Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, March 12, 1925, Image 3

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- f J u d i t h of Blue Lake Ranch — W ~ ~ By Jackson Gregory Copyright hr CkMlM Sartbnvr'» Sou *uUt you didn't prove to me that she sent It. You didn't know yourself whether It had been sent by her or Doan, Rockwell & Haight, or by Bayne Trevors or the devil himself.” He took up the telephone and said Into It, \Western Union, Rocky Bend. . . . That you, Benton ? This Is Lee of the Blue Lake. We went to get In communication with Miss Judith Sanford, somewhere In San Francisco, Send this message to every hotel there, will you? And rush It: ‘Must; have word with you Immediately. Important. Telephone.’ Got It? Oh, sign It, Carson and—and Tripp. Rush It, I tell you, Benton. And If you get In touch with Miss Sanford in any way, tip us off here, will you? Thanks.\ \She might be visiting with friends,\ muttered Hampton, little pleased at the thought that Lee ami Carson were seeking to rob him of his newly ac­ quired Importance. \Where’s Mrs. Simpson?\ asked Lee. “Gone to bed,” answered Hampton. “And Miss Langworthy Is still on the veranda. Now Hampton. Carson and I want a look at Miss Sanford's room. Come with us, will you?\ \I’m d - d If l will!” cried the hoy hotly \1 don't know what you are up to, but I’m boss here and I'm giv lng orders, not taking them If there's un,v reason in all this, I’ve got the right to know whut It Is.\ \Yes answered Lee thoughtfully \You've got the right I Just don't like the looks of affairs, Hampton L don’t believe all that I hear I dou’t believe Miss Sanford sent that wire. 1 don’t believe she Is In San Francisco 1 do believe that your friend Trevors has got hold of her somehow, and that he Is playing you for a sucker That’s our reason In this Now will you come with us to h e roo^i?\ \Trevors?\ suld Hampton Then he laughed \Y'ou are like the rest, liud. Trevors Is a gentleman, and you try to make him a crook Such a mcherne as you Imagine Is absurd and ridiculous. And I won’t go prying with you Into Judith’s room.” “Come on, Carson,\ said Lee \If Hampton wants to stay here, let him \ But the young fellow was on Ills feet, his face flushed, his eyes excited. “You’ll get out of this house and do It quick!\ he cried sharply. \If you think for one little minute that I’ll Btand for your high-handed ac­ tions, you’re mistaken.” At a look from Lee, Carson stepped quickly forward, so that Hampton stood between them. \You come with us,\ and now Lee no longer sought to be pleasant. \And keep still or we’ll stop your mouth with a yard of doth. This way, Carson.” With right and left arms gripped, with lagging feet and furious eyes, Hampton went between them to the door. For an instant only did he struggle; then, with a snort of dis­ gust, seeing the futility of making a fool of himself, he went quietly. Just what he expected as a result of a visit to the girl’s room, Lee did not know. He hoped for some sign to tell him something, anything. Quietly the three went through the house until they came to Judith*« dainty blue-and-white bedroom. Hera dll bad been set In order by Mra. Simpson. On entering the room a fiort of awkward shyness fell over Loth Lee and Carson. Hampton, freed now and standing alone, though tender Carson’s hard eye, stared at them angrily. \When yon get through with this foolishness,\ he told them stiffly, “you can either apologize or call for your time.” neither answered. Carson little by Utile had come to share Lee’s tmeer- taiaty and anxiety; and now, like Lee, sought eagerly to find a sign— eopiethfBg to teU that Judith had been tired away by Trevors or Quinnlon; «r that she had been overpowered here and