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4 KEN DALL CHRONICLE. VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, APRIL is, 19o2. N9. 4. NOVELTY IN ORE EXTRACTION How they Work the Great King - Barnes Mine. Blasts that Break Down 7atiy Tons of Ore.—Developing New Bonanzas. The manner in which the ore in the King -Barnes mineot this ettunit,is mined is est unusual that it may be considered a novel y. Nowhere else, except in the Tread well mine, on Douglas lobate!, is similar program carried out. In a tech nical sense, the King -Berries ore, it may lie said, is simply quarried one from the side of a great lime -capped ;noun': Wel which, so far as preach. exploreut, maintains m stupendone body oh mineral- ized rock, nearly MI of it carrying gold in sufficient qualitities to he profitable to send to the mill. It is this immense quarry of gold -bearing ore that 110P dreamt so much attention to the property, and made it a %meter in tle. mining world of the west. Nearly all the ore now being vent to the mill is taken from e hat is designated E R open cut. Owing to the refit nunout;t 'of ore already extracted this cut hat am- sexert---itruirenyme pesspeettrit* ir Yarektee area and depth. Stendine ort\the main street of Kendall and looking up am the exeavatiomir resembles the mouth of great crater. And it is assuming larger Proportions each day as time work of blasting flown the melt continues. The tweev of this ore extraction is eight hue - mired fet from li te e' imimpmimmy't mill anti may tie approached aloe,/ ti car t reek that skirts the hill snmi finally penetrates. it through a (linnet directly below this cut. 'PA flits tniinel are ore ehoots from which the cars are loaded. When the ore Iii_Ailasted down it falls into these shoots. it is battiest ,, nt in two ton cars drawn by zt single Itoree, and two men are itstitilly sonployed in loading um mid tun loading them. It is possible fur theee men to send euflicielit ore to thu.otme-hun- dred ton will tit six ho it 9 in keep it em- ployed (living twenty-four boors of op- eration. The breaking down of ore in the cot meitiloned is carried ou iii a wholefmaie manner. The drill liolee ate driven in on an everage from 4 to 9 feet, and not indrequently the last named figure is exceeded. When these - blasts are set off the report im oftentimes terrific, and the Concussion fairly shakes the town. Sinteltinteitie with the blast time air in the 1.0 4 - Mediate vicinity is filled with shattered rock tt'Kul debris, While billowy clouds of yellow dust rise high in the air to gradually disappear. The result of thew. blasts is the breaking down of im- menee qoantlties of ore and pay dirt. Oftea as much ,as one hundred tons are caved down by rine round of ohote, awl in siteh a case it may require a dity's time fo break up the rock RO it can con- venkualt be passed on to the cars. In these blasting operations tiothieg is con- sidered waste, from the grass roots town—all the material finds its way to the mill. Time King-Bitrecs mill has been in ope- ration elhee last September and as over omit' hundred tons pi ore a day is put in- to the thatu p to date cyanide about ta n ks , it may I n 'e ns stat thave been treated. Practically all of this ore has come out of the open colt referred to. It requires about seventeen cubic feet of this ore to make a ton, and by a little fignrieg a fair idea may be had of how large an excavation has been made in the side of the mountain. And yet what has been taken out it butt al RUIN!' frac- tion of what remains, and practically in sight. But this is not all the mining that is being done by the company meter the skillful direction of Superintendent E. W. King. Development work is going on at several points on the property. Near the tunnel leading to the big open cut is a crosscut tunnel running in a westerly direction. At 'a diettiocr of about 290 feet ore is encoontereml. Here the tunnel veers itlighly to the south tinml follows in the ore hody. The face of the tunnel at this date is in the ore 235 feet, and is being advanced at a rapid rate. How wide the ore body it. ie these work- ings has not heel' determined. A cross cut running for the. foot -wall is in 25 feet and is still in ore. Another cross- cut. going . in all opposite ulirection, is in 15 feet—ell in ore. At a point in time ore body a slope, or upraise, use been exteedell 44 feet. It is the intention to make to the sneface. mm dietetwe