Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.) 1912-1925, March 26, 1925, Image 4

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cow and the big m s » T hursday , march if, m i **Mad« <a lloBttB»- ti tb* «tom. Eli Saga v a t a week-end vtarttftt from Jackson. C E Miller U heme from a busi­ ness trip to Butte. Miss Ray of Los Angeles it a guest at the U— U ranch. C W Francis left Tuesday morning on a business deal. Ed Miller returned last week from a trip to California. Ladies AL1 meets this (Thursday) afternoon with Mrs. J A Louk. Miss Stella Givogre Is home for a few weeks vacation from Butte. Senator Hazelbaker was over from JiilLm Friday on a business trip. Mrs. J T AruUtaige accompanied Mr. Armltage to Butte for the week­ end. For Marcelling, manicuring, ebc., see Virginia Crane at the A B C . adv mar 12 Blake Hammer went down the road Tuesday morning on the mall truck. FOR SALE—Fresh milk cows. Will sell one or Lu. E F Calvn Fish trap. adv mar 26 Charley Feder came in from his homestead on the east side Saturday on business. Mr and Mrs Wallace Francis vis Bed wiDh Mr Francis' parents over the week-end Basin Mercantile connpany groery counters have been freshened by a patented covering Save your calves. Vaccinate with Blackleg Aggreesiu— 16 cents a dose Chas. Qulst. adv sept 11 Monte Clinton was a week-end visitor in this metropolis from his mining claims on the east Colonel Combs Is reported to be rim I) ued to a Butte hospi, 'al with an aggravated case of mumps. Mrs Martin Crane is at her desk In the State bank again after con Bulling Dr. McGill of Butte. Wisdom State bank furniture has been given a coat of varnish which greatly improves Its appearance. Good beds in every room, a store If you wish it, at the Wisdom hotel. Prices range from 60 cents up. adv Carl Huntley went to Butte Friday having as passeiugers Sam liobtnson and George Lyman, cattle buyers D J Stephens of the Meadow Lawn ranch was a welcome business visit­ or at The News office Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Anderson have returned to the Fred Nelson residence property on the east side Miss Louise Ramsey has mislaid or lost her wrist watch. Finder leave at this offiee or call up Miss Ramsey “ Happy\ Hawkins of Dtilien was in the Basin last week looking after toe interests of the Firsit National bank “ Never slept better in my life,\ is the epression one hears these days after the speaker has had a room at the Wisdom hotel. adv-dee 11 Ed Miller has bought the Zorn residence pproperty on West Sec­ ond. No, he isn’t giving up ranch­ ing, by any means. An experienced buyer of beef in the Big Hole told The News reporter last week that Wallace Francis had the fattest beef pen he had seen. There will be a meeting of the Wisdom Athletic association at O J Woodworth’s pool hall Saturday after ndon of this week. There is a cash balance in the treasury and it is the desire of a portion of the association members to turn this into the high school fund— a most commendable spirit. AY m a WISDOM CATS A M C M , Proprirtat kdvartisMM&t ¿MX 24 Wife« Lefhora Efg» for Setting From purebred birds, the renowned Tancxed strain. Guaranteed fresh end fertile. Mrs. Hathaway. adv. Eighty-Egg Queen Incubator I will not bare time do care tor the machine t'hls summer, and am therefore offering it ait $10. All in good, shape and La perfect working order. Mrs. Hathaway. adr Notice of School Election Notice is hereby given: That, according to a resolution duty adopted a meeting of the trus­ tee t f School District No. 16, on the 19th day of March, 1926, the ques­ tion of a six-mill levy is excess of the ten mill» now allowed by law for the purpose of paying the deficit tor the school years 1923-1924-1926 be submitted to tho legal voters of the district on the 4th day of April, 1926. RAY SHAW, Clerk advertisement mar 26-2t 1MNUHU CAJU* FIRE The Camp Fire Girls were enter­ tained by Mrs. Squire last Tuesday vening, Some of the girls recited for beads. Alice Pendorgast and Ruth Wen­ ger served a very nice luncheon There were two kind's of cake. One wIvilie cake had green icing with green shamrocks on each piece. A brown cake with icing had some shamrocks on it also. After lunch the girls left Poi home. OVVAISSA, Soribe. Hall’s C atarrb Medicine TieKsienMtoâi fai fa ¿be tremiate t é C a r i far o n t forty fern. ScM by s i diuggau. T . J . C H O T Y fa C O , T c W e , O tti C’hartey Francis came home last week from a business trip which took him into Canada. \No more fur me in the win ©r time, at least,\ said he, “ lust one blizzard after another and they were blizzards, too.