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1, • CHRONICLE. VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, APRIL 8, 1903. No. 3. MING IS NOW IN ORDER Large Stone Hotel to be Constructed at OraCt. Other Substantial Edifices Planed for the Town—Active Work Ahead—A Few Notes. Kendfl is certain to have a building boom the\ cotning spring - rind summer, anti active preparations to tied. end are now noticeable in several quarters. As soon as the weather settles down to it certain fairneme hauling lumber will be- gin in good earnest. In the meantime the most that can be rlone is to get ideate in shape and arrattike details. Several of the building to go up are to be built of stone. This speaks well for the town and those who are to finrinisli the means for putting up these beildings. It means that faith in the camp is to be backed up by money. Those who have already made ittvestments here are enthusiastic over the prospects and predict great things for the camp. They pin their faith on the fabulous wealth in the ore deposits already, uncovered tuel what is casein mineral belt. when in full course certain to develop. The North Moc- of development, will call for tin immense number of miners and mill bends. The time ie eloee at hand when there will be at least half a dozen companies operat- ing here as extensi,•ely as are 'lie King - Batmen and the Kendall companies at the present tune. Among the dozen or more buildings that are to go up at once is the hotel of W. A. Shanks. This hotel will he built of stone, two stories high, and will I ave a basement. It will lie heated by A furnace, have electric lights and all the other features found in first-class housee. There will be about forty-five rooms, and the building will cover five thoutiand feet of ground space. The work of excavating on the site has com- menced. The location of the hotel is at the junction of several thoroughfares, the principal one hieing NIcKisley ave- nue. In connection wall the hotel the work of excavating for one of John R. Cook's buildings will go on. This is also to be of stone, and finished in an artissie man- ner. It will in part be occupied by a ,panking company,: backed up by a lib- ral These two build- ings will be ready for occupancy by July let next. As heretofore mentioned in the CHRONICLE T. M. Medlock has completed arrangements for erecting a stone build- ing adjoillink H. V. Turner's block on the north. It is to have a frontage of 50 feet. The building will be as near fire proof AB it is possible to make it. Mr. Medlock will put in 11 stock of merchan- dine specially selected for this trade. It may be of interest to note that, Mr. Med- lock purchased the lot on which he Is to build about a month ago, and a few days since he was offered an advance of $200 for it; but he declined to accept it. • Lumber for Mr. Tullock'e livery and feed barn was contracted for some time ago, and it will soon be on the ground. The building is to be a large one,—.as large as any stable in the county—and will be built in it most subetential man- ner. . The two-story building on McKinley Avenue. built by the Deerfield Mercan- tile Co. is nearly completed. It makea a fine appearance, and is a credit toq he camp. The ground floorja s being fitted up in an elaborate mania for saloon' purposes, and the upper floor will be used as a ball. Fred. Stephens is making some alter- ations en his hotel building. The store % room in front is being so arranged as to add to the hotel accommodations. The inlet week carpenters have been at work on Wiemer and Wilson's build- ing putting in shelving, etc. It is now ready for the drag Mock that kite been ordered by L: C. Wilson. Mr, Wilson is from Great Falls; where he filled a po- sit hill in the leading drug Inoue° of the town, • J. H. Hoffman has arranged to enlarge his Ryer' Irani: At present he it over- crowded, and if he were to loiilirie the size of his stable lie would have none too much room. John Newton has about finished his private resider k at the topper end o: n the avenue. aresents a attractive i a ppea ra nee. , During the past ten slays a great num- ber of tents have been set up and they art- all occupied. ' .. ROAD • TRUSTEES. 4 'unity Com.ithotioners are Petitioned to Appoint Three. The election for road _trustees iti this district, called for last Saturday, sent by default, as the polling place—Spring creek .school 'nonlife—wits not open. A !lumber of voters were on hand. lea the proper officials failed to appear. A ire- tition is now in circulation here asking the County Commissioners to make ap- pointments. The petition reads as fol- lows: • To the honorable the Board of Co ty Commissioners of Fergus count lit.: We dm undersigned citizen elide'', Fergus county, Montana, i rid dis- trict No. 11, pray to the Board of County Commissioners to appoint nu road true_ tees of this district McClellan White, Samuel I). Whipple and. Olutries D. Allen, for the reason that the polls desig- nated by tire present rott - dli-ustees of the district as a polling place efts not opened; that five voters, namely: W. A. Sintules, :McClellan White, Joseph Trulove, Mar- ion Walters audJames Shea, were at the polling place from 11 a. m. until 12 m. No one appeared, the place being halted. The petition is being numerously signed, and no doubt the Commissioners will take action as soon as they tneet. ;he gentlemen named for trustees are certain to do their dirty if called on to act. THE SCHOOL ELECTION. A Vote Made to Bond Dia Distriot for it Good teem. The election last Saturday for three school trustees in this district did riot excite general interest and may a light vote was east. The •otel nutnIter of bal- lots cast was 19. There were but three cautildates voted for, as follows: H Smith, 17; C. Ridell, 16; E. B. Smith, 15. Seventeen votes were cast for bond- ing the district for $3,500, and no votes were cast against the tneallu re. The townelte company has donated six mem., ca ground for a echool house site, so it looks as though Kendall wonhl soon be well equipped in an educational way. NEWS FROM MO OF GB The King -Barnes Company Ships Much Bullion. Claims Bonded for a Large Sum— o. Outside Interest in the Camp Increasing Rapidly. A feature of the past week at the King - Heroes untie a as the cleat:a-up of William on Thursday. It was it large: rim than usual, end the result was five large bars of gold bullion. The value wae not given out, but the pile of bright yellow stuff cord., not have been less than $15,- 000, 'it _war gent to Lewistown end thence to the mint. 