Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, February 19, 1925, Image 4

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uîw AM> m s big » B f srnnp. ■■«Bagwww&jiii/tacir l^llrri'iil|l|iii|iii\|li„ THURSDAY, FEBRUARY iS, 1ÜS \Mad« la Mwatawt\ is tas «teg*a. Charley York was ftp Tuesday. Charley Bell came down from Jack pen Cor the week-end. Mrs. E N Janes left Monday for a visit with Spokane friends. Dresden Sheids was called to Butte on a business mission Thursday. Mrs. Ted Woodward drove her Ford up front the ranch Tuesday, Jim Donovan, a lad well known in the Basin, died in Butte last week. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Yochelson were callers on The News Thursday I,udles Aid meets with Mrs. 0 J Woodworth Thursday of next week. February 26. Yeh, pussywillows are out already. Verily, California has nulling on 'h liig Hole this winter. Messrs. Huntley, Miller ami Me Kevitt made a snowmobile trip to Ralston's Saturday. Ben Oakes, proprietor of the old George York ranch, wus a Tuesday visitor in Wisdom. It It Stevenson has been having a tussle wlh hts old enemy, rheuma­ tism, for several days. Have your calves. Vaccinate with Blackleg Aygresaiu — 15 cents a dose Chas. Quist. udv sept 11 Tom Fox, a well known Wisdom character in the pie Vol-toad days, died In Butte last week Mi Wm Ki'iidseu entertained tin lady member i of the Five Hundred club yesterday uftenioon. Monte Clinton was In from tin hills Sul unlay mid gladdened the old man's heart with a renewal. Jakte litnrk and Fred Schultz weni lip l i Hie old I’ioneer diggiii'e Mon liny lo call on Morgan Jones. FOR HALF— Young Ramlioiiillel buck, Well bred mid priced k> sell Call Fcrd Gillum udv dec 18 Messrs S F Edwards and J I) Mai Ion, Denver buyers, came in Monday to look over our fat slivr crop. Win. Hairy of the Highland ranch tiip, which rtsuilU'd, we tire told, in the purchase of some 40(1 steers. D J Stephens dropped in Thursday and placed an order with tH for a box of Meadow Fawn envelopes. Good beds in every room, a stuve If you wish it, at the WDdom hotel l’rices range from 60 cents up. ftdv Fenl Gillam was fn Saturday to pay for the little ad. which enabled hm to veil lis Ramboulllel buck In George Stewart. Curley Benson brought In the milk cows of the Ruby Jersey herd Sat it\ day, to make room n the ranch barn for those which are freshening. Charley Goff dropped in Monday to ' piuS the time o’ day” with the editor He is getting impatient to have legs under him as good as ever. Carlos Bell, who was opera!.id on in a But to hospital for appmidi iiHs, left the institrition Monday of thi- week and is expected home in a day or two. Friends of Mr. and Mr 3 . Wi'l rom- eroy, Ffshtrap.who are spending the winder in Butte, regret to learn from •rhe Standard that they have lost their Infant son. Jp- p Read breezed into The News office early Monday morning to say that the yellow-breasted blackbird* and chickadees were singing In the wllows at hiy home. W A Amitage left last Friday for a visit wfth his sot Reece at Fort Orchard, stopping at Dillon for Mrs. Armitage, who has been voting tfeefr (hter, Mr». D J Stephens. Jorgensen, whose accident we ttported last w eek, met wth tm ■ gr&tlatkms from his phys'etan in Battlamd is home again. Good care is aftthat*« neceemry, the medico say». \ there is no syatptoa ot ptfo- m ’tot 31»?, ' RfiODRCfS OvcViUaitiH wn tuvU aad aa- IM« «CLunt ...................... UfJiS 7-1 Furniture and fixture», . . :,imn eu Other Seal fivUtts 3.h4SlT i,f;4s 7.7 Jndsuments and derrcen ■ ik .,1 | (.util «li <M Cask Kcserve xSileuu oiu l.iil ill tCut'Ecn v 2,370 «0 Minor coin. 0 W ■TAM 2» line lroni other bank* 1/2 Oilmr caali Ite in» l‘V> It Total......... .............. LIABILITIES C'a pilai stock vaiti in ..... . fis.lkH) 00 Surplus turni ................ . UlidtvicW proli Is. lus« i*x- • 12,5'W 00 tiuitsusaiui uxuk patti 2 t'J oa î 37.7V/ t>5 liullvuliiitl ilupoDits sub.iuut ty ï I ht U . ................... M), 21 H f.t Cnstuut c hec ks .......... %* hi 01.2411 42 'rune if.i l-lii ¿1 ts «- of dt-poHit oil uratiur .10 clav* . ir.Ua Xi ( dr Itili« pa \ a til«* w «il t ï ollaU;» » 1 DC Note« & L>ilIn KciHivi ouiituU I.euO lo Aim dc Ih.! 4'» »! (¡ imi rauco prcmiuiUH rui.ti ................... ... - . •• -'■ii S-ale ul M. uj L hm l't'Uii i v •! » Liciiu i Insul 4 ì, i.cti. t.isimi <0 ile aiu-u- Hit un ti li,ut k,do sulcin i- i \ my chi » ha I \ tic vi b<n c sl.lU'UH'Il l IS tl Ite te li.C I ts I oi 1*1 \ Uh v> h il Fi a nil hcliH . li leu t>, Mi K v 11 i,, i vi >h uh S»ll'M lilictl 1,111(1 MVWll lo Lui Oli* UH' lli'N '*'11 ilay of Veti uat >, 1 (Js!à 1>N’ I ! .. A n son . >, i»fa i v Kirhl ic in ¿unì lof Un* Sia ,r i*f M pii taiut Kt'suliiiR ai Vvisilom. Ah umiiiiibhitiii i\riuH \lauil OLh.l'L’i’ coirvi AH ok I: J oki .-. i n JuiueKSMoN |),o V AHI K. Il l \ 11.1 \ J At Tv SON SUNDAY »: Houli I Reported by Mi o A W WB mn | Two new mcni.biTs added lo our en roll meut la -li weck An out of Hic-oui* nary and help fui ime Hug Sunday, vviih one tamil.' from Hie home depart meai present nut one v.sitor from W sdem The lesson of \J i - sih in tje hs.'tii Aawghter, ; Imi m line ” Tin li' n u 1 Hie li. il Dir li'. in-.' in Fawn uce. Km ms - noi only a mo l! or, but grandmother, mul gnau giiinilmoHiei as well She lues a>wa> been a limy, active peiaon. until tvv: years ago i’ll illner« loll her an invai hi unable to walk, she him never lost lit r j il Un -’4 In life, and her d v']i blue eyt.i still retain Hie twinkle a- she cheerily directs (n r wishes from lied chair and visit? vvi h trends and nc.ghhi-lA. discussing .-el vii , siate and uatienul affairs, us vv, li as even detail of the home cii !.■ interests and so il came atom that she became intere ted in this school live year ago, and the children «a died to soul her a Christmas greetng of their own making, decided lo send the story in “The Three Wise Men” and the Na­ tivity, In cut-out story and mounted upon pasteboard, and she writes li them and says; “Tell the children that I thought tin¡'r cut-out s.onn ihe cleverest piece of hand work 1 have ever seen, and their Wise Men helped many people besides them­ selves, for we have been glad t> how them to all our luighhor, and tell them what siplendid interest y.ou have in this sunshine work, I shall keep them always.” A letter from the Montana State Tuberculosis sanitarium reads thus; “Please convey to member; of the Jackson Sunday reboot onr sincere thanks for the'r thoughtfulness to ward our little boys and girls in the children's pavilltcn. Tiu.v are very much iatertried in these Rhie c&t-onf stories,” Civic Frkie It -ms No community can afford to float a frayed or faded flag daring the mott'.h of February, when we are thinking of and learning about cer great American heroes, in the at ton tisn given » their birthday tnaiv^r sarif , aed so we were pleased ro nn- furl a fine new banner February 12 The Camp Fire meeting was held ri ike home of Mrs. Sipu'ro. The tint-' 2iacUsed crags for Wirîms- toji't Kt'hiay. Same cX thu girls daucc-d the V:r-ir,'a Ucci and jv-Tka. Kctr^bureau were a:.ved a&d wç wetu hcœe. OWAIS3A, Scribe. Virginia Crane wa-. the guect of Mrs, Prtsdca NMt Ids at ber prsbty ranch home down the river tor a few days # u k and th m Woodworth Billiards Room O. J. WOODWORTH, I rip ie.M. Good cold drinks served at all times. 