\ He brought home the picture of a trag edy In the wilds of Canada. It Is of the body of a man and an elk engaged in a battle to the death, dhe boneB of the antagonists having been found and photographed as they lay Mrs Anson was compelled to -e turn to Butte Saturday because of a troublesome tooth. J T Armitagt took her in, starting <tn vllie after­ noon while the snow was soft T’he going was “ tough\ and several un happy hours were spent on the road Returning Monday the start from Butte was made at 6: a m. while the roads were frozen and no trouble was experienced on itlhe homeward trip, Monday was the -th birthday of Mrs. Maude Knudsen and a number of her lady friends chaperoned by Mrs. Hathaway gave her a surprise party Each carried a lemon and an orange as a peace offering and cakes were baked as well. After a season of Five Hundred luncheon was enjoyed ano the guests wished Mrs Knudsen many returns of the natal day. Don Anson returned home Thurs day, after initiating Mr. 8 S Huls as manager of the Divide store of the Basin Mercantile company, Mr. Borthwlck having left for Idaho to lake up his duties on the automobile passenger route which he and Ray Deal have purchased. Pendergast & Schneider have put the coach on between Squaw Creek and Ralston's. There is consider­ able enow left on this stretch but not sufficient for sleighing. Below Ralton's and from Squaw Creek into Wisdom it is “ ailee eamee summer­ time.\ Miss Helen Montgomery is visit­ ing her mother and sistier Anna in Butte. Miss Anna has been quite ill, but was able to sit up Sunday and it is hoped her health may now be permanently improved. Mrs. L M Gross has been swinging a paint and varnish brush ever the interior of the Wisdom eafe with s dexterous hand. The appearance of the interior of the cafe is much im­ proved. Wisdom Womans club is punting on a picture show Saturday night of this week with a change of 21 cents for general admission; children 19 cents. The world crop of wheat for 1924 is estimated to be 449,999,999 bush­ els short and the dotal rye erop ti $29,9*99,999 bushels short o f «be 192* yield «t 1,494,42$,999 Woodworth Billiards Room a 2. WOODWORTH, Proprietor Good cold drink* served it aU timet. I carry in stock for your inspect­ ion: Fishing Tackle, All Kinds of Vbacco, Candy, Overalls and Jump­ ers, Cotton Underwear, B. V D.’g, hirts, Men’s Hose, Shoes, Buckskin Squaw) Gloves, Belts, Suspenders, lose Supporters, Arm Bauds, Flash- Jghts and Batteries, Knives, Pipes, .Watches. I TAKE ORDERS FOR SUITS Satisfaction Guaranteed Always Look over my samples before you atronlze one of those traveling ped­ iera You can compare prices with uáHity and service. Your patronage solicited. FOUR CREDIT IS GOOD IF YOU MAKE IT GOOD adv juy 19 V -4 ZENITHS CBOSLEYS A C O M A HOTEL Arthur Berry, Proprietor Steam Heated, Hot and Cold Water In Rooms. Public, Private and Shower Baths. Rooms Single or En Suite. BATES ONE DOLLAR AND UP With Bath, «a.OO and Up. Cor. B. Bdwy and Wyoming, Butte o f ' Ò I L L O r f ' It Is condition and quality rather than weight that decide whether u steer Is to be placed in the beef cattle classification. Within the class It Is condi­ tion and quality that largely determine the amount of profit thut goes to the shipper. Choice to prime steers tiring from 75 cents to $5.75 per hundred­ weight over the common light stock, according to a study made of lightweight steers coming to the Chicago market by