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I , •se (.• The Moore Independei DEVOTED TO TH E INTERESTS OF' MOOR E AND THE SURROUNDINGscommustrrim Volume I F ifteen To Helena Soon The Montana State Legislature will convene next week and the city of Helena, a somewhat quiet city when the state fair or the legislature is not in session, will take on new life; Plenty of im- portant legislation is under dis- cussion for this session, but just how much there will be accom- plished remains to be seen. The session will last 60 days In which time much good or e%il can be imposed on the public. Too many laws are already on the statute books and if about two-thirds of 'them could be re- voked and a dozen or two sane measures put into law the state would be a great deal better off. But we shall wait and see what happens, then howl if we choose. Birthday Party Last Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn entertained in honor of the birthday anniver sary of their daughter Rose. Six tables of \500\ were in progress and a delicious two course lunch- eon was served at midnight. When scores were tallied priz es were awarded to the following ladies: Mrs. Ed Mack, high; Oda Natvig, low. Gent's scorps, to Steve Healy high; Art Jolliff low. All departed in the small hours of the morning wishing Miss .Rose many happy returns of the day. Subscribe for the home paper Moore, Fergus County, Montana, Thursday, Jan'y4.1, 1931 Leaders to Meet Primitive Prevails ',1•11./MemageWmgg........ • • .1111•••••••••••••MD Family Reunion The Patrick Nihill family held a Christmas reunion last week with the arrival home of all of their children. Elizabeth came down from Great Falls where she is taking nurses' training in the Columbus hospital, and Albert and Tom came home from Butte where they are emphoyed, thus virtually completing the family circle and Christmas reunion of the entire family. Sad News As a drawback to an otherwise enjoyable Christmas Mrs. Rob- ert Morris received the sad news of the death of her sister- in-law at Cumberland, Iowa, her death taking place a few days before Christmas. The deceased in pass ng left to mourn her loss a husband, Mrs. Morris' brother, and a family of nine children, the youngest being an infant. The Glad New Year Is here and let us hope it will be brighter and more fruitful than the year 1930. As a home institution we aim to assist in every way pos- sible and invite your hearty co-operation. State Bank of Moore L OUR TOWN OUR TOWN II \The Friend of the Needy\ 1111i1111111111111111111111111111111111111M1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111M11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Ai George's Shop • I Barbering and Beauty Shop Work ii Of all kinds. Baths in connection Cleaning and Pressing, Hats Cleaned and Blceked Suits Made to Measure. Cosmetics for the ladits I t Your Patronage Appreciated m g .0 Geo's • Bob & Beauty Shoppe I . Moore, Montana . g GEO. KILMER, Proprietor g .g - NomiMEMMIMIMMIMINIMEMIIMIIMMIIIIIMIMIIIMIIIIIIIMUIIIMIIMMINEMMIIMMINMEMIEWMINIE _ The New Year Today is New Years Day, the We note in the daily press of I That the Yuletide spirit of day on which many resolutions the state that the Republican years agone still prevails to a for the year are carefully plan - State Central Committee has been great extent thruout the country ned. It is a day celebrated most - called to meet in Helena on Jan- is very conclusive as shown b ly in the larger cities on a larger uary 9, to find ways and means our exchanges telling of the scale than Christmas, a day of to pay off the indebtedness incur- many family and neighborhood revelry by \many and 'a day of red during the last campaign, gatherings held on Christmas. cheerful greetings by all. To the This is truly pleasing news to This was also manifest in our the small publishers of the state own local community, we having who, we take it, are all about in heard of many such gatherings the same fix, generally. hard pres- on Christmas Day which if chron- sed at this season of the year and the money due them from that campaign will go far in keeping the fuel bin replenished, us we are assured the social gath • erings on Christmas day were all higely enjoyed and nn accidents of any nature to mar the merry- makers on that Yuletide occasion as is often the case where Christ- mas trees and large gatherings are held. These gatherings con- vince most fair minded people that the happy Yuletide is not passing, as many of the high. binders scattered over the nation would make one believe. editors of small town papers it is just an ordinary work day and comes this year on our publica- tion day. The first of a new year ieled separately would more than is generally a day of settlemdnt till our limited space. But from of all small accounts and we trust reports received from all around that the resolutions of many of our readers will have a kindly thought for the publisher of the home paper and help us out with the small accounts justly due us, thus making us feel , that our ef- forts have been appreciated and encouraging us to greater efforts for the year 1931. \Watch !, Party On Wednesday evening, New Year's Eve, a \watch party will be held at the ranch home of Mr. Christmas Carols land Mrs. Jeff Simpson by the in- timate friends and neighbors of the *family. They will gather at about nine o'clock and while os- tensibly watching the passing of the year 1930 the guests will amuse themselves at cards ard anecdotes of the