«» If*« “ »*« deceased veteran, and th* l|*t* Auditor shall prepare an tporoprurt* tor» of *«• ttficate to cover each esses. Compensation allowed to the ehlMren of d<w*a*d veter­ ans shall be paid t* the gnarSUes of such children, which guwdlan If apptdnttd by the courts of this stete, shall serve without compensation end In the discretion of the ■” \-pout bond, and K sbofl te thf icy county attorney in this state ■'the spurts or render any other sw # '® “ * “ ’ ■ * ■ \ * Article are gllUD III<H-EVi|fft ywnniBp w* • _*• . « service thè « e t that tt WM made the bash of the applicati»», and shall return sue' discharge or release or record pf Sot)ve scrv lee to the claimant a»d «bail forthwith drei Ma ox naco tOB* of t hk aoespensa- ttoa and no public e fteto shnB^eottect « y fee* In any prosee d tnforongM In beb»& of such children te eecutt cempennati«* (feste A a ^ o r la empowered to m»fa auch additional retaoiulwe refatremeMs from appBcants na nr* — « ’ * “ • W ‘ ~ ~ t o “ '^ ' Ë . ' S d S f S  , The «tete AodÄo* «ha« for- ft B n c i t M l ttMVft* K « fW a rtft I * A M m m - IdftË AmdKUted by U m 8teA* Treasurer bonos ahAB be dated on Ute Sert ianoary or the first day of duly and shall troai their date, and be re de* aia option it th* tonte Moud of . at any time after ten (W) yean payment of the compi i: iu this Article and fo’ besom* due and payable twenty ( 20 ) years na be re dec niable at the * Exarataqrs say time after ten u w year* from their date at uny Interest paying-pwlof The bonds herein referred to shall he in such form as may he prescribed by the Attor ney (tenoral and approved by the Rente Board of Examiners, and shall he signed by the member* of sold board and Issued un dor the greet seal of the State of Montauu, and shell be registered In the office of the State Treasurer. Said bonds shall have Interest coupons attached thereto cover­ ing the Interest due seuil-unauully, which coupons shall be executed with facsimile signatures of all the members of the State Board of Examiners, and the signing oj (aid coupons with sola facsimile signature shall be rtcogulxed as sufficient execution if said -coupons on behalf of the State o, Montana. The bonds provided for In this Article .hall be disposed ot by the State Board oi Examiners In such muuacr as they shsl' leeiu for the best interests of the Sluti ■a carrying out the previsions of this AH ele; provided, that Uo bond shall be (Us posed of for less than its par vuluc. Bonds Issued uuder the provisions of tbl irttcle shall be a legal investment for uu.i >f the funds of the State. Section 0. The money arising from the ale of each Issue of bonds shall be de posited in the State Treasury to the credli if a special fund to be kuowu ns the \Yei irans' Compensation Fund\ which uhul le used for the atlon provided ___ paying the expenses of udiuluisli-atloii ¡.hereof. For the purpose of currying oui he provisions of this Article there Is here oy appropriated from the Veteruus' Com leoxatlon Fund the sum of Four MilHot Five Hundred Thousaud Dollurs ($l,5ili|, 100.00) or so much thereof us uiuy be ueees ,ary. \Seetion T. Ail liaytnents or allowance unde under this Article shall be even,! iom all taxation aud from levy uud sui iu execution. “Sectlou 8. Tlmt there shull be l'-ii.\ tnuuully a tax not exceeding one mUI ,,i ,he doliur on all property in the State < Montana, subject to tuxatlou, which mi ,. .ax when collected by the Couuty Treii- irer of the couuties of the State of Men ,uua shull be by them accounted for am paid luto the State Treasury of the Sinti if Montana and to be by the State Trims- irer placed In and credited to u fund (i lie known as the \Veteruus' Compeii-uHon Itoud Ketlremeul Fund.\ uud whleii fund (hull be used exclusively for the pnymen: of the priueipal aud interest accruing on mid bonds. “Section #. No charge mude by uni agent, notary public or attorney for a (ervice iu connection wltb obtululug tin allowance ns provided for by this Article ihull be recognised by tiie stute uud iiu.t person who for u consideration discount­ in' attempts to dlscouut, or for u eonsid »ration advsuees money upou nny cerlifl pile or certificates Issued pursuuut to the terms of this Article shall be guilty of a gross mlsdemeuuor. \Section 10. Any person, who with lu tcut to Uerfuud, subscribes to any falsi mth or iuakeB auy false representation ■Ither iu the execution of the certificate.