Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, December 04, 1924, Image 3

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i t « M M jflck m m v m ? 'm m * * * * * . -A * - * Copgrlah» br Chari« (grikâW'* torn Syncpttt CHAPTER I.—Bud U«. hon« for*- nvan o( the Blu* Lake ranch, con­ vinced Bayne Treyors, niana**r, la de­ liberately wrecking the property owned by Judith Sanford, a young woman. her cousin. Pollock Hampton, and Timothy Oray, decldti to throw up lila job. Judith arrives and announce« she has bought Oray's share In the ranch and will run It. She discharge* 'Trevors. \To make room for »or* crook* 1\ r.he cried, her own brown hands balled Into flat* scarcely less hard than Tre­ vors’ had been. Then for the third CHAPTER II—The men on the ranch dielike taking order* from a girl, but by subduing a vicious horst and proving her thorough knowledge of ranch life, Judith wins the beet of them over. Lee decide* to etasr. \There's a good hoy!\ said Judith •coolly, \Buck a little for the lady, 1‘rlnce I\ Slowly the great muscles of i'rlnce's leg und shoulder and flank Bucking as Only ■ Oevll-Heartsd Hers* Know* How. corded. The trembling passed; he w»i like a horse carven In bluish granite. He shook his head e little. Judith, her hand tightening upon the reins, held his head well up, the severe bit thwarting the attempt .to get hig lot* down between bis forelegs. Then suddenly, without warning, the horse whirled, leaping far ont to the left, striking with hard hoofs bunched, gathering himself os he landed, •work­ ing with the quickness of light, plung­ ing again to the right. And again hi stood still. Judith, sitting securely on Ids rebellious back, laughed. Hot laughter, cool and unafraid, sent * -ftrange little thrill through Bud Lee —who, with tear In his heart, was watching her. ‘‘Look out for him now I\ he called wamlngiy. In truth the Prince bad not yet be-\ gun. He plunged toward the corral, bis purpose plain, the obo desire In his heart to crush his rider against the high fence. But Judith’s spy* an­ swered him, and the bit, savage In Ms jaws, brought him about, whirling, sidling, striking, bucking as only a strong, fearless, devUhearted hors* knows how to buck. He doubled up under her; be rose and fell In a quick series of short jumps which tore and jerked at her body, which strove to tear her knees away from hi» side* and break the grip of her band on the reins. But ft seemed to the mea watching that the girl knew before the horse which wiy be would jump, that she knew hew to away her body with bis so that she and he were net sepa- vste beings but just one, gether to some mad devil’s -Can she rider *1 r r the maddened Prince Met 40 earth, be i of Aert, ber «tide with «nor* fito laughed «to*#. a n«fK teqglk ftoCfes urtth bor ac^n. \\asm'll yew ««»law; I’ve geafcd BOn fsiaNM fctfited at V T tH l A * tto Seifi foteAaa was «• benmnaa and 4b* ttmocoaa way to which ba bad brought out tbls snapping, vtetoua ant- mai bad teatlfted te the «act He dm» back now, mattering. -Bid* W a r cried Judith, bar vote* •tinging him. -Bide him or gat off the ranch I Which Is U V Ward Hannon, glad of the opening, answered surlily: -Awl think I want te tike order« offn a woman! You’re right, I’U get offn the ranch !\ \That's two down,\ said Judith. \Now take th(s horse back to the «table j I’m going up to the office. You men come there In five minutes. It you want to stay, and are worth your •alt, you can. Or I’U give you your lima It’s up to you: It’s a free country. But—\ and she said It slowly, confronting them—“if you all throw me down and leave me abort- handed without giving me time to take on another set of men, you are a pretty low-lived bunch 1\ Then, without tunilug, she went gwlftly to the ranch-house. Old Man Our son wiped the sweat from Ills fore­ head. “I remember hearing about Luke Sanford's girl,\ he said simply. \This I* her, all right.