The Moore Independent (Moore, Mont.) 1915-1931, January 01, 1931, Image 4

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The Moore I ependent PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY W. M. JONES Owner and Pciblisher Subscriptions $2 a yenir, out months $1 Beyond Sixth Zone,;$3.00 per year Admitted to the U.S. mg,i1 Jan. 1916 under act o March 3, 6179 • Lopal News Read the home paper. Frank Needham and wife of Great Falls spent Christmas at the J. F. Hickey hOme. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shaw spent Christmas visiting with their sons, Ossie and Ernie, at Arrow Creek. King brothers, ranchers living north of town, last week shipped a double-deck car of sheep to the Chicago market. Willis Walker and family of the Tiegan district, spent Christmas day at the h3me of Mrs. P. S Hottenstein, returning home on Friday. Mrs. E. N. LeClair returned home Sunday after spending Christmas and the week end with her long time friend, Mrs. Mary Jenkins, in Lewistown. Our fellow townsman Ralph Hunter, we are told, will soon depart for Helena there to act as a committee clerk in one of the various branches of the state legislature. Merle Edwards, John Strong and Miss Helena Thompson left Friday morning by auto for Mis- soula for ti visit with the Harry Edwards family. They returned home Tuesday morning. 0. E. Briese, who for the past three weeks has Leen taking treatments at Camas Hot Springs returned home Sunday much ben- efitted by the service and mineral waters of that resort. • Forrest Hottenstein who for the past month has been tram - acting business and visiting with friends in Missouri returned home last Thursday, in time to celebrate Christmas with his family, Mrs. F. E. Jacobus who left here some two months ago for a visit with friends .n South Dako- ta, returned home Sunday and now the household of Ralph Hun- ter is again duly established. The Midnight Mass Services at St. Mathias' church in Moore on Chrismas eve conducted by Rev. Father John Molyneux was very largely attended, worshippers from all parts of the district be- ing present. A soeial dance at the Kips Ho- tel last Saturday night by a num- ber of the high school pupils was heartily enjoyed. A fine lunch at midnight was ; served to the merrymakers after which they all dispersed to their respective homes. A new club room has been started in the room formerly oe- cupied by Roy Ross, about a doz• en or two devotees of the shiny s pasteboards advancing this new move. Card tables, chairs, a few cispidors and a! heater is the only furniture in evidence. The naming of the club has been left to W. P. Powell and we are told he has suggested \The Sons of Rest\ as a fitting name for the new organization. Lillian Hebb who is employed at the Moore hospital epent the Christmas season with her pa- rents near Hobson. George Duboise left for Helena Wednesday where he will under- go another examination at the World War Veterans' hospital in that city. The regular meeting of Amer- ican Legion Auxiliary Post No. 63 will be held on Tuesday after- noon, Jan. 6, 1931, at the home of Mrs. Gall. Miss Geraldine Wilson who is holding a good position in Mis- soula is enjoying a few days va- cation at the home of her parents Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Wilson, south of Moore. Mrs. Kate O'Brien was . called to Great Falls Saturday to be present for the operation of her sister, Mrs. Jack Nelson of Bench land at the Deaconess hospital on that day. Mrs. Nelson was reported as being operated on about ten days ago, but after the iperation had been decided upon complications arose whieh made postponement necessary. The price of gasoline took a sudden rise of two cents on Mon- day of this week making the ser- vice station prices here now 25c per gallon. It had been 23 1-2 for the past three weeks but as the heads of the big oil compan- ies realized it was a necessary luxury it is up to the public to etand their graft or go back to old Dobbin. • Wilbur Culbertson, who for the past two weeks has been taking treatment for liver trouble and has been dieting until his bones are beginning to show, is sug- gested by some of his friends to take that Nebraska doctor's for- mula: \Get an old Model T Ford, pick out the roughest roads to be found and travel a 20 mile clip for 17 houre. Then after twelve hours of rest he guarantees the liver to be in firstelass working order. 