taken out, perhaps through • window. fist Judith bad gone Saturday nSgbt, and Mrs. Simpson bad done her work thoroughly. It might be well to call the housekeeper and question her. Hid she found s chair ewer* i rag rumpled, a table toaweff from «a accustomed pteee? ft wotSd be as wen sot to far ft. Jsftth aftM he i s f i n laee* «Ée saghi t a t e m the wm M have gone « it of the room knowing no wore thH »Vtn they taft w w ' la. \ fivi ft teemed to Lee that the room which knew Judith so intimately, was seek* tog to open its dumb Ups -to whisper to him of danger to her. He had come here troubled for her; he stood, look­ ing about him frownlngly, ids heart heavy, fear mounting within him. And' at length he found a sign. At the far end of the room, in a corner, was Judith’s writing-table, on which were several opened letters, pen and Ink, a pad of paper. Lee stepped to it. If she had been lured away after nightfall, then some message had cometo her. If that message bad come, by word of mouth, there was no need seeking it; if It had been a note, fate might have kept it here. Impaled on a Sharp file was a sheet of notepaper. The notes was brief, typewritten, even to the signature— that of Doc Tripp. It run; “Dear Judith: \I am afraid of a new trouble. Have spotted another one of T’s gang work­ ing for us. Also have got a bullet- hole In my right hand. Nothing ser­ ious so fur. Come down right away. Don’t let any one see you us I want to spring a surprise on them. Am not even using the telephone, ns I’ve a notion they are watching me. Hurry. “Tripp.” \Come back to the office,\ salt! Lee bluntly. And well In front of Car- son and Hampton, who stared won- derlngly ut the paper in his Imnd, he went to the office telephone und called for Tripp. \How’s your hand?\ Iu> asked when Tripp answered. \All right,\ replied Tripp. \Why?’’ \Get It hurt?\ “No.” “Did you write Miss Sanford a hurry-up note within the last few for good and an, Lee gave vm r trying to reason with Hamptcm. There was too mach to be done to waste time. He drew Hampton beck, farcing M a «gaffa« the wall As he tried to o f t «ft, Lee’s lami m e t hit aasatfh sBoflbered l i e words. *Snfr* carnaif wait m e t he saffi \No.\ \Sure of that, Doe? Typewritten note?” “Of course I’m sure,\ snapped Tripp. “What's wrongV” “God knows,\ answered l.*e short ly. \But you’d better coinè up here and come on the jump Also, keep your mouth shut until you get u chance to talk with me or Carson \ He clicked up »ie l receiver and turned terrible eyes on the two men watching him _2JXht?y've got her,\ lie said slmili “They’ve got her, Carson They’ve had her since Sulurduy night Carson read Hie dole Only then did It pass Into Hampton s hands The boy, angered at the way In which he liud been Ignored, insulted in his sense of dignity by those words of Lee s lo Tripp, \Talk with me or Carson,\ see lng the reins of power being snatched from tils bauds, was speechless with wrath. \You fellows have hutted In all I'll stand for!” he cried at them, Lis shut fists shaking. \1 tell you I'm running this outfit and what I say goes I don’t believe that Trevors or any man living would do a trick like that. 1 tell you It’s ridiculous. And. no mat­ ter where Judith Is, when she Is not here I run the ranch. I need money ; she needs money ; we’ve got a fair chance to sell ; I’ve passed my word we are going to sell ; and by G--d, we are going to sell.\ In another mood, Haniptnn would not have spoken this way. In another mood and with time for argument, Bud Lee would have expostulated with hint. Now, however, Lee said tersely “Carson, It’s up to you and me (Jet the boys out, to the last man of them. Turn every hoof of cattle and horses back Into the Upper End. We’ve got to do It tonight. Get them Into the little valley above the plateau. We can hold them there, even if they Yry to force our hands, which will be like them. I take this to be Trevors’ last big play. And, by thunder, he has mighty near gotten away with it!