Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, November 27, 1924, Image 2

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BY IL' HATHAWAY W n M C I r f t J M Í t e m fiH M Í É I J I 1 !-.) ^ k <«««4 B W <4 w W » Two Dollar* ahd Bit* * Year Catered a* secoad-eteu natter Jaa 23. 1913. at the postoffice at Wtaden MofitftS*. under Act o f March I . I 8 U 30c per inch per 2uue. Piate matter 39c. Readers 19c per T,ue first insertion, Sc after. Kon-kn Aii^rrUaing Repr*»«n-»Uv* Tl ir AMf;RK'A-V PRESS ASSOCIATION 1 'S 3 iS s a s s i G M U b .* - j UU A.vidUv..A*%La So*. tiSN M S S tU eartneat o f the Interior. 11 SL J G L E S ? j s r - * r $ ■ a s s 1« 933309 for Lots 3, 4, 1,1, &EVi MW*. NE14 fiWM, fine. 9. T. 3 8.. ft. 19 W., and Lots 1, t , 3. 9, S f t VPft Sec. 81. T. « S.. R. 14 W., and who on March 25, 1924. made Addi­ tional Homeutead Entry No. 023413 for Lots 1. 2. 3, E& NWfc. S;c. 7. Twp. 7 S., Range 14 West Principal Meridian, has filed notice of inten­ tion to make three-year proof to es­ tablish claim to ihe land above de­ scribed, before VV. E. Stephenson, Clerk of Court, at Dillon, Montana, on the 80th day of December, 1924. Claimant uamea a 3 witnesses: John Krause, Michael E. Carroll, Clarence W. Brown, Geo, Bennett, all of Jackson, Montana. F. A. M i m , Register, 1st pub uov 27-5t APPLICATION FOR A PATENT 021027 mmammmm SIXTH ANNUAL VOCATIONAL MEETING FOR YOUNG MEN * * Bur Country! In her inter­ course with foreign nation*, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong —Stephen Decatur and The Dig llolo Basin New* TIU'KSDAV, NOVEMBER 27, 1924 COMI ARUSONH ARE ODIOUS in ( 1 n1ll I, l ruminating among our ex- ar ts i«.| week we happened to i the wide divergence in the nia-t- el i I h * rust of county printing in glihcnng counties. Among them: Ravalli county, the printing done n Sloven; ville, w hich, by thé way, is i c,t ilie county -eat, the was iffi Ik Hi), pa'd to The Noilhwesi 'I I 1)1111)' uvi r iu Mud «ou county The Madi o.ilaii was awarded $1329.39. Beaverhead county paid out for its ^ !. ii ii t y pi iiit ng last month, acoord inf in the n.porl of tile commissiJii ei -i Niiveml er meeting published in r, > ollicdii paper of lleaverheud e,,u! 11 y. nul a lice of which was pre­ pared for publication in the o'iic“ of that paper, $2,055.20. Seatiered ih rough the proceedings we fill a if ecu amounts lie lodger .........................$1878 40 Viie Examiner ..................... 157 50 The Tribune ........................ 21 30 '1 ho New.i ............................... (The News offered to do this pub ladling at 50 percent of (he legal raft mid ¡1 wiin awarded to The Ledgei ri ko per cent .. a great saving to the (.txpuyeis of Beaverhead county.) i n i, s t e a m \\\ a h e a d The quadieiinial election, wherein ; o impeltunt a figure in our national 1 fe as a president is chosen, is ai ways I lie epd of one era and the be ginning of another Whatever may le one's party affiliations, and how ever one’ s hopes may have suffered or (riumplied, we cannot help but feel a i“ o of satisfaction that it is all over The election is over and we are the happier. We have -other things to do now— other things to think about. i;u- • • s prr pects for the winter tre good Christmas, with all the joy of ihe cdti-fashioned yuletide, is just around the corner. The New Year is appproaching with its new hopeo new plana, new ideas, new ti.' a-m. LOYALTY Two things will determine the fu- tura of Wisdom. These are citizens and money. The loyalty of both to Wisdom will be the determining fac­ tor in its growth. Every dollar earned la this community should be spent here, :o far as poeiibe. There are very few of the necessities and luxuries of life that cannot be ob­ tained at the local stores, at a price and of a quality fast as attractive a* outride merchants can o f f « . M t * € * A Higher education fn Pennsylvania is gett r g right muck of a boost. The 1’aiwrrity of Pittsburgh will erect acd occupy a S2-*ory baildfeg with U. S. Land Office at Helena, Mon­ tana, November 8, 1924. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,That John E, Pendcrga :it, whose postoffiee address is Wisdom, Baaverhead County, Montana, ha.; this day filed his application for a patent for 1591) linear feet of the Homentake Lnde mine or vein bearing gold, silver, capper and lead. with, iiiriaca ground 500 feet in width, situated iu Elk- horn (unorflunized). Milling District, County of Beaverhead and Stale -of Montana, and designated by the field note* and official plat on file in this office as Survey Number 9965 in Township 4 South. Range 12 Wed, unsurveyed, of principal base line and Meridian of the Stale of Mon­ tana, said Sum y No. 9965 being a: follows, to-wit: Beginning at Corner No 1, a gran­ ite -stone 12x14x21 inches, chiseled 1-11.S.