Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, February 19, 1925, Image 3

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i . Cowrlfb» by CUrlu toKbaWa Sous CHAPTER X.—At a danca JuOlth flvaa In honor of Hampton** friend* Laa appaara In avantna dreaa. Ha la rtcogtiigtd by cat of th« party at an eld acquaintance, Oave Let, one« woattby but rulnad by truatlnjr falaa trianoa. Judttn, in bar womanly Unary, makao auch an appaal to Le* that, alona with her, ha forcibly klaaea h«r, receiving the rebuke daeervad. membrane« of having been brutally rough with her himself. But wbat was post was post; Quinnlon had talked and must talk no more. \He'D start something the minute he sees you,” cautioned Carson, his own revolver loose in the belt under his coat, his hard Angers like talons gripped about the butt. \Keep your eye peeled, Bud. Better cool off a speck before you tie Into him. You're too mud, I tell you, for straight, quick shooting.” Lee made no answer. Side by side the two men went on. They had left the sidewalk and walked down the middle of the rusty, rut-gouged street. Every man they met, every figure standing In the shadows, received their quick, measuring looks. \Most likely,\ suggested the cattle foreman, \by now lie’s got drunk an’ gone to sleep It off.” But Lee knew better than that. Quinnlon wasn't the sort that got drunk. He’d drink until the alcohol stirred up all of the evil In his ugly heart; then he’d stop, always sure of his eye and his hand. It was fur more likely that with a crowd of Ills own sort he w as gambling In the card room of the Last Chance saloon, the Jail bird saloon as “white” men culled It. For there was an ill famed hang out nt the far end of the struggling town, Just at (lie edge of the Itullun settle­ ment, that of late had come to be fre­ quented by such ss Quinnion; men who were none too well loved by the greater part of the community, men who, like Quinnlon, had served time In Jail or penitentiary Illack Steve, who was both proprietor and bartender, and who looked like a low-class Italian, though he spoke the vernacular of. the country, was the god of the “dago” quarter, the friend of those who had gotten entangled with the law. Only last year he hud killed Ills man In his own saloon, then gone clear, through the combined perjury of his crowd. The street grew steadily gloomier, filled with shadows. In front of the Jailbird the only light came from within and made scant war on the lurking darkness without. Lee’s ears were greeted with the crazy whine of an old accordion, and with men's voices lifted In laughter. He shoved the awing door open with his shoul- der, Carson pushed the other half back, snd the two stood on the threshold, their eyes swiftly seeking Quinnion. As though their presence had been ■ command for silence, sudden hush fell over the Jailbird. The accordion mas drew out a last gasping note end turned black round eyes upon them. Black Steve, oily and perspiring be* hind his bar, earessed a heavy black mustache and looked at them out of cold, expressionless eyes. The first glance had shown Lee that Quinnlon was not there. At least not In the main room. But there were the card rooms at the rear. He gave no sign of having felt the hostility of the many eyes turned upon him, but w-ent quickly down through the room, turning neither to right nor left. \Hof on there,” came the big boom­ ing voice of Steve. “What you fellers want, hnhf’ Lea gave him no answer but strode on. Carson, at Lee’s heels like a grim old dog, showed Ms teeth a lit­ tle. Steve, striking the bar with a heavy hand, shouted in menacing tones: \Hof on, 1 a y ! Nobody feta* to brent in on n play that’s running in my card rooms. If you fellers wnnt anything, you a f t me.\ “Go nhend. Bud,\ said Carton Jocosely. *3t’s only the of black eaU ba wttnf s n s e a wranL” But Lee needed ne «rgteg. He bed h a r d voice* beyond the dosed door in t r a d of hiss, « m b s them * eerttta high-pitched. TUTrttnt tedeaerftehty tuB voice which he knew. Be fed Mr , f j m w M » t a s t e »hi* t o wwu t a t a a»», to r n « tae* ; • Iowa*. * am* w aned sawtUly. aeae feta* ead phyajeaar. . ........ . * • Bwi Lee h»d eye# ©aiy for this a a a . But suddenly Carson had seen «noth-, seeking to screen himself be­ hind the great, misshapen bulk of Quinnlon. nnd with new eagerness was crying.: ■ “It’s Shorty, Bud! He’s mine!