of per laps 70 feet, mei connect with Hti open rut already made in the or body. rt,,, ..,..a g enwnt does Hot attempt to (eel - mete the extent of theore depoeit in this portion of the greaj proi erty. This in- fosaiation can wily be acquired by actual development of the ore metienres. The ore encountered ill lievetopment work is S pi l l to time Ind!: At the present time fort, miners and iiitteltffite at' empillyed ref the 'pto enf. Foreman MeCorniiek states -that tmvo omen in the °pelt stet furnish !deftly per cent. of time ore Pent to the mill. in mmli these openutione front 1150 to r o pontiffs of powder is used daily. As is elready known the King -Barnes ore is treated by the cranide process, amid the cost of mining awl milling is so small that $4 ore '-an be mined with profit. It is four days from the time the ore enters the crushers it is run off into the Clem poem'. Whitt the value Is of the ore crushed lots not been made public; hot it is within bounds to mate that it runs Inuit) $4 to $14 per ton. A STRONG UNION. The Miners of Kettd•11 Have a Well C..rstliteted Organization. The backbone of a mining camp is the miner and the -wages he receives and the better his Imaji the more monVy he puts into circuletion. The object of °Mot's is to secure amid maintain mu fair wage for a fair day's work, and to extend aid and piotectiou to members. It is for thew reanimate that miners' unions are IlOte:rotig end have the popular good will in the commuuities where they operate. The miner's tuition of Kendall is a strong organistition, and its membership is tecreasing. It was orgettized Febru- ary II. 1001, with a membership of twen- ty. At that time there was but one building—a log house—on the present Site of Kendall. The union has -grown steadily since then mind now it has one hundred and forty narneeon its roll. The &tit president of the union was Frank Flannigan. On March 1st, last the union elected officers ES follows: President, W. K. Woodson; First Vice President, Joe Burnett; Second Vice President, William Zollinger; Treasure), Funk Stephens; Recordieg Secretary, D. J. Harrington; Financial Secretary, E. E. Phillips; Conductor, Samuel Beesley; Warden, D. Curry; Trustees, Charles Mireflick, Wm. O'Donovan, Oliver Allen, Wm. Chandler and J. B. Kerte. The union is now making an effort to have all the miners in the district, be- come member,. The union ovine the hall it occupies and the lot upon which it stands. It Has Been Ordered by the North Moccasin Company. Machinery Soon to be Shipped and Set Up—Development is Now Going On. A third large will for this camp is no longer a matter of speculation; it is an assured feet. The North Moccasin Mining Company, whose property lies lietweelf the King - Barnes and Kendall mines. has not only decided to erect mm mill, but the machin- ery Ines already been purchased. 0. J. Weittemen, manager for the Niontena Hardware CoTittpany, (luring -his recent eastern trip, placed aim order with the AllitChelmers Co. for a 150 -ton mill. The instruetione were tO get time machin- ery mm: lime road as soon' es posteible. and this will he done. Owing to the et ta led condition of work time lwet that Can be 'Iwo) is to get the machitiery started in sixty or ninety days. In the inemditue the company will prepare for setting up the plant on its property. Alt itnittenee quentity of timhers dud other Ittnilwr will have to be fatten ont„ foundation res•k hauled, grasktig (bone, etc. Tlie °out r pou . halt framed tirvt.1041- - a ` ler rtilTr — y 4iikTivi 'a (theft otm the Mantiavo lade :mil one oat the Stitt tiago .Fraction, to extloit the ore body in that part of the ground. A monsiderable force - of miners will h. employed in this work. 'cline is the minitig business amount- ing great proportion.; in this district. FIRE AT LEWISTOWN. --- J . I.. HrI g ht'• Hastd.00ne Iteeltleare Km - dogged to Althea. The handsome rentience of J. L. Bright et Lewistown was destroyed by fire Fr'day evetming. The tire originated through sit electric spark, due to defec- tive wireing. As soon ite the flames were discovered att alarm was given and the fire department responded. In the mean- time the flames had made rapid head- way. and theeintill supply of water pre- vented the firemen from doing effective work. As the titre atis its way through time house time work of saving 'furniture, pictures, etc., was going on, and fortu- nately considerable stuff was rescued. It was