Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, January 22, 1925, Image 4

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s < 1 ' ■ SR S . « - , IXiW AND THE BIG BBBF 8 lE S S » ffbürttef «Nazi» Ito, «fc THURSDAY, JANUARY « , 1*25 Apples tor sale at Woodworth's adv oct 23 Henry Cullom has our thanks for a renewal by 'post. Stag shirts and leather coats at Woodworth'« adv oct 23 Dick McCloud came home Monday from a visit in Butte. Mittens and Cloves tor men and boys at Woodworth's adv oct 23 Cordon Knowles spent the week end n the bright lights o£ Wisdom. Save your calves. Vaccinate with Blackleg Aggreesin—15 cents a dose, Chas. Qulst. adv sept 11 Carl Huntley sent down another drive of beef cows last Saturday. Mrs. Fred L Ilirschy was a bust- lies caller on The News Tuesday. Mrs. Col. Combs is home from trip to DiWon, where aho secured divorce. Ed Miller returned Monday from California, where he spent me holt days with hla chlldreu. Mr. and Mrs. Will Tovey spent the week-end with Mr. Tovey’s par­ ents -at Meadow Brook ranch. FOR SALE—Young Kambouillet buck, well bred and priced to sell Call Ferd Gillum. adv dec 18 Fred L Ilirschy, always off In the lead on our subscription books, was u Tuesday caller with his check book li hand. dood beds In every room, a stove If you wish it, at the Wisdom hotel l’rices range from 50 cents up. adv Mr, and Mrs, Sam Peterson ar­ rived oil Monday’s stage from Omaha where Mr. Petenson sought relief for his eyes. \Never slept better Jn my life,\ Is tho epressloh one hears these days nftor the speaker hag had a room at the Wisdom hotel. adv-dec 11 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Huntley return od Saturday, the former from Sher­ idan, where he bought a likely lot of feeder steors, while Mrs. Huntley visited with llutte friends. Wisdom Library association will give a public card party at the Com munlty building Saturday night of this week and it Is planned to give these panties every other week. Mr. and Mrs. Aea Willey put their faith In tho serum for whooping cough and Mrs. Hathaway has been administering It Do the children for a week, making the last visit Tues­ day of ths week. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Helming have bought the C E Miller home on South Main. This is one of the bean built dwellings In Wisdom and the purchasers are to be congratulated upon Its acquisition. Mrs.- Leverich entertained (ho la­ dles Bible class of the Wisdom Sun­ day school at her home last Thurs­ day evening. Guessing -contests aid­ ed materially in the entertainment and a delicious luncheon was served. Word was received In Wisdom last week of the marriage of Mrs. Myrtle Benntt to P. Hughes of Seattle. The bride will be remembered oy the pi­ oneer readers of The News as well as by friends made during her visits to the Basin in recent years, all of whom Join The News in best wishes for her future happiness. The couple will reside ait Seattle, where Mr Hughes conducts an automobile transfer business. R EPOKT or THK CONDITION OF THE Suie Bank ol Wisdom» at W îm I ouî . in the Stato of Montana, at tbeclo*e of Imsta'^H Pecuintmr .lisi. 1924 . R E S O U R C E S t<)ain and disconntn... i l l 71 . >tt 43 OviU’dlilltrt, tHH lHCll «ml utl* t'urnilure and li*lures ...... 