\ But Shorty was no man's yet At bis back was a window; it was dosed and the shade was drawn, but to Shorty It spelled safety. Head first be went through it, tearing the green shade down, crashing through the glass, leaving discussion behind him. With s bellow of rage Carson weut after him, forgetful In the instant that there was another matter on haud tonight. Shorty, consigned to Carson's care and the gratnhouse, had slipped awgy and had laughed at him. Ever since, Carson had been yearning for the chance to get his two hands on Shorty's fat throat. Before the smash and tinkle of falling glass had died away Carson, pluuglng ns Shorty hud plunged, was lost to the bulging eyes which sought to follow him, gone head first luto the darkness without. Lee kept his eyes hard on Quin- nloc'8. He moved a little, so that the wall wns at his buck. Ills coat wus unbuttoned; his left bund was in his pocket, his anti holding buck his eout a little on that side- The right hand wus lax at his side, like Quln- ai^s B. ■to i kaft * $ f c t a * p t a « t shu* — m. * t*Myy| life 0 Ê i ift. m r n m Head First, Shorty Went Through the Window! He had seen the other men. though his eyes had seemed 1o see only one man. One of them lie knew, the oth­ ers he had seen. They were the sort to he found In Qulnnhm's company. They were the nucleus of what was spoken of as Qulnnhm’s crowd \Quinnlon said Lee quietly, \you are a d—d dirty-mouthed liar\ The words came like little slaps In the face. Of the four men still In the room with Quinnion three of them moved swiftly to one side, their eyes on their leader’s face, which showed nothing of what might lie In his mind \I have taken the trouble,” went on Lee coolly, when Quinnlon, leering hack at him, made no reply, \lo ride forty miles tonight for a little talk with you. You are a crook and a card-cheat. I told you that once he fore. You have been telling men that I am a coward and a four-flusher. For that I am going to run you out of town tonight. Or kill you.\ Then Quinnlon laughed at him. \Just for that?\ he jeered. “Or because I’ve been telHo’ a true story about you an—” He didn’t get her name out. Per­ haps he hadn’t expected to. Ills eyes had been watchful. Now, as he threw himself to one side, he whipped out his gun, dropping to one knee,' his body partly concenied by the table. At the same second Bud Lee’s rigid hand, bo longer lax, sped to I im re­ volver gripped under the coat at his left armpit. It was a situation by no means new to the four walls of the Jailbird nor to the men concerned. It was a two- man fight, with as yet no call for the four friends of Quinnion to interfere. It would fake the spit and snarl of a revolver, the flash of flamy, the acrid smell of burning powder to switch their sympathetic watching Into actual participation. No new situation certainly for Chris Quinnlon who took quick stock of the table with Its heavy top and screened Ms body with it. no new .situation for Steve, the Mg bartender who was at the shat­ tered door almost as Bad Lee sent It rocking druBfcesdy. Since s figbt like this In a small room m y end In three seconds snd yet remain a fight for m o t to talk of at street comers tor many g day there­ after, ft Is surely a struggle baffling adequate description. For while you apeak of f t It Is done; w-MIe a (Sock 8 f t * two ta u t m y carry hot lead sad cut fa t n two threads o f fife. QiiTsiHi« was down sad ftoeitng, wfft M t « f t t a g s « less hefwecs j I t a * * f f i e m m whom h e soagfct 4« : « * ; l * f Lee was stmding. tUS w g ta t a t a . t a e t to u C l b firs* f t * Mt t e s t a ? t a b f r f t M t e fte CU&L ratoBtgfig.n&e out QuJsahm'* head «hove the ta'olè. so Week that le Q'Mautoa'fe eyes the taü Iona Lcw- agittebt the watt was lost In shadow. As Steve deed Ms shot Into Ita lamp. Bud Lee understood Just what would be Steve’s nest play ; the tar* leader had given Ms friends brief res­ pite from the deadly fire of the Blue Lake bulb , and now would turn Ms second shot through the flimsy watt Itself on the mau standing there. Lee did not hesitate now, hut with one leap was across the room, avoiding the table, seeking to come to close quarters with Quinnlon and have the thing over and done with. In the bit­ terness still gnawing at his heart, he told himself again that it would be no calamity to the world If the two men who had Insulted Judith