The Winifred Times (Winifred, Mont.) 1913-19??, June 13, 1919, Image 1

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S THE WINIFRED TIMES tatWa. VOL. 7 NO. 12 / WINIFRED, MONTANA, FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1919. PRICE FIVE CENTS 111 -**11-111-11-10-* REYLECK'S CASH STORE WINIFRED. MONTANA • Men's Work Shirts Men's No. 220 Denim Overalls, Men's Hats from Men's Gordon Hats Canvas Gloves Children's Hose Ladies' Hose Men's Work Shoes from Men's Dress Shoes from 85c to $1.50 only . . 1.75 $1.25 to 1.75 3.50 .15 .25 $3.00 to 5.00 3.50 to 7.00 Men's Work.Shoes, stock No. 74, is one the best shoes you can possibly buy, for Men's Work Shoes, stock No. 131 4.50 4.75 I SHIsiNsittitilegaises****-Seitill***41fififisibrisis* A Square Deal for Everybody gri - ****** 1 4HIBIP*-11f************** • • • • Th e First National Bank • • • FARM LOANS Are a specialty with this bank. We can quote you rates as reasonable as any concern operating in this district; furthermore we can give you many other good reasons why it is to your advantage to deal with your local banks. Let us remind you once more that your crops will soon be in need of -: 'protection from hail. Let us write _ • you the best hail insurance on earth. WINIFRED, MONTANA -\< . rEDERAL SYSTEM (astray, $100 Reward Strayed from my place ten miles northeast of Winifred, Oc- tober 9, 1918, five head of year- lings, two steers and three heif- ers, and one two -year -old, all white faces, branded A I Y on right ribs. One hundred dollars reward for information leading to their recovery. MATT MIROSH, Win i fred . Mont. Registered tierefora Bulls. 1 , 1re have some well marked, heavy boned two -year -old Here- ford bulls, papers with every ar one, priced right. MACE & SEDGWICK, Christina, Mont. For Sale or Traae I have two small tractors that I will sell right or trade for cat- tle. J. M. Stafford. --Aforthrup , King & Co.'s seeds that will grow, sold at Reyleck's Cash Store. Farmers, Attention! Dear Sir:—We have recently established a cream station in Winifred, Mont., with the Farm- ers Co-operative Ass'n in charge. For several years we have been receiving direct shipments out of Fergus county, which we have appreciated very much. We are now trying to give you a good home market for your cream. eggs and poultry. This station will have every practical advant- age of a local creamery, and you will be assured a good price for your produce. You will be paid for your cream there and will get your cream can back. Market your cream with your local buyer, and help establish a good hope market. Yours very truly, FIENNINGSEN PRODUCE CO., Creamery Department —For home cured hams and bacon and lard go to the Cash Meat Market. *************IIHIHIHitileitslelisittle*Sell June 17 is Good Roads Day. Governor S. V. Stewart has designated Tuesday, June 17, as a Good Roads Day. Among other things the governor requests that all the people of the state con- tribute of their labor, material and money in their respective communities that day, and he asks that each citizen respond to the call by making repairs to cul- verts, bridges and approaches; also to fill in by means of shovel any hole, ruts and blown out places on the public high ways This appeal applies to every in- habitant in this community. The question is are you a good citizen or a quitter? Chairman Stafford of the good roads committee is making plans for the members of the Commercial club to go out in squads upon the several roads and do all that can be done in one day's work. Shall we not make it a Good Roads Holiday, as the governor requests? The Com- mercial club intends that it shall he. Good citizens of the rural districts are requested to fix holes and fill in around culverts and bridges on roads passing their lands on this holiday set aside for Good Roads. To the Public. . Notice is hereby given that all persons taking water from well on premises known as the Porter place in Winifred, Montana, will make arrangements and pay therefor to the tenant in posses- sion until further notice. VICTORINE DAVIS, Owner. Winifred and surrounding ter- ritory in all directions was visited this week by much need rain. The heaviest fall was had north and east of town Monday, accom- panied by some hail, but good showers fell south and west also. Now that the dry spell has been broken it is to be hoped that the balance of the month will be at least reasonably wet, in which case we will yet be able to har- vest a fair crop. —The Quality and Color of men's Half Hose is better this Spring than they have been for several seasons. Let us show you a very complete line. Hula Clothing Company. Judge Seth was engaged Thurs- day afternoon in hearing a case wherein Charles Rich was the complaining witness against God- thard and Hans Jensen and Fred Reichmann, who were charged with driving some horses into a fence. Attorney Jesperson rep- resented the defendants, who were found not guilty. WIRE STRIKE IS NOW UNDER WAY TELEGRAPHERS WILL BE CALLED OUT AT ONCE SAYS PRES- IDENT KONENKAMP 2,800 WORKERS WALK OUT Two Girls in Portland Lose Jobs as Soon as They Announce Their Af- filiations With Union—Canton Co:ifir.:ent Few Will Quit Chicago, June 9.—dn a statement last night S. J. Konenkamp, international president of the Commercial Telegra- phers' Union of America, who had called for a nation-wide strike of tele- graph and telephone operators Wed- nesday, declared in the last three days the Western Union Telegraph com- pany had locked out 800 union men. These with the 2,500 he said were on strike in 10 southern states; made a total of 2,800 workers idle. \We now have 2,800 workers who have been driven out by the Western Union although ifs ' head, Newcomb Carlton, said we -had only 710 mem- bers,\ raid Mr. Konenkamp. Mr. Konenkamp arrived from the east yesterday and later addressed a meeting of union men. He said he ex- pected 70,000 workers would be al - recited br the strike. Burleson Plays Pert \I stated to the men.