117.352 72 20111 . ) DO Ollier Ural t'.siale 3,048 17 5.648 77 Judirenients ,-iud deemes .. Casli ou Hitud ami l>ue tit m Ap- 2,801 *>A I’rovuif K’ustiiku Admits... 7 .ÀHH tit Outer t ash iieius I 0 *s I?« Total ................................ L IA B I L I T I E S Japllnl aim k tmld iu £l\U 0 ll hi) Atuplii'« fuud Umii\Ult!(i piuiiis, less vx* . 12,5181 DU peususautt tuxes paid 219 lo ;• 37.719 U? Idsuraiu'o. Fmuluintt ImliVidtUll (luiKIMtlM Mttb.jtH t 7 od 49 U> t lu\ U 37.731 3 ä Statu, C'mmix uml Other Mi IliUl'itl ilupiDvl UP?i‘ lb Cashiu i lift I vn 9(,4 9 t 012 . ‘hi 42 Til lit* UtM’llliua (OH «if tlttpOKt l on uratuii M\ da vs I.. 12 H 35 . 6 . UH 3 ? Hills pa s iil'lu with FuHalutT ) ¿ 11.500 OO Notes »k till I n Keilihi ounlct 1,000 on ¿ 7,.400 Utl TuU! ÌLU.X-f) 91 Stair of Montana Count s ol Iti avui huad 8N 1 , liuo. 1 ), McKuv ill. i a-ill MM of hu abovu iiafHnl Nob-mu ’ s -.t ua» Miai Ml. ,) tins v hiulunii'iii is It ue to Tiiu ol III \ kMOW Il’tlMU ami belivi. O ku D Mt Ki-MN l asinai Snt>Hi nbi il laud mvomi to iu! ule mu this Uilti day ol Jain.aty. l'i .5 D on F. A nson . Notai \ 1 ‘ubiu tn uml loi iIt • Sia lu o Mon an 1 . Kesul imi ; a 1 isiloiu M \ March Dili, l*»J 5 oiumis' 1 HI U\ 1 IH !5 Correct Aiumt; J< KO KNHtlN Dif’ui tors t Akl K tliM L L s t f ':W~. c w~ □ :W~\ ■■ ■ 26^ 3Tj CROSS-W O RD PU Z Z L E No. 1 6 ? w vr M 5 if 1* US 126 38 1® D ■ I T L i Ï7 id H S i 5S $9 U ; ! r. 60 ' 7 t>S v r 70 \ 73 HO IS6 6/ 57 166 I f 1 7/ 62 Z f 7X Woodworth Billiards Room O. J. W O O D W O R T H , p io p iitu o i Good cold drinks served ut all times. I carry In stock for your inaptc loll Fishing Tackle. All Kinds of 'obacco, Candy, Overalls and Jump era, Cotton Puderwear. U V I) a Shirts, Men’s ltose, Shoes, Buckskin Squaw) Gloves, Belts, Suspender.-, lose Supporters, Arm Bands, Flash- Ighis and Batteries, Knives, Pipes, Watches. I TAKE ORDERS FOR Sl'ITS Satisfaction Guaranteed Always Look over my samples before you atronize one of those traveling ped lent. You can compare prices with uality and service. Your patronage solicited. YOU It CREDIT IS GOOD IF YOU MAKE IT GOOD adv Juy 10 UO by Western Ne Horizontal. Oue win* build» wlr cufttloft 8— W'ulkft iu u haughty tuuuneB' 14 —•sTultered IT»— Occupant lu— t ummviclul aunouuceiucut (ubhr.) 17—MUtuuc} luedtty 1 «— ’ruty UtL— (injunction 21— i*rc»i *ig>iiO*ug wrung iiH— l uU month 2,V—One lift—*\ Ipera 2.H— Arllclc 21!— walk 81*— l.\u r u a l oppcaranca bl — iw>t'»rc tpoeliej 5 t-l~ NcgaUic iT>— l.untl ntcaiui« ««— »lug 8s— S itsU trap «)— I II op Muffed 4'i — Unrut 44— Article 45— l poll 4 ?— Additional, different aft—'Wipe up IVI— f r a ni &4— Any of vnrloun fcnmbooUk# graft*«* Ml—Part ol verb “to bi\ RS— < ry f»*>— Hump ««— \o< Nfcrile I cmnle rabbit «1— Von and I gft_.purt of roof gg— 1'iit —1 other «ft— »innil BtOn* 7 I— <'Ian» 7 !h—Triple 74— Hate, Iwtlh# HOW TO SOLVE A CROSSWORD PU7.ZLE When the correct leiu-ri are placed In the white space this p a u l e Will »pell noiflJ» both vertically and horizontally. The first letter In each nurd 1« ImUcafcd by a number, which refer« to the definition listed I m -I ow the pux/.lc. Thu» No. 1 under the column headed “ horizontal** deftnem n word which will fill the while apace« up to the first black aqiinre to the right, mid a number under “vertical” dcftuea r word which wifi fill the %vhf(e Nfiiiarcn to the next black one hefeu. 