Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, December 25, 1924, Image 1

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VOLUME XIII WISDOM MONTANA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1924 ' NUMBER 14 • « I Jackson News Notes Who said December thawt Mrs. Lucy Jardlne made a busiseea trip to Wisdom last week, J E Morse of DiUou speut a few dacj last week at his ranch. Christ. Hansen of Dillon made a business trip into Jackson Saturday. Herb. Arniltage of Wisdom passed through our burg Friday on hta way to Dillon. Mr. and {fro. Chas. francis yj«U- ed at the Jardlne home last Tuesday and Wednesday. Sheriff Mooney and hk side-kick drove through the Basin last week on a pleasure trip. Mr. Sage autoed to Butte Friday. Mrs. Sage, who has been nursing her mother, who was seriously ill, will return with him. The High school students and oth­ ers have returned home for the ho-ll day vacation and to enjoy mother’s cooking for a few weeks. Here’s wishing everyone g merry Christmas and a happy and prosper­ ous New Year We hope Montana will reap a bountiful harvest In 1925 The long lost Charley has returned to Jackwon, much to the pleasure of his many friends—and we knew Charley Pinkerton would not turn down the Big Hole for any other place The Coal Shovelers un*on would be kepi busy the e days In Jackson if they had any coal to shovel. How­ ever,let’s not forget the grand march New Years Eve. at 9:30; nor the Virginia Heel, Fireman’s dance, etc. A disastrous fire occurred at the George Clemow ranch last Thun,day afternoon, when the beautiful dwell­ ing there was consumed by fire re­ sulting, it is believed, from a defect­ ive chimney. Wonderful work was done by men who came from every direction when they eaw the flames They saved all the furniture except that of l wo rooms upstairs and car ried 40 sacks of potatoes and tons of flour from the basement while fire fell all around them. Even the Del co engine was rescued It was 26 below zero but even at that one man, Mr. Richardson, was overcome by the heat and smoke. They certainly did make a gallant fight against the fire fiend, and were it not for fear of overlooking someone we would try to give the names of the fighters.- Ben Oakes has gone to Butte tor treatment of an Infected hand. At last reports the physicians bad not determined the enact nature of the trouble. MERRY CHRISTMAS If the Christmas season enters with a joy not kiuwu before, And you find the Yuktide spirit has besieged your very door; If a silent neighbor stops you nno says: “ Merry Christmas, Friend!’ Leaving you to stand marvel atj the choer his few vv-rcts lend; i If you ovonder at the singing of, new carols on the a ght, I And the skies seem more of ¡-pies-: dor in the stilly Eastern light; If your firosido, though humble, in the spell of Christmas Eve Ne’er before as strangely glow­ ing, brings a thrill you cant believe, j It’s because Montana's sending' “Merry Christina»’’ to the wore!1 From a Land of Shining Mountain«»1 and of friendships warm unfurku; J From the hearts of men who bu Usd' long ago those fearless trails * And whose courage, unrestrained, n their children now preva'ls. | They have learned to share the r' treasure:, happiness and eun-j ny days With their countrymen and strangers who may chance from fore gn ways. | “ Merry Chbristrcns!’’ is their mes-, sage, “and a happy, glad New Year! May good fortune mark your tm.h- way and coni en; men t ecr lie near! — Barbara Ann dcharr, Heh na TEMPERATURE*) TUMBLE Our Greeting SPal H R iSTM AS is the season when heart callcth unto hea l. “Amidst the pcneial call to hap­ piness, the of the spirits, and stir o f the affections, which prevail at this period, what bosom can remain insensible?” said the poet. It is one day at least when suspicion, hate and gloom find l ut little space for lodgment in human breasts; when people forget the things chat worry and fix their minds upon the many thing“- for which they may be thankful; w n n the spirit of ciiccr exists in sufficient bounty to reach us all. Any unhappiness, any sense o f the thorns of life, may he sunk in contemplation of the joy which the day brings to so large a part o1 the world, especially to the children of our immediate world; for the day was bom with a Child and has remained largely a festival of the young, its sanctified ideals strengthened by childish purity, re­ creating Lith, hope and charity in their elders. Then, let us make this Christmas purposeful; a season of regenerated feeling, of love, peace and good will. I x* us hang the holly and the evergreen; let us promote the surge of joy. In this spirit, we wish you all • q A ¿Merry Christmas TUB PUBLISHERS (Copyright, 1924) All that lovely dove weather we bragged about for a Week or so yam ased all of a sudden—and left a lo of bad colds, seme with a teudem, toward whooping cough. Last Wednesday nigjjt the mercu ry took a tumble. We didn't gc down .town soon enough to eee how cold It was, but when we boards, the auto stage Cor Butte at 9:00 a.u. the office thermometer registered 4 below. At Squaw reek we found It registered 68 below at daylight. At FisMrap the mercury went out oi eight «ad they Told as at Ralston’; that it went to 60 below, Butte was shivering with Die un­ precedented cold and even at Ana co lid a, where we »u i1 to have Hr Asbury do some of his famous pain­ less dental work, it was yet cold mil more snow fell there than In the Basin. Big Hole Bahia stock of every kind