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THE WINIFRED TIMES VOL. 7 NO. 22 WINIFRED, MONTANA, FRIDAY AUGUST 22, 1919. PRICE FIVE CENI S ** 1 filEX BANDITS RD TWO U. S. AVIATURS! \.************** Corn ! ****** Co\‘\ -******** vs! *********** \ . \Cream ! REYLECK'S CASH STORE WINIFRED, MONTANA SHOES! SHOES!' Have advanced from 50c to $2.00 per pair for the last thirty days. We purchased our shoes almost four months ago, so when you buy shoes from Rey- leck's Cash Store you are Saving 50c to $2 on every pair for I haven't changed the price on a single pair of shoes in my stock, and will give you the advantage of this saving as long as the present stock lasts. Buy from your home merchants and build up your own country. A Square Deal for Everybody ilRiele***-41Feett-*-*414- 1 4t-****-*-01t-41441 0 1HIHIE \SAFETY\ Is the watchword of the National Banking System. Reports from the National Banking Department show practically no failures of national banks for a long time past. Your money deposited with this bank is as safe as this nearly perfect system can make it. Don't forget that farm loans are our specialty. Let us talk it over with you. The First National Bank WINIFRED, MONTANA Irr- ----- MEMBER \7144 - ---- FEDERAL fusses's . > Ia SYS TE?•! ... ,'.....111E 4E**-1Hiei(**-*-*****-silE* - **044 4 1r1 -3 1Flu* Speaking of Bonds. In order to purchase the in- terests of the Dodge Bros., in the Ford Motor Co., Henry Ford as president and executive head of the company, placed through Boston and New York brokers, a bond issue of $75000,000, se- cured by the assets of the cor- poration. In the statement is- sued by Ford it was asserted that the Ford family and the Mayor of Detroit are now the sole own- ers of all the stock and assets of the Ford Motor company. Mr. Voter, if that is a good proposition for the Ford Motor Co., and also for the two fami- lies that own and control the for- tunes of that corporation, on the the' same principle ought it not be a good proposition for you as a stockholder in Fergus county, a quasi municipal corporation, to vote for the road bond issue and finance your own company and let the benefits accrue to your family as member stockholders in corporation which means more to you than material wealth? As the county grows and prospers. so will your individual wealth increase in like proportion with - 1 out extra effort on your part. 4 Let us have roads, better roads * and more of them. Vote yes on **********44-*-***-44-**********414110191HIHIt- tk -1 1Hle*******-11HOHIHIE-*** the road bond proposition on Sep. An Amortized Loan. One loan, no commission mort- gage. Twenty equal annual payments pays off principal amount and interest. Can prepay at ANY TIME without costs, interest, bonus or commission. No association to join, no paper other than your own to guarantee. Additional loans without extra expense. The loan is never sold. A low average interest of 6 per cent. Under government supervision. The New Loan of the Union Central Life Insurance Company Cincinnati. HOWARD HOWARD C. GEE. Local Representative. New York Help. Advertisement in Gotham pap: , .. \Colored girl wants half time. general hiosework; no washing, or anything bliss A, 248 West 14th street.\ Notice to Farmers. --- — On September 2 you will be called upon to express your senti- ment in regard to aid for the farmers of Fergus county for the next twelve months for the pur- chase of seed, feed and family maintenance. There will be sub- mitted at that time a bond propo- sition for the issuance of $500,- 000 of county bonds to provide a fund for the purposes above indi- cated. If this measure carries, the board of county commission- ers, through the clerk of the board, will immediately furnish seed, feed and maintenance to those who will need the same, the borrower giving his primis- sory note, which bears 6 per cent interest and is payable to the county. Funds for the bond is sue will be obtained from the state and the relief will be han- dled without any delays. WINIFRED COMMERCIAL CLUB. tember 2. You will help your- self by doing this, as the farm- ers will be given preference in the work of constructing proposed new roads. _ Equal Right, But No Favor. \I suppose,\ said a lady to a trol- ley car conductor, \if I pay the fare for my dog he will be treated the same as other passengers. and Oe al- lowed to occupy a seat?\ \Of :amuse. madam.\ the conductor replied polite- ly. \He will he treated the same as other passengers. and can occupy a seat provided he does not put his feet on it!\ • the X. SUBWAY AND ROADS TIED UP IN NEW YORK _ New York. Aug. 18.—The vast sub- way and elevated systems of the Im r , gh pin Transit company, ope , :.;ing - in 31anhattan, the Bronx and of Brooklyn and Queens, WAS' 1.A I'd lyZPII yesterday by a strike called .1. Connolly, acting president of the Brotherhood of Interborongh Elif Transit employes. DEMAND THAT $15,000 IN GOLD BE PAID OR MEN WILL BE PUT TO DEATH HELD CLOSE TO THE BORDER Outlaw Band's Agent to Receive Money at Town on Rio Grande.—Chico Cano Believed to Be Leader Holding the Two Men aorta, Texas, Aug. TR.—Letters purporting to be from Lieutenants Patti IT. Davis and Harold G. Peter- son, American army aviators, missing since last Sunday, were received here yesterday at military headquarters. The letters stated that aviators were being held by bandits for $15,000 ran- som somewhere In Mexico and were threatened with death unless the ran let- ters. was paid, according to the let - The demand for the ransom was re- ceived here yesterday and report made at once to Major General Diek- man, commander of the southern de- partment. An unconfirmed report also was received that the aviators were being held close to the American border and that Chico Cano, a famous bandit of the Big Bend and Ojimtgo district, was the leader of the band that has the aviators. Dawkins Kilpatrick, of Candelaria, Texas, sent a message to the bandits late last night urging them to post- pone the time limit fixed in the de- mand for the payment of $1:1,000 ran- som until Wednesday because of the delay in receiving their demand at the border. A message from a former Villa fol- lower, now a member Of the bandit hand. was received at the border late yesterday threatening to kill the Amer- ican aviators if any evidence of mili- tary movements to search for the Americans were seen on the American side of the border. This message was addressed to Dawkins Kilpatrick, it was announced here. El Paso, Texas, Aug. 18.