The Winifred Times (Winifred, Mont.) 1913-19??, June 06, 1919, Image 1

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t' •••••• HE VOL. 7 NO. ii, INIFRED TIMES WINIFRED, MONTANA. FRIDAY . ITTNE 6, 1919. PRICE FIVE CENTS **** ;AMERICAN Nt.','1 r******'\*.•• 1RigY L EC K'S CASH STOREi' , corn !—Cows! Cream! RS HONORED t I WINIFRED. MONTANA FOE HUGE LONDON CROWD MEETS en's Work Shirts . . 85c to $1.50 Men's No. 220 Denim Overalls, only . . 1.75 Men's Hats from „ s Gordon Hats vas Gloves . Chtldien's Hose Ladies' Hose . Men's Work Shoes from $3.00 to Men's Dress Shoes from . 3.50 to Men's Work Shoes, stock No. 74, is one the best shoes you can possibly buy, for . Men's Work Shoes, stock No. 131 . . $1.25 to 1.75 3.50 • .15 .25 • .25 5.00 7.00 4.50 4,75 Siviare Deal for Everybody 1 r****ilrialliikikilslEAHHHIHIHMII FARM LOANS Are a specialty with this bank. , We can quote you rates as reasonable as any 'concern operating in this district; furthermore we can give you many other good reasons why it is to your advantage to deal with your local banks. Let. us remind you once more that your crops will soon be in need of . protection from hail. Let us write you the best hail insurance on earth. The First National Bank WINIFRED, MONTANA kar-' - '11£1 4 113E;› , , • ' 1. , _FEDEFAL UESEIVE , 1 Memorial Day Observed With Col. Petty as Speaker Memorial day, the 30th day of May, was fittingly observed in Winifred. All business houses were closed for the day, and in conjunction with the Odd Fel- lows and veterans of the several wars the community met in memory of those who gave their lives that freedom might live. Col. 0. E. Petty of Lewistown made the address of the day, which was of such a nature and character as to be the most im- pressive memorial address ever given in Winifred. The Colonel reviewed American tradition from its earliest inceptioh in the breasts of a liberty loving people, going back to the historical times of the Mayflower and through the transcension of American thought and teaching from the * revolutionary war to the present day. The Colonel clearly con- veyed to his audience that Ameri- ca always engaged in battle for the right and for universal free- dom for mankind, and that throughout the world America meant liberty, freedom of thought speech and religion. Being of ; southern ancestry and birth and l e imbued with all the tradition of Wanted. About forty head of cattle to pasture during the summer. W. L. BULLINGTON, Winifred. For Sale or Trope I have two small tractors that I will sell right or trade for cat- tle J. M. Stafford. Registered Here fore Bulls. We have some well marked, heavy boned two -year -old Here- ford bulls, papers with every one, priced right. MACE & SEDGWICK, Christina, Mont. Are You Happy? To be happy you must be well. If you are frequently troubled with con stipttion and indigestion you cannot he aftacether happy. Take Chamber- lain's Tablets to correct these dis- orders. They are prompt and effect- ual, easy and pleasant to take. Farmers, Attention! Dear Sir:—We have recently established a cream station in Winifred, Mont., with the Farm- ers Co-operative Ass'n in charge. For several years we have been receiving direct shipments out of Fergus county, which we have appreciated very much. We are now trying to give you a good home market for your cream, eggs and poultry. This station will have every practical, advant- age of a local creamery, and you will be assured a good price for your produce. You will be paid for your cream there and will get your cream can back. Market your cream with your local buyer, and help _establish a good home market. Yours very truly, f ENNINGSEN PRODUCE CO., Creamery Department —For home cured hams and bacon and lard go to the Cash Meat Market. the south, he emphasized the fact that the war of the rebellion was necessary that the life blood of the nation might be cleansed, and that right might prevail in the councils of the nation and all men free. , After his address at Poizean hall, Col. Petty met with the Odd Fellows and related to them some of the happenings on the , western front in Europe, and his own experience of twenty seven , days under fire. I Winifred is not only proud that ' she so fittingly observed the day, but is also proud that we were honored by having a man of Col. Petty's calibre with us on the occasion. Music was rendered by a large chorus. T. W. Reeves was the chairman at Polzean hall and N. G.. G. L. Halvorson presided at Odd Fellow hall. The graves in Winifred cemetery were fittingly decorated by the children under , direction of N. E. Ferr THEM AT STATION AND AP- PLAUDS THEIR SUCCESS HAWKER JOINS IN CHEERING Members of NC -4 Crew Doubtful of Ability of Their Craft to Fly Di- rectly Across the Ocean.—Fear Attempt From English Side London, June 2.—The crews of the three American naval seaplanes which started on the trans-Atlantle flight. completed by the NC -4 through her ar- rival at Plymouth, came to Lopdon yes- terday and were given a typical recep- tion as their trait stopped at Padding- ton station. American sailors and sol- diers rushed for the car that contained Lieutenant Coinmander A. C. Read, of the NC -4, seized him and bore him on their shoulders up and down the plat- form and then to an automobile for a parade. • One of the first to reach the NC -4's commander •after he. - came fronr the train was Harry G. -Hawker, who had attempted to shout Mscongratulations as Lieutenant Commander Read was being jostled about on the shoulders and heads of a score of men. The British aviator, who had wired his con- gratulations to the NC -4's crew at Plymouth, had arrived at the station half an hour before the train caine in. The crowd at the station cheered him and Mrs. Hawker as they drove up in their car. When they were in- side the station, three cheers were led by an American officer and given him by the American fighting men. They then gave three cheers for Mrs. Haw- ker. Plymouth, Eng., .Tune 2.