Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, November 27, 1924, Image 3

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h s h m HM h HRÍ . ' « ¿gpf^jpp Mfpi of Blue Lake Ranch - .. - \ Tt n \ — t r B y J i c k i o o G regory Cowciikt kr Chart«» ■witaM'« I Synoptit CHAPTER 1.—Bud L»«, bar»» fort- man at th« Blua L*k» ranoh, con­ vine sd Bayn« Travon, »»o*»«r, ta 4a- liberataly wracklnc th« proparty «wnad by Judith Sanford, | young woman, har ooualn, Pollock Hampton, and Timothy Gray, dacldaa to throw up bis job. Judith arrlvaa and announca* ali« haa bought Gray'» ahara la tha ranch and will run It. Sh« dtachargaa Travora. \To rank* room for mow crook«]\ she cried, her own brown hands tailed Into fist« »earcely leas h*rd than Tre­ vor«’ tad been Then for the third time she turned upon Lee. “You nr* «me of his new thieves, I suppose f “Thank you, ma'am,\ said Bud Lee gravely. “Well, answer me. Are you?“ \No ma'am,” he told her, with pe hint of a twinkle in his calm eyes. “Leastwise, not his eiactly. You see, 1 do all my killing and highway rob­ bing on my own books. It's just • way 1 have.” “Weil,” Judith sniffed, “I don’t know. It will ta a jolt to me If there’s a square man left on the ranch! Go down to the bunk-house and tell the cook I'm here and I'm hungry as a wildcat Tell him and any of the boyi that are down there that I've come to stay and that Tre­ vors is fired. They take or dew from tue and no one else. And hurry, If you know how. Goodnese know*, you look as though It would taks you half an hour to turn around I” “Thank you, ma'am,\ said Bud Lee. “But you see I had just told Tre­ vors here he could count me out I’m not working for the Blue take any more. Aa I go down to the corral, •hail I send up one of the boys to take your orders?\ There was a little smile under thq last words, just as there was a little smile In Bud Lee's heart at tha thought of the boys taking orders from a little slip of a girl. Inside he was chuckling, vastly delighted With the comedy of the morning. “She’s a sure-enough little wonder- bird, all right,” he mused. “But, say, what does she want to butt In on • man'sstze job for, I want to know!\ “Lee,\ called Trevors, \you take orders from me or no one on this ranch. You can go now. And juat keep your mouth shut.” Bud Lee was turning to go out and down to Ids horse when he saw the look In Trevors' eyes, a look of con­ suming rage. The general manager's voice had been hoaree. “D—n you,\ shouted Trevors, “get out P \Cut out the swear-words, Trevors,\ •aid Lee with quiet sternness. \There's « lady here.” \Lady I\ scoffed Trevors. He laughed contemptuously. \Where’S your lady? That?” snd he leveled ■ scornful Anger at the girl. “A rant­ ing tough of a female who bring* * breath of the stables with her and scolds like t flsb-wife. . . . \ “Shut upt\ said Lee, crossing the, room with quick stride«, his face thrust forward ■ little. “You shut upt” It was Judith’s voice as Judith's hand fell upon Bud Lee's shoulder, pushing him «side. \If I couldn't take care of mysolf do you think I'd be tool enough to take over a little job like running the Blue' take? Now—” end with biasing eyes she confronted Trevors—I f yhu’re got any more nice little things to say, sup­ pose you say them to meP Trevors' temper tad tad smpls provocation and now stood naked and diet In Us hard eyes. Is t bihtd In- otsat he laid his tongue to a word which would have sent Bud Leo at Ms throat But Judith stood betwee* them snd. like ta echo to the word, came the resounding map as MHSQTn open palm smote Trevor’s cheek. “You wildcat P ta cried. Aad Ms two Mg hands flow out, saefctag tar sbouldert. “Stand tack r called Judith. \Just because yea srt Mggur that I ass, d o s t maku any a ta ta te l Maud tack I tefl y o u r Bad Lee m tneied at fta W lB iui wtth wMA tar laud tad feta M s tar Mews and out agaflfc a fber revolver la the Mart ■*I*Mw*M B t l t a m a t t t o * * hteakfast. fo teS tta f&SBI bM yvuwt 14ML I « • * * * «*4 .