\ \Old Man” Carson—so called through lack of courtesy and because of the sprinkling of gray through bis black hair, a mun of perlmp« fot’f.v- flve—filled an unthinkably disrepu­ table pipe with Ids own conception of \real tobucca\ and chuckled so that the second match was required before he was ready to say hts say. \You just listen to me, you boys I” he said. “None of you fellers ever saw old Luke Sunford?\ \I'd been working here close to two weeks when he got killed,\ Bud said as Carson’s twinkling eye a went from face to face. \I got my Job straight from him. not Trevors.\ \That's so,\ said Carson. \Well Bud knows the sort Luke Butifurd was. He was dead and burled when 1 corns to the Blue Lake, but I'd saw him twice end I'd heard of him more times than that. Quiet man that 'tended to his own business and didn't say so all flred much 'less he was stirred up. And then—I\ He whistled his mean­ ing, \A fighter. All he ever got lie fonght for. All he ever held on to ha fought for. Ha bucked Western I,turn bar for » dosen years, first Rnd last. And, by crlpes, he nailed their d—d hides on his stshle-door, tool \Well I heard tell about thla same Luke Hanford ten years ago and more—about him and ids little girl, from whet folks said 1 guess there never was a man wanted a boy baby worse'n Luke Sanford before Judith come. And I guess there never was a man put mors stock in uis own flesh and blood than Luke did in her as soon as he got used to her being a ihe^ I don't know just exactly how old she was ten years ago, women folks being so d—n’ tricky In the looks of their ages, but I'd say she was eight or nine or ten or eleven years old. Anyhow, Luke had took her In hand already. Why, that girl's rid reel horses since she was the size ol a pair of boots. Luke took hei everywhere he went, tip In the moun­ tains, ever the Big ridge, down valley- ways, into town when he went off on his yearly. And they say Luke wasn't no poky rider, either. You’ve rode his string. Bud! What are those for horses, huh!\ \I’m a little particular when II cornea to a saddle-horse,” Bad ad­ mitted. \But I never asked any bet­ ter than old Sanford's string.’’ \Yon hetr hhn 1\ said Carson. “Well, that Judy girl has rid horses like them for a dozen yean. I guess,\ and he •poke with slew tbonghtfuiness, \that •he’s a rent chip efTn the old block. Jt'a my guess number two that she ain't just shooting off her face pro­ miscuously when she says there’s something crooked la the deal Trevors has been banding her. And, third bet, there's meet likely going to be seven kinds of b—1 popping around this end of the woods for a spell.” -What are yon doing about i t Car- son?\ asked the man whose ususnaliy vacuuu* expression gave Urn the name of Poker Pace. \Stick on the Job « .qnttr j -H e r Carson sought a match, and tote» he had found ft, held it long to Ms grimy fingers, staring at !t thoughtfully. \Me stay an’ let • sho- $M boas mat Weil, ft ain’t the play a S aright leek to me to make, an’ I aaytog it's tee trick M do every day to the week. Bat here there's KrtlduBf IB right, naf aas’ say so. go m t # te• get the Am. ri*te «hat yee can gu fern. I fiw t know that, doát «ato to $#** ¡.-and * r He removed Mi pipe to t n < U» hwk «gum tfcbhy w*a feÜ 1 tossatogr— . . . Benny grouted an answer hot oh not taka ap the quarrel. Ha kanut Canon we» anwugh to know that theca was no man living readier tut a fight or abler t» cwnlwct his own Vart to . ■ • • * • • •. . » riQue hay. Bud!\ called a voice, and old Jose, Us face shining with hi* joy—Bud was certain that Judith had actually kissed the leathery cheek and wondered bow she could do it ! - came down the knoll. \La señorita wants you!” > “Haw I\ gurgled Bandy O’Neil face­ tiously. \It’s your manly beauty. Bud I You ol' son-of-u gun of a lady- killer!\ ; Bud Lee swung about upou his heel to glare at Bundy. But suddenly con­ scious of a Hush creeping up hotly under Ids tau, be turned bis buck und strode away to the house. His face was flaming wheu be entered the of­ fice. ' “What do you wont with me?\ be Said shortly, angered at Bandy, Judith Sanford und himself. \Bow wow!\ retorted Judith, look­ up from Trevors’ tuble. \On your high horse, are you? All light, stay there. What I wuat Is some Informa tiou. How long have you been on the BUie Luke pay mil?