1 carry in stock for your i:i 3 pui ion: 1 tshiiig Tackle, All Kinds o. ’ubfci«>. Candy. OverulD and Jump CotU.n Cndi, I’, LI. V D.'s, Hiirls, Men's lione, Bhaes, Buckskin tlqua.v ) Gloves, B. l;s, Buspeuders, Kino Fu pporti' 18 ' , Arm Bands, Flash- . and Ballenes. Kuivea, I’lpe.--, . v 111 < e s, l : \ u , ORDi itn for s m s Sal isl’acl ion Guiuantci'd Always Look over my samples before you aireiil/e ilfeo of these traveling ped- Icr •. You can compare prices with uuUy and service, dour pad fen age solicited YO( F. < IIS DiT 1-1 GOOD n Yoi m a m : it good id v juy 10 IV-iv-rs Wanted Want ta hear trot» parties who 1 ; work tort ? s ftr sale—weight about 13'09. Stale price. E M Basa­ lt id. 215 North Eouue.t Ave, Bu&ts, Montana. adv feb 5-4t* ZENITHS CKOS! A) YS NEl'TRODINES All repairs and accessories will be carried In stock for the above radio*. Will guarantee and keep in service all of the above named sets. H H CVrEUART Advertisement Oct' 39 Sell Hides at Home There isn’t a bit of use bothering about .•-.ending hides away and wor­ rying over what you arc going to got for I hem. Wisdom Cash Market will pay you every penny they're worth and uni can have a good time with tl.o money while you’d La waiting for the returns from a shipment. This goes for eoyoto hides as well as do- n\islic animals. Give him a chance. NOTH I’ (>.\ ¿'M it ILS Hit'\ W; s stud.ud. au ll V.SU ! 11/, - ( ni' lu in y . nrh in ili ' Bis Hait' fur the tiny 1ns, I'J a hr lUltliil (iiv H.l 11 i h a w 1) i il n a n i y Moal, alla uire ef Ult! ci’He. in suit s;t Ildars 1 11 1 SO: coi n. • tu U h n ri IV o a m 'bal \ h., c V :. j > t« a 1 j l : hon i,ier, brail,i ei.loiH on l.i'i j.iW o r o ,1 1 S 10 lu S li >l i| T he - ( S B rnny ÜIW ■|':ip 11, j 11 Un 1 It ■ ■ ci i1i ’1 II Olii 1ml tvliil-- ttlKC C' ,» 1;i i li c(1 1 0 t » 1,1. ililr'li a ¡a t)\\ •»T ¡'■nVi i ' UM:'El v cU, ! pay tm 111 CJf l r imli , V ; In (it h sink 1 , li. loi 1 DIil I UÌ t V t r nu Jt ri; i Jorg a II us ul (in son W ri iom a oui fit v uni '¿'i a in g take il hy till pm nils schm 1 ni . <i M; r*i nomi of ( Ille ilt'V Fdwii M 1 Ills r M ir a Iva * i , ;»1 1 ni r ■ h 111! t _ '11 g !' ot; 1. W ll ll wl i sx >v agii lai a i n i n '» 1 1 on l'M’ H Iion 1 n 'r Inn go if Ihis ilit -/1 irt s,.i , lias *r b. 1 !i lo 't H i ri 1 'i ' V 0 y \\l-: siulial y. i.ivj orf.’ii u Z im ; 1 lO! .‘K n U1 . \ jail 2; lì till I !Mills 1 ■ Î1H ■ ! ( Il us, es. \\ n i i !> ■l i M n h l eve in- i io! we mill m;i 1-. t t;(TH t > I ll |-t\l'rlls (' t 1 II ■ 1 i .i 1' 1 ;i li-ii Ì l|l. Wemhl i Hli ,e: bill)) ID him Jit Vnies Ihn i »0 > ;; ! D I) », Mi l 1 ilivel 0 ,1 1 Hr el, > ¡’til srhtMi ly (ill ufi « V \ 1 -i 1' i ’ ■ i ■ r V. r hl 1 Dm . WK.-.ll HI Uu* !’t tiools W » uli e;; Il a 1 II, i 1 Y i 1 * 11 : » h1 . iih'i 1 mu ’ shoe on i ! 1 t liCilh ■ ; \ ( t. it II ell Jack.'.i 11 M tU )] in S, ! ■hi ifi tu Ile U \ ( IM' fl ul n11 a love d-urrib ,1 «urk In spite (if (liti ( Ü ! it Il Hlb, h ru 17. ’ |'i ;is ■ 10 V Um !\« Tin ices y.m ha v e Vt ;y Old v. -11U.'¡v a'ul Ht r! i ^ 1 1 ,0.Mt ih Wa, ! 