1115 IDEA OF mit cotoit 'What goes your husband say to your new coat ?\ swears whenever he thinks. bow much it cost.\ Measuring Volcanic Neat New methods are being used to measure the heat of Kilauea, giant voloano of Hawaii, according to Popular Science Monthly. Under the direction of Dr. T. A. Jagger, director of the Hawaii Volcano ob- servatory, borings ten feet deep dot the solid rock at the crater at in- tervals of 1,000 feet. As soon as the temperatures within are taken and recorded, the holes are capped with metal rings to preserve , them, so that they can be used for future observatfons. Plow Almost Haman A plow that can be turned loose on a field and that will plow the whole thing without the touch of a man's 'hand has beep perfected and put to work on a Nebraska farm by F. L. Zibach of Grand Island, Neb. The power is supplied by gasoline tractor but the control is by an elec- trical device that starts the machine and rtmsnit around and around a •J field in concentric furrows properly spaced fox,. accurate plowing. Butterflies for America Two tgausand butterflies which have been collected in tropical East Africa were recently shippui from Liverpool to America Mounting of the specimenrhad taken 333 hours of spare-time work, according to the collector, A. Lovering, of Cleve - don, England. The collection, val- ued at $2,500, also includes thou sands of beetles, grasshoppers and other insects gathered by Lovering. gememeessitumsestiessiesseesseesseesseetesmememeeseesseeseeseeseuessitssesimummethe 2 . • g. -_- a ffl a = • s - For Sale—Dry or green wood, g: stove length, delivered in doubl box loads at $500 per load. „ Art. Simmons, Moore, Mont. 47 4t at MONTANA Office of the State Eiaminer HELENA, • • Noveniber 28, MO TOWN OF MOORF. To the Honorable Mayor and Council of the Town of Moore Fergus County, Montana. Gentlemen:— We herewith submit a report of the regular annual examination of the records and accounts of the Town of Moore as' made by A. M. Johnson, Deputy State Exami- ner, on the 19th day of November, 1930. OFFICERS • Mayor Mr. T... E. Riee, Cler . Mrs. Lucy oil Ake Treasurer Mrs. Lucy O. Rice Police Judge Mr. W. T. Gilmer Marshal, Supt. of Water Department and Street Commissioner Mr. W. F. Culbertson VALUATION Assessed Value for year 1930 $339,813.00 Taxable Value for year 1930 $110,627 00 Tax Levy for 1930 Fund General Road Bond Interest Bond Sinking Library Levy 4 mills 2 \ 12 8 2 4 • 6 Total Levy • 28 Mills Operation of General Cash Account To Balance in all Funds at time of the last ex- amination on Nov. 1, 1929 To Receipts from above date to Nov. 1,1930 $2,812.30 4,895.08 $7,707.38 By Disbursements during same period $6,847.53 Balance in all Funds November 1, 1930 21,363.85 Cash Reconcilement State Bank of Moore, Bank Balance $1,361.85 Less Check No. 632 not taken into account by the Bank by error in the City account, 3.00 Net Bank Balance $1,359.86 DEPOSITORY SECURITIES State Bank of Moore Custodian's Receipt for U. S. Fourth Liberty Loan Bonds $1,500.00 National.. Bank of Lewistown, Trustee bank, Approved on • September 6, 1930. , FUND ACCOUNTS iJ General 0. D. $7.27 Road '$ 363.65 Bond Interest 20.14 Bond Sinking 179.37 Water 689.39 Library 114.57 • $1,367.12 Less Overdraft 7.27 Total $1,359.85 WAOR COLLECTIONS Supt. and Collector W. F. Culbertson • To,Water Colleationa from Oct. 1, 19 . 29 to Oct. 1, 190 By Town Treasurer' a receipt for same Police Judge, Mr. W, T. Gilmer No business listed since last exumination Indebtedness Water Bonds, 6%,° 1911 Issue Improvement Districts Indebtedness District No. 1, $L 337,68 • District No. 2, 465.71 District No. 3, 422 62 District No. 4, 600 58 $2,826 69 Comparative Statement Gen'l Obligation Indebtedness Nov. 1, 1929 Gen'l Obligation Indebtedness Nov. 1, 1930 $19,000.00 $21,000.00 19,000.00 Decrease $ 2,000.00 Improvement Dist Indebtedness Aov. 1, 1929 2,826 59 Improvement Dist Indebtedness Nov. I, 1930 2,826.59 Official Bonds Lucy O. Rice, Clerk and Treasurer, Personal Bond, $1,000.00. Dated April 17, 1930. Sureties, Leota Johns, James C. Gilbreath. Approved May 5, 1930. Bond in- complete. Principal has not signed the bond nor is the, Oath of Office