Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, April 15, 1902, Image 6

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6. Kendall. Montana, April l, 191 J 2 . BUSINESS and RES I D ENT LOTS In the Town of Kendalf are now on the Market 4 KEN DALL Is the Great Gold Camp of Montana And Now Is the Time to Secure Town Property Those who bought lots last fall can now realize Five Times more than they invested, and the boom has scarcely 1 tett All the information desired at my office in Kendall. SHAULES Judith Bashi Bank Lewistown, Mont. Incorporated Under the Laws of Montana. Paid -Up Capital $75,000 Surplys and Profits 6,000 HK /MAN 'fITkfil. B President. DAVID HILOR, Viee,-Peatektept. OILORGE J. BACH, Cashier. W. B. MINBIL Ass't Cashier DIRECTORS: Herman Often, David Bulger, Fl. Hodgson, H.M1 McCauley, Louis Laudt, ,filatthets Gunton. John Latta, W B. Miner, George J. Bach. A general baukitig business transacted including the needles* and sale of State and County Warrants. and Bounty Certificates the siOling of exchange on all the principal cities of the United States and Europe ; the traustering of money by telegraph. Careful attention given to collections. and the safe keeping of valuable papers. We Pay interest on Time Deposits Kendall Stage Co. Operating Between Eandall and Lewistown Leave Lewistown Daily, except Sunday, at 9 a. m., reaching Ken- dall at te:36 a. m. Lave Kendall Daily, except Sumba), at 3 D. m., arriving at Lewistown at 6 p. m. FOUR HORSE COACHES Ample Aottommodat ions Ext rim 11C111111 aux - 11161am. for Ipegg,ig,. of otomercial travelers. H. SMITH, Agent At KgNDALII., Judith Inland Transportation Co. Operating Concord Coaches Between Lewistown and the Railroads. Ft)tt GREAT FALPt.: Leave Lewistown at 7 a. nt , (inching (Street falls following morning. FOR 11 A RL(/WTON : Lease Lewistown ot a. m , Sunday excepted, making close von nevi lots with railroad. FORT BENTON _110U FE: Coaches leave terminals 11 , •ntlays, Wednesdays end Fridays, Stir Close connection with trains, anti stages for Kendall. .1. 1.. M FA RS,,l'roprietor, Kendall Chronicle $2.00 a Year Job Printing neatly done at the NOTLCRofnriclvallo4 P A T- * .i -u d ace, Lewhgetro, Montana, April 1, 1902 Notice is hereby Iran that ERNitsr W KING, whose ca address is Lewistown, Bergtraoptioty, Montana, on behalf of him- self and John - P. Barnes. Clarence B. Barnes, Joseph T. Wunderlin end Martin L. Wood- men. his co -owners, has this day Intel styli- catios for patent, ender the mining taws of Congress, for the Wedge ifiUsitem tract of nournineral land now used and occupied for milling purposes, by said applktants, situ - sessile North Moccasin mining diaries (un- organised), Fergus nounty, Montana. and trim tod by the Bold notes and plat there - in this aloe as Mineral Survey No. 6272/1, kg?. 18 N. Range 185. of Montana me- ridian, said millaite elates I. recorded in the °lice of the recorder of the said county, in Book 1, at page 271 of Miscellaneous records, and is deecribed by metes and bounds as fol- lows, towit: Beginning at Cor No. 1, from which the Sec. Cor' between Secs and 112, in T.18 N. R.18 B., bears N. 66 deg. 4 min. IL 1865.3 feet; thew* N. 0 dog. 20min. W.4180 feet to Cor. No. 2; thence S.84 deg. 44 into. W. 71.3feet to Cor. No. 8; thence N. n deg. 61 min. E. 181 feet to Cor. No. 4: thence 8. 24 deg. W. 896 feet to Cor. No lo: thence RAO deg. 24 min. Ii. 621 feet to the plate of beginning. containing an area of 4.48 acres. Magnetic variat.on on all courage 19 deg 8) min li. Adjoining claims are; on the west the Daisy lode, Survey No. 0453; on the south the Saddle lode, Survey No 0212A. Any and all persons claiming adversely any Portion of the said ml kite claim are re- quired to file their adverse claims with the Register of the United State land office, at Letelst own. in the 'date of Montana, during the sixty days' period of publication hereof. or they will be forever barred by virtue oi th provisions of the statute in such eases made and provided. EDWARD BRASSEY Register. I. E. W SIMON, Attorney for Claimant.. Date of first publication April I, 1902. NOTICE OF APPLICATION POE PAT- ent-- Mineral application No. 76-U. S. Laud Office, Lewistown. Montana, April 1, 1902. Notiee is hereby givcn that Ernest W. Bing, whose post office address is Lewistown, Per- gus county, Montana. n behalf of himself and his co -owners, John P. Barnes, Cla mice S. Barnes. Joseph T Wundarlit. and Martin 1.. Woodman, has filed an application for • patent for the lode mining claim known as the Daisy quarts mine, situated in the North Moccasin mining dig. riot (unorganised). Fergus county, Montana, and designated by the Sold notes and official plat on tile le this office as survey No 6458. in 7'. 