*•«? * J Made dvatafng no taneocd « M uttto aad g* fetttofl t t a « it t w i • ■wqji««fg-teat~ Mr to—Mtatl Í M t t l á f t flÉooá Ittd Iftftjrjil ml W Ho tad no remark to oKar. Ttaa t a toned to go upon tar bidding. As t a tan t dMn to tta tatt-torae t a said softly «ador Ma breath: \Wall lito d-d. 1 most certainly «ml* CHAPTER II Judith Putt It Straight Wrinkled grlsatod. Md talf-breed lose, Ma hands trembling with eager-. ates, stood ta the smaller rose-garden culling tta perfect buds, a joyous tear running its zigzag way down each cheek. \La señorita ees come hornet” t a announced as Lee drew near on his way to tta bunk-house. \Jesu Marla I Ben my heart it Is like the singing of leetle birdies. Mire, senor. My flow­ ers bloomin' the brighter, already— n o r “You’ve known her n long tlm* Joer \Seence she ees born!” and Jose, unashamed, wiped u teur upon the hack of a leathery hand. “Senor San­ ford and me, senor, we teach her when ■he ees so leetle!'' Jose's shaking bind wns lowered ufitll it marked tta itstiire of a twelve-luch pigmy. “Nevar at all until one yeur ago does she leave us and the rancho. We, us two who love her, senor, leurn her to walk and to ride and to shoot and to talk. You shall hear her say, ‘Buenos dlas. Jose, ml amigo!' You shall see her kees the cheek of olfl Jose, Mndre de Dios) I would go down to h—I foi her to bring back fire to warm her leetle feet een weenter!\ Lee went thoughtfully on hi« way to tho bunk-house. “I've got orders for you fellows,\ he said from the door­ way. “The boss of the outfit, the real owner, you know, just blew In Up at the house. Says you boys are to stick around to take orders straight from headquarters. You, Benny,\ to th« cook, “are to have a man's size breakfast ready In a jiffy.\ Naturally Benny led the clamor with a string of oaths. What in biases did A Q l * A Second Time and Trevors’ Lsft Arm Hung Limp Like th« Other. the owner of the ranch have to show up for anyway?—he wanted to know. He accepted the fact as a personal af­ front. Who was this owner?—de­ manded Ward Hannon, the foreman of the lower ranch, where the alfalfa fields were. Lee explained gravely that the new­ comer was some sort of relative of old Luke Sanford, who had recently ac­ quired a controlling Interest In the ranch. Ward Hannon grunted con­ temptuously. “The Lord deliver us!” he moaned. “Eastern jasper! One of tta kuow-all-about-lt brand, huh, Bud? I'll bet he combs his hair In tta middle and smokes dgareets out'n U box! Tta petty-beaded loons can’t eves roll their own smokes.” “Don’t believe,\ hazarded Lee la differently, \from tta looks of our visitor that—that tta owner smokes anything!” \listen to that!” grunted Ward fltaueo. “Softy, huh?” “Well,“ Bud admitted slowly, »looks •art e t like a girl, you knew P “Wouldn’t that choke you?” de­ manded Carson, tta cow foreman, a tola, awkward little man. gray to tta sendee of \real men.\ \Taking or­ ders «Ta a toot easterner's bad astrafih. But <M «aa or young, Bud?” \Juat u Md,” wan Lee's further ewa Aad as ta Beaeta- teredhts fart cakes be added Just put two thkty-two ■to Trevors.\ led to* « I K ? * * * * I f f i t o i i t t j A . reattast, ------ — . ------ •- •- ........ — -T t a « t a t o tafia* \* 9 ? .S T a S s . . * ! tatas. Mr Ate fttsaf. face queatfeamgty, Bred a ta p * * * J g ? «f inquiries at 10». But they ** ’ J J t r T t a m k God I’m amts of y*» further iaforumth-u. ¡pructutt, sighing, hothouse littlo ■.. \I’ve tuld you hoys all tta swws,» , he announced positively. “Lord ! l»N ; down a last meethftii of that aa earful îw this time of toy! coÇee, ^ e was ou tar feet and passed Tta real boss Is on the Joli: Trevors gwlftljr out fcBa0Bg tta ViadMB P. U F i s t ILu-st- h m á » srbt shWri Is winged; you are to stick around for orders from headquarter«.’* Oat of tta tail of his eye he saw tta swift approach of Bayue Trevors. The general manager's face was black with rage aud through that dark wrath showed a dull red flush of shame. He walked with his two arms lax at his sides “Give me a cup of coffee, Ben,\ ta commanded curtly, slumping Into a chair. “Hurry P Benny, looking at him curiously, brought a steaming cup and offered It. Trevors moved to lift a hand; then sank back a little further in his cbulr, his face twisting in his pain. 