1* c letter* go fa the black space* All aordu u*»ed nro dictionary wordn, except proper linine*. Abbreviation«, alnng, InltiaU, technlesl term* and obsolete forum nre liullonted In the definition«. WBp&por Union.) VfirtleaL 1— pi»,« 2— V e g e table 3— F u r t u u p l i (*bbr.)( 4 — In »Hr |ia« t 11— P refix m e a n in g M « | IV—O lBtlnl urdM 8— (.ulile IV—III,* IP— I n s e c t I t — V o lt u t lu n a lcal «cal* 1 li—Hup* 1»— H u u d w a y a IS— s o m e a« No. 47 b o r i s o a l a l 1»—T a k e ao tlca (ab b a ., 22— B ridge 84— Arruaa (p o e tic) 25— S o o s» 2T— C b .orbcil 2d— C h r a a lr le o f p a s t W 32— Buy’» nam e ;ut— l oollsh p e r . u a 33— C o n sum ed 87 — H a s tened off ill)— M ake a m i s t a k e 41— T n lnt 42— F u r r e d cough 4.1— P r i m i n g lu e a s a t a 44— M onth 411— H a v e us* lo* 45— t)ne ,vho Irrita t e « ®la j'fatljr rso — \ grain 52— lin n s off 53— To «.ratify 1,5— S o u thern w h a r f fi*—To please 111.—Iteseend rap id ly 111— Note of m u e tcal a r a l e 112— M akes a n i l . i a k a «5—-To flow o u t 1(7—Im inerso TO— F .xlst 72— P refix m e a a t n g tw o Tho so lu f lo a w ilt ap p e a r !«■»*»<'!*»■« Sell Hides at Home There isn’t a bit of use bothering about ©ending bides away and wor­ rying over what you are going to get for them. Wisdom Cash Market will pay you every penny they’re worth and you can have a good time with the money while you’d be waiting for the returns from a shipment. This goes for coyote hides as well as do­ mestic animals. Give him a chance. NOTICE OF ESTRAYS Came to my ranch in the Big Hole Basin, Beaverhead county, Montana, one smooth-mouth mare branded V hanging V on left shoulder, brand on left Jaw' appears to be S. Both hind feet and left front foot white. Owner prove property and pay for feed and advertising. Jorgen Jorgen­ son, Wisdom, Mont. adv Jan 22-5 STRAYED—Several head of cattle brandod reverse D hanging T on left rib o r D—Y on right shoulder, or both brands. Dan Tovey, Wis­ dom, Mont. adv Jan 22-3 STRAYED—One ¿»lack mare brand­ ed Heart Bar M on left hip, weight 1400; gray mare branded Diverted ,V on left shoulder, weight 14 ©f-; bay geldng branded mole shoe on left shoulder, weight 1166. Anyone finding above deaerffc horses please notify Charles. Tme- TBK ANACONDA STANDARD \Montana's Best Newspaper’ 'nil A. P. Service. Carries Financial, All the News and Special National nd Mining Page Services. Subscribe for Anaconda Standard BUTTE, MONTANA ACOMA HOTEL Arthur Berry, Proprietor Bteam Heated, Hot and Cold Watei In Rooms. Public, Private and Shower Baths. Rooms Single or En Suite. RATES ONE DOLLAR .AND UP With Hath, Sa.00 and Up. Oor. E. Bdwy at.J Wyoming, Butt* ° f CL)lLLOt/” Barked by over 80 years’ acquaint ance with the people of the Basin and knowledge of their conditions we offer them our serv'e« and solicb tbeir business. A, L. STONE W. A. GRAETEIi President Cashier ‘Made in Montana” is tne slogan. W A. CLARK J. ROSS CLARK W. A. CLARK & B R 0 . Bankers Established 1877. ALEX J JOH.'iSTON ........... Cashier J K. UESLET ___ Assistant Cashier C. J. Barker .......... Assistent Cashier Transact a general hanking business. Inters«' paid