'file new Bloat, Which is to prospect the ore body from which the ore is now taken to supply the mill, has reached at depth of 50 feet. The forum- tem continues hard. It is not expected to strike ore for some distance as it has considereble dip to the east. An Insporion' Deal. Last week Ede ard J. Morison oi well -know ii mining main, paid Kende!i is visit, and while here made an important mieing deal. He et -cured a bond on a glom) of five claims lying just west ot tire great Ketehtll mine. Tue again:us s•cts.erA are the -Pilgrim. Chicken, Iowa, Plymouth Rock and Stephens. The bond is givers lay Fred L. Stephefie, Ruth Stepliens'atiel Marion Walters, and calls for the payment of $20,000,—$501.10 on January 1, 1903, anal it similar sum on March I, Nlay 1 maul June 1 following. Not much work has been olone on the property, but the surface shoe ing is most eatisfactury. Values run (rem $1 to $4.50 per ion, and it is believed the ore body is a continuation of time one in the Kendall property. Mr. Morison con- trols the Klondike Fraction and St.. Elmo Fraction, which join the Kendall. After securing the property mentioned Mr. Morison marled for the East. He will visit Chicago, Pittsburg amid New York, where he expecte to Interest eapttat in Kendall district. While here Mr. Morliton took a, trip over the ore belt and saw enougin to con- vince him that Kendall is slated to be- come the greatest gold camp in Montana. He eent away jubilant over the pros- pects. In conversattion with the Custom - leas Mr. Morison said: \People on the outside have the im- pression that this section is still deep in snow. I find it easy to get all over the hills. lit Spokane they had the impres- sion that there was brit one mine here, and no good ground could be had. It afforded we pleasure to disabuse their minds of that error. Interest in the camp is growing everywhere, and while Thunder, Mountain will attract consider- able attention this summer, the remark- able ore bodies already !uncovered in Kendallis certain to draw naen of money this way.\ Dining Notes. Wori: in the Kendall mill is progrems• mg favorably, and it is believed the ma- chinery will start Up not later than the fist co i n n M w a i y n . contact with the big cave in tint Abbey mine has caused the com- pany to change its -plan of development work. It is possible a new tunnel will lie started, to tap the ore body at much greater depth thee has yet been reached.. \Han to the Front.\ ,No mining distriel in Mont Hint for many years has c to the front so quickly its has Ketiotall district, and al- most before the people are familiar with the name a (0%11 has been built there,. vast mines 'neve hetet opened up. mills have been built or are in process cat con- struction, and the camp is producing bullion at a stage in its developmeet where moat camps are lying idle and a wadi mg tire (rowing of the promoter.— Great Falls Leader. ea. PERSONAL 1.40-3-444,440-4,44-#00-40444-.44-444 A. B. Lehman. the Lewistown mer- chant. anal James McLettii, of the same town, visited Kendall Sunday. Mr. Cornell oh Lewistown, slit, has large teal estate holdings here, aims. inn t1)tt is Sionety. A. E. Hinson, of the Det•rfield Mercen- tile Co inpaily, paid Lewistoran a flying visit last week'. He has practically recovered his injury sustained by a kick. ' from a horse. J. L. there of Gilt Edge was in town ' this week, stecompanied by several men - hers of tine family. They had a pleasant visit aid] friends, and left impressed with the town anti the lag mines. A. 3.,lituuim, tookest itta.aolid financial men of Stanford, spent two days here last %trek. He lates interests in the camp end lb ie no hurry to dispose of diem. lie sees great things ahead for Kendall. George W. Mere'', representing Dune - McLean 'Mercantile Co. Of Greet ri ived in camp Sunday and stopped at Stephens' hotel. He said all of Great Falls has an eye on Kendall, anti the belief on the outside is that this is to lw one of the great camps of Montana. Mr, and Mrs. F. L. Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Price, Leonard Wilson, end Fred. Farish,: the Colorado mining ex- pert, formed a party that visited the re- markable cave ita the Abbey mitre one day last week. Elblag Johineon piloted them through the underground wonder. *tweet) some of the outburst@of adinir- 'Aim' and delight on the part of the Indies Mr. Fat:ish took a flashlight pic- ture of the interior. - Wnn. Peck, the sell -known rancher of Utica. was in town last week, on a visit to hie sister, Mrs. Fred. Stephens. Mr. Peck has 800 acres of laud and his prin.- cial crops are hay and grain. But he thinks seriously of going into the stock busineete which, after all, is the money making butanes, of Montana. Mr. Peck report the past- winter as having been particularly favoroble to Mock. Some of the ranchers have had to feed but lit- tle hay. F. E. Edwards, one of the traveling men for Dunham's cocoanut prepara- tions, Was in town Saturday ragged out in a Sunday smile and a linen duster. The linen garment was something of air innovstion on the prevailing street cos - Wines in Kendall, hut happily the inci- dent wits allowed to pass unchallenged. There was a disposition on the pert, of It Few members of the Committee 011 Pub- lic safety to condemn Mr. Edwards for his apparent disregard of the proprieties, but no public\demonstration was made. If the commercial tourist had come to camp wearing a tall hat, it would have been different. ' ..„.•••••e••••••••••••Og............o.boto , aboo-.•••• 55

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