Sanford went down together. Again Steve tired. His bullet ripped Into the wall, tearing a hole through the partition where a brief instant ago Lee had stood. The light out In the barroom was extinguished. In the curd room it was utterly, impenetrably dark now, only a vague square of les­ ser darkness telling where was th» window through which Shorty had fled- t A red flare of flame from where Quinnlon crouched, and Lee stood very still, refusing the temptation to (ire hack. For Quinnion’s bullet had sped wide of the mark, striking the wall a full yard to Lee's loft. Quln- nion’s eyes had not found him, would not tlnd hint soon if lie stood çtfle motionless. The fight was still to be made, Quiimloti’s friends would lie taking a bund now, Steve had already Joined issue. There were six of them against him and with one shot fired from liis heavy bolt there were but five left. No shot to he misled. A little creaking of a floor hoard, a vague, misty blur almost ut Ids side, and still Lee saved his fire. Quickly he lifted the big reudver, held weld ed to a grip of steel, throw ins U high above tils head mid striking down war’d. There was almost no sound, Just the thudding blow as the lldek laurel ntniek a heavy mat of hair and with no outcry a man went down to lie slid At Ihe same moment the dim ! square of (lie window showed a I'mui I slipping through, mie man was seek Ing snfet.t from a quarrel imt Ids own And as he went, there came again n soft thudding blow and Carson s dry voice oiilside saying calmly : \Slaady got away, Imt you dont, pin finer dite 'em h I. Bud, I’m in the play again.\ \Two men down.'1 grinded Lee to Mins* If wu'li grim satisfiudloii. “And old ('arson Imel, mi the Job, Only two la oio one now ” The form In the window crumpled and under (’arson« quick hands was Jerked out Sudd-mly It was very slid in the little I', oui Steve did not fire a IIdnl i ime , Qidmdon held Ids lire. For Fee I.¡id mode no answer and they were Inking heavy clianees with every shot now, chances of shoot­ ing the wrong man Loch of the four wntohfn) moo In (!,<■ narrow apartment breathed sollly. Once more Lee lifted his gun above his head As he held It (has, he put out ids left hand gonily, Inch by Inch, gropingly. Extended full length, It touched nothing Slowly lie moved II In a send circle, the gun in his rigid hand always ready to come crashing down. His fingers tout lied the wall, then moving hack assured him that no one was within reach Llfling a foot slow ly, he took one cant ions step forward, toward the spot where lie had last seen Qulmdoii. Again his arm, circling through the darkness, sought to locate for Idm one of the men w ho must he very nenr him now. Suddenly It brushed a man's shoulder. 'There was n sharp, niultered ex­ clamation, and again n flare of red flame ns this mnn fired. But he had misjudged Bud Lee’s position by n few indies, the bullet cut through Lee’s mat, and Lee's clubbed revolver fell unerringly, smashing Into the man's forehead. ’There was a low moan, a revolver clattered to the floor, a body fell heavily, “A new situation,” thought Lee. Three men down before a clock could tick off ns many minutes and not a single mnn shot. It wns a place for a man like Charlie Miller with Ids old pickhnndle. “Bud,” called Carson’s voice sharp­ ly, “are you all right?” ‘‘Yes,’’ answered Lee briefly, and ns he answered moved sharply to one side so that his voice might not draw ft shot from Quinnlon or the other men. There came two spurts of flame, one from each of the corners of the room opposite him, the reports of the two shots reverberating loudly. But this was mere guesswork—shooting at no more definite thing than a man's voice, and Lee having moved swiftly had lit­ tle fear. And he knew pretty well where those two men were now. So did Carson, who from without fired In twice through the window. Then again ft grew so silent that a dock ticking somewhere out In the barroom was to be heard distinctly, so that «gala the men guarded their breathing. Lee thought that he knew where QirbafieH was. ta the comer at ids right (dose to the rear waB. Not •qsfte fa {be corner, eg coarse, for hating fired he was fox mouth to m m m « e ta* « « uttie. sosai had (*4d « f goth * meeeteBL he traced ta ta k e a* «mad at a t t a e She fht* m é È m à one « Ihe '«her i t a hed h e « Ms -p - « — That « « a tt th a t he ta d Bred foer - times. If