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About The Independent (Moccasin, Mont.) 1920-1924

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Nov. 8, 1923-May 8, 1924
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  • Moccasin, Judith Basin, Montana
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Judith Basin County Free Library, Stanford, Montana

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Charles A. Burdick started The Independent in Moccasin sometime between March and September 1921. The main reason the exact date is hard to find is because previously he had been the publisher/editor of the Moccasin Dispatch. However, in late Nov. 1920, he suspended the Dispatch for health reasons and went east to have surgery. He returned to town in March 1921 and the speculation was that he would resume the Dispatch. Instead he created The Independent which on the front page is stated to be “a continuation of the Moccasin Dispatch”. It’s unclear whether he went directly to the new name. An article in the Oct 6, 1921 issue of the Judith Basin County Press refers to it as the Moccasin Dispatch. However, the same paper on Sept 8, 1921, called Charles E. Burdick the editor of the Moccasin Independent. Whenever it officially started, The Independent continued through January 1924 at which time Burdick suspended operations this time with the intent of moving to the western part of the state and stared a new newspaper. Whether he succeeded is unclear. A note of caution: there was an earlier Moccasin Independent published by J. LeRoy Berglund. This Independent started in January 1912, but closed in March due to lack of subscriptions.

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