'Tut some milk in It,\ he snarled “Then hold It to my mouth. For the love of heaven, hurry, mnnl\ Then no man there doubted longer the mad tale Bud Lee had brought them. Down from Trevor«' sleeves, staining each hand, there had come a broudening trickle of blood. Trevors drank swiftly, dnilulng the cup. “Got this coat off me.\ he com­ manded. \Curse you, don't tear my arms off! Slit the sleeve«.\ It was who, pushing the clumsy cook aside, silently made the two bandages from strips of Trevors' shirt. I t ' was Lee who brought a fluqk of brandy from which Trevors drunk deep. And then came Judith. They stared at her us they might have done had the heavens opened and ah angel come down, or the earth spilt and u devil sprung up. She looked In upon them with quick, keen eyes which sought to take every men's measure. They returned her regard with a variety of utnazed expressions Never since these men hud come to work for Bayue Trevors had a woman so much us ridden by the door. And to have her stund there, composed, utterly ut her euse, her air vaguely authoritative, a vitally vivid being who might, suddenly, have taken tangible form from the dawn, bewil­ dered them . \1 am Judith Sanford,\ she snld In her abrupt fushlon, quite as she had made the announcement to Lee and Trevors \This outfit belongs to me. I have fired Trevors. You take your orders straight from me from now on. Cookie, give me some coffee.\ She came In without ceremony and sat down ul the head of the table. Benny hastily brought the coffee. From some emotion certainly not dear to him lie went u violent red Perhaps the emo­ tion was Just sheer embarrassment. He brought hot cukes with one hand while with the other he buttoned his gaping shirt collar over a bulging, hairy chest. Men who had finished their break- fusts rose hastily with a marked awk­ wardness and ill-concealed haste and went outside, whence their low voices cume hack In o confused consultation, Men who had not finished followed them. In an amazingly short time there were but the girl, Lee, Trevors and the cook In the room, Bud tae, moving with Ids usual lelsureliness, was following when Judith’s cool voice said quietly: “You, Lee, wait a moment. 1 want to talk with you.\ Lee hesitated. Then he eame back and walled. The men outside naturally grouped about the general manager. Ills ungry voice, lifted clearly, reached the two In the room. \I’m fired,\ said Trevors harshly. “As soon as 1 can get going I am leav­ ing for the Western Lumber camp. Every one of you hoys holds his job here because I gave It to him. Do you want to hold It now, with a fool girl telling you what to do? Do you want men up and down the state to laugh at you and jeer at you for a pack of softies and Imbeciles? Or do you want to roll your blankets and quit? To every man that jumps tha Job here and follows me today I prom­ ise s job with the Western. You fel­ lows know the sort of boss I’ve been to you. You can guess tta sort of boss that chicken in there would be. Now I’m going, ft’s up to you. Stick to s white man or fuss around for a woman T He had said what he tad to say and, cursing when bis shoulder struck a form near him, made bis way down to the stables Burkitt was ahead of him, going for the team. “Wefl, Lee,” aatd Judith sharply, “where do yon get off? Do you want to stick? Or Mail I count yon out?\ T guess, “ aatd Bad very gently, “you’d better court me out\ \You're going wtth that crook P \No. r » gflfag as my awn.” “W>y7 You’re getting good r « tare. If ynftre square TB keep ad fta •use figure.” te f 1efftoseft t MetaeA “Tta totaf to itojr «to«* ta - n r t k * « we*. | s t o w e d * f l r t a TtafftadL* . to toy efts» *flt§L r* m r «toft to* stay M É f t o | * f e f l l « N R t o * M i» « « * Me t e a * “You men I” she cried, and they turned sober eyes upon her, “listen to me! You've heard that big stiff rant; now hear me! I’m here because I be­ long here. My dad was Luke Sanford and he made this ranch. I was raised here. It's twp-thlrds mine right now, Trevors there Is a crook and I told him so. He'« been trying to sell me out, to make such a failure of tta outfit that I'd have to let it go for a comic song. He got gay and I fired him. Me tried to manhandle me and 1 plugged him. And now I'm going to run my own outfit I What have you got to say about It, you grumbling old grouch with {he crooked face) Put up or shut up I I'm calling you I” The men turned from her to Ward Hannon, the field foreman, who had been Trevors’ right-hand man and who now was sneering openly. “I'm saying It’s no work for a kid of n girl,” grumbled Hannon. “You; run un outfit like this?” He laughed «icrtsively. “It can't be did.” “It can’t can’t It?