\ ; “A little over six months,\ he an avcrcU colorlessly. \Over six months?” A quick look of interest came into her eyes, “ire vors hired ,\ou? Or dud?\ \Your fii'lier.\ “Then\ und a sudden, swift smile CHU(e fur the first time that morning Into Jhe girl's eyes—\you're squure! Tluiuk Uod for one man to be sure of.” She had risen with a quick Impetu­ osity an! pul out her huntl Lee took It into his ( wii. and felt It shut huid, like a man s. \Just how do you know I’m square?\ he usked slowly. \Had was human,\ she replied softly “He made some mlstukes. But he never made u mistake lb a horse foreman yet. He hus sold to me u dozen times ‘Jud.v, watch the way a man treats hts horse If you want to sise him tip! And never put your horses Into (lie eure of u man whp Isn’t white, eleun through ’ Hud knew, Itud Lee!\ Lee made no answer for a little, Judith, back at the long tuble and looking strangely small In the big, bare room before this massive piece of furniture, stared Into vucuucy with reminiscent eyes. Then, with a little shrug of her shoulders, she turned nguln to the ‘all foreman. \Why did you tell 'JTevors this morning that you were going to quit work?\ she usked with abrupt direct ness. \Because.\ lie answered, and by now Ids flush bad subsided and till grave good humor had come hack to him with his customary serenity. \I felt like moving on.\ \Because she Insisted, \you knew that there was some dirty work afoot and did not tare to be messed up In It?\ Now here, most positively, Bud t<ee snld within himself, w hs a person to reckon with How did she know all that! Whut business did a kid like Oils have of knowing so blamed much? \You've got your rope on the right pair of horns,\ lie said after his brief pause. \How did you know that Trevors was working the double-cross on this deal?\ she demanded. “I didn't know,\ he said stiffly. “I Just guessed. The same bb yon. ne whs spending too much money ¡ he was getting too little to show for it; he was selling too much stock toe cheap.” “Whut's the matter with yoe!\ cried the girl, surprising him with the heat of her words and the sudden darkening of her eyes. \Why do you insist on being so downright stand­ offish and stiff and aloof? What have I done to you that you can't be de­ cent? Here I am only putting foot on my land and you make me feel like an intruder.\ \I am answering your questions.” \Like a half-animated trained ice­ berg, yes. Can’t you act like a hu­ man being? Oh, I’ve got your num­ ber, Bud Lee, and you are Just as narrow between the horns as the rest of the outfit. You sre narrow and prejudiced and blindly unreason­ able! I knew as much about ranch­ ing as any of you; I knew more about tbit outfit because the best man that ever act foot on tt, and that’s Luke Sanford, taught me every crook and bend of i t ; and now, just because I’m a girl and not a boy, you stand off tike I bad the amalLpox; just when I need loyalty and esrierstamdtog and when, the Lord knows, I’ve already got a double handful of trouble, I can’t count far a minute tm am t «bat have been taking sty pay for smiths! Get atsna of the ttfidev and cobwebs out of yow bead and WE me this: What m the sswriM I t A m Why ye« toftM* lie,\ jto t o jMfitotopdtmw/, l i li teifif ttotod 4M» mm tonfinfi — U f i » tas*„ m m * j& iJÊ Ê S È J a È k M ito m m m 4tofi 4 m * «fifi fiefi** to- totoed tor thumb with « piar * “t m a t se« that « woman's ptacu to riding backing breaces and map- stag around . , \A woman's place!\ she scoffed \Her piace «bere t blunder-beaded awu put* her! How do you know jWtore her place is? Hew would you 1 Ukr to be told Just what your place Is? Te be jammed for instane« Into a little bungalow in a city; to bo squeezed into a dress-suit and told : ’Stay her* and look sweet’; to he commanded not to get up a natural sweat, nor to kick over the traces with which some woman had hitched you to the cart of convention. Haw’d you like tt. Bud Lee?