—In an official statement issued at military headquarters here last night and signed by Brig. Gen. James B. Erwin. district commander, it was announced that Niaj. .1. A. Walter, commander ef the areo unit at Fort Bliss, had re- ceived a message from Limits. Paul IL Davis and Harold G. Peters stating they had been captured by Mexicans and were being held for $15,000 ran- sotn. which must be paid by Aug. 18, according to the message. Arrangements were being made here last night to obtain $15,000 gold vole and send it to Marfa early totnorrow for the payment of the ransom. as it is feared the men will be killed by I be bandits unless the ransom Is paid. When it became known at For' Bliss tonight that the aviators were reported held by Mexican bandits, there was much discussion among army officers of the possibility of Ameri- can troops crossing the border in search of the bandits who were hold- ing the aviators prisoners. This was discredited by the higher officers for two reasons. The principal one ad- vaneed was that the Amerlean avia- tors would be killed if an expedition crossed in pursuit of the bandits. The other reason was that orders for ex- peditions to cross the border In the Big Bend district apply only to pur- suit of bandits who have stolen prop- erty off the American side and then only to follow a \hot trail.\ WARRANTS SWORN OUT FOR TWO SUGAR MEN Chicago Wholesalers Charged With Having Realized a Profit of 40 Per Cent on Sales Chicago, Aug. Ms—The first war- rants in Chiengo'a campaig,n against food hoarders and profiteers were is- sued Saturday under the Lever food control law. .Tohn F. Campbell, presi- dent and treasurer. and John F. Bunk- er. vice pr , sident and manager of the John F. Campbell company. wholesale sugar dealers. were charged with vio. lation of the law and acettsed of hav- ing realized a profit of 40 per rent on sugar sales. United States District Attorney Charles F. Clyne. who returned here after A conference of several days in Washington with Attorney General Palmer. said the campaign against hoarders and profiteers would be vigorously prosecuted. He said that a great mass of evidence had been turned in by federal investigators and that action in his office was just be. The tient). which began with the re- ginning. flisal of crews to start runs from the car barns, became absolute at 6 a. m. --The Auto Dray for hauling.i SEE US FOR Farm Loans 6/0 First State Bank I Do it Now y - SERVICE - to Can be found in two places, the dictionary and Corn! OF WINIFRED Cows! ****aleteltikskilHIHisliEliHitaHlHirrialtlits 1 H1Hist Seed Grain, How to Get It and Where to Sell It As has been advertised, Fergus county will vote on September 2nd, 1919, on the proposition whether or not bonds shall be is- sued not to exceed $500,000 for the relief of drought stricken farmers. It is the desire of the county commissioners, in case this meas- ure carries, to purchase all seed locally, if there be a sufficient supply in the county. County Clerk W. W. Wheaton is desirous of ascertaining as nearly as possible the amount of seed grain available in the county for fall and spring sowing. The proposition will be handled the same as in the spring of 1918, when the county clerk issued or- ders for all grain purchased. All persons having seed grain for sale are requested to list the same with the county clerk, stat- ing the kind of grain, number of bushels, where same is located and a definite price. All orders will be issued against this grain until the supply is exhausted. All persons desiring to avail themselves of this aid, in case the measure carries, will be re- quired to apply in person to the county clerk, as the commission- ers do not deem it advisable to cover the county in answer to ap- plications as heretofore. This • • -- Cream! action is taken in order to avoid discrepancies in descriptions of land, as was experienced last year. All applications will be checked with the records. Charged With Stealing Stock. The first development coming as a result of much work done in this co by Chief Stock De- tecti avigne and Stock In McCann was seen :tr n three arrests efendants being G. Plum creek, char ft of a steer belo Turner: Elme Taylor, charg steer belon ercan- tile & Li • • m any, Taylor also being charged with a second offense, that of stealing a heifer belonging to Manuel Misner of Hilger. The men were all re- leased upon furnishing bonds of $2,000 each. The arrests came as somewhat of a surprise, and it is promised that there will be more developments later. — Demo- crat -News. Notice. Party who took my cistern pump from in front of my house on my ranch is known, and will save himself a lot of trouble if it is replaced in the cistern as it was, within two weeks. STEPHEN E. SANDE. A Woman instinctively knows quality and style in men's wear. She can understand values, match colors, and appreciate quali- ty. She will recog- nize better qualities in Cutter &Cressotte Cravats You men justify your good judgment of mens' wear by bringing the woman who understands with you to the store where you both are I. understood I 1 MI 11 I I I I • MI ••••••••• AT STAFFORD'S

The Winifred Times (Winifred, Mont.), 22 Aug. 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.