sworn to. W. T. Gilmer. Police Magistrate, Personal Bond $500.00. Dated March 7, 1927. Sureties R. S. Todd, W. J. Carmen. Approved April 11, 1927. W. F. Culbertson, Marshal, Personal Bond,, $500.00. Dated November 28, 1927. Sureties J. L. Lowe, James Gilbreath. Approved December 7, 1927. W. F. Culbertson, Superintendent of Water Works, Personal Bond, $500.00. Dated November 28, 1927. Sure ties J. L. Lowe, James Gilbreath. Approved Dec. 5, 1927. EXAMINER'S NOTES The Treasurer has permitted an overdraft in the Gen- tiral Fund in the amount of $7.27. Whether the amount be large or small, it is illegal to permit such a condition. You are referred to Sections 4752 to 4756, inclusive, R. C. M. 1921, which provides for the disposition of a warrant against a depleted fund. No fund should ever be allowed to be overdrawn. We found that your minutes were written up to date 'and neatly but they failed to include the designation of your depository bank and the approval of the Custodian's _Receipt securing the Town's Funds. This matter is of - great importance and you should have your minutes show the designation of your depository bank and a full minute entry of the approval of your securities pledged for your • Town deposits. (See Chapter 49-1929 Laws.) The examination fee for 1930 was paid by Warrant , No. 3764, issued May 6, 1930. The Clerk's Annual Financial Statement for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1930, was submitted to the State Ex- ' aminer in compliance with the Statutes. The Clerk re- ceived State Examiner's Receipt No, 292 in evidence thereof. CLAIMS: • The claims were found to be in good form and in most instances met with legal requirements. We wish, how- ever, to call your attention to the following claims: No. 3823, lacked date services were rendered. Nos. 3796, 3781 and 3723 were not 'subscribed and sworn to as required by law. Respectfully Submitted, G. M. Robertson, State Examiner, R. N. Hawkins, Assistant State Examiner. A. M. Johnson, • Deputy State Examiner. $1,783.75! 1,783.75 IMMEWIWEEIMIUM IMMIMMUMMIIMMMIIIMIIMIIIIMIIIIMMIDUIMMIMIIMMIMMIIMIEMIM iJ IIRMIMMIHMHIffilltIMUIMMI MIN I 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111l1111111illS11111111111111111111111111U111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111101111111111111111111111111111111111 rfehmst • DAVID OIL CO. MOORE. CENTRAL SERVICE STATION MONT • Gasoline. Oils, Greases, Wholesale & Retail Radio B Batteries $2.75 arid $3,25 Storage Batteries for cars $7.85 Auto Repairs and Accessories Kelly tires and tubes Car Washing Atwater -Kent and Apex Radios Heccoline, Quaker State and Valvoline Oils Kerosene, Wholesale and Retail =1=o=11=i1=11=1 Classified Ads, .; For Sale: ---Four fat hogs weigh- ing about 400 lbs each. 'Priced at $5 50 per hundred at - the ranch. Dr. ,E. A. Wilson, Moore, Mont. Strayed—One red female hog, weight about 160 lbs. Anyone knowing whereabouts of same kindly notify W. F. Senf, Moore, Montana. Strayed—From my pasture, one roan cow and calf, branded on left hip. Reward, notify Jas. H. Johnston, Moore, Mont. Man's Need of Religion Ilan needs religion to enable hum to ttve decently, nut to die feailessly. Ile needs it to enable him to be squire with \his fellow men, to be charitable of ether people's weaknesses, to be nelpful to those who are in .distress. to treat his neighbor as he himself would like to be treated.--Corvallie (Ore.) Gazette -Times. • Call See 'E Unusual Bargains in Used Pianos, Victrolas and Saxa- phones. See us first Art Music *tore Emil W.110.8X1 LEWItTOWN. MONT. • New Cold Relief In Tasteless Capsules Formerly you treated a cold you took one prepara- tion for relieving head- ache, another for a fever, another for regulat'ng the bowels. Now, you have them all in Asperoids, the tasteless capsules that eon. tam n the full treatment. 36 Aspirolds 79e WILLARD DRUG GO More, Neatens e •2,12 . 1....01.4 Stare 14441111141411004411114441114116111111144' 114.4•=11.644141141411 • 4 44 1.4 1 414844411061411110111 0. E. Briese General Dray And Transfer J. R. Sutter% M.D. Physician & Surgeon Office in the Clary Butiding Phone 26-W MOORE. MONTANA ilkeft•emoomargiii;o7romecor.s.•••••••1•we r amm

The Moore Independent (Moore, Mont.), 01 Jan. 1931, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.