\ he said, \that we had to strike In self-defense be- cause of the tactics of Postmaster Gen- eral Burleson in permitting our peo- ple to be discharged without giving any protection and giving us no chance for a wage adjustment or arranging for collective bargaining.\ He said everywhere the members are assuring him they will do all they can to make the strike effective. Portland, Ore., June 9.—Two West- ern Union telegraph operators, Miss Lenora Davis and Jane Owen, were discharged from their positions yes- terday for declaring that they would obey the strike order next Wednesday, according to charges made by the union officials and confirmed by W. E. Brooks, chief operator for the Western Union here. Union officials issued statements' yesterday saying 154 operators In Port- land will answer the strike van. Com- pany officials Insisted the response to the call by Operators generally would be negligible. STRIKE STRENGTH HAS ALREADY BECOME LESS Declared That Hundreds of Winr.ipeg Workers Will Return to Work.— Policemen Refuse Pledges Winnipeg, June 9—While strike lead. erg were appealing to wavering union men to stand firm \because a settle- ment is in sight,\ the Winnipeg citi- zens' committee of one thousand an- nounced that the sympathetic strike phase of the industrial deadlock will be fought to a knockout. It was announced that the indus- trial employers had declined to ap- prove, as a basis of settlement, the col- lective bargaining plan submitted by the railway brotherhoods' executives. The plan of the brotherhood men at- tempting to conciliate the difficulties between the metal trades council and the employers, which outlines e eye - tern of collective bargaining, was ac- cepted last week by the metal trades, Fear to Confess Defeat Labor executives, addressing minion men, declared that to call off the sympathetic strike prior to a settle- ment would be a confession of defeat The citizens' committee take., the po- sition that the struggle over the gen- eral sympathetic strike issue — vital factor of the one big union scheme— Involves the entire dominion and that It must be disposed of before the metal trades collective bargaining con- troversy can emu, up for final settle- ment. Union leaders declared the \striking forces were standing firm.\ Declar- ations were made at the board of trade that hundreds of men and women would return to work today, 'now that returned soldiers have eliminated the weapon of intimidation. The con- troversy between the city and the members of the policemen's union is Not for final consideration at the city hall this morning. The city pollee commission demanded that the patrol- men sign a pledge to not participate in general sympathetic strikes In the future. The policemen refused, but have been attempting to arbitrate the Issue. The Auto Dray for hauling. ********slisiskilaNalsinbilsin4141.44100010111*041411 2 Corn! Cows! Cream! Since the rain it's time to buy HAIL INSURANCE See us about it Corn! Cows! Cream! First State Bank OF WINIFRED Road Meeting Saturday Was Decided Success Winifred was host last Satur- day, June 7, to the commissioners of Blaine and Fergus counties, the county engineers, and repre sentatives of the Chambers of Commerce of Lewistown and Chinook, who met here to discuss good roads. President Reyleck cif the Winifred Commercial club in his usual happy style addressed the assemblage, giving some ver practical ideas of how the cou ties should unite in a movement for roads to be so located as to be the main arteries of commerce and travel from northern to south- ern Montana. He then intro- duced Engineer Hawke of Blaine county, who outlined Blaine coun- ty's position on road matters. Engineer Tilzey of Fergus fol- lowed and gave a very compre- hensive discourse on the proposi- tion of a county bond issue. President Walker of the Lewis- town Chamber of Commerce as- sured those present that Fergus county would do its share in the matter, and President Moe of the Chinook Chamber of Com- merce, representing the business interests of Chinook, assured the people of Fergus county that Chinook would not be outdone by anything that Lewistown would do in the premises. Those present from Chinook and who spoke during the even- ing were Messrs. Moe, Hawke, Acher, Polley, Clary, Hatch, Brooks, Johnson, Mayor Kenyon, E. J. and Harry McCabe, Doren, Buckley, Duke and Munsey; from Lewistown, Messrs. Walker, Til- zey, Geo. Wright. Ben Moulton, E. J. Barney, Law, Abel, Owen, Gillis and Hillard; E. P. Ekegren, Harlowton. The commissioners and engi- neers of both counties spent Sun- day locating a crossing on the Missouri river that will fill the needs of Montana of the future, and with the prospect of early elections in the several counties of the state for the purpose of building roads, it looks some as if the motor truck would come into its owon i • - ttana and the prob- lem of tation be success - fu fo titors. was closed A m Peck of ourchased market °ugh, Secretary The Red Cross society shipped the following articles during the past months: Eight children's sweaters, 7 pinafores, 4 baby quilts, 3 pairs knitted stockings, 3 pairs socks, 1 bundle old clothing. —Do you appreiate a roomy, Long Sleeved Work Air d Shirt that will not fall apart or shed its buttons the first time it's worn? If so we can please you. Hub Clothing Company. - We will have a full line of green vegetables every week at Cash Meat Market. —Dr. Brice's Hospital, Lewis- town, Mont. 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We want to convince you by your own elperirr,.2 in yom ow:, I. d lot wttliout any risk STAFFORD'S 3-1b bricks for 614,11 or pen feeding. 50 lb. blocks for rong• or pas- tors feeding.

The Winifred Times (Winifred, Mont.), 13 June 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.