Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, February 19, 1925, Image 2

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Aspirations of lbbing* m l Milos City J'nr u sliito tiol uial I'l'hmil miiveU a sctMck w l,vti the kilted two bills far ll:e s'stubUi.liUH'iit of U’UeluT ITttluUig solumls. On rwomnH'iHlulUin of Iho apt'i'otu'1, aliens oouimiitoo, the Imuiv* killoil n bill In (Ti'iH’i u war liH'imii'li.l omul iis- s!nn to HVfi a nii’imirhM In World war votoraiis at the stilt s' cupitul ut lleiotui. fic - a 'a n a D e v e l o p m e n t A s s o c i a t i o n G iv e 3 $ 5 0 0 to C o n ­ tin u e P r o m o t i o n o f S t a t e ’s C e r t i f i e d S e e d P o t a t o e s . A i m to I n t e r e s t S o u t h e r n G r o w e r s . A bill by thi' avílate blinking nmr.ult- tiH', whlib would luive (dami t>>* Mu' persons ilruwin'? tt clu'i'i; all responsi­ bility for Ils pa}meut, bas been killed by the senate. Lvr Country 1 In her Inter­ course with foreign nations, o>ay she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong ■—Stephen Decatur and The Dig Hole Basin News K nu l'Ail Y (■IMNDINC OIT LAWS Wilh congrega ttiul several legia latti ras iiovv in scasi mi, thè umilia invisi <>f new iaws :< bolng grò un olii by Ilio ligi-bUive liiillu. Asili fi uni-Wv ma niiikii'g provi«.olia for 1,' nrdiiiury governmeiil mueliinery.mos of dna' la WS ai e wm e tlian usali»1 The re uro ao man y iaws now that evon Ilio lavvyors uro timdiln lo keivji dark of (limi end die generili puhlio only litui- ut’ liuti) v.-iu-n ine Ima liee Violi.ted inpoeeiil iy by rullio eli'zen Luws eneo pii'; ed aro sobbilli n pealoil, exoopl lo bo chnnged Ini finolher ono of dio »oiuio. nalmo Ne i<;immis:donnow I arda, now eoli midees, and all sulla of iiddli.oii govornnionI !i!.'1eii, ies aio lio'ne; cn atei!, eacli lreroa> i,,, Ilio Inmlell ■ faxalinn far bojt n,l any reni beo fiIfa derive,! l'ivei y man elecled lo a lesisi idi body thlnk i 11 is up lo hlm li od inalo '.uno new law or copy ono fio homo etlirr odile. Must of illese b'.vv enrry some li ititi of a lux nini a I of ollle’Hls lo Polleet it frolli Ih peoplo. Tho hueden of governinoli! is he coming uiiheaniblo and sooner e later thè peonie will rcvolt and rei gwle thè lawmakiiiR flcndrs to thè oh MUirtty wlilch tlioy demi ve. Candidato« rdioidd he pledged b ropeal fopllah Iaws we ha ve alread' insioad of passini? new ones, IJVIN(«NTO\ LADIES va. EADS One of thè must imporlaiil nioiisures tu enino bol'ore thè assombly is a odi falher.'d hy Soiiator Chti'k, IH'iaon'al, Tolde eminiy, wldoh enrrios a provhhm to lefmid tho siale ilobi hy selli; stafo collU'ieiìtos I\ eovcr li, and Mieli earry thè debt along lo 111-1*. The seiuile kllled thè Anderson house bill, whhdi alLenipled lo eiarii',y thè law regardini; die counling <’f liames wrideil in oli ballols or plaeed tbere «¡ih slleUers. A bill to ragli In lo duuee lnills, imi