18 N., R. 18 B., Montana meridian, which said claim is re- corded in the office a the recorder of said County, at Lewistow,., Montana, in Vol. 6 of Lodes, page 293, and described as follows. Beginning at tor. No. I, from which the Sec. eor. between Sees. 29 And 112 T. 18 N.. R. 1 S. bears N. Il deg. 21 min. 20 sec. 8 141.4 feet: theme 8.44 deg. W. 14972 feet to cot - . No. 2: theme N 87 deg. 29 mitt. W. 1461 feet to eor. No, thence hi 36 deg. 5 min. B. MI feet to cor . No.4; thence N. 47 deg. 44 min. E. 1123s feet to cor. No. : tbeuee 8.81 deg n min. 828.1 feet to the point of beginning, contain - an area Of 17.94 acres: magaetie varia- tion on all eourses 19 deg. 30 age. B. The presumed course of the said lode, and the number of feet claimed thereon. measured along said lode, from the renter of the dis- covery shaft is 686.7 feet 24.44 deg. 8. an4.810.6 feet S. 44 deg. W. Adjoiniee Mims: Os the N. Pausey lode; on the K. Walkover and Bing lode.. and Wedge milleite Stir. No. 627217; on the W. Sur. No. 6217 end Chiron - monk lode; on the S. Survey No. 62724 Any and all parsons claiming adversely any portion of the said ealtalug grunted or prem- ises. eo pia' tecl and applied for are hereby notified that they must file their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Lewistown, In the state of Montaup. during the s sty days' period of publication hereof, or they will he forayer barred by sir ue of the statute in such ease made and provided. EDWARD BRASSILY. Register J. 14. WASSON. Attorney for Claimants. Date of first puha( *Oen April I, 1942. NOTICE OP APPLICATION FOR PAT - vet -Mineral Application No 77 --U. 8. hand OfEee. Lewistown, Montana. April 8. 11103 Notice is hereby given that ERNKST W. RING who., post office address is lawir tow n , Peeves County, Montana, in hotter of himself and his co -owners. John P. Sorties, Clarence Z. Barnes, Joseph T. Wunderlit. and Martin I. Woodman, has filed an appli- cation for patent for 639 Inmate feet of the Badger lode mining claim, helot NB fe.f ii. 04 deg. 56 min. W. mad S. 64 deg. 66 mitt. B.. meastaroi along the lead from the center of the discovery nut, situated in North Mestemin mining district ( unorganised ). Pinwale County, Montana, end designated by the laid notes and official plat on lie in this office as Mineral Survey N(f._ . 6459, lit See. al, T. 1524 8,18 IL Montana meridian, said survey Po 41429 b4Dg described as follow • Onajitudic variation on all eourses being 19 dog. 8) min east) Sec. between Secs. 39 and 82 T. 18 5. R. IF nine at nor. No. I, from which the '. B. beers IC44 deg.11 min. 48.e'. IL 11067.6 feet: thence N. 67.4est. I mill. W. r272 feat; skew.. N. 43 deg. 27 min. Z. 211 feet; theme 3. 76 dog 49 min. Z.372.6 feet: thenee S. 43 deg. 27 mitt. W. 1110.4 feet to the place of beginning; The surface ground claimed is 130.4 feet in width at the Sinn heasie rly end, and two and eight - tenth feet at the Northwesterly end to con- form to the lines et adjoining elsiuts. The notice of locatiegr of sale Badger quarts mine is of record In the °flee of the County Recorder of_lras Camay. at Lew- istown, Montana. In hook Sof ledge, , at 1152, and the area ela s lised u Eseves. Adir int claims are: Co II; e No. 51019, Mo- saic lode, Joseph W at clakn- Rots, on the S. Survey no. 4217,Santiago lode. William C. Draper, at al applicants: on the B. \Chimpmenk” lode. Clarence K. Barnes. applies tit. Any and all persons claiming adversely's«, portion of the said mining gebund so platted and applied for, are hereby notified that they must file their adverse claims with the Regis- ter of the U. S. 1.and Office as Lewistown, Montana, during the 'piety days' period of uublleation hereof, or they will he forever barred by rirtssur the statute in such eases made and provided. EDWARD BRASSILY, Register. .1.8. W utime. •torney for Claimants. Deo irintt,P. bilratiow4Rtil 8,1902 ts. ...I. 6.. CHRONICLE

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 15 April 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.