—A canvass of the American navy's NC crews re- garding the feasibility of a direct At- lanilc flight by the NC -4 developed a divergence of opinion. No one would say it was impossible, but there was general agreement that much de- pended upon the direction of the wind and that there was greater prospect of success In flying from New Eng- land to Ireland than the reverse. AUSTRIAN TERMS READY FOR PRESENTATION SOON German Counter Proposals Still Hold. trig Up Work on Austrian and Other Settlements Pari-:, June 2.—The long awaited presentation to the Austrians of the terms under which they may have peace with the allied and associated powers will take place today at St. oermaln-en-Laye. The Austrians will learn, however, only what they will have to do from the military and naval standpoints and how their future boun- daries are to run. The cost to them financially in. Indemnities and repara- tions will he withheld to be presented later. Meanwhile commissions of the al- lies are going through the counter proposals of the German treaty and it Is expected that the reply of the allied and associated powers will he deliver- ed during the present week. German troops in Lettland and Lithuania are reported to have been ordered to withdraw to new lines In the Atlantic provinces marked out for them by the allied high command. British and holshevill Russian war- ships again have come into battle in the Gulf of Finland, the holsheviki being forced to flee to Kroustadt. La Liberte says that solution of the Adriatic problemis being delayed by the opposition of the Jugo-Slavs to the terms of the Dalmatian settlement. New Note for Germany. .Berlin. June 2.—According to the German armistice commission at Spa, the entente ,has presented a new note regarding German troops in Lett - land and Lithuania. The note Is said to have directed that German forces in the Baltic provinces be withdrawn within a line to be marked out for them. Field Marshal von Dergoltz will be permitted to retain Command, pro- vided he receives orders from Ger- many for the establishment of a Let- tish coalition government. Soviets Are Defeated. Helsingfors. June 2.—A 50 -minute battle occurred between a bolshevik Russian fleet comprising the battle- ship Petropavlosk (25,507 tone) and three other warships which had been bombarding the coast west of Kras- Dais Gorka (15 mile\ west of Kron- stadt) and seven British warships. The Russians fled to Kronstadt. ell. H. C. G. Tee Auto Dray for hauling. Since the rain it's time to buy HAIL INSURANCE See us about it Corn! Cows! Cream! First State Bank OF WINIFRED rAIE-11*-11H1H1-**AIHIre-i- ilreilHIHI - 14 4 1* -1 W *****-witir ***r_si W. T. Brown Writes About . Oil Prospects and Crops In a letter recently written from Wellington, Kas., to Mr. Wiper of the First State bank, W. T. Brown of the Kansas - Montana Oil and Gas company expresses the intention of resum- ing work at their Winifred we as soon as his health and priva business affairs will permit. M Brown is anxious, and by o ing his doctor's orders hopes be able to return at an early dat On his return to Kansas som three weeks ago Mr. Brown called on Mr. Gould, the geologist, and laid before him a complete report on the well up to the suspension of work. Mr. Gould was evi- dently pleased with the showing, as his following written opinion is strongly optimistic: Mr. W. T. Brown, Wellington, Kas. —Dear Sir: I have just ex- amined the log of the Winifred well, and from what you tell me of conditions there, I am of the opinion that you are justified in drilling deeper. The fact that you found a num- ber of sands containing gas and oil is encouraging. The big gas at 650 feet was evidently from the Eagle sandstone, which pro- duces gas at Havre. You are now, somewhere near the lower part of the Colorado Shale, in which most of the production oc- ocurs in the Wyoming fields. At any time now, you are likely to drop into one of the heavy sands which occur near the base of the Colorado, and the sands if en- countered should contain large amounts of Oil and gas. The finding of salt water in the well, by no means condems it for oil or gas. Many good oil wells pass through salt water sands above the oil. Viry truly yours, HAS. N. GOULD. ports that their n -as is threat- , mcount of with a e\ will reap da at c ock. The y commissioners of Blaine, Phillips and Fergus coun- ties will be present. Everybody interested in roads is urged to be present. Let's get together and be there. Catholic Services. Catholic services will be held at Winifred. Polzean hall, on Thursday, June 12, at 10:30 a. in. A. MUELLER. - Before buying your lubricat- ing oil see us for samples and prices of Mon -O -Co products. Office at oil station. Winifred Oil Co. —You can rest assured that your valuable papers are safe in one of our safety deposit boxes. They cost but $2.00 per year at The First National Bank. ffealthierStock,Quicker Growth Guarar toed with REVIZE ST 0 C K TO N I C 13 ;.0.,, Or Composed of eight different vegetable and mineral salts, which all ani- mals need. 3 -lb. bricks for stall or pen feeding. 50 lb. blocks for range or par ture That's a strong guarantee we are offering you, but it's backed up by the experience of thousands of stock feeders—many of them right in this neighborhood who , are enthusiastic about Carey-ized Stock Tpnic. They all agree that this t011 IC is safe, economical e organic live stock losses. Does away with dosing and drench- ing—enables animals to dose themselves according to their own instincts which nature has given them as a sine guide. Just place it where your hogs. sheer,, cat- tle or horses can get U—they lick it because they like it. Guaranteed pure and safe — appiovecl by vetetinarions. Try It 60 Day.; at Our Risk Come in and see us akcitit our libet•I trial offer. We want to convince you by youi own experien , e in your own feed lot without any risk to you whatever. STAFFORD'S

The Winifred Times (Winifred, Mont.), 06 June 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.