\ “Don’t you dare do It !\ blazed out young Hampton. “Carson, you take orders from me. Get out of this house and leave the stock where they are. In the morning—’’ “Go ahead, Carson,\ cut In Lee’s hard voice. \I’ll take care of Hamp­ ton here.\ \Yon will, will you?” cried Hamp­ ton. With one bound he was at the table, jerking open a drawer. As his hand »ought the weapon lying there, Bud Lee was on him, throwing him back. Cargo« looked at them a moment, then ■ went to the door. \You’re right Bud,\ he said calmly as he went ent. Lee, forcing himself to show a calm­ ness like Carsons, said gently to Hampton : “Can’t yon see the play? It’s np to yon to kick in and stop it. There’s a telephone; call op the buyers In Rocky Bend. They're there now, or at lea« their drivers are. If they’re com­ ing ont here to the morning. Tell then the deal is off—’’ “Can’t I see?\ said Hampton, writh­ ing ost of Lee’s hands, on his was to the door. \You bet I can see! If yon and Canoa think that yon can outcries died ia Ms throat, the Rud­ est of them in'-t.reftchi?s Mai-cb-1« ear* «lane'the crea'Jns oT her rocklhg- Lee stilt held Hampton’s tied hands gripped la Uts own, So the two men 'went out the hack door, dawn toward the corrals. Seeing men hurrying from the bunk- house to the stables under Carson’s snapping orders, Lee culled out for Tommy Burkitt. And In u moment, with bulging eyes, Burkitt came run­ ning. \Bring out three horses, Tommy,\ Lee commanded, giving no explana­ tion. \Hurry uud keep your mouth shut.\ Burkitt obeyed Lee as he always did, silently and untpicstloniugly. Very soon he returned, riding, lending two saddled horses. “Get into the saddle, Hampton,” said Lee sternly. “There's no time for nonsense. Get up or 1 11 put you up.\ \Curse you,” Hampton said In smothered anger, his teno making el ear the meaning of tin* indisilnct mutter. But he climbed into the sad­ dle. “Come on, Tommy.” Lee. too. was up, Ids hand mi Hampton's reins. \We’re going up to (lie old cabin. Y’ou're going to ride herd on Hamp­ ton while 1 do something else. Ill tell you everylhiag when wo get ihoro. So they rode into the night, head­ ed tow¡ii'd the narrow passes of the Upper End, I lampion ami Lee side by side, Tommy Burkitt staring after them as he followed No longer were Bud Lee’s thoughts with his captive, nor with the herds Carson's men were driving hark to the higher pm-Mims. They wore rnilrety f r Judith, and they were filled with tear She had hern gone for three full dins, she was somewhere In the eluteh of Trev­ ors or of one of his euttlirmits He thought of her of (Jninmoii's red rimmed, evil eves, and us lie had not played 111 all the years of his life Bud prayed that night lie left Hampton securely hound and under Tommy Burkitt s wnlchl'iil eyes In the old cabin, and rode straight hark to the ranch house Mania was not yet in hid and he made his lirst rail upon her Mmria was delighted then v n gruel v perturbed as he lioolr Known Ids errand wit limit giving ally reason lie Winded In see the noie from .luclllh Mnmn brought II. Wondering Hr earned II wllli him |o .luddlis olhre an.I roni|>ai'ed II eiircfully with scraps of her hand w I'd dig which lie 1 1 * 111 11 1 lliri'e d he result of Ids sludi -..iiH what he had expected the w rolhg of the n-de rn Mari'la ».;< snlli. ,,-niIv like ,1 millli s I I pass music!' t,, :in Mil i ll ieiil I\ n, looking. Ill find n li.It it purported I\ he. a very loisli scrawl But Lee de­ rided that