but a brief tittle, however, before the strueture was reduced to tuthee. The lose is pieced at WOO, partially covered by instirmitce. LEWISTOWN PROSPEROUS. It Hee a \Get There\ EpIrlt Which le Certain to , uourit. Lewistown is likely to have the !hoot, prosperous year in its history. - Right now it is making progreps not only in in- creasing its businese, but in building up the town. The business blocks recently erected would he a credit to a town tom times its size. The stranger visiting Lewistown is Impressed by time substan- tial character of its business blocks and the large and att ractive display@ of goods on the inside. These striking features are !tot often encountered outside of cities of considerable size. The crying need of the town now is more hotel room and more private residences. There is not...a vacant house in town, and rental property is in demand. James Cochran I. going to relieve the strain somewhat by building ten cottage.; but more are needed. Heine the eenter of capital for mom onmettime territory rich in resources Lewistown is certain to expand in pro- portion to the development of those re- sources. The energetic people of Lew- istown anticipate very proeperotie times mind they tire not to be diimppointed ANOTHER 00IIIPANY PORXED. It WIII Operate Property Near the Greet Kendall Klee. The Colorado and Montana Mi tuesCont- patty, organized under the laws of Colo - ratio, bait tiled its articles with the See- retaty of State. The capitalisation. is $500,000, with shares at $1 each. Den- ver is time principal place of business. The company's statement shows that the capital stock is paid in with *$.5 iii cloth and a intimater to the company of a one-third interest in the Paymaster, Orey Home and Monday claims, which ar% situated near the Kendall mine. and mt transfer Pm time cowpony of it bond for a deed upon a two-thirds Oilmen in the property. the a hole eettinted to he worth $499,096. James F. Bobitteoe of Lewis - WWII is promoting time enterprise, '1 he compatuy'e property is admirably located Ion striking a botienza. AND THE ASSESSOR CAHN ALSO A County Olflelal Wk., la latereated mum Our Material Welfare. County Assessor Donald Fowler was itt toe it the peel week looking after bind- tteme conneeted with his office. He took a casual glance at some of the mining properties, had a tm-w blanks made out for town tutopsurty, and did a little busi- ness in collecting poll tax. He will re- tort' Weer and RaErfle all the property available for that titirtsee. Mt. Fowler says that the assessed vgl- um,tion of Fergus county will be vastly more this year than it was last ' • that it will foot up between 1161100.0m and $7,000,000, and that Fergus would in consequence be °lade a county of the .hird claw. The energetic Assessor saw many changes for the better luere since his hist visit, and is prepared to witneom still greater ones bottom the summer/is over. John Borg was in town this week, and noted that business was going right i01111. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Breasey of Lewistown paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wunderlin the past week. John Linn eonneilutan-elect of Lew- istown, viett4 Kendall Saturday. The huaiiieas outlook of the place struck him very fevorably. I. M. Hobensack, manager of the Jo did) Hardware Co., was in town Satur- day doing business. He found things moving along in the right direction. H. 1. Shaw and wife visited Lewis. town one day bust week, and returned in Saturday's bliszard, and a most uncom- fortable trip it proved to be. J. B. Mitch, one of the proprietors of the Lewistown Democrat, and Miss Min- nie Kelider of Fort Maginnis, were mar- ried Wejtneeday. The CHRONICLE joins with htnidiethiof others in wishing the couples lot.trltfe of happiness. Barney littipenald, the jovial brewery matt of Lewletogn, visited Kendall Fri- day and greeted many trienda. He paid a visit US the King-Bs-nem mine, and saw the great ore bodies, Mr. McDon- ald has great fAith in the tnture of the camp. The Abel Brothers of Lewistown were among the marry callers at the CHRON- mut office a week ago Sunday. It was their first visitlo the camp. They \took in\ the mines and the mills, and after siting op the pituation were not at all backward in saying that this was the coming section of the state.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 15 April 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.