\ cried Judith. \Tell me why, old amarty. BpH It out lively.\ Jake Carson'a shrill cackle cut through a low rumble of laughter. \That's passing It to him strulgbt,” ■aid the old cattleman. “What's the word, Ward?\ Ward Hannon shrugged his shoul­ ders and spat Impudently. “1 ain't saying nothing,\ he growled, \only this: 1 got a right to quit, ain't I? Well, i n quitting. Any time you ketch me working for a female girl that can't ride a horse 'thout failin'' off, that can t see a pig stuck 'thout fainting, that can't walk a tulle 'thout getting laid up, that can't. . . .” \Slow up there I\ called Judith. “Didn't I stick s pig already this morning, und have I keeled over yet? Didn't I ride the forty miles from Rocky Bend last night snd get here before sunup? Listen to me, chief kicker: If you’ve got a horse on the ranch I can’t ride I'll quit right now and give you my Job! How’s that strike you? 1 tell you the word on this ranch Is going to be ‘Put up or shut up I’ Which Is It, Growly?\ Again the men laughed and Han­ non’s face showed his anger. \Mean that, lady?\ he demanded briefly. “You can Just bet your eyes I mean It I\ Hannon turned toward the stable. \All right. We'll see who's going to put up or shut up!\ he Jeered over id* Shouldpr. “You ride the Prince Juat two little minutes and I’ll stay and work for you I\ Bud Lee from the doorway Inter fered. He was a man who loved fair play and he knew the Prince. \None of that, Ward,\ he called sternly. “Not the Prince I\ But Judith, her eyeB aflame, whirled upon I,ee, her voice like a whip as she said: \Lee you keep out of this. The sooner you learn who’s running things here the better for you,” \Maybe so,\ said Lee quietly. “But don’t you fool yourself you can ride Prince. There's not h man on the job except me that can ride him.\ It was not Imastfully said, but with calm as­ surance. \lie’s an outlaw, Miss Jud­ ith. He’s the horse that killed Jimmy Curpenter Inst spring, and Jimmy—\ \Go ahead, Ward,\ Judith repeated. \I’ve got something to do today be­ sides play pussy-wanta-a-corner with you hoys.\ Ward went, his eyes filled with malice. Two or three of the other men Joined their voices to Bud's and Carson's, expostulating, telling of that fearful thing, an outlaw horse. Judith maintained a scornful silence. In due time Ward came back, die was leading a saddled horse, a great, wild-eyed roan that snapped rtdonsly as he came on, walking with the wide, spreading stride of a horse little esed to the saddle. Judith measured him with her eyes as she bad measured the men la the bunk house. “He’s sn ugly devil,\ sbe said, and Lee, at tar side, smiled again. Bat the girt tad not altered her inten­ tion. Sbe stepped closer, looking to cinch, fait and reins. She commanded Ward to draw toe látigo tighter, and Ward m to , dodging tack as tta fa* brats snapped at him. Jadit fa iaaghed. “Look oat, Ward,\ ■be tanrtsd him. \He's after year tatrP Two men held the Prteee. At Jud­ ith's command they shortened tta stir- raps and t o a blinded fain with s ban­ da ana handkerchief. Then, moving with toeredttüe swlftnesa, Ms wts to fta sadtoe. t t a reins fins* gripped. The Prince, a trodden Tta ffMH tta Mind J l F . i J. & WHA1T0K P e a t office G !- tans, Montana. Range, Musslg- bred crk. Horse same right shl'r SPOKANE RANCH A. 0. Ouserud, proprietor. P. 0. address Wisdom. Montana. Horae brand on left shoulder. Cattle brand K half diamond on the left side. TOPE BROTHERS Jesse aud John. P. 0. Wisdom. Rauch m Northfork. Cat lie brand same on right hip. [•Cftimir Ik to*» ***« of ttunk t m k . Tor Cattle aide ¡Left hip I Left side Left h'p Right Bids IRA WALKER Cr JORGEN JORGENS A / Wladoo tie range F Ok to S<ji .w ck ^ ■ P K S f l Horse b r ’d f i y o k ^ l f _ H i right t h i g h s * « S U « ® ! # « Range, Stauloy to Warm Spgs. LEROY ARNOTT llowen P. 0. 