Judith had nn| written It lie slipped i| lion his pocket Tripp wa= wnlilng for him, Impa­ tient and worried, when lie came hack from the Upper End. From Tripp Bud Lee Wae on Him, Throwing Him Back. hi learned flint one of the men, i fellow the hoys called Yellow-jacket, had unexpectedly asked for his time Saturday tifiernnon and hud left the ranch, saying that he was siek. “He’s the ehiip who brought the fake note from you,\ said Lee. \It’s open and shut. Dor. Another one of Trevor’s men that we ought to have fired long ago. The one thing I can’t get. Is v.hy he didn’t do a finished job of it and hang around until Miss San­ ford left, then get away with the note. It would have left no evidence behind him.” “She must have locked her door and windows when she went ont,” was Tripp's solution. “And probably Ite didn’t hang around wasting time and taking chances.\ Tripp's boyish face had lost Its yonrhful look. Ill* eyes, meeting Lee's steadily, had to them an espres­ si«® like Lee’«. \If it's Qorimh® —\ Tripp began. Then be stopped abruptly. Lee and Tripp were together to the office nut nlxwe fifteen mtotffes. Then Tripp left to return to the Lower End. to get fbe rest e£ the mea out, to help to the tog érto» of «trie staff which nmst be reft*r»ed to vaneys e t the Upper Hat, Lee west to the bmshAwwe, t f t f r t revolver anC n n r if t ® baia Ms eft; toe* a rifle waff n f t a f t h to wfc* way to be«- a « j a l task. ant «& rr*ftr.vi3w .: * * * « • * see the. whole play, Trevors; 1 can’t quite see It” - There were eaoagft aw* to 4 » ft* might’s work without Mm and Tommy Durkltt. and Lee gave so thought sow to Carson, swearing In the darfcsesa of some shadow-filled gorge. He did not know what the morrow’» work would be for him, but he made his preparations none the less, eager for the coming dawn. He fried many slices of bacon while Hampton glared at him and Tommy watched him In­ terestedly; he made a light, compact lunch, such ns best \sticks to a man's ribs,” wrapped It In heavy paper and slipped the package Into the bosom of Ids shirt. He completed his equip­ ment with a fresh bag of tobacco and many matches. He loaded his rifle, milled a plentiful supply of ammuni­ tion to his outfit from the box on the shelf. Then he went outside to be ulnae, to frown at the black wait of the night, to think, to await the dawn. \I'm coming to you, Judith girl,\ he whispered over uud over to himself. “.Somehow.” ♦ * • » • * * Dawn trembled over the mountain- tops, grew pale rose and warm pink nml glorious red In the eastern sky, and Bud Lee. throwing down his oiled rope which had been put Into service a dozen limes during the night, said short ly : “Here we rump. hoys. I'll leave vm my fried Imcon, Tommy, and take the raw with me. You’re not even to light n lire. And you’re to stick Imre until I come for you.\ They laid traveled deeper und deep­ er into the fastnesses of the moun­ tains, mounting higher and higher un­ til now. in a nest of crags and cliffs, on n think of Devil's mountain, they cmild look far to the westward and eiii,'ll brief glimpses of the river from Blue lake s'ipping out of the shadows. They had gone u way which Lee km w Intimately, traveling a trail winch brought them again and again under broken cliffs, where they must USe hands and feet manfully, and new Ill'll 1ie!) l make sen lee of II loop of ro|\ east up ever an nlitjuttmg eriij “I hey 'll flcv er follow us here, Toiiiim.