\ Bud tee grinned end a new look crept Into bis eyes. \Being Bud Lee,” he answered frankly, ”1 wouldu’t stand it for one tick of the clock. I’d say there's two kinds of men, too. There's my kind; there's the l>uve BurrlU Lee kind. You see, he’s a sort of relatlou of mine, is Have BurrlU Lee, and Tm not exactly proud of him. He’s the kind tbut wears dress suits and sticks In « bungalow. He's proud of hi« name BurrlU and Lee, both, because big men down south wore ’em before he did, and they were relations, lie’s swelled up over the way he can dance und ride after a fox, and over the coin he's got In the bank. Then there'« Bud Lee who ducks out of that sort of a scrap heap und beats It for the open.\ \I gel you !\ broke In Judith, her eyes very bright. \And you men here, my men, want me to be the sort of woman that your precious (musili. Have BurrlU, 1« a man? Is that It! Where’s your logic tills morning?\ \Meaning horse sense?” he smiled, \It's In these few little words: ’Whut's right fur u man may be deud wrong for u woman ’ ” \Oh scut !\ ghe cried Impatiently “What am I wasting time with you for?\ She swung hack to her table. “What w hs Trevors' latest excuse for selling at a sacrifice?\ she usked. \Told me he Just hud a wire lust night from young Hampton, asking for three thousand dollars,\ lie Ck plained In a similar Rine, though his eyes were twinkling at her \Bollock Hampton has his nerve!” she snapped She took up the tele­ phone Instrument at her elbow and demanded the Western Union st Rocky Bend. \Judith Sanford speaking,\ she said crisply. \Hepeut the message uf Igst night for the general manager, Blue Luke ranch.\ In a moment she had It. \So Tre­ vors wasn't lying about that part of It,\ ghe said reluctantly. And to the Western Union agent, \Take this messuge : \Bollock llumpton, Hotel Gtennlyu, Suit Bramisco; \Impossible send money now or for some time. Have flred Trevorg. Run­ ning outfit myself. Need every cent we cun raise to pay interest on loans, men's salaries and keep going. This Is fins!. \Judith Sanford, Generul Manager.\ \That may start his gray matter working,” she ended as she clicked up the receiver. \Now Lee, will you stick with me ten days or so and give me time to get a man In your place?\ \Yes I’ll do that, Miss Sanford.” \You will help me in every way you can while you are with me?\ \When I work for a man—or a woman,\ he added gravely, \I don't hold bAck anything.” “All right. Then start in right now and tell me about the gang Trevors has taken on. Are they all crooks? That little gray, quick spoken man with the smelly pipe—he’s straight, Isn’t lie?\ \That would be old Carson? Yes; he’s a good man. You won't find a better,\ “Is he going to quit, too? Just be­ cause I've come? Has he any love for Bayne Trevors?” \Maybe you'd better ask Carson.\ In a flash site was on her feet and had gone to the door. \Carson !\ she called loudly. \Come here, will you?\ There was a Httle alienee, a low sound of laughter, then Carson'* sharp voice answering : ‘Tm coming!\ Judith went back to ber chair. She did not speak until Carson’s wiry form slipped through the door­ way. Then with the «id cattleman's shrewd, hard eye* upon her she turned from a etto full of papers she had been looking through and spoke to Mss quietly: \feu used to work for the Granite Canyon crowd, didn’t yon, Carson T’ \Tes’m be answered. \Cattle foreman there for several years?” - \Tes’m.\ “Helped clean ont the Roaring Creek gang, didn't yon, Carson r Carson drifted a -hit, colored under tor fixed «yen, and \Tea’sa.* 'tod a tori*rye»,Canw»? Met jfe * f e 2qqf ^hcade^L m m r n M m m r . tton* f i l l - to * * ft >«■»*' Umd J. a WHARTON P o s t office ft b» tons, Montana. Bang«. Mvmig- brod erk. Hone tome right shl'r SPOKANE RANCH f f l A. a Oassrud, proprietor. P. K 9 O. address Wisdom, Montana Hone brand on left shoulder Cattl* bland K halt diamond on the left aide. ' TOPE BROTHERS fesse and John. P. ). Wisdom. Rauch >n Northfork. Cat le brand same on ig lt hip. JORGEN JORGENS' Wisdom Cr tie range P t ek to S<]i .w H Horse br*dj!? light thighffisf lUauge, Stanley to Warm Spgs. SltoA .'RM**' t o n a i t o s a i « T Fm c h ( i k k t e U * ItlTfjr | f Ili\ - r — » •fil Cnttln* F o t H u a n t ..eft sito [Left hip Lett sida Left shoal Lett shout Left b!p m LEROY ARNOTT Bowen P. 0 RBI Horse bnul HSfl left thigh Range Fishtrap to Mussigbrod. HARRY G, DAVIS Cattle brand same Harry 0. Davis, lackson, Mont. >n right ribs. Range on Bloody Dick am] Big Hole river. HANS JORGENSEN Post,off!