on time deposits. Boxes tn safety deposit vault. The First Bank Established in Butte ZENITHS CROSLEYS NEUTKODU.NES A!] repairs and accessor ,es will be curried in stock for the a rove radios. Will guarantee and kef p in service all of the above named se ts. H R OAPEHAIT Advertisement Oct 80 The News ts 2 dona r* and 4 bits man, 1711 South Washington Bubte, Mont. J « Street, t 32-31 5 - O s ^ f C i4 ; ' i . New Howry Crop My 19lt trop of honey H good and I'm offerte* ft to yon fer - . . . $ 7 ff» rIGi $50,000.09 Issue of 8 Per Cent Debenture Bonds The Smuggler Mining Co. offers for subscription Fifty Thousand Dollars of Eight Per Cent Convertible Debenture Bonds in $100.00 and $500.00 denominations. Interest dates from jan. 1st, 1925, and is payable on the 1st of January d each year. Bonds mature January 1st, 1930, but are payable any interest date at the Comany’s option. Bonds are convertible into capiat shares of the Compa y at the rate of Fifty Shares for each One Hundred Thniar Bond or multiple thereof, at the Owner’s option W*th the’ first Twenty Thousand Dollars of Debenture Bonds subscribed the Company w3I fire a boons of Fifty Shares of the Capital Stock wrtbeas§i Or» Hundred DdSar Bond, or Two Hundred m 3 W b fM m a esdi Fite Basiled Defer S e a l Tins is the first *nd oe% issaroi Hoods at the Smuggler Mfciqg Company, and s i sum* derived from tins issue uriB betsed for dereScpcafirt aad exteasta. Farther hooamtkm apem request- THE SMUGGLER MINING COMPANY Bax t -*■” f î t * r> ,,'k r* J - f* 2 » 1 f £ | V , 4 W , j V | ' w ! -Sfc. - «rtT V ' v,cajg3»h^7^fr Special Sale In Our Grocery Department THIS WEEK 6 Cans Corn ..................... $1-0Q 6 Cans Kraut ......................... 100 9 Cans Pork & Beans .............. ................ * 100 10-lb Cans Peaches, per c a n .............................83 Large Package Ceretana Rolled Oats ................ 36 One Pound Bishop's Cocoa .............................. .23 Large Oval Cans Sardmes, each ....................... 18 Mistletoe Beets, 2-lb can ........... . ..................... 26 Large Jar Olives ..................................... -92 Large Jar Sweet Mixed Pickles ....... .............. 47 Full Pints Catsup, 3 bcttlcs ......................... L00 Occident, Cascade and Ceretana Flour Basin Mercantile Company Wisdom Store j Big Hole Drug Store! EASTMAN KODAKS | GRAFONOLAS ! | Books. A Large Assortment | For the Long Winter Evenings I j Chas. Quist Propiietor \ i— 7 I Wisdom Cash Market * I J. A. Louk, Proprietor j Special Rates on Meat in Quantities j • Fi*h and Vegetables in Season * | Prompt Attention to Telephone | r i » I L . i u WISDOM CASH STORE Louis Gfvogre, Proprietor New Goods, New Prices Your Patronage Appreciated i i l k B C RESTAURANT SHORT ORDER Hi DUSE DE LUXE fl j A. B. Crane, Proprietor MAY SI LAW C O N V E Y A N C E R Mmmj f %I t e Lewa Blxtkr», Mtel U ApplidiÜHt*. - C i * i t e f i t s t ■ïm t u t u R E tare of Car in Winti iTfeeRfe e t yoirr tra te a Motori K kept *awe «tate firn rm m » ut w« im m ^ a # « « r e ^ e * l i f f * r i N r < u t e e tetwfkt., j W* tew J5e«ty Di firn ani \ Ütabfftt- '«rfar se *• WÊÊSsmmMmssm

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 22 Jan. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.