\ he ->ii 11 1 entifiileiitly \If they do, y till ve got the drop oil them and yoii'o got a rilte i mi know what to do Tommy old mini “1 know Bud said Tommy, his eyes shining For never before had Biel Lee lulled him that \old man \ J.oug ag\ 1|e ! gag liud ht)e|l removed from 11ti 1111 ii on h imoitti Long ago, eoiiseipienl ly. Iluuiploii had said his say. had made Ills promises When lie got out of Ibis glory to he I wouldn't lie square the deal, though? Did know what kidnaping was? That there were such things as laws, such places as prisons? \Here said Lee not unkindly, \I'll loosen the rope about your wrists That s all the chances we're going to tnke with you (’erne, he a sport, iny hoy. You re the right sort In side; Just ns soon as (Ids fracas tg over, when you know that we were right and that all Hits ts a put up job on you. your friend Trevors playing you for n sucker and getting Miss Sanford out of the way, you'll say we were right and I know It\ \That go?\ snapped Hampton \You Just si a rt now and keep going. Bud Lee, If you don't want to do tlint) In the Jug,\ Tommy Burkitt, staring hack across the broken miles of mountain, canyon, and forest, his eyes frowning, was muttering • \Look at that, Bud. What do yon make of It?\ For a little Lee did not answer He and Tommy and Hampton, standing among the rocks, turned their eyes together toward the hills rimming In the northern side of Blue Lake ranch. \I make out,\ aatd Lee slowly, \that Trevors means business and that f'ar- gon has got his work cut out for Id® this morning, Tommy.\ For the thing which had caught the boy's eyes was a blaze on the ridge, Its flames leaping and licking at tl® thinning darkness, Its smoke a black smudge on the borlson, staining th» glow of the dawn. And farther along the same ridge was a second Maze, smaller with distance, but growing ss it licked at the dry brush. Stlil farther a third, “ I t that fire ever gets a good start,\ muttered Lee heavily, \it’s going to sweep the ranch. God knows where It will stop. And just how Carson is going to fight fire with one hand and hold his stock with the other, I don’t ktiOW.\ f Continued) REBUILDING EURO! E Horse brad right, shldr J. C. WHARTON P o s t c f i . c ' bans, Montana. Range, Mussig- brod crk. Horse same right slil't SPOKANE RANCH R | A. 0. Onserud, proprietor. P. ■ f l O. address Wisdom, Montana. Horse brand on left shoulder. Cattle brand K halt diamond on the left side. TOPE BROTHERS fosse aud John. P. O. Wisdom. Rauch ■>n Northfork. Oat tie brand same oa right hip. JORGEN JORGEN?- Wlsdoo Cr tie range F i ok to Sqt w <•! Horse br’d ? right thigh _ _ Range. ¡Stanley to Warm ¡Spgs. LEROY ARNOTT Bowen P () K 1 Horse bntd S&l left thigh Range Fight rap to Mussigbrod HARRY G. DAVIS Cattle brand same Harry U. Davis, laeksou, Mont, on right ribs. Range on Bloody Duk aud Big Hole river. HANS JORGENSEN Postoffie > dom. re- K; eel Squaw ere » Horse brim same as cattle, on thigh. E N JONES (’utile, right rilia orses same left shnuhler PiiRl.iittiee add l ess V\ isilom, Mon tana GEORGE l’ARSONB P. o Wisdom Range Tie creek 10 Mussigbrod Horses same on left thigh WM. MONTGOMERY Post-office, Wis dom, Montana. Horse b’nd OCMtot JR, fft»t tram head of Xus* creek. For Cattle for «'de Left hip Left side Left skoal Left shoal Left hip In its bulletin for January the Ka­ tins» 1 City bank says the settlement of the European reparations tangle has been the most influential factor In bringing about the re-eutabfish- memt of prosperity to our country. Coathnrtog, it says: \Prosperity la a suite of balanced industry, urfth production and prices so veil adjust­ ed that «change» between agricul­ tural and mamrfa«* red products are readily made. This sftuatk)* Is «sore nearly approached today than ad any ti®««toee the war. .. Bemaa traffo t®soa Europe ssff fbe m r U fa ftto t w y «f fbe t o - L O left stifle HUNTLEY CATTLE COMPANY Carl R. Hunt- ley, mgr, Wis­ dom. Horses 1ft Spool brand also and on left shldr tor horses. THOS. PENDERGAST P. 0. Wisdom. Range