passine. year. Those present on this occasion will all prepare New Years reso lutions and when the clock regis- ters the passing of the old and the coming of the New Year Mr. Simpson, as host, will on behalf of those assembled give greetings to the New Year and will read the rviolutions as written by the guests. We will not be allowed to publiah these however as it may cause much embarrassment later on. At about 7:30 o'clock on Christ. mas eve our citizens were delight fully 'entertained by a bevy of school children led by their in- structor, Mrs. R.M. Porter, trav- eling about the city discoursing sweet carols which greatly pleas- ed all who were within hearing. The youthful voices could not bat impress the hardest hearts with the true spirit of Christmas, as only children know how to en- joy it. This year the merry car- re!tira.,nere forced to travel about on foot as there was no snow on the ground for the sleigh ride and the merry sleigh bells as in the several years past had played a part in this annual event. A.n Enjoyable Time Mr. and Mrs. Ed Termaat were much surprized Wednesday when their daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Choe Noel of Utica drove in bringing their ra- dio and setting it up for the Christmas holidays which was greatly enjoyed by all. As the dinner hour approached a big fat turkey raised on the Noel ranch west of Utica and roasted by the hostess graced the center of the table at which were seated Mr. and Mrs. Ed . Termaat, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Heck, Mr. and Mrs. Choe Noel, J. B. Pyles, Harold Termaat, Bernice Termaat and Max Hertle. Max came down with the intention of chopping wood but after eating so much turkey he couldn't walk as far as the wood pile. Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wisdom and daughter Helen, Lawrence Wea- ver and Smithy Arnold were in to spend the evening and listen to the radio. The popular game of \500\ was also enjoyed. Farmers Attention! The Rock Creek local -of the Nat ilnalF armers Union of Moore will hold their regular meeting at the Moore high school on Mon day evening, Jan. 5th, at 7;30 o'clock. After the meeting is over all will adjourn to the Moore Woman's club rooms where a bounteous oyster supper will be served to all members and their families. As a favor the ladies are asked to bring bowls and spoons enough for all members of their families. Mrs. S. E. Moore, Acting Sec'y. I His Own Sentiment Last week we received a neat- ly printed and artistic Christmas greeting card from Edward Gor- don Irvin, otherwise known as \Doc\ author of the \Struttin' Along\ column in the Democrat - News. It was a four verse com- position entitled \Christmas in the Heart,\ depicting the true spirit of the Yuletide season as viewed by the author, who is 10 other than \Doc\ himself. It was originality itself and the sentiment expressed by Mr. Ir- win is truly beautiful to read and to keep in one's heart and memory. Changes Time Train No. 115 from Harlow to Great Falls on the Milwaukee, which has been arriving here at 9:00 a.m., changed time Monday and now arrives at 8:34 a.m, nearly a half hour earlier. This was made possible by shortening the running time of the transcon- tinental trains on the main line from Chicago to 'the west coast. It is also stated the evening train from Gt. Falls . to Harlow - ton will arrive practically at the same hour, or about 9:45 p.m. The Ice Rink •••••••I MO.& The old ice skating rink, thru the kindness of the city authori- ties granting the use of city wa- ter for flooding . purposes, is now a scene of much healthful and invigorating exercise by the b33 $ and girls of the community. The rink is flooded two or three. evenings each week and with the absence of show makes a very pleasurerble pastime for the young folks during the holiday vacation. Not because of a Time Honored Custom, but because of the sincerity of our appreciation of the business you have given us toe e32tend the Season's Greet- ings for a Happy and Prosper- ous Neu , Year. Sincerely Yours, Number 5 f iiiieniffilmallemilmaumemanammimenimmiummiumummilmonamtnilemieliiiimmemaimenatiiimesweimmaa GREETINGS May the Year 1931 be a Happy and Prosper- ous one to you all is sincere wish. MOORE HARDWARE & IMP. CO. Moore Mont. . iimmummumnimmuormiHnutunimmunimuninomnimmumunimmunowitmutommuummummuswelmommummermill 111=11121111111r Why Pay 'Wore Who Made Grocery Prices Cheaper in Moore 100 lbs of . Sugar Macaroni, Elbow, 3 lbs for Peaches, sliced or halves, 2 for Tomatoes, large, 7 cans for • Salmon, pink, 2 cans for Jello, all flavors, 3 pks for - Peanut Butter, School Boy, 2 - lbs for Libbys Pork & Beans, No. 2, 6 for Libbys Tomatoes, No. 2, 6 for Libbys Apple Butter, 2 1-2 size I- Libbys Dill Pickles, 2 for Hill's Bros. Coffee, 3 lbs for Pure Vanilla Extract, 2 oz size Lemon Extract, 2 oz size Red Top Gloves, the best, per pair Flour is Cheaper, Get Our Prices $6-40 25c 25c 1.00 25c 25 4 45e 55c 55c 25e 35a 1.00 20c 20e 15e H. Quackenbush, Proprietor . ,c . Everything to Eat Moore, Montana 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111MMIMIUMIIM 1 Greetings: Frank I31 1ckalew Moore .= Mont. II nummiimmumminimmumniminuminimolluumminnumminiumnimmunomatiummannunimumamunatilmummuon Meet Your Friends at the OFFICE Pool and Billiard Parlor A FULL LINE nF CANDIES, GUMS, CIGAR- ETTES, CIGARS AND TOBACCOS Moore's Popular Pleasure Resort •

The Moore Independent (Moore, Mont.), 01 Jan. 1931, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.