-9965. from which I E, No. 1 for the Elkliorn Min'ng District in uneurveyed T. 4 S., R. 12 W., bears N. 10 degrem 31 minute, W., 2077.9 feet, and running thence from said Cor. No. 1 Eire! Course S 4 3 cleg 43 min W 1600 feel; thence sec­ ond course S. 43 deg. 35 min. E., 500 feet to Cor.No 3; tlumce third course N. 43 deg.. 43 min. E., 1 500 feet to Cor No. 4; thonc1 fourth course N 42 deg. 35 min W , 500 feet to the place of beginning, containing an area of 17 IS2 acrc-i claimed The adjo'nlng claiiri are the Red Sky Sur No. 5035 on the east end. tin Bonanza Sur No. 9965 oil the smith md the Violet Sur No 9-927 con flic ting on the northwest end, which conflict is claimed, the Atora Lode Sue. 9926 conflicting on ihe north eas: which conflict is claimed A plat of said survey together with a copy of th’-i application foi patent wins po-teri upon the claim on Ihe twentieth day of clober, A I) 1924. Magnetic varfuCon 2) d g K Thp location of tliis mine is re­ corded in the Uecoitler’a office of (hr Clerk and Recorder in Book \li page 429, of Mining Locations. Any and nil pei.-ons clu’ming ad­ versely any portion of said Home- stake Lode Mine or -surface ground are required to file their advene cla'rt’B with the Register of the United (States Rand Office at Helena. Lewis and Clark County, in Ihe State of Montana, dining the sixty days' period of pubiicHt'mi hereof, or they will he barred by virtue of the pro­ visions of the Siatnle. E. A. MOTZ, Register. I t pub nov 27-9t Comervative Stylet for Tailored Suits The Sixth Annual Young Men’s Voca­ tional Conference for high school boy* will be held at Montana State College, Bozeman, February 2-5, 1925, accord­ ing to an announcement by M. J. Ab­ bey, who will have charge of the meet­ ing. |,ast year more than 1,100 high school boys of Montnna neighboring »lutes attended the conference, making It the largest meeting of its kind in the United States. The purpose of the meetings, according to Mr. Abbey, is to help find “the right work for the right boy\ and for tills purpose the meeting* will be addressed by representative* of the different businesses and profes­ sions. \The fourth annual iKiultry show of the Sweet Grass Poultry asooiatinn will he held at Big Timber Junuary 22, 23 and 24. An effort wil be made to se­ cure the 15)2(5 poultry exhibition. Furs are a good price this year, Rnd trapping will give the hoy an oppor­ tunity to make quite a bit of money. But the money is the smallest return. Buelt work takes the hoy out Into the open, builds up his health, and makes him self reliant. These things money cannot buy. The annual meeting of the Montana Horticultural society will lie held at Btevensvlile in Junuary, according to Fred T. Parker, president of the socie­ ty Mr. Parker states thut the dates for tlie meeting had not been fixed, but would be announced within a short time 8TILLWATER FARMER CLAIMS COMBINE «AVES HIM MONEY A Stillwater farmer commenting on the use of a combine for harvesting wheat states: \It cost* we four to flvQ cents to put wheat iu bln. I save one or two bushels pier acre over othef methods. Have used It for three years, I drive eight horses on the combine and tend it myself. One member of the family drives the grain wagon with the combine while au old man hauls to the elevator three and a half miles away.1* Tills farmer uses a 12-foot combine, grows 250 acres of wheat and use* horses for power. Wiutiett elevator men report that within the last thirty days 200,000 bushels of wheat have \been marketed at the YVLimett elevators by the Pe­ troleum county farmers. Ninety five per cent of this grain graded No. 1 and carried a three per cent premium. Additional heifers and sheep have been .purchased for sale to Indians at Browning on the reimbursement plan and are now ready for distribution. With these and those already sold, the office has distributed 400 head of sheep and about 100 heifers. A B Cook, Townsend, has entered (fit breeding and two fut Herefords in the calile classes of the International Livestock exposition at Chicago, No­ vember 29 to December (Î. At the 1922 international, thp famous bull, '‘Pana­ ma 110th,\ from the Cook herd, was declared grand champion of his breed. A conference of the wool growers in Blaine county was held recently The pieetlug was largely attended. Addres­ ses were made by it. I„ Waddel, Ove­ rlook specialist from the state college nl Bozeman, and Dr. Howard Welch, also from (tie same Institution. Heavy snow and disagreeable weather re­ duced tlie attendance at the meeting. Virtually every farmer in the Cut Bank seel'on of (¡-lacier county who put in a crop this year has realized pood returns and It is conservatively ^•limwliil that 150,000 bushels of wheat lit (lie least will have been gathered and sold to the three local elevators for 1924 Considering the large amount of acreage that laid idle this year, this Is a good return, fanners say. The stock judging team of the high school has returned Vo Big Timber from the Portland slock judging con­ test Ralph Jurrett. Lewis Brannln and Ward Bruffey, team members, took seventh place. There were 25 cham­ pion teams front various northwestern States. The comb Is a good Indicator, and if it is well developed and bright red, it Is safe to say