Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, October 30, 1924, Image 4

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'tu o HOUES BASIN. HQÎOR 0 9 * SHB U )W AND 13B® BIG B E E F S T E E R \ í THÜRSDAY j . OCTOBER >0, 1»S* PuxoUurc and fixtures ....... 2,000 00 Other Kcal Estate 6,450 77 Cash os Hand and Due front Ai> (iroved Reserve Aurais............. VOTE AGAINST HIGHER TAXES And defeat Initiative Measure No. SB Ed Miller has gone to Spokane on a business trip. chicken dinner on election day at the Wisdom Cafe. adv Dan Tovey Jr. was a Butte visitor Monday and Tuesday. Mittens and Gloves for men and boys at Woodworth's adv oct 23 Suren P Nelwon and Ms son Fred were Thursday shoppers from Jack- son neighborhood. f Chill Con Oarne after the show at the Wisdom Cafe Friday night. ad Ken Oneal came down from Jack- fu n last week to bask tu the great while, lights of Wisdom. Stag shirts and leather coats at Woodworth’« adv oct 23 Percy WHley returned last week from a feeder buying trip. He got fine lot of steers at Melrose. Apple.! for sale at Woodworth’s adv oct 23 Mr Fleger of Denver was a week- oi (1 guest of Mr and Mrs. Ray Lev- erelt, on route Moscow, Idaho. Try u pair of thoso Walos- Goodyear overshoes at Woodworth’s udv oct 23 Your vote against Initiative No, 28 me.iUB a vote tor prosperity for all Montana Paid adv Miss Jewell Clapp Is home from Unite, where she had an Interesting ho - v. m with n tooth carpenter, Fresh Oysteri, cooked any style, or served raw If you wish, at the Wisdom Cafe. adv Messrs Smith and Greenlee, the to t mentioned having built the Mon tana Southern ra'lway to the Elk- Melt Fullerton, who has been with IK lining tiros, during the summer, leii lad week for his home In Jack ¡-Oil Miss Alice Roe. Beaverhead's most etiiiient county superintendent, in­ i', pooled the schools of the valley last w ci k Mrs W< ldon Else was a Butte vis­ itor last w e e k , seeking medical aid for her babe. It la reported a!s not dangerously ill. GUARS R .... -À i ... .8 $ WUdcm Caf* la K. Gro*s. Frapg&tdf PUT NONE BUT AMERICANS ON i EPQXT OJf THK COMIMTIOX OF THE Stale Bank of Wisdom, at Wisdom, tu ibe Stxt* of Montano, at the c l o u t u t bnshi*** O c » Ur 30 th. wa, RESOURCES t> tau aad discounts.. . 8b Overdraft«, hccuis U aud rb - Mcttredi .................... 141 33 lVUtí It 8430 77 17,333 U Total.........................................\fïüpwn » F A L L S A L E S Getting ready for Winter means Fall baying, and for sack supplies me con offer you exceptional values. In fact, we know we can save you money right of home Read This, Then Come in and Look at the Goods LIABILITIES ¿Apltal slock paid in . . . ..$¿$,000 00 . ...... i- .U.5M «0 Oudlvided profit»,T unh ex* imju turn* ud uxt!H paid . 2*071 44 I 34,571 441 Individual dcpoHtls subject lo chuck ........................ 57,380 20 Stale, County and Other Mu­ nicipal depost ....................ll,(W5 94 Cashier c h e c k » ............. 574 15 <>9.010 291 Time certificate« o f dupoKit on or after 30 day« ••• 6.784 35 6,784 35 j Hills payable with collateral 28.500 00 Note» & lulls Kcdiscouulcd 1,000 00 20.500 00 I T u l a ! ................................ . . . iTwjWo « i I Stale of Montana Couutv of Mcaverheud 8 I I, <u;o. t). iVi/Kwut, cashier of the above named soluimi’ y sweat that the above Ktatemi'ut is tine to ti.e betel of my kuowIcdKC ami belief. liKO l>. MtKi v m . . Cashier Subscribed laud kwhiu to before me llii» ¿JJud da.» o f October. 1VJ4. if. K. STBVKNNO» Notary i ’ ubiu in ami for the State o f Montana Kesidi” ” at Wisdom. Mt commission expire»* I May 4th 1<U7 1 Conect Attests J okc ; kn J okgknhon Director* L A HI. K. Hl N t l.RY M E N 'S W E A R New Stock Wool Skirts 32.85 to 38 Union S u it s .................... #2.85 to $6 Wool Hosiery, all kinds, 40c to f 1 Panto— -100 Per ont Wool. .. .88 75 Heather Sport Coats . . . . . .90.00 Leather ea t s .................... $6.75 to $15 M ackinaws ........... .................. $13.00 Sheep Lined Coats, short Or long.. .......................................$10.5*) to 25 V. inter Capa................$L73 to $2.'-0 A Brand New L'ne of Gloves and Mittens Real Bargains on our Remnant C o u n 'e- D R Y G O O D S Our entire stock of 32-inch “ Kal- burnie” ginghams at .. .8254 c Yard Printed Percales, 30c values at 24 54 Cretonnes, 35c and 40s values, at 80 CENTS New White and Colored 36-inch Out­ ing Flannels at .................... 