Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, March 25, 1902, Image 2

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2.. Kendall, Montana, March 26, 1902. SOUTH AFRICA'S GOLD YIELD Phenomenal Richness of a Small Territory. • Tons of the Yellow Metal and Diamonds—Future Porsibilities of the Transvaal. n Hays 1-Liintuond, the eminent milling engineer, says that the South African unpleasantness is an interlude in the Transvaal's mining history, a result of ita mineral wealth and proba y a necessary evolution in its mini pro- gress for the abolition of the oh abuses. \The prize of the struggle—the Wit- watersrand, or the White Water Range— is unique in the world's mining records, and I do not wonder at the growing en- thusiasm in London at the_prospecithat it will :tom) he recovered. — London is renewing its •old fijier t and is planning great. ..things in that line. _.: - \The Rand ie the world's richest store- house of gold, all in what the Wee( would call a little patch of ground 25 miles on either side of Johannesburg. It resembles anything hut a minilig dis- trict, having the appearance of a grazing country. The reefs are rather accessible and easily worked. The deposits are unique in their unparalleled pe istence of ore, which is interspersety in the quartz and sandotone. It is not of a very high . quality, yielding about $10 a ton. There are about 10,000 stamps in the district, which crush 7,000,000 tons annually. The war •has blown over in Johannissburg without \doing any. .Lital damage to the plants. Since its discovery in 1885 the Rand has yielded $400,000.000 in gild, and just before the war it was yielding at the rate•of $100,000,000 a year, or one-third of the world's producti , m. \Yet with all this richness there may be some dieillus' intent in the next 7 1 generation. The ref, it is true, are over a mile deep, --end the conditions favor deep mining. The increase in tem- perature is only one degree for 200 tret, so that we can mine down 100,000 feet. The deposits, however, are not as assert- ed, practically unlimited. I believe that the future life of ilia Transvaal will not exceed thirty years, which mention yield of not much more than $3,000,00000. In eight or ten years _after the peace Cie Rand will have reached its zenith. \The diamond mines at Kimberly will go on longer. At Kimberly they have in three year! mined fifteen tone of diamonds, worth $500,000,000. The De Beers company, which controls the out- put and restricts it according to the market, produces yearly 2,000m(A) to 3-, 000,000 karats worth $20;000,000. A syn'licete purchases the whole output at $5 to $8 per karat. The life of the mines is indeterminate, the company estimat- ing...ILA 144 years. Mining has been carried down 1800 feet, mostly in extinct .volcanic Craters. . ' \In South Africa we compress cell - tunes of Mining hietory into, decades and we hold the worhPs records in min- ing for rapidity in exploitation, drilling and -hoisting. At Kimberly 2000 tone have been hoisted up a 1600 -foot shaft in one day, while at the 'Simmer tk Jack' we sent dowii at 22x20 shaft about 2200 feet. in one month. We had at any ex- pense got men from the Calumet and Becht and other companies to do this, but the work was really done, not by them, but by young 'fellows just out of college, whom we told to go ahead and use their brains. South Africa rivals America in dierespeet for tradition. . In fact its brightest pioneers are Americans anil: . leading figures among- -Johannes- burg engineers is Helmut Jennings, a Harvard graduate. \There are many problema ahead of the Rand, the chief being that of power. There are no navigable rivers and prac- tically no *waterfalls. The Kaffir, of whom there are 100,000 in the Rand, is lazy and dissolute, anti the war has naile him worse and eettreeK.; while the climate . makes the white menial labor impossible. fhe Kaffir will work only long enough to buy a tew wives to sup- port him the rest of his days. If it can be done, he Must be regenerated and his bribel organization disrupted. Then there are questions of improved mining processes anti of further exploitation, as of the Randfontein. ,\After the . Rand is worked out there is little outside Kimberly worth fighting about. The only other gold deposits are those which were worked in Rhodesia in prehistoric times and are supposed to be those of Xing Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, which yield about $3,000,000 a year.\ , CONITTTO THE FRONT. tfinwAtear Mine Nearing the Dili- . dend Point. !\ The New Year mining - property, situ- ati* near Maiden this eounty, promises to take - it among the important dividend payers in •the near future. A miner who bee just arrived in Kendall says the property never looked better than at present. The results from the cyaniding of the ore pe extremely satiti- fitetory. and the extAction is np to the capacity of the mill. The tramway is doing good service, and over fiftytons a day is going to the crnsher. --- Tbe fact that the New Year ore can be treated and haudled for about 50 cents a ton speaks well for the skillful managemtrit of Joseph Meredith and his astwaileitsia. Kendall Stage Co. Operating Between lien,dall and Lewistown _ Leave Lewistown Daily, except Sunday, at so a. m., reaching Ken- dall at ii:3o a. m. Leave Kendall Daily, except Sunday, at 3 9. m., arriving at Lewistown at 6 p. m. FOUR HORSE COACHES Ainple Aecommoslatione Extra acearnmodatione for baggage of commercial travelers. H. SMITH, Agent At KENDALL. Utica Saloon Kondali McKinley Street, opposite Post Office • \ Williamson & Hansen, Props. Choke brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars - The Cook Interest - • IN THE WNSITE OF THE MARKET Consisting of ONE THOUSAND LOTS Which Will Be Offered to the Public at the Company Office in the Town of Kendall, Mont., City of Spokane, Wash., and the City of Great Falls, Mont. Lots from $30 to $1,000 John Jackson, Jr„ Agent. KENDALL Is the Coming Big Mining Camp of Montana •\4 Al

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 25 March 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.