withstood the cold without a noticeable change in demeanor— save that beef stuff ate better. There is no enow to amount to anything and automobile» are traversing the Basin and going outside with the same ease as in sumnierwbarring the danger of frozen radiates Mr. and Mrs. Mert Fullerton drove down from Jackson Sunday to visit with friends fop the day. Residence of B B Lawrence at Moun tain View Ranch, Old Bowen |> O IN THE WEST In the West you'll find thei i s laugh­ ter— Falla from the sky somewhere— lu the West you’ll find there’s free­ dom— Folks don't seem to ¡somehow care In the West, we're always bappy- Shbadowx nev»r come 'tii night; Thin fkiy're ju-l along the way- side— Cause,i by trees and bright mooa- light. Oh, we live! out in the Westland. Mountain» .com to make you glad, And the th1' vghts of ever leaving Ma1 ,.i-a fe ! just kind a sad. Don't know why, but drifting On 8 gins.y lake out Wist.* Makts you (be! you own creation . From the .mu to mountain crest. Wh n y.itV see tl.e blue sky fading, And the sunset colors rise, You don’t speak you sit and won­ der If you're lost In Paradise. rruiiM.n crawls along the snow peak -i Gold and reds ami amber, loo, Melt into the white clouds hanging Just a'ove the lowluicl dew In i he West you li find there’s glad ness - firn't know why Just eaot explain, tut you'll lov. it ion If evi i I li ee n ighi upon I lie plain ’ Barbara Ann Kcharr, Helena MANOMU LODGE OFFH EltS ' allowing a list ol names of i e <• as, elected and appointed, of ■< i tn lodge No 61 A F and A M V M Harold Capehart i W- Dana 10 Miller. J W- Edward Miller Treas Hans Jorgenson Sec Ray Shaw S M Arthur M Kens J D— (’art H Huntley. Chaplain - (loo R Squire Maishiil- Fled M Schultz H S--Marshal (4 Heoey J S James Scofield Organist— Ray Shaw. Tyler—Geo. I) MeKevtt.t. A semi public ins!»Ration will be hold Saturday night of this week IN THE FINALS There was some con ten lion among the picture show contestants over the statement published last week and the ticket sale was therefore con­ tinued during the week, with the following results. Mae K e :is .......................... 7*>6 EdiLii Rasmussen ..................... 7 33. Anna Lee Helming ........................ .. ¿0 i Eunice Tovey ......................... 3 29 I Mae Keas gets the doll and me i other three receive free tickets to each picture show up to May 1, 1926 ■ *3uy Something Made of Copper” Week’s Business Tips I Havre— Six carloadt of 11,300 tur I keys worth near $45.<Hi;>. shipped ; ibis year. j Sinm -Great Northern r.t..-ay , delivers cinders for stat'oii stri t, Lewic.s'oivn— American Lea op is planning a $75.Odd memorial build­ ing. Sidle > loo teams haubng gravel •\or com rote foundation for $1,500,- 900 sugar factory. Shelby— Royal Canadian ynd'eate with 13.000 acres American right» will drill Sidney Valley hotel is to be dou- I led in capacity, to cost $40,00;» Kevin Allen No. 4 v.eil. Big ■ West property, bos l.nito reel, ef oil at .Hits f,- : depth c..impatty haa drilled li,.- i rodn mg wells In the past live month-', Lewi,slowil Elev'ti cat's of hog loaded out in three days Laurel — Loral Imet growers receitr first payment of $203,67 6 on ,16.946 tons of beets l’lentywood KlcrUlan i Dim9y produced $ 10,7 24,5101 in new wealth during 24, an aveiuge of more than $1,000 per capita; Ih's includes all farm and mine products Great Fulls is carload - ol I’hrLt mas turkeys worth $I i 4. immi shipped lu five days Sidney Loral ,,i „.an¡¿attons have pledged to ail VVilllston North Da­ kota, irrigation project omit ed from federal n pproprla I ion lid Libby Exceptional in m if it activ­ ity predicii-.t lor 1925 by w cl I in formed mint g no n Mtsxmlu t ri'W In p'iis v o t k y i Iron Mountain m >»»• 6 5 tea west, to Hhlp ore to Untie Whitesli .—(’tty council votes free water, lights and caretaker for city skating rink Medicine Lake— 480,000 bushels of grain. 80 per cent of the crop, al­ ready -hipped out. Wolf Point With no hogs ship­ ped from nooseveit county in 1921, this year more than D)i> carloads will go from here, worth $ 2500 a ca Great Falls .Montana company strikes 25,lioo,ooo foot gasser on the Bowes structure Helena For the year ending Oc­ tober 31 Montana produced over 2,- 500,000 barrels of oil. Missoula ... 300 acres of timber in K&nlksu national fortwt sold at $95 per acre. White pine brought $8 00 per thousand feet. Montana wheat shipments, August to November, were 17 His cars To­ tal ear shipments for November were 40,894. Biting- Twelve carloads rhrtet- mas turkeys loaded out from this section Great Falls Kve;n -KunbuM oil! fif-dl has 214 proilneieg well- and 16 gae wells i f Ranch home of Soren P. Netoti, who \has made a go of it, ” near Jackson This is not a Christmas edition of The News-—we show a few of our Big Hole Basin ranch homes merely for the fun of it and to substantiate ! our oft-repeated as’eriion that it is I i veritable stockman’s paradise. In I the published list of largest taxpay- , ers in county we have 87 names. I Of 30 prize» awarded at the Panama- Pacific exposition Big Hole took 11. Big Hole Pride butter, made at the creamery in Wisdom, won first prize at the State fair this year. The News Is not a real estate offiee, but we are is a position to give yon honest in­ formation regarding the Big Hole. There are larger flocks than we have, bat oars are of superior qaality

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 25 Dec. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.