- provided for by tills Article or who with fUteud to defraud, presents to the Stub Auditor, or to uuy other officer of tin lute, any certificate for the purpose oi ibtululug funds provided for by this Art cle which do not lu fuel belong to sucl person, or uiukes uuy fulse representation n couuecttou with obtululug uuy fumb Inder the terms of this Act, sTmli be guilty if a felony. \Sectlou 11. The legislature may pro vide additional means for raising moneys or the payment of the Interest and prill dpal of sum bonds and this Act shall urn 1 « deemed to provide an exclusive method or such payment. Seetion 8. That separate official ballots le provided ut the general election to hi tela in November, 11H)4, which shull ban minted thereon the wol ds : For the amendment to the Constitution elating to the payment of udjusted com leiisutuin to bona fide residents of the State of Montana who served on uetivi futy in the Army, îtevy, or Murine Corps if the Halted Stutes In the world war mfi to such of said persous who, being itisens of the i'nlted Stutes, served lu tlu Vaval, Military or Atr forces of any o) he governments associated with the i'nit d States during said war: authorising tin ncurrlng of au Indebtedness ; outhorliing the issuing of bonds lu au amount uot to exceed Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,601),000.1M)), aud pro vldirg for the levy Of u tax. Against the ameudineut to the Constl tut Ion relating to the payment of adjusted (ouipensation to bona Hue residents of the •State of Montana who served ou actlvi i*ty In the Army. Navy, Murine Corps o: the United States in the world war, and to luch said persons who being cinxens ot he United States, served in the Navnl, Mil tary or Air forces of auy of the govern nents associated with the United States luring said war; authorising the Incurring if an Indebtedness; authorising the Issu ng of bonds in an amount not to exceed Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dol ars ($4,8(10,000.00), and providing for the eVy of a tax. Bach elector shull designate bis prefer •nee by making an “X\ hi ' dtlon for whiab D I L L O N iM O N T A N A o j m * b AK D v w v u m ............. * .♦ ASSETO OVER \ . . . t o ' . ......... 1 Ì M .M A W rfstitodat* atcctrtdt SttCff l i » T « f C«U«ctkMM an “X\ before the propo sutd elector desires to vote. Section 4. That the votes cast for and against the amendment above proposed ihatl be canvassed and determined ns pro vi4ed by the general laws of the State of Montane. Section S. All Acts end parts of Acts in conflict herewith are hereby repealed Section 6. This Act shall take effect up m its passage and approval. Approved March 8, 1923. UNITED STATES O f ' a MERICA, STATE OF MONTANA-ea, I C. T. 8TEWAKT, Secretary of State of the State of Montana, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of an net entitled: ‘‘An Act to Pro­ vide to t th* B<ri>mt««iafi to the Qualified Electors of th* Ststa of Mont«!», of an Amendment to th* Copstltotloe of the State of Montana by XddlMt Thereto a» Article te Be Know* *■ Artfete XXII, Providing for the Payment of AdJnsted Compensa tion to Bon* rid* ffesident« of the State 'if Montana Mho. Served on Active Duty In the* Army, Navy or Marine Corps of the I’nlted States in the World War and to Sack of Said Persona Who Being ('itteens af the United States Served in the Navel, Military or A & Forces at Any of the Gov­ ernments Associated With the United State« During Said War and Authorising the' Incurring of an Indebtedness Anthor- ----- **- - pf Bonds; Providing for i f 7* WHBKEW. 1 have hHUtnt* IM lumd «to ¿«teed the Bevi af ri»# «tate of Montane, at Betankte» Capital, tkta 1st fey of Aarnst, C. T, STEW AKT. , Secretary «f tonte. T B Taylor K m domed *p Kh dd O f f f wfetfl it Atte* lffco A MW ptt «»4 m m m 1 » muc to w m e n w K ob 14 b toed* wrtoo. Mr. tk /íe t i i ' i red » e A t d e m i VM . u n g t ä i f » e i § a * m ed Beaverhead Abstract Co Oldest Set of Abstract Books in Beaverhead County. Land Office Proofs and Filings Pearl I. Smith | Title Building Dillon, Montana 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 » « » 4 4 « 4 4 « d > > « 4 4 1 SEE r s For Land Fling*, Land Proof*. Water Rights and lufurtnxUoa on Lund Title* Frank Hazelbaker, Pres DILLON, MONTANA I Why Not Open an Account With Us? j ! i i I Time Certificates Checking Accounts Demand Certificates Four Pei Cent on Savings Country Accounts Handled With the Same Care and Attention That Is Accorded City Customers. ! 