Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, December 04, 1924, Image 2

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t i f i B O U S B A S I N N E W S BY a BATSAWAT B*î m m 4 i w r l% w * 4 w « I f M w Tw o B o U r n u 4 Í W M U » ! « « Entered u w w M W * » tt« I » . *>. i m , AI th* PMtoCM i t V M » Montana, « a d « Art *t Marti ». 111! tie per inch per leene, finte netter Sic. Reeder* lie per line first Insertion, fe niter. Fo-rrl*n-Ad-VrNPR¿SSAPs i ^ M N L foreign «avcrvuiH THF. AMERICAN PSI Our Country! In ber Inter­ course with foreign nation», o.*y «he always be In the right: but our country, right er wrong —Stephen Decatur end The Dig Hole Basin News THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1»24 Mlt» Edith Leonard Is home from Boulder. Apples for sale at Woodworth’s ii Iv net 23 Senator Hazelbaker was n business visitor in Wisdom Thurediy, Slag shirts and leather coats at Woodworth’s adv oct 23 George Gotsieb is home from Butte where he took a little vacation. Mittens and Gloves for men and boys at Woodworth’s adv oct 23 Harry llelmlmg made a business ii'ip to the county seat Tuesday. Have your calves. Vaccinate with Blackleg Aggreesin— 16 cents a dose, ('has. Qulst, adv sept 11 Ladies Aid meets with Mrs. Arm­ strong this time and will do some quilting. m Try a pair of those Walos Goodyear overshoes at Woodworth’i adv oct 23 George Hopkins was over from Dillon Tuesday, demonstrating tht Btudebaker automobile. LOST—On road, large boi contain Ing lady’s sealskin coat and brown dress. Finder please writ# oi phon Mrs. Henry Hendrick», at Fiehtrap. Reward. adv 10-27 Federal Land Bank Eiamlner Fall child came over from Spokane las! week on official business. 'Member bow mother used to gel dad a new buggy whip or some har­ ness ornament for Christmas when we were driving horses? Well, auto accessories make a Jo-dandy present now—and Helming Brew, have a big ■stock. Nuffsed! ad 11-26 Mrs. Ray Willey wan called to Butte last week by tbo death of a brother. We have no detail«, Don Anson bo bed up sick In bed Monday with a cold but ft could not keep him down and he Is on dock ns smiling as ever. Charley Burdick, In charge of the forest ranger station at Jackson, was down for a day Ms* week, fart to see bow things are milling in thin part Of the Basin. In another column h the nanounee meat of the opening of the Bartlett dining room in Butte. It will be • pleasure to visit there—and the price won it deflate you r poekethook, eftbes There is an epidemic of « id s pen- Tailing ta Wisdom. |u seme earns re- wafting in a temporary lea i f speech I f t M G Ramsey It law the less dam lust mow umd Tovey it flsytef « «•« BarttoU Cat*, Inc.,27 North Mata street, Bu’jte, announcee the opening of its new dining room and invites aft the rtd friends and new one* as w»U, to drop in and see how nicely it Li arranged. Grant Bartlett, manager, la one of the pioneer reataurtaeurg of the big Mining city and has kept pace with all tti advances. The present loca­ tion, that of the odd Ckequatnegou, is one of the beet in .^e city and noth­ ing has been «pared in preparing for the large business it has. There is no better caterer in the Northwfipl than Grant Bartlett, not can the service and cuikne of the new restaurant be .excelled in Mon­ tana. Another thing in his favor is: He doesn’t charge his customers for something they don’t get! Prices at Bartlett1» have ever been within the reach of all. It la a mighty good place, too, for meeting people from the Big Hole. So many of us eat at Bartlett» when in Butte and Mr. and Mr«. Bartlett are bo well acquainted with people of this valley that if any of us are in Butte you’ll be