9 Horse brnd left thigh Range Fishtrap I to Mussigbrod. HARRY Q. DAVIS Cattle brand same Harry G. Davis, lackson, Mont, on right ribs. Range on Illoody Dick and Big Hole river. HANS JORGENSEN Post offie dom. Steel r • m Rquaw ere1-« Horse brim same as cattle, on thigh. te N JONES <re- Cattle, right ribs [Hornes name left shoulder Postoflice address Wisdom, Montana. GEORGE PARSONS P. 0. Wisdom. i Range Tie creek to Mussigbrod. Horses same on left thigh WM. MONTGOMERY Postoffice, Wis dom, Montana. Horse b’nd L O left stifle HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY Carl R. Hunt- ley, mgr, Wis­ dom. Horses 1ft Spool brand also and on left shldr for horses. THOS. PENDEROAST p. o. Wisdom. R*ogo side. Horses same on the left 4 l 0 f l t t j 9 i i 8h6,>idw- PETER80N-OLSON P. 0. Wisdom., Mont. Range be tween Fox snd Stanley galefe. Horse brad *he same, lft thigh. DAN PENBEUGAST Postofflee Jack son; ra g e from Swamp creek to Lake. MAX C. LEWIS Flsktrap, Most, Dewlap with this brand; also. ST right rite, vpp hit ami wndortot CM ear. AN fe f t s U d r . P . 0 . f Horses Ibesam. Range f r o m Steele creek. P. 0. Anaconda. ANDERSON A JOHNSON .Horses the same right shoul­ der. Range Gra- vele park A Lit­ tle Lake crock. P 0. Jackson. A ARMiTAUE H o r s es same ou left shoul­ der or thigh. P o s t offie ad- d r e ss Wisdom, Montana W. S. TASK 0 Bannack. 'R a g e Elkhorn 1 and Grasshopper Horaea branded same left shoul­ der HIGHLAND RANCH Hornees same on left shoulder J 11 Robbers Wisdom fi 100.00 ltL WARD g 100.06 Big Hole Basin Stockmen s asso­ ciation will pay the above sum for the arrest and conviction of anyone who tampers with fence or gate or tresspaaaea upon the feed lota at Wisdom |« t f $100 REWARD The Soutbern Montana Telephone Company will pay (100 for the ar­ rest and conviction of party or par­ ties who shoot the toll line wire; cv information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone mutilating or destroying any pole, line or other property belonging to the said com- •any. Ii. R. Capehart, Local Man- ager. l»-tf Notice to Subscribers It has become necesary te r.otify all subscribers that they are respons­ ible for all long-distance calls orig­ inating from their telephones, or to notify the company that they will not be responsible for ANY calls or­ iginating therefrom, regardletsa of who the party may be, calling from said telephone. It Is an Impossibility for tha oper­ ators to recognize all voices and charge calls accordingly. SOUTHERN MONT. TEL CO , adv May3 H L uapehart. Manager. NOTICE COR PUBLICATION No. 09542 Department of the Interior, It. 5?. Land Office at Mis-oula, Montana, October 25, 1924. NOTICE Is hereby given that Nellie R. Davis of Jackson, Montana, who on June 12ih, 1919, made Des­ ert Land Entry No. 0 854 2 for Lot 4, SW54 NW14 of Section 2, and Lot 1, SE'A NE% Section 3, Township 7 Sonth, Range 15 West, Montana Me­ ridian, has filed notice of intention to make final proof to establDli elaim to (be land above described, before R. Hathaway, U. S. Commissioner, at Wisdom, Montana, on the 12th day of December. 1924, Claimant names as witnesses: James R. Pinkerton, George S. Nen- nett, John Myers, Jules E. Wenger, all of Jackson, Montana. Claimant's source of water supply Is the Big Hole river. FRED C. STODDARD, Register. 1st pub Nov «-fit N0TKE_F<WS nULiCATION No. 084M Department of th* Interior, U. S. Lead Office at Missoula, Montana, November 7, 192«. , NOTICE is hereby givra that Ag­ nès C. Sage e$ Jack»«. Montana, •pto m November fitfc. 192», mato Desert I r a i Entry SJ*. H U I for SE% Sotte* 12, Tow tto* ? £., Rams« I f Wert ■ Matosa*. tra üteJ wele»-. e i . to t o k s t e a l proof 4 H rttew a y .E .S , i m i» ‘ J

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 27 Nov. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.