1 Daly Bank and Trust Company of A N A C O N D A i ►»»■te*fc«B MILLER ( DEVELOPMENT CO BREEDERS OF ! Fine Shorthorn Cattle j C h as . E. M il l e r , P r e s . Wi'dom Montana È* 9 - SalmonRCha.e j £ £ * £ & and got an edu> ca tio n . T h e n h e tau g h t sch o o l, b e c a m e United States Senator, Secretaiy of the Treasury in President Lincoln’s cabinet. C h ief Justice o f the Supreme Court T h e r e is no faint to the b i g achievem ents fat'ean grow out of smd «Mnp fc #* bearing. Kynuramfefcion feei no hi^r&Mfnafrisgahaa* ehldren eduesdan for die chldren ft heppyoid ega it w i require money. Deposit a part o f your earnings regu h ii y in dw bank Be d » s insured ipdha w e r t end be r w e f « p opjwyntif tor prooetw iMMML tanfa in ery edter wey. W1L SANK Of WISDOM m 9U tt » % , * ftL Enoevivnr, „  e s s t t a a s a a e B a s â H I have m individual platform. It'-d;viUuai platform- Individual political platforms are proiuioes of personal performances, and I do not feel com­ petent to reconstruct alt thins fv-r all men. 1 will stand with President Calv'n C in carrying out the promises contained in the National Republic :a plaitcr-.u, which is my platform, and I promise always to be a Monta ;::i cidzca and a Montana Senator as well as a United States Senator I am anxious to see taxes reduced, the farmer helped and cur border safe­ guarded in the Interesu of the new immigration law FRANK B LINDERMAN Vote for Linderman Is a Vote for Montana^\W8 Circulated and paid for by Linderman for Senator club, W R Hopkins, President, Helena, Montana. To the People of Beaverhead County: I AM FOR More business In government. Abolishment of all useless bureaus and commissions. Reduction of taxes Friendship and understands between all the people of this state A decrease in the expenses of administrai ion of our state overnmeut. ERICKSON AND ECONOMY . .............. .... j . <f ’'i' I AM OPPOSED TO Too much government in business. Useless bureaus and commissions for political purpose«. Rewarding politician* with public job*. Padding of the public payroll. The organisation and operation of a great political machine by the ad­ ministration In power, financed by public funds. All new and unnecessary taxes. DIXON AND DEBT JOS. C. SMITH Democratic Candidate for the Sta'e Legislature Paid political advertisement Stock-Raising Homestead Entry No 022980 for SH SW»4, SE>4 SE>4, NH S E * . NE14, Section 35, Town­ ship 5 South, Range 14 West. Prin­ cipal Meridian, hae filed notice of intention to make three-year proof to establish claim te the land above NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION No. 0 2 2 0 8 0 Department of the Interior, U. S Land Office at Helena, Montana, October 15, 1924. NOTICE is hereby given that John G. Miller, of Jackson, Montana, who 0,1 J\Ly .1?‘ ra4de Additlonaf Good cold drink* served at Woodworth Billiards Room O. i. WOODWORTH, Proprie;o* all times. I carry in stock for your inspec­ tion; Fishing Tackle, All Kinds of Tobacco, Candy, Overalls and Jump­ ers, Cotton Underwear, B. V D.'s, described before W. E. Stephetson, Shirts, Men’s Hose, Shoes, Buckskin Clerk of the District Court, at Dillon, <Squaw) Glove», Belts, Suspenders, Montana, on the 26th day of No- „ _____ _ . . _ . . venter 1924 Hose Supporter*, Arm Bands, Flash- ilghts and Batteries, Knives, Pipe«, Watches. I TAKE ORDERS FOR SUITS Satisfaction G u r u teed Always Look over my samples before you atronize one of those traveling ped- lers. You can compare prices with aality and service. Year patronage aefiefted. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD IP TOP MAKE IT GOOD «to Jay I I vember, 1924 Claimant names as witne^cs: Al Carter, John F. Meyer, John P. Car­ roll, William A. Richard«, eil of Jackeon, Montana. F. A. MOTZ, Register. Ist ab Oet 2S-8t NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION No. 08144 Department of the Taterlor, IT. 8. Land Office at Missotfla, Montana, September 21, 1114. NOTICE is hereby given that Otto E, Spannath of Wisdom, Moafeata, who en November 17, 1111, made Homestead Entry Ne. »1149 fer Lets Lets S, 4, 6. g£% KW% See. 1. T. 1 8., R. 1« W. M. P. o d o r See. 7 of Bn larged ReuMtoeed Act, has lied Bgtlee e t tortemtlei te ssaite f v e yetr ' p n e t 4 » ernwHMb rilatis ( e fh e tome above «escribed haCere R . Bafflaway, V. S. Ce— rimleem, sff tarn«, m f b i l r l l i y M 1924. ter f . C e r iti. teff W CU i n i k M X X U t i l ÿrifa tu t M K r «ir «A if littderami is elected you will net bear e f him an bwRdttg 1er him­ self, bat whatever «ernes ap that t t say m m aieeto the welfare cd Meataaa wfB ftad him wf£b Ids ceto o * . ir. ami Mrs. Sfittre at Betta. rftt JA W e e ! s t o « I a M M l « e L ■*

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 30 Oct. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.