that Ihe pullet is soon to be laying They should be in perma­ nent quarters before they start laying, for a change is apt to stop them for a time Slightly moistening the mash may hasten laying a little. The feold wave sent the mercury down to near the zero mark and snow has fallen nearly every day since elec­ tion day In the Harlem country, and a nundier of farmers, who were caught with beets still In tbe ground, are eag­ erly looking for a break in hopes that they may still be able to harvest them. Beaverhead Abstract Co j Oldest Set of Abstract Books in Beavcrhea^ J County. Land Office Proofs and Filings Pearl I. Smith Title Building Dillon, Montana Contracting for wool In Sweet Gras* founty came to a standstill after elec­ tion, Silberman & Company, Chicago, have contracted 120,000 pounds at 45 cents. No contract has exceeded 300,- 000 pounds which Harvey Oort bought for Cording A Company of Boston. F,wes are bringing around $H with a fair market. County Agent Carl Peterson, after rislilng all sections of Fergus county, inys that the acreage planted to winter! In ebafge, wheat this fall is 50 per cent greater ban a yenr ago. Mr. Peterson finds lint ail of the wheat planted early is ip and doing very well. The iiulica- ions so far are all favorable. The ex­ pectation Is that the spring wheat acre­ age will be proportionately large. The county commissioners of Oho- tenu County have signed a contract with County Agent J. C, Paugh contin­ uing ids services for the coming year, pince coming to that county Mr. Paugh has been carrying on the campaign of county agent wmrk left recently by Charles H. Ituzjeka, who is now county agent in Yellowstone county. Mr. rangh has readily adapted himself to the local conditions. The cows In the Lnke County Cow­ testing association showed an increase of nearly two pounds of butferfnt per Cow ns compared with the average pro­ duction in September, according to the October report of ,J C. Paisley, tester In September the average has 25.2 pounds, while last month It was 27 pounds. During the last week 17 cars of stock were shipped from the White Sulphur Springs section. John Shannon and Robert Weils are umong those who have shipped cattle. Olaf Rosfad and A. C. Orfnnde from Lennep purchased a herd of Hoisteins from R. T. Ringiing ranches. This stock were the herds that were on the Morgan and Moore ranches about 30 miles down the valley. In the face ©f new rivals the tailored suit holds the allegiance of many women. Globe-trotters, business and professional «©men find ft meet adapt­ able, Salts for the new season are characterized by conservative design and variety of fabrics-—among theta those knitted and «her elastic weave* of which the soft in the plot ore fa as example. la spite o f these sport* asd semi-sports styles, sad nitty other rtvsM for general wear, the piths tailored stilt I* stfifi la Be­ lt, J. Fuchs states that he has dis­ posed the past season of approximate­ ly 2,(tfiO pounds of honey, the product pf his apiary east of Harlowton. He j»as greatly enlarged his equipment and proposes next year to produce *ome- thlfij like six ton* ©f honey for.the local market. He ha* been unable so far to keep up with the big demand hut believes next year that he wifi meet the situation. Although little more than a third of Montana's corn crop this year was har­ vested as matured grain, inrtnding the equivalent that was utilized for silage, cut for feeding, grazed or hogged off, total production of the crop on this year’s greatly expanded acreage Is placed at 10,548,090 bushels by the No­ vember report of the Montana co-oper­ ative crop reporting service. 16 express elevator* to promote the! u tt **** higher educati©*. freed* Is whoa they fa tar day October shipments from Big Timber Included 82 car* o f rattle, 20 o f sheep, ose of hogs, two o f tomber, IS of wheat, four task can and €0 t o n of tBisceRaneoM merchandise. During the «one period the receipts were two tan at cattle, 2d o f Sheep, one o f mteh- -, two at firmi, oee of «aH, -ose al Ceni two at andes, tarn a t SR I? o f «eel, ta t i n tow*sta d i d* -Æ ÉF à .XMHFCIRflaltoH^Vsp m »wvari toll wm * ÉMMÍ t *ijg|ij| Not Jess than 2,900 people attended the first annual dairy »how and com­ munity fair, held fa Whltefish; accord­ ing to tbe statement o f officers of the chamber of commerce, which had chafge a t tbe event The figure Is placed on a partial count and a con­ servative estimate. The show and fair exceeded all expectations of the mas­ ted was aa entire success. îh e turimi pure seed show held by the Mattana Seed Grower*' association wfi he Mid fe cmnecBap wfth the at Miles CSty to mmt hy A. ¿ Ogsard, teentary et the asaMfe&oft. Mr. Ogtard stole« that m k ew feeteff strictly os a SEE lTS For Land Flings, Land Proof*, Water Right* and Information on Land Title* Frank Hazel baker, Pres DILLON, MONTANA ! i ! ! 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Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 27 Nov. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.