Quiaafcoa «HU ««tied h it old stxwhootee h e t a d ta$ 4w» s tats at most left to Mm. for there had beet no time which he would risk to re­ loading. Lee swept off his hat and tossed it oat lief ore him to the spot where he believed Quinnion was and dropped swiftly to his knee ns he did so. There was a snarl, Quinnlon k exit snarl, and a shot that sped high above his head. Ills hat had struck Quin­ nion full in the face. Then I«e again sprang forward, again struck out with his dubbed revolver. The Mow missed Quinulon’s head hut caught him heav­ ily ou the shoulder and sent Mm stag­ gering back against the wall Lee could henr the bulk of his body crash­ ing aguinst the boards. And again leaping, he struck the second time nt Quinnlon. This time there was no snarl, hut u falling weight and still­ ness. There was a sound of a chair vio­ lently thrown down, the scuffle of hasty feet and in the door the faint blur of a flying figure seeking refuge In the bur. Lee flung the crippled door shut after the fugitive and then with his left hand struck a match, his .revolver ready in his right. While Carson was cudgeling hi* bruins for the answer and Steve wfts making cautions examination of the card room, Lee with his burden In his arms passed tlinuidi the darkness ly­ ing at the rear of the saloon and out into the street, (’arson followed to take care of a sortie should Steve and the rest not have had all they wunted for one night, lie chuckled, remark­ ing to himself that Bud Lee and Quin­ nion wore Ho’ very pleturo of a young mother ami her halve In arms. Not until they again reached the Golden Spur did Lee’s burden rmn- pietely recover eonsclonsness. Many u man on the street looked wonder­ ing!) after them, demanded to know \what was up \ and receiving no an­ swer. swung in behind Carson. In the Golden Spur the urrlvnls were ::>vcted by a heavy silence. Sandy Weaver forgot to set out the drinks which Imd lust been ordered Ivy time men who. In (heir turn, for­ got that tley had ordered, Men at the tallies playing curds put down their hands and rose or turned expec­ tantly In their seals. Lee put Quinnlon down on the floor. The man lay there a moment hllnklhg at ttie lights above Idm and lit the faces around him. At length his eyes came to Leo. “B- n you,\ he muttered, trying to rise, mid slowly getting to Ids feet with the nid of a clmlr. \I'll get you Then Bud Lee gave Ids brief ex­ planation, euiting Qulnnlmi’s ugly snarl in two. ’’This Is Qulnnlon’8 farewell party,” he snld bluntly. \He Is a liar nnd a crook and an undesirable citizen. I have told him all Hint before. lie took it upon himself to say about town fliat I am all of those things which he Is himself. I have d - n near killed him for It i I am going to give him ten min­ utes tv> get out of town. If he doesn't do It, I am going to kill him. And in that ten minutes he Is going to find lime to eat Ids words.\ 'Til see you in—\ began Quinnlon, ns .something of the old bluster came hack to him. \Shut lip!\ snapped Lee. \Carson let me have your gun.’’ Carson, wondering, gave It. Lee dropped It on the floor ut Quinnlon'* foot. 'Tick that gun tip nnd we'll finish what we’ve begun,\ lie snld coolly to Quinnlon. \I won’t shoot until you’v* “One, Two,\ Said Sandy, Watching th* Clock. got it in year band and have straight­ ened op* Then I’D kfil yea. Unless first yea admit that yw ere (he era- temptfWe Bar every o&e knows yoe are, sad second, get m t ef tsars cad r t n o o t It's up to yoe. Qatari« .* Kacwtag Qokatkm, (he wem « s tad swiftly so ft*! they <W not s tttd t a Mad ««her Mm «r Lee Sandy*«**- er, M M * ; * few feel Rft«ge F i f t h - Uftjh Hors« brad right sUdr J. 0. WHARTON P O 8 t «IKCS « h- bons, Montana. Range, Mussig­ brod crk. Horse same right shl'r SPOKANE RANCH R S I A. 0. Ouserud, proprietor, P. K i 0 address wisdom, Montane, Horae brand on left shoulder. Cattle brand K half diamond on the left side. TOPE BRQTHEBS . Icsse and John. P. 0. Wisdom, Ranch >n Northfork. Cat lie brand same on eight hip. JOROEN JORQEN?- Wisdot» Cr tie range P t ek to Sqi ,w o| Horse br’dJP? right thigh Eta Range, Stanley lo Warm Spgs. LEROY ARNOTT Bowen P, 0 E l Horse brmi left thigh Staw e r J k __ _ fr®» taad mt ftaHb flick to im Marsh «rata. For Cattle For Bonmi Lett »Me Left hip Range Fishtrap to Mussigbrod HARRY G. DAVIS Cattle brand same Harry 0. Davis. Jackson, Mont, on right ribs. Rattgo on Bloody Dick and Big Hole river. HANS JORGENSEN Postoffiui 1dom. ge- Sieel Squaw ere--* Horse bind same as cattle, on thigh. 