87 R e Colored Indian Head, 65c valves, at ................................................. 47 Me Ltngette, alt colors, at . . . ......... 75c 42-inch Pillow Tubing at . . . 3754c Marquisette Curtain Material, regu­ lar 30c, a t ........................... . . 24He Turkish T o w e ls ........... 8So to $1.00 Boys’ and Girls' Underwear . . , ................................. $1-25 to $2.00 Plain Black, Blue and Browh Serges, reg. |1 and 32 values75cto $1.35 yd SH O E S Wo are changing our line to the ‘’STAR” brand, one of the best and Largest in the United States Our present stock, all up-to-date styles and numbers, on sale at low prices. DON’T MISS Tbuo! BALL BAND Rubbers and Overshoes, ‘‘The Old Reliables.” Moose Brand Overalls and Jumpers “ G R U B ” Idaho Spuds, 600-lb. lots and over, $1.80 Fall Vegetables of All Kinds Greening, McIntosh and DeUcJous Apples Fresh Fruits ni Season Mr and Mr$. Curtiss Hopkins of Missoula were dinner guests at the A B C Monday, cn route home, hav­ ing as their guest Mrs. F H Garber j of Dillon. Cloyd Wampler drifted back to Wisdam last week. ‘I’m not like the prodigal son,” he said, “come home lo die— 1 came home to eat and cast my vote.” H a l l ’ s C a t a r r h M e d i c i n e rid your system of Catarrh or Deafness caused by Catarrh. S o ld b d r * M » h f o r t w 4 0 y m $ F . J . CHENEY & CO ., Toledo, Ohio Dlt. BEVTON T. ANBURY DENTIST Room C Daly Bank Bldg., Anaconda WHITE i o n APPPOINTMENTH ZENITHS t BOSLEYS NEl TltOIH NEN All repairs and accessories will be < arried in st ork for the above radios. Will guarantee and keep in service all of the above named sets. H R CAPEHART Advertisement Oct 30 Backed by over 80 years’ acquaint ance with the people of the Basin and knowledge of thetr conditions we offer them our Berv'.ae and solid' their business. A. L. STONE \V. A. GRAETEI President Cashier W. A CLARK J ROSS CLARK W. A. CLARK & BR0. Bankers Established 1877. ALEX J. JOHNSTON ........... Caehle? J. K. FIESLET. . . -Assistant Cashle? C. J. Barker ......... Assistant Cashier Transact a general banking business Inters*' paid on time deposits. Boxes In safety deposit vault. The First Bank Established in Butte P H O T O G R A P H S I have purchased the Wceuink Studio in Dillon und am prepared to do any­ thing in the photographic line. Christmas will toon be here. Bet ter order now and you will be sure to get them in time. Send In your kodak work, F A IR C H IL D S T U D IO DILLON MOM » Coleman Gas Lamps and Lanterns, Ammunition, Axes and Handles, Nails, Roofing, Paints and Varnishes, Comm n Sense Sleds and Sled Parts MlaaMlaMMlMaMIBah F O R E W O R D Christmas is coming. Our new stock display this year, Bigger and Better, will be on earlier. IV« will have a large assortment o f new toys. Keep us in Mind for Your Christmas Shopping BASIN MERCANTILE COMPANY Wisdom Store «— — i _____ Political advertising, paid for by the candidates whoee names appear J FOR SHERIFF i D . F . M O O N E Y ^ REPUBLICAN TICK ET ( FRED RIFE For Clerk of the District Court Democratic Ticket DUKE G IS T For Sheriff Of Beaverhead County « a * \ * * » . « « ' I “STANDARD SPLENDID” Long Range Tube Detector Receiv­ ing Instrument i i PEARL I. SM ITH Candidate for Member of State Legislature Repubffcan Ticket LYMAN H. B E N N E T T Republican Candidate for District Judge a Beaverhead, Jefferson and Madison Counties H E N R Y G. RODGERS Republican Candidate for Dlatrict Judge. B e a v e rhead. Jefferson t o d M adison C o u n ties I i‘ A B C RESTAURANT SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE | A. B. Crane, Proprietor j « * | Wisdom Cash Market ( j J. A. Louk, Proprietor f j Special Rates on Meat in Quantities j • Fish and Vegetables in Season * 1 Prompt Attention to Telephone I Big Hole Drug Store) Headquarters for Fishing Tackle A large and well selected stock of F L I E S of all kinds, M artin Lines, Leaders. Reels, Spinners, Hooks, Fidring Baskets, Ply Hooks, Leader S o x » , Fishing Rods of all Size sand Weights, Priced at $1.50 up to $20.00 Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 30 Oct. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.