The Winifred Times (Winifred, Mont.) 1913-19??, July 25, 1919, Image 1

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Washington, July 21.—While retail dealers throughout the country are ad- vising customers they have difficulty in obtaining normal stocks of sugar, the government has forecast a domes. tic crop far above the average for the last six years. The department of agrthulture in an estimate based on July 1 crop condi- tions and announced yesterday, pre- dicts a crop of 2,218,000,000 pounds. Such production would be 147,000,000 pounds more than the average of the preceding six years. That Much Assured. A somewhat impecunious young fel low rashly engaged himself to a charm- ing young thing, who shortly after the excitement had subsided began e evince doubtr. Said she: \How long. dearie, do you think we shall have tc be engaged?\ \Well sweetheart,\ said the young man cheerily, \I have enough money to last for six months, I think.\ Dream Tears. Far better to dream of crying than of laughter, for tears in a dream meat. joy and merriment in real life; while man boy who had wallic Amer laughter, when it is dream laughter gen from Germany with object presages difficult Circumstances, seeking the former rule NEW REIGN OF TERROR HAS BEGUN IN HUNGARY Terror Troops Masters at Capital; Proletariat Are Given Arrnsi Food Conditions Very Bad Berlin, July 21.—A new reign of ter- ror exists In Budapest, according to a dispatch from the Hungarian capital to the Tagebiatt, and \red terror\ in its worst form is anticipated. The dispatch says the So-called \ter- ror troops\ are now masters of the capital, they have stormed the garri- son, disarmed the, troops of the Bela Kun government and distributed arms to \the ragged proletariat.\ The leader of the \terror troops,\ who was Bela Knn's personal guard of honor, publishes an appeal for volun- teers, and the peoples' commissaries, the new leaders in control, have sent an ultimatum to the \moderate\ city commander of Budapest, Habrich, or- dering him to give up office and tu over the city to them. Food conditions in Budapest said to be indescribable and mon Is declared to be rapidly falling value. DOCUMENT PRESENTED BY el. LIED POWERS SIMILAR TO HUN ROVISIONS ARMY IS GR TLY REDUCED Only Thirty Tlyo nd m ei , Will Be Allowed and Tit, Must be Used for k:ilice Wrkbniy.—Fifteen L s to §:newer Terms Paris, Mons o powers a kustrilLIS terms we delegates the final them at t out cereal general of The ter which Au eluding th 'Wry and which we Lion when place. 24—The full peace con - he *Bled and associated nog in the hands of the Thi first section of the resented to the Austrian St. Germain on Juue 2, Gong were delivered to me place yesterday with - by M. Dinette, seorotary peace conference, inprise the whole treaty is asked to sign, la- aration, financial, mu. In other minor clauses t ready for presenta- official ceremony took • Days' Time. In an a the Austri which to Lions, alth mated a 1 the term them. In edible mary of the clauses pro rangemeuts tered into the establis sectliiu of alon, the p In cash, t delivery torical The f trian Boned Aust.( and aritt the as tr allying memorandum granted le days in their final observe - e7 have already sub - number of notes on wily submitted to the published sum - of June 2, the new or reparation ar- Millar to those eu ermany, including f an American sub- etrations cowinis- a reasonable sum of bonds, and the eist and certain his - t do mite fat terneyeuelde the Aus- ir debt pull be appor- e various termer parts of that the Austria coinage ,nds circulating in the sep- !tory shall be taken up by •overnments and redeemed fit. my Down to 30,17CAT. the military terms the Ails ny is henceforth reduced to n on a purely voluntary basis. raph five, relating to the mil- ays the Austrian army shall ead 80,000 men, including offi- iii depot troops. Within three the Austrian military forces Je reduced to this number, unl- military training abolished and sty enlistment of a general lim- n of armaments of all nations. e army shall be used exclusively he maintenance of internal order control of frontiers. All officers t be regulars, those of the present - y to be retained being under the gation to serve at least 20 con- utive years of active service. Non - GERMAN SOCIALISTS IN nmissioned officers and privates FEAR OF STOPPING WORI 1 enlist for not less than 12 con- years, including at least six Would Only Slow Down Work of 11.ars with the colors. construction by CounelL—Cess& Con not Recommended ilEXICANS PROMISE ALL Berlin, July 21. — The workme AID IN TAKING BANDITS councils of the social democratic . German democratic parties met is day and passed a resolution ' But Seriousness of Offense Against w says that while they would gr U. S. Sailors Is Not Minimized thize with a general