10 N JON’EH Cattle, right ribs. Horses same left shoulder l’ostofllce address Wisdom, Montana. GEORGE PARSONS P. 0. Wisdom. i Range Tie creek to Mussigbrod. Horses same on left thigh WM. MONTGOMERY Postoffice, Wis dom, Montana, Horse b’nd LO left stifle HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY Carl R. Hunt- ley, mgr, Wis­ dom. Horses 1ft flpool brand also and on left shldr for horses. THOS. PENDERGAST P. 0. Wisdom. Range east side. Horses branded same on the left ¡shoulder. PETERSON-OLSON P. 0. Wisdom. Mont. Range be tween Fox snd Stanley gulch. Horse brnd*he same, lft thigh. RAN PENDERGAST Postofflee Jack- son; range from Swamp creek to Lake. Left shout Left shoul Left hip IRA WALKER Horses the sans. Range f r o m Steele creek. P. 0. Anaconda. W. 8. TASH F. O. Bannack. Range Elkhora and Grasshopper Horace branded same left ehonL der. HIGHLAND RANCH Horaces same on left II Ilobbers milder Wisdom t» 100.00 REWARD 9100.06 Big Hole Basin Stockmen's asso­ ciation will pay the above sum for the arrest and conviction of anyone who tampera with fence or gate or tresspasses upon the feed Iota nt Wisdom. jg-tf *100 REWARD The Southern Montana Telephone Company will pay $100 for the ar­ rest and conviction of party or par­ ties who shoot the toll line wire; ov informs lion leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone mutilating or destroying any pole, line or other property belonging to the said cora- tany. II. R. Capehart, Local Man­ ager. n - t f MAX C. LEWIS Fishtrap, Mont Dewlap with this brand; also. 17 right ribs, upper Mt «ad nnderhtt right ear. AH battras. JAHNKE BROTHERS {fanes «use oat( left shMr. P. 0 . Wistam. jüagu betw*a S ç ftft* ek « a d Steel eA NOTICE FOR ITBLH’ATION No. 00271 I'uhllr Land Hale—Isolated Tract Department of The Interior, 1!. S. Land Office at Missoula, Montana, January 6, 1925 NOTICE Is hereby given that, aa directed by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, under provisions of Hoe. 2455, 11. S , pursuant to the application of Harry G. Davis, of Jackson, Montana, Serial No. 03275, we will offer for sale to the highest bidder, but at not less than $2.60 per acre, at 2 o'clock p. m., on the 27th day of February, 1925, next, at Ihs office,the following tract of land: E 1^ NW'/i, NE>4 SWJ4 Section 22, Township 6 South, R. 15 W. M. 1\ M, The sale will not bo kept open, but will be declared closed when those present at the hour named have ceased bidding. The person making the highest bid will be re­ quired to Immediately pay to the re­ ceiver the amount thereof. Any persona claiming adversely the above described land are advised to file their claims, or objections, on or before the time designated for sale. FRED C. STODDARD, Register. Advertisement Jan 22-5t NOTICE FOR ITI1I.K ATIO.V No. OOJ14 Public Land Hale—Isolated Tract Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Miseoula, Montana, January 12, 1925. NOTICE Is hereby given that, as dl'ected by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, under psovielon* of Sec. 2455, R. 8., pursuant to the application of A. Louis Stone of Dil­ lon, Montana, Serial No.09214, we will offer at public sale, to the high­ est bidder, but at not less than $3.00 per acre, at 2 o’elock, p. m., on the 7th day of March, 1925, next, at this office, the following tract of land: NWK NWU, NWH NEH Section 25, T. 6 S„ R. 15 W. M. P. M. The sale will not be kept open, bnt will be declared closed when those present at the hour named have ceased bidding. The person making the highest bid will be required io immediately pay to the Receiver the amount thereof. Any persons claiming adver.«-dy the above-desenbed land are a4«D«d to file theirfelanns, or objections, on or before the time designated for sale. FRED C. STODDARD. Regi*r. adr. Jaa 29-6t__________ SNOW FENCES IN IOWA A Webb, Iowa,'dispatch ef*«nt date state« “Snow feeeei placed ale *igb- vays se«r here have prerefl*ee«8». fftl already this w fater/ FT rsflet west mt here toward s to ttta d s ft a scctiow o f road wkkh »drifted eo deeply last vteter that* «dee e f thataaki were as high 0m teg* fto t d t a L x *

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 19 Feb. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.