litbiliipi alleiulaiire of minora under Id and t'nrbìddimr lupini1 un Mie pmuises was Inii'odueed by l'aiiline and olhers in thè sellale, 'Ilio (larber bill lo abolish Mie otfire of ehalierllur id die university, ■V!' curii onee b\ ila aullior aldi' ali ad verse r.millddec repod, vi . s ilidel'imie |y pustpolied by thè senato. The renale kllled die Dell moiisii''», whleh Muiild lime iiinhori'/.ed eoiinl les oliere t li ere Is olili mie nevispiiper lo go oulslile die eollnty l'or hids Tur conni,v tirlnling. Wludlicr it he niarufiuduring. agri- etti Iure. er liny olber bue of pro lm limi, Mu* problem of primary Importance Is the ereilt um und maíiitinnriice of a consiste prices Wuiidl will t'apneity’- production may be maia- tained ¡o d ees!s kept at a tulnnniiiu. hat Ike results u It lie tm:;:;lisiar'cry ill.less liiarkels call be found for tlm ilicio!:,nidos.■ i n a basis whiib \, II yield a ivasoiinble reumi. Many Mmiriinn farmers ran teslify to the fact that yolituc production docs not necessarily mean prodi. 'em ¡:c¡o.;| e.vpc.'iot'ce they hav found the j-< i ti e; pnce edili docs lint eipail the vsi of produci um, even I’cou'di Ih s a as kept as 1'i.v ns pos add I- '• i rue ill I eg,-. I'd in v heat a!.d maní bdl o'S li.iv\ In ea .. ..... In d al ili ■ oi'l'ico of the Molilalia I> -iI'topriicnt A'S'icua . o al Millin .'■< a sk I oc uhi the A'- ocudi.m did in! do sont,a Idag m make posai'.!.■ a mer at: “live ami h i live” prices, ¡n si cm I of emit inn. : í¡> i o , 111 1 g rea 1 er pro- duel 'urn. Tic reply has la - Il limi « orld u Ido cornili i\ii.< g»v i ri, ilio prie of cici'.v btisdiel of v. lient ■■ >.■ I ill dm i’ U i led S.. 'CO and dial lid.. M', 1 . t\. ■ d o - i o , I ; or 111- sialo ails. 11 vom i a ui cd old , lieu dial iimrcasi '1 pro I,ml ion i•or mich Mld-mor I i M iao und I I -OI ,-m ,11 dl help lo sode i ms pi ->l. I II' xi i' Il cons, 1er,dill I V, el cd j ci I iislid i* idr r in a is p a I , cu al Iah •e.-M pi S'. ■ tdert Secura i o. IV fa , Kr 111 : ■ A v ,i 'I :i I .¡i 11 Hs ' ' . \ i ¡'i '* ilr ¡ prices from $2.1 ó to $2,20 per hundred, i f. o. b. s .tipping point, whereas orili»- I ary potatoes were moving slowly fit ! $í.tHl i ' $t.2ò per hundred. Alreiuly for the output r.f ; there is a -faitclrna.v in die ttouth to show a fair profit. ¡ piare ordì rs for 1220 delivery. k'or i he season of T.IJÔ (Lo Montana I leu iiipmcnt vAssnciai imi 'has again glieli $otKi.oo to continue and extend this work. Twenty-five sampl: s have been subi ill led to Lou'slami for test purposes. Samples will also be tested out in Alabama, t ear Mobile. lu midi»\ timi. Mr. .1 iiirringion will place lests In Texas1, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Tenne.