- A dom. • filed t--u Squaw ortvh Horse brinI 1 same as cattle on thigh. E NJONES Cattle, right riba. Horses same left shoulder INistofflce adtlreas WiBdom, Montana. GEORGE PARSONS P. 0. Wisdom, Range Tie creeh to Mnaslgbrod. Hones Mm* on toft thigh WM. MONTGOMERY Postoffice, Wis dom, Montana, Horse b’nd L O left stifle HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY Carl R. Hunt- ley, mgr, Wis­ dom. Horses 1ft Apool brand also and on left shldr for horses. THOS. PENDERGAST P. 0. Wisdom. Range east side. Horses branded same on the toft j^ g jty g g g jy ^ s h o u ld e r . * PETERSONOLSON t . 0. Wisdom., Mont. Range be tween Fox and Stanley gulch. Horse brad the same, lft thigh. DAN PENDERGAST Poetoffiee Jack- son; range from Swamp ereek to Lake. MAX C LEWIS Ftehtrsp, Meat. Dewlap with th is to a d ; atoo. I? right rfta, nppev Mt ami amtort« Mr. AS J1 B X X E S S 0 Ï H Z S 8 Right aid* IRA WALKER Horses the gam. Rauge f r o m Steele creek. P. O. Anticouda. ANDERSON & JOHNSON Hurst» the same in right shoul­ der. Range Gra- vele park A Lit­ tle Lake creek. P. Q. Jaek|pA. A Alt MIT AUK H o r s es sam* on left shoul­ der or thigh. P o s t offle ad- (1 r e ss Wladouv, Montana W. 8. TA8II F. 0. Bannack. Range Elkhora and Grasshopper Horses branded same left shoul­ der. HIGHLAND RANCH Hot’sivea name orv left ab'\ihler J H Robbers Wisdom 810000 UPWARD 8100,04 Big Hole Basin Stockmen's asso­ ciation will pay the above sum for the arrest and conviction of anyone who tampers with fence or gate or tresspasses upon the feed lots at Wisdom tl-tf 8100 REWARD The Southern Montana Telephone Company will pay $100 for the ar­ rest and conviction of party or par­ ties who shoot the toll line wire; cv information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone mutilating or destroying any pole, line or other property belonging to the said com- »any. II. R. Capehart, Local Man­ ager. l»-tf Notice to Subscribers It has become neresary to r.otlfy all subscribers that they are respons­ ible for all long distance calls orig­ inating from their telephones, or to notify the company that they will not be responsible for ANY culls or­ iginating therefrom, regnrdlels« of who the party may be, calling from said telephone. it Is an Impossibility for the oper­ ators to recognize all voices and charge calls accordingly SOUTHERN MONT. TEL. CO , adv May3 H L napehart. Manager. NOTICE LOR IT I1LK ATION No. 08542 Department of the Interior, l'. S, Land Office at Missoula, Montana, October 25, 1924. NOTICE is hereby given that Nellie R. Davis of Jackson, Montana, who on June 12th, 1919, made Des­ ert Land Entry No. 02542 for Lot 4, SW44 NWVi of Section 2, and Lot 1, SEH NE*4 Section 3, Township 7 South, Range 15 West, Montana Me­ ridian, has filed notice of intention to make final proof to establi-.h claim to I he land above described, before R. Hathaway, U. S. Commissioner, at Wisdom, Montana, on the 12t’a day of December, 1924. Claimant names as witnesses: James R Pinkerton. G*orge S Nen- nett, John Myers, Jules E. Wenger, all of Jackson, Montana. Claimant’s source of water supply is the Bfg Hole river. FRED C. STODDARD, Register. 1st pub Nov 6-5t NOTICE FOR rFBLICATTO'V No. Department of the Interior, C S. Land Office at Missoula, Montana, November 7, 19Î4, NOTICE is hereby giveu that Ag­ is C. Sage of Jackson, who «a November Pth, 1929, made Desert Land Entry No. 88444 fee ££% Sertie» 12. Ttrwustop 7 S„ Range 14 West Montana Principal I netiee of iaten- tfc* to tonte fiatai m e t to eotabttok J o t e firn ItopJ mtegM v W « M ffiffg WMQ M i r a iH n r r f f uaw>«ww 4 * to t e e X H ath a w ay , V. S. it Wtotoan, Mamtiwi. «a ite m e I

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 04 Dec. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.