strike air In Washington Offices the Versailles \peace of tamer* they see in the stoppage of We Germany no advantage to be g, since the hour of failure by lei work will slow down the rimer tion of the council. The resolution recommends rg - tuition of work. The independent socialist I ra councils and industrial fliners voted Friday to join in the der\II - tion called for today. T 4u - Bon passed by the council hat by a strike the unified pr all , international labor will ho priced Nil, an American citizen, and the at - against the \Versailles e l ie , .10- tack on his wife, in the Tampico dls- lence, imperialism and capita the trict last month. suppression of the press and liens- The message from the Mexican gov- urea of force adopted by siverte eriirnent, replying to representations ments against the revoluti( pro. mode by the United States immedi- letariat. ately after the attack on the Correll — family was reported, however, did WILHELM FEELS BETTI little to lessen the gravity of the situa- FRAU ALSO I OVE tion existing here since Saturday when news of the attack on American sailors Amerongen. July 21.—T) nditio reached the state department. Offi- of former Emperor Willie ho h; chile made no attempt after the me- i been Ill from ear troubli great sage relating to the Correll attack was improved, but he still rem Milo() received to minimize the seriousness The former empress, .sta V of the situation resulting from tiw as - torte, who has been By ng fr sault on the sailors who were dressed heart trouble, was so vies -ter in American uniforms and were in a that she was able to ri e n motor launch at the masthead of which was an American flag. Washington, July 21. — While the state and navy departments awaited fi.rther information in regard to the a tack and robbery of a boat load of American sailors from the U. S. S. (heyenne in the Temeal river, near \7ampleo Mex., July 6, the Mexican :overninent through its embassy has eformed the state department It #ould \omit no efforts in the prosecu- $on and punishment of those respon- Ole\ for the murder of John W. Cor- -The Auto Dray for hauling. PRICE FIVE CENTS *** *1( • 11HPHIHIHIHINWHIHINIFeHlel Corn ! Cows! Cream! Farm Loans Do it Now Corn ! Cows ! Cream ! First State Bank I OF WI NIFRED SEE US FOR Timely Rain Puts P. N. people to the Albee Bros Maiden Out of Danger: ported the deal involves the trans- •• were not available but it is re- - --- ' fer of some 22,000 acres of irri- W u.a was received from Maid - I gated and grazing lands, but does en this moi-; not include any of the stock, fell there yestele-iV afternoon s l of ranch hands -tct that a good rain The new owners bring with them which helped the firt ituation a full complement tremendously, putting D. i en ( and the out of danger and giving ttkl known fighters control of the situation. 1 ' The past week has been a strenuous one for those engagen -r-- in combating the fireswiinnd the t i c .t,m udithm mountains, thntaienssi the situation grave. Maiden has been dangerously near being wiped out, and only for the constant and untiring ef- fforts of the citizens, aided by a large force of volunteers from the surrounding country the old camp would now be in ashes. It has been reported quite a number of cattle grazing in the fire area have perished, but there is no authentic information as to that at this time. The P. N. Ranch at Judith Sold to Albee Bros., Co. Members of the Albee Bros., company of Deer Lodge, who recently purchased the P. N. ranch holdings at Judith, which also includes the 79 ranch, ar- rived the first of the week and took charge of the property. Details of the transfer by the Ittrar.1#***Tort the lowin der ( by C. in a re land w But seas coun- try came back\ and is today a veritable gold mine: \Some time ago Ira Smith sold his home place south of town to the Weborgs for $325 per acre and purchased 240 acres east of Thurston, known as the old Frank Kubick place. Mr. Smith began to realize the value of northeast Nebraska real estate and last week bought his home place back from the Weborgs at $350 per acre.\ What Nebraska did Montana will do, \come back,\ so stick it out some way, boys, and reap the reward that is sure to come. I who have long )me have , rture. go fo r , Next. \It may seem a little strange, said the facetious feller, \but ice is a lot smoother before it is shaved.\ A Woman instinctively knows quality and style in men's wear. She can understand values, match colors, and appreciate quali- ty. She will recog- nise better qualities in Cutter & Crosaette Cravats You men justify your good judgment of menu' wear by bringing the woman who understands with you to the store where you both are understood. AT STAFFORD'S

The Winifred Times (Winifred, Mont.), 25 July 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.