-..';. t . A represMifaiivc will be m al South in April lo check person- ally cn tinse le Is, as well ns to check on cerio,id lots of pointues which have heel: M id ini > other sect inns. State Becoming ranvous 1 11 ; i - :. n;< i i as is commeiidalions ns t\ pure1.asms of seel slock are made on the Pas's slim baa in lip V. i 11r ¡lis fn leer 1 ■ f i ¡ tesis, Mont ana’s lb' S--udì is directly tied i-iii kl li un I ion of i hese tesis y car. Munti: na has ni,ido in do- new vent lire, but \ die (noel o| i o del clop. ‘V A news dispatch from Livingston fdater.: “Matrons here who have constantly refused to low to the fasti Ions demanding bobbed hair, havp announced tho organization of the Horse and Baggy (lull, to meet erti work lor die purpose of mending and patching hubby's trousers and socks. No ranis will be countenanced and only die initials id members will lie tired In reporting (he place of meet­ ing \ Yth, and Its dollars to doughnut« Ibcse matrons button up their over­ shoes when on the sure:— some bob­ bies don't, ye know. Lower taxes, less paternalism and an lione-.t understanding that the people thrm-dves eventually pay for every governrnent extravagance or service, s the demand for 1925. A boy of high school thinks he knew.* more than hU parents— and if he doesn't know more than iinme rarents he has no ba*!nr_s in high echoed. USUAL IT11LK ATÏO.V fa the D'.s.rbt Court of the Fifth Judicial District or tho State of Montana, in and for the Coanty of Beaverhead. Ja the Matter of the Estate of Bobert Elfis. Deceased. S a k e t o t 'rcihors Brtsta &f Eohcrt Elfis, Decaaæâ. Ncfiee Is hereby give* hy tho a^- fi«af*3»d ad sain fstratrix cf the os- fate of Robert ERk, »«sagei, to the <a**saw tu m ê m persoah haràg cigfssi agaÎJB* tho wM . «a with the aecoiu-y t « r t e « , with*» Soar isosth* after the f n t yehSieeiloa of l>fs w it.-, fo tho « i d at the Is« «Rees « Î £ Eeay. D-lies. Slei- .«tnMLi * * * TaiW ( h o tt* tfw i r t k s u t the h R h « t af S e v e i' H I veci c :imele lu I i i u ■ changes lu die med'ud d nii-'lni: , 1 ,1 111 1 n I’, i nil III;: scheel I ihilii lami, « il li im ri iciiln r l'cgu llcisls nf Mie l'IM' il m liccis, ili il i'e|)d!’t nf li ,|dllil señale comiuiilcc The reperì is Senaler Mrll'l'ln l'm' Ihe - l»li\ is for Mie lioiisc. f e r s ili Meli ■ I le II» re indili' ,lhl Ile'V siili!' I le ■naie ami ’\ li videi le I li I li III -, Il): |, 'I ili tri pi;! .1 M ■I I I nil i ! I «a N, - li -r p li e| 111 commi! tee of thè V, link1 Ile' soli lite approvi li l'or passaci' scm1'1' 11111 1 '■ Mctyiiiiiy. ri-iiiiIriii;; die «••. t hii ' ePak m rcper! lo die eeuilk.V cupi 'Il li I eia leu !. as siimi ii- rei-ei\ ed l'i'oio die » Ihe \ .limitimi \f c.uinly prepcnj l'\i' die purpese nf permillbu a Icniadvc vaIuàIiell hy selinel ilìsiriiii, Mimilicrslpp In II»1 scimi- wmihl he 20 ami In Ihe hmis- -'iti under Mie tor:m; ,,f a li ti feslcrcil by deluder Itleales, cf Teimi, The bill pl'np.'.