1 i il -A ai Sii e. i. a h'l uf v' 1 ! UV \ , /’it th ' Si ho 1 HUFS Mu i Iiflil a il v jail 2 2 D ACOMA HOTEL Arthur Berry, I'ropriotor Steam Heated, Hot aud Cold Watei in Rooms. I’ullic, Private and Shower Baths Rooms Single or Fn Suite. HATES ONE DOELAB AND UP With Bath, # 2.00 and Up. Yor E Bdwy &tj Wyoming, Butt« o f f y / u a h T IL'li­,ed sti |’< and we iy miT So y-ranr »cijnatnt viih thè powpln of thè Basln l.ninvliileo of tlielr eondlllcm» ■fi't- f Itm i our sorvMe and their luisiriesB A. I,. STONE President W. A Gli VET ER Cashier I t P a y s to M arket H ogs or Q u a l i t y jam r-fk mar . APR may jhhf ji - iv ai - o oct otr mov pfc i There is less | rice vni'iaihm due It; nualily in lings Ihe.n in any other ani­ mal in I he Ine stuck kingdnm. Vet, quality speiiks, even on Hie hog market, wiih top prices cuing to lie sniooih, plump fiorkers. A cording to the Sears- Rocbnck Agriimlrurnl Foumhi: um, dunny (be jmst year choice fat-backs in tlm lii-titwi i'..'hi class on the n.ica-/» tnai'lict. nverging from L.O to 2ik> pounds, brought fru'ii :n cents to $! :,o per hundred ovt»- common hogs of the same (•lass. At the beghiuine of the \car chui'-c b-.l.lwcirhls were selling 37 cents a hundred over the commons. Through February blithest prices for lights were 81 cents over the low price. During March, April. May and June the Spread narrowed only to widen again ihrouvh July and August. In October top prices In the lighiweight class were loweriag around $10.tH.) while low ijuooiilons were twe dollars less per hundred. 1 Butcher and bacon hogs ::\e graded as choice, trim,! and merlin-. JiPtnyvW'is'hfs, and choice, good, .medium «ud cc.’iimoii in til her H'eig’ iticrl.v there existed a grade l.tnnvn ns prime, wld di [e>sse.ssed the : of eend.rhm, form and ijimlity. At preseiif it is extremely ditlieult to grade in the desired market weights. Choice hogs have the confer; ; , fluidify that tire desired in prime Logs, but arc not quite so well fini.-m pure bred sires are relatively ( heap now. and their use would ins.;: quality litters next spring. in the -. For- vin tm . t :hla : r and 1 Hood higher Mrs. Fred Xe.’san arrvred y-st r- day fresa her boas* sear Jacks.« in Ate Bic Bete Baut» to v'.mi h ts m&tl 7*. Xn. Ftewtee « I « »etks. Mm Neîse« « a s The New Chevrolet NEW 4'A4813—vriili a 1 rger, s'retigcT fftri; rew aetBi-elliptie ctrcne ?:e(! , pnngs; new ar.d stronger treat axle; ccnplc-cly new rear &ik -X finest c-^ 2 ;'rrr„'c.B--banjo type with t>ne f l i c rrcssej Fir- ! f- ucir.g ¡end gicr-ly ..rrengtheTed gaars; tEprrvc-d fEliy esclcstd. dry plate disc ei-sgr-h wkkh reflaires se tK <- w ; n a Lcavy brake lards cm b:g H-iseit dremt; s r .er s. f :r:.-g meefcailsra ssfl rasay tai|w v enH ® S i «a Low Priced - - - . . . ,.v 'r.,,..,.. . ,.#r Grocery Specials No. 2}{ Eagle Peaches, 4 cans ....................... $1-00 No. 2K B. B. Sour Pickles. . ....................... 33 l-3c No. 2% B. B. Sweet Pickles.................... . . .37>ic No. 2yi Broken Pineapple ........................... 33 l-3c 8>^oz. Jars Gulden’s Mustard .................... 16c 25 Bars Lennox Soap......................................$100 20c Small Graham Crackers .......................... 12,He 491b. Sack Ceretana Bread Flour .................... $3.00 981b. Sack Ceretana Bread Flour....................$5.95 pj Mercantile Wisdom Store ¡Big Hole Drug Store) ■ EASTMAN KODAKS 0RAF0N0LAS Books. A Large Assortment For the Long Winter Evenings I i I Chas. Quist Propiietor ) Ï i Wisdom Cash Market J. A. Louk, Proprietor ! i | Special Rates on Meat in Quantities j ) Fish and Vegetables in Season Prompt Attention to Telephone * * .! !' Ì WISDOM MS» STORE Louis Givogre« Proprietor New Goods, New Prices Your Patronage Appreciated I i .1 RBC RESTAURANT SHORT ORDER HOUSE DE LUXE j A. B. Crane, Proprietor RAY SHAW C O N V E Y A N C E R Legal B U a k s, W. A. CLARK i W. A. CLARK & BR0 Bankers BtUMJaM li7f. *» •4-

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 19 Feb. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.