the Sears-Roebuck Agricultural Foun­ dation. The bulk of the shipments are classified under the grndes of prime steers, 1,200 to 1,600 pounds; cholee steers, 1,150 to 1,000 pounds, good steers, 1,150 to 1,000 pounds; medium steers, 1,100 to 1,400 pounds, and common rough steers, 000 to 1,200 pounds. These are the classifications of the United States Bureau of Markets. Prime beef steers are the Ideal type, combining exceptional breeding nnd thorough finishing. Short neck nnd short legs, smooth flesh and well-filled, bulging briskets are prerequisites. Prime Imef steers are rare, even steers good enough to grade as choice are few. They show most of the characteris­ tics of the prime grade, good breeding and long feeding, smooth flesh and thick fat. On the block the quality steer will show a good proportion of red meat covered with a modest amount of smooth white fat The lean, while firm of teiture, will be mellow to the touch. The carcass should carry down full to the hock, being highly marbled with bright lean of a tine grain. Mining Machinery AND SLPPLIES Promptness in filling your orders, whether they be large or small, given in person or by mall or by phone, is a detail of our'businesa that our customers commend. Exactness in filling your orders Is Another A 8. CAMERON SINKING AND STATION PUMPS KNOWLES SINKING AND STATION PUMPS ATLAS BOILERS OTTUMWA IRON WORKS ENGINES INGERSOLL-8ERGEANT DRILLS AND COMPRESSORS All of these makes represented here. A. C. M. HARDWARE HOUSE MAIN AT QUARTZ , BUTTE, MONTA: A J The New Chevrolet NEW CASSIS— with a larger, stronger frame; new semi-elliptic chrome vanadium steel springs; new and stronger front axle; completely new rear axle of finest construction— banjo type with one-piece pressed steel bousing and greatly strengthened gears; improved fnity enclosed, dry plate dtse cisteh which requires no .aenca.Km; extra heavy brake bands on big 11-fneh drums; *w uni carter steering mechanism and many improvements on the F m m m Chevrolet Meter. NEUTRODUNES All repairs and accessories will be carried in stock for the above radios. Will guarantee and keep in service all of the above named sets. H ROAPEHART Sell Hides at Home There isn’t a bit of use bothering about «ending hides away and wor­ rying over what you are going to get for them. Wisdom Cash Market will pay you every penny they’re worth and you can have a good time with the money while you’d be waiting for the returns from a shipment. This goes for coyoto hides as well as do­ mestic animals. Give him a chance. Backed by over 30 years' acquaint ance with the people of the Basin and knowledge of their ¡conditions we offer them our service and solicit their business. A. L. STONE W. A. GRAETER President Cashier Gingham, Percale and Crepe House Dresses and Aprons •NOW ON DISPLAY Oar hats are the latest styles, priced from $1.50 to $6.00 Neat, Snappy and Inexpensive Gingham Dresses a t ..................... $3 00 Percale Dresses a t ....................... $2 00 Crepe Dresses a t .......................... $3 00 Make Your Selections Early From This Ready-to-Wear Stock j§ j Basin Mercantile Company gj Wisdom Store |Big H o le D r u g S to re ! i EASTMAN KODAKS QRAF0N0LAS ! Books. A Large Assortment | For the Long Winter Evenings ! jChas. Quist Propiietor j I « Ì Wisdom Cash Market ( J. A. Louk, Proprietor I i Special Rates on Meat in Quantities i • Fith and Vegetables in Season • | Prompt Attention to Telephone ^ r i i i WISDOM CUSH STORE Louis Givogre, Proprietor New Goods, New Prices Your Patronage Appreciated »9* i i Í V, ( ADC RESTAURANT i ( short order house de luxe I A. B, Crane,. Proprietor j RAT SHAW C O N V E Y A N C E R Notary Fallite Legai Blinks, Mining Applications. O ft* Cash Knket Aaaex W. JL CLARK J ROSS CLARK W. A. CLARK & BR0 Bankers — *!— MtWfcjey 1 I 7 J, ALEX 3 . JOHNSTON ......... Cufeter f. K. HESLET... CL 3 . Baxter ....... Trainee Mem? p it ««

Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Mont.), 26 March 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.