\c; a emisdln . ....... il iimcnilmci.1 umici' v, li lidi thè s> n lite w nulli lune mie mci'ibcr frinii ench Jmlicial dlslrlct limi thè lim isi' oim member frinii mieli emiiily. The measure tn ìvpnul die pri'scnl prinmry law timi return m Ibe rmi ventimi syslmn was piesed hy die seti ate mi l'oll etili hy a vele et ,14 lo IN. The pl'inmry repenl imaisui'e Is ol ii eitilly Immni es Seimie Hill Nn. ■••> > limi w il S iniredlieed liy Itepuliln an l-'timr l.i'ader liiir.elbuker ami lo other seimlnrs. D J U . 0 N , M O N T A N A CAMTAL AN» . . . . . . . . I A S S E T S 'OVER .......... .. ........................i m « ) - » r t ^ t o Á n hot coascTvaUv* ...... . ................. Bead H a T o m i ^->»«*1*»« I Beaverhead A bstract C o } Oldest Set of Abstract Books in Beaverhead § County. Land Office Proofs and i \ ; i 1 1- ¡-e ■ ' . 1 1,1 1 1 ( ‘ i i ; l'(‘jikl> - 1 b r • r- - i-wi I'll 1 II ' : ■ 1 I .iMli-;i;!ll:l ili (*(>-<IplT! 1, i -Il V 1 , Il ibi' 1 li'l l'il Stilli s I >('] III |-( l!i( |i< III' \\l';'-»' III ''. li»! Il llll'-k III r. r.i. Moi'tic„lct,i ft, It HAR il I NGTON m i: ult.:r„l L'.vpil'imont I ■ 1 T ip A\ : slew I) lain b pii poi at • -s id.. IVSIlb ot Ik,.,;' lai llsvcl.v (f sciai fro: The senate bv fi vote nf 27 to 12 killed house bill Nn. 171, pnn idim\ for tbc collect mu of special a sess- Irtciits ut the same lime other tuxes :tre collected. It wim usscrictl tlui! the burden of piyiiici:! of ivguiai luxes was sufficient taxes w;ihmit mhhng the further cos! lit the same the. ■f sperm! a«sessmei.ks to a ami n ami hn v i imaula,: I lose IcPv si i-, in-, for 11 n Ilici W i l l I ml ni hors, Monliinn «i fi;-;! dm Ikose lc.-'.|s spin, i In (lie lea,I by ovo licalizbnr dm si ra ile- of I’.k s op fix o \ oa \■ ago lesls. Ilicx liavo llm value of it 1' o ipITi'i'eiil slates real exieiil heell recoin 11 v i i ■ ; on llie ha-a; of a resipi, i Imy are v erv cod I rom ceri aia sleeks mini that from aian lie I I Ini - i I Imr stales gol III t'oi'e u e did. I Imy have ■I mi h a row ers mid ileal 11 ‘ 1 1 ■ ! i. ily (ililailieel frolli - In on -v ale spread find it lent that Mondimi slock widely and favorably I in li'j pies for Ik ::l> I I be resui s o i A i 11 v ; ; : i • i as beili r L’l bimlmts. importance nf tir ml di ternu imd t ha I M-mlnii should reap dm I u'l bnief of the alopolum the m■<’ 1 11 of these lesls, m 111_ 4 SolU was ar Mr I-’. M Hiimiiuioii. !!\iMW!;!t!i the nule I 'ell\Lm. |o ( It'll de hua to 1 pagate Aiomruia cert: firn! s e n d showing produrci\ I (lie ! i, I mill I lie : gl noli i | ers, Imt ! i loam li\ - In ( 1 s plainly ev i :.s becoming known. At the present time the Southern 1 slates have a demand for npprnxhnnte- y T iki oarhuids of eerlifmd [> I I s s Tr umph potatoes to be used for sihh - purposes, it is es! him led, however, doit the ,'*■(-illh e.sos i''ii!glily ni'imnd d.iHMl pi -1,000 eiirlonils of potatoes, the in!,ume iilmvo TOO cars being nmi-eei'ti- s XV el'e ■ I I'P Ilk Lews a.mi. Tvvep! v ! oir Lu müleil and all!oo!