pretty apt to find it out by inquiring at BarMent’». Try it and eee if we are not right. adv CAMPPAIUX EATENSES One of the mysteries of the coun­ try pubieher’s not altogether too rosy life is. How in Sam Hill do the candi­ dates fie campaign expenses when they leave so many country papers In the lurch. Not a aingia campa'gn of Impot­ ence but some of the candidates overlook us—and defeat at the polls la not the only reason. We have an unpaid account again it a Beaver­ head county candidate who was elected and served a term in a well­ paying position. All candidates m the late unpleas- intne-8 have filed the r expense ac­ counts with the proper officers hut The News in holding the .ack with about $36 in it. - .............. - ..................... Sign on a Butte .sidewalk; “Get a cu,p of coffee and i all downstairs for ID cents.’’ !. Automobile Christmas Gifts Auto accessories make acceptable Christmas gif s. We have a splendid line but if we can't suit yon . we will gladly order the article for you Helming Bros. Wisdom, Mont i , 0 « -a a- i i I •IF -a»\* -a** Wisdom Cash Market J. A . Louk, Proprietor Special Rates on Meat in Quantities Fish and Vegetables in Season Prompt Attention to Telephone i ►«F -» F r«|W % ».«F r i l I ì s m m I d h I ì T H Louis Givogre, Proprietor New Goods, New Prices Your Patronage Appreciated Ü Hall’s Catarrh saw — a * - • ------ will do what wt M € < U C 1 1 1 6 Claim for It rid your system of Catarrh or Deafness caused by Catarrh. IM h dmggiitt f \ svtr 40 ytett F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio B R STEVENSON -CIVIL ENGINEER- BOX (I WISDOM I N S U R E With Haselbaker for INSURANCE THAT INSURES Sawing and Fencing POST BORING POLE RIMMING Grover Helming New Honey Crop Ay 1924 crop of honey Is unusually good and I’m offering it to you for 6-Gallon Can, delivered . . . . $ 7 00 10-Pound Bueket, delivered .. 1 60 Broken Comb Honey, lb ........ 20 E B Randolph, Salmon, Idaho adv oct.9 ZENITHS CROSLEYS NEUTRODUNE8 All repairs and accessories will be carried in stock for the above radios. Will guarantee and keep In service an of the above named sets. H R CAPEHART Advertisement Oet SO PHOTOGRAPHS I have purchased the Weoaink Studio ha Difloa and am prepared to do any­ thing in the photographic line. Christinas wID sooa he here. Bet­ ter order,sew and you will be eure ta cat thou flu dime. Send ta yver M ah wart. FAIRCHILD STUDIO iÊ Ê à tm «tam APPLICATION FOR A PATENT 024027 IT. S. Land Oifioe at Helena, Mon­ tana, November 8. 1924. NOTICE rtf HEREBY GIVEN,That John E. l’endeiga t, whose postoffice’ addiesa ia Wisdom, Beaverhead | County, Montana, ha, j this day filed| his application for a patent for 1600 | Unear feet of the Homestake Lode, m1 ne or vein bearing gold, silver,' copper and lead, with surface ground' 500 feet in width, Bituated in Elk-J horn (uuorflanised) Mining District, County of Beaverhead and State of Montana, and designated by the field note« and official plat on file in this office as tiurvty Number 9965 in Township i South, Range 12 Wejt, unsurveyed, of principal base line and Meridian of the State of Mon­ tana, said Survey No 9965 being as follows, to-wit: Beginning at Corner No 1, a gran­ ite stone 1 2x14x24 inches, chiselled 1-1I.S.