east side. Horses same on the left j^ j £ | | g g £ j ^ s h o n l d e r . PETERSON-OLSON P. 0. Wisdom., Mont. Range be tween Fox sod Stanley gulch. Horse brad fbe same, lit thigh. DAN PENDERGAST Postoffiee Jack- son; range from Swamp creek to Lake. MAX C. LEW IS Fishtrap, Mont. Dewlap with this brand; also. *7 right ribs, upper bit and «aderirti right ear. AB Horses same left shldr. P, le h r ' s Sqfttw «fr SSftfttti-éfr Right slds . IRA WALKER Horses the saa^ Range f r o » Steele creek. P. 0 . Anaconda. W. 8. TA8H F. 0. Bannack. Range Eikhoni and Grasshopper Horses branded same left shoul­ der. HIGHLAND RANCH lloiKHi's same uu left shiiulder .1 H Robbers Wisdom 8100.00 HE IV AUD 9100.04, Big Hole Basin Stockmen's asso­ ciation wiU. pay the above sum for the arrest and conviction of anyone who tampers with fence or gate or tresspasses upon the feed lots at Wisdom tg-tt «100 REWARD The Southern Montana Telephone Company will pay $100 for the ar­ rest and conviction of party or par­ ties who shoot the toll line wire; cv information leading to the arrest «ud conviction of anyone mutilating or destroying any pole, line or other property belonging to the said com- •auy II R Cupehart, Local Man- »*er u , tf NOTICE fo r I’t BLK ALIGN N». 01ÌAI21 Drparlment of lliu Interior, U S. Lund Oline al lieliita, Monlana, Ueliruary H. lllü.'i NOTICE is hereby given that IN' 1 ! - liaiu VI eihorn, of Jm kson, Montana, »I m . on March 21. 11)22 made I loiuetteml Emry No U23121 for 'S'a SEC, Seel ion l, Township 7 South. Range 14 West IT'iui ipad Me- lidein, has filed notte of Intention to make final proof to e.stHiillsIi claim lo Hie land aliove de,< rilled, hofore I'Ted Rife. Clerk of I he District Court, at Dillon, Montana, on the -till day of March. 1925 Claimant, names as wtituprsès' Marmaduke Gist, .lardine A Rife, bolli of Dillon. Montana, William of Rolans, Montana. Mar- Welliorn of Jaiksim, Mon- S Tush jorie M. tuna A. MOTZ. Register. Adv feb 12 5 1 LEGAL 1*1 IH.Il ATION IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL IUMTR1CT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA IN AND FOR THE COUNT) OF BEA VERIHCA!) In the Muller of the Estate of Rob­ ert Ellis, Deceased, Order to Kliow Cause Annie E Nelson, the itrtnttnisfrat- lix of the estate of Robert Ellis, de­ ceased. having filed her pefifem herein praying for an order of sal* of real estate of said decedent, for the purposes hereiii -ei forth, it is there fere ordered bv He undersigned Judge of Court, that all persons irteres.’!ed in the estate of said de- <-ea-.ed. appear before the said Dis­ trict Court on Saturday, the 2Sth day of March, 192o, at lu o'clock a. in. of said day, at '.he ccnirt room of said Court, to show cause why un order should not he granted to th» said administratrix to sHl the real estate of said deceased at private sale; and that a copy of this order p« published for at least four successive weeks in The Big Hole Basin News, a newspaper printed and published In said county and state. Dated this February 21, 1925. HEftRY G. RODGERS Adv Mar &-4t RANGER IS INVENTOR A dspateh bearing a Eugene, Ore- go® dateline, states: Disgust w'lth routine work is a fer­ ule mother of inventions. A part ot the job of C B McFarland, forest ranger ra the Cascade National for­ est, wae to keep track of the number of aatomoblles that traversed the goventEBent roads. It ««s tiresome work, ami meehaaiokL So Mr. Me- Ferissnd invented a machine to do ft. The tttffir eocoter, as bo calls Ms fferieo. is a amaB ptotfora reskteg track to jk : ft, f « m «m i by lew«* to a «ewi- ftalr to i l » » i m m

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 12 March 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.