\h dm ex show 'ig cpippar (..oas u 1 1 n m her s,a! a im n t a v a dable, ;l is muh p ' s i i '! t h M.pik'ma spiel: maiidamei! its preveo ivoa::'lio::. Tod I'l ! s n vv, ml s ni flm> I I !!, ip -: a! p 1 1 ' I Ikvir.v pou stool; nx mi ¡mst fa'! Among dm measures tnipl'oved by the lieuse the past f,-w day:, a;e htns-- httl No 2N0, iitañiUg iusnlveut ware tioiise men under die of the department of justice thpemh the stimi* method mov eiapjote I ui Ike regtihitiori td elevafitr men; No. 211, tlxitig the time ef meetings nf ll.f state text iiook commission: No. 2 Ì-Ì. exempting juror fees nmd mîîettge from ntraehfiient nr execution. The Icrnse highway emun'tree has perfected tyre inea^nvs design-d t' match federal funds nv, .mii'e far road work in Montana, fniler ene of these , hills, the casoliri'- tnx xvonbl h- ra'« '! from t ff> 8 rents per !•: ¡I •». ri h- metiry would 4m (’.Verted ei.drely to ■ the state highway fund to mee: fed- ¡ ; ippy-, bu eral aid sthe;me::'s which are said te per s re. ft in d IS ot : p ■id of L lille for ; Tdipotdi s. e p( perp.ises fh ;,”! , ! 1 es, , It is die mi '-ni mn of dio Montimi! e i tlev ( iniucimt Assonntuni lo sor dell *f| :-5(,i;! grovvel's und deilh'I'S Imeoillt, i li e,nic!;I v !!\(pm xx nli the umili­ li fest superi-min of Moliliinii eertlfled semi to dm end tln! un estensive imir- - i:'I iim.v he devmoped vvhnoh xx iI! fur-j ' • ipsti M. nkiim ITneei's with n new and O |i|'of'i:ib’e I mise of pl'i.dnel ion, 'ilm Assae,;:!ion is trying by er.ery possiti»' mi\!!(:'. In I udd up thè sti te smin i 1.0 i,:.\tli'ids of sa daing are (ictng eyerkiiikml. Montnim Ims mudo gretit a sindes toxviirds, but it Is tho Vss'oemi I in's :dl:i la leong kl.ckt ¡1 eon- d Ipfion of ilI falrs VX iiereby evi ry eitizell s in our gre.'d sdì e v.iil be : mtented f sm| ¡ir.isaerotis. votili : ron i i lld ' ation * No. (If.iiilJt I ubai Lan.! S:i! -— Lels.e-l Drpartnent ef the In.oror, lf. S. Lard OiTice at Misaoala, Montati:!. January C, 1925. KvtTli L i« !» ’'f y giv'v» t'U':', d’reti«] hy tao 0 am tal ss: oner t l tk geni,al aDd okco, fija r provi-¡.u (f fi r 24 fr, lì i!.. iur-.uani to tk ap>l:f:v:o:i ; f JrA.n H. Rihbrr-, (dm S. i'olrtc roukv-'ret. T jì ,. A ti ^ k ( aLfoiaia. b. r. -, ì No. frSkje, ve vr ! ùu'i-v at fk-LÙV gg'o, ta tu a hìgh-.-o n et loas t haa $4.4»' o'clcck, p. m., oa tfc? fotsi A'L'KKi.ftiM f,.r the ri;xt t h r u - , ath day fri 5>reh. Ifió , rest, at tí years. Under tío f>:her measure the m*Anr foes wotd-,1 ho d.-trihafed efaaMy sinong Tho ossario*. Tho pres­ esi hasÍ* frf «srrU*8tii-u H rho wtssihor of ears rogistored fren each eesrtrty, L%sf m * S x j , T ñ e m r f » «*» <*» 1rs: «ay m «rhhh h?Ds NuadA lve k w «■0(4 ÊM rt* « WTO, « « p t **** R.-H O t tWO*i&T¿* ot the Thí te® » «Sr maâe T & n z i ? U the b n é K f f r i t a n h t f r . NOIL'i: io n 11 d l l >\ I Ne. 021121 j Department fd the In.<: S, L-it.d (if: i - a' Jlt '.’i. u&na I Febitinry €. 