-9965, from which I. P. No, 1 for the Elkhorn Min'ng District in unsurveyed T 4 S., it 12 W., bears N. 10 degrees 31 minute? W., 2077.9 feet, and running thence from said Cor. No. 1 First Course S. 43 deg. 40 min. W. 1500 feet; thence sec­ ond course S. 43 deg. 35 min, E., 600 feet to Cor.No.3; thence third course N. 43 deg,, 43 min. E, 1500 feet to Cor. No. 4; thence fourth course N. 42 deg. 35 min W., 500 feet to the place of beginning, containing an area of 17,182 acras claimed. The adjoining claims are the Red Sky Stir. No. 5035 on the east end, the Bonanza Sur. No. 9965 on the south and the Violet Sur. No. 9927 con­ flicting on the northwest end, which conflict is claimed, the Arora Lode Sur. 9926 conflicting on the north­ east which conflict is claimed. | a pm of said survey together with a copy of this application for patent was posted upon the claim on the twentieth day of etober, A. D. 1924. Magnetic variation 21 deg. E. The location of this mine is re­ corded in the Recorder’s office of the Clerk and Recorder in Book “ U,” page 429, of Mining Locations. Any and ail persons claiming ad­ versely any portion of said Home- stake Lode Mine or -surface ground are required to file their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Helena, Lewis and Clark County, in the State of Montana, during the sixty days’ period of publication hereof, or they wifl he barred by virtue of the pro­ visions of the Statute. F. A. MOTZ, Register, let pub nor 27-9t Dillon Furniture Go. EVEItYTIUNG IN FURNITURE IIEDDINU.FLOOR COVERINGS , Our facilities tor handling and shipping are not excelled in Montana, and we solicit your patronage based upon competi­ tion with any other market in the eourtry. G. T. Paul, Proprietor W. A. CLARK J. ROSS CLARK W. A. CLARK & BRO. Bankers Established 1877. ALEX J. JOHNSTON .......... Cashier J. K. HESLET... .Assistant Cashier C. J. Barker ......... Assistant Cashier Transact a general banking business Inter#«' paid on time deposits. Boxes in safety deposit vault. The First Bank Established in Butte NOTIOS FOR PUBLICATION Nee. 02S30S-6SS418 Department of the Interior, U. S. o f ^ f L L Ò l T Backed by over 80 years- acquaint ance with the people of the Basin and knowledge of their conditions we offer them our service and solieR their business. A. L. STONE W. A. GRAETER President Cashier Woodworth Billiards Room O. J. WOODWORTH, Proprietor' cold drinks served at Good aft times. ! carry in stock for your taspee- t oa: Fishing Tackle, Aft Kinds of u p l i f t O A T C l «fe » «a Kiart » A U ffllA tlU lL L a y nyfiy NovemfeerA 9 * \ *» 4***^ Tobacco, Candy, Overalls and Jtmp- N071CR to given a j \ * B ▼ *>■'*- M ono» S. Mason of Jackson, Mon-SWrta, Meas Hose, Shoe*. Buckskin tana, who «a August i t , l i t i , made] 8e*cv) Glena, Befes, Suspenden, Bands, flask- V r i j j s ï « - » * ■ ■ * « • “ \ * ■ * * • * K. I l W-, smd LMs i . Xi I . 4 . £ * F'atdbat. 3 A & V S Æ J - T i S Î * 1 “ “ < * \ \ \ * * * “ tUM9 Humée MH « f e r Ko. I t M l t U r i e « * ! . ? . t , B % mÿ Beaverhead Abstract C o ! Oldest Set of Abstract Books in Beaverhead County. Land Office Proofs and Filings Pearl I. Smith Title Pudding Dillon, Montana SEE US For Land Flings, Land Proofs, Water Rights and Information on Load Title* Frank Hazelbaker, Prea DILLON, MONTANA | Why Not Open an Account With Us? | ¡ i i i Time Certificates Checking Accounts Demand Certificates Four Pei Cent on Savings Country Accounts Handled With the Same Care and Attention That Is Accorded City Customers. Daly Bank and Trust Company of A N A C O N D A ! i i MILLER ( DEVELOPMENT CO | BREEDERS OF Fine Shorthorn Cattle C has . E. M iller , P res . Wigdom^^ Montana eJg/'Cooke W h i l e a p o o r clerk in a Philar delphia bank he got his start to wealth and honor by investing his own saw ings and practicing thrift. During the Civ 3 war he raised one bfflon dollars for die federal government Cooke was a great financier in Ns lime. 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Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 04 Dec. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.