1525. KdTJi d i- htr. bv pive i th-f Wil- ! '’.am Weihtrr, >f Jacksj», Mo: ana, I who, ei Mu eh 21, 1 ^2, wiatle ; Ih ':»' , c:'! K'n’ry No. t 23121 for SAy Sf-i'x ib-et »n 1, h awn «h ip 7 ! Moulh, Range 14 W m Principal Me- , i i ei * » *’. b::s fled nf de c t ¡»'.ention to make fr-.d pnrf to oeuhi^h claim pa the lard shove deruribed, hefore i Prod r.i'fe. C! rk of tho D.s.rc'. f'c-ait. at L2!.e;. Montana, oa the 24th day of March, 18g5. Í*lí imir.t Times as witne-sss: Mimadako Hl-t, J&rtìiro A. R fe, i loth of Dkiioa. Koatapa; WtiMar, 1 ¡5. Ts?h tí Polaris, Msm-u®», Mai cfuco. tfc? :ract cf land: j r r ' i NvV's prc. 2?, T. S R 16 V . M. P. V- T ie s&L? wll not he kept open , . T , „ hat wrfri bo drrisrod eios-d w-hra M- % e *bW3 these pre-oat st tho hoar Earned ■ tm m Û Wááing. Tbeporsta, *; A- Ksslsîcy. ígSLkíag tSæ Mg&Est hid « a i -he rs-j*®*^ * i 2 z L | Pea^ I. Smith ^ T itle Building Dillon, M o n tana Li .... - b1'\™ ............... ...... ''TJ U ... I,■!»\■&!« BEE US For Land Flings, Land Proof!, Water Rights and Information on Land Title! frank Hazelbaker, Pres DILLON,'MONTANA Why Not Open an Account With Us? Time Certificates Checking Accounts Demand Certificates F our Pei Cent on Savings Country Accounts Handled With the Same Care and Attention That Is Accorded City Customers. Daly Bank and Trust Company of j A N A C O N D A i « ! i i MILLER DEVELOPMENT CO .BREEDERS OP I 0K ine Shorthorn Cattle j C h a s . E. M il l e r , P r e s . W isdom M o n tana He was born into w e a l t h , b u t h e k n e w th e v a l u e o f th r i f t a n d p r a c t iced i t R e a d y m o n e y w i s e l y in v e s te d m a d e h im a n in t e r n a t io n a l f i n a n ­ c i e r . a n d re a d y m o n e y e n a b l e d h im to s a v e th e c o u n t r y fr o m p o s s ib le p a n i c s in th e la t e se v e n t ie s a n d in 1 9 0 7 b y c o n t r o l c f fin a n c i a l re s o u r c e s , Ready money will be just as valuable to you a s it w a s t o M o r g a n i f y o u h o p e t o e n jo y p r o s p e r ity a n d c o m f o r t a n d b e f r e e o f d e b t w o m e s c B e r e a d y » f a c e th e fu t u r e c o u r a g e o u s l y a n d c h e e r f u l l y , n o m a & e r w h a t F a t e d e c r e e s — b e i su n s h in e c r s o r r o w . Come in today and start an account with us. Add to it from every pay envelope you geL Fundi in b a d e s t r e n g i h e n a «e’reä tfr fss»fr#p r*jr * 4 tt\ R « r i v e ? tL-* « r i n : : ibwpsf. Airy piNSfflM frli'£xf»g,»-y ttfr i*i=rfr 4 iissïïbfr* I?-,« a?» isvLifrJ is m o û t t & iÙ iÊ m £ .w «ì& ttU B a s , e® ter £ e & r * ^ a r » fe o Wren* «onmvbere. A f r i« * «»irti e* ts (frS fata if ■ ef tk!t ffrt-e ;9 ft «9 » « p r i s t t c M « p e ^ t e y ‘MÈ: MtAiply your money in our caie. ™ „ STATE BANK OF WISDOM WM. HUXTLEY,

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 19 Feb. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.