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(.,p! s?, • CHR 13e - Kt ' KENDALL, MONTANA,MAV 45 , 1 903- 111/ti NO. 7. ONE MIR CRUSHING ORE will Add Heavily to the Bei c Facts About One of the Most Valuable Mining Properties in the Northwest. The 350 -ton cyanide mill of the Ken- dall company is now in operation. The inauguration of this eitteriiilie marks an importer'', epoch in the history re the district. ; • On Weinesday afternoon part of the mill madhinery.w:arievut in Motion, and the initSst. move proved quite satisfac- tory. The night before the mill and other company buildings were lighted by electricity, furnished by the plant that provides power for the mill. The ceremony of \ the . big mill that is to help • Wide famous weiquite There were but few visitors present, the com- veiny in attendance being made up main- ly of employes and the heads of depart- ments. At 3 p. m. Mrs. H.11. Leff, the fe of Superintendent Long, rafted the lever of the 45-borm dynigino thoisvpio rates the pumps and air compressor, 11/111 - turned on the electric current. A felt' minutes later Miss Winnifreil McDer- Mott, a sister to Mrs. Lematertfettil3 the dynamo which operates the rock crusher. A few pikes of ore were tossed into the crneher, and the cere- Mony came to an end• The newief kliesubting . uplbt • inachinefy wee recoil Aid Witt giPSI Ana: ore in town. Words of prititre were free- ly bestowed on R. K. Neal, 11 H. Lang and H. W. Fellows, tinder whose direc- tion the works were built.- The manege- ment had touch to contexisf . with, sired many adverse circumstances had to be met and overcome. But skill, perse- verance and executive ability finally won, • Abe victory. Messrs. Neal and Lang, as well as the other officials and stock- holders of the company, are to be con- gratulated on the completion of this mill. The milling plant ot the Kendall coin- gany is an extensive one, and cost a lkrge sum of mousy. It inclades IKbweae. • Nil electrical and pumping machinery installed on Warm Spring creek, six . tildes from the mine, a pipeline to con- duct the water to the mill, and a cyan- ide mill of 350 -tons daily capacity,19- gether with a commodious reineryom assay office, bidler• roma for laralehine riteam heat, business office and other , necessary features. The main mill build- ing is 180x55 feet. Here are installed the rock crushers, a dozen leaching tanks • each of 150 tons capacity, sump tanks, lId tanks and all the necessary [Decide - for extracting ore by the cyanide Process. The mill contains the latest devised machinery for economically working the oft, along -with labor saving devices, which'are so essential -in treat- ing successfully low grade ore. Some 550,000 feet of lumber were used in the construction of the mill plant, and the . machinery hauled in aggregated nearly. 900,000 pounds. The mill is all that -me- chanical skill and money could make it, and its mice's is assured. The Kendall company owns ten claims knomn as the Leaking, Klondike, Cape Notne, Quartzite, Agnes, Gulch, Midget, Hopeful, Hopeless and Millsite. On the last named claim is built the mill. A 200 -foot shaft lies been sunk on the Leaking claim, and at that depth there has been done some extensive drifting OA the ore hod). Creisse s at itetervals be of great' mochas 125. tatre shown It ore width. tn plIfees it feet. At other placeie it is believed to . be much wider. At to the depth of this, ore body, that can only be ascertaineih by development work. It has been esti-k mated that there is 700,000 tons of ore - 4 in sight. Ore is being hoisted from Orel 200 -foot level during development work4 and it will be sent to the mill when it hi convenient to do so. , It would he something of an undertuk-i lug to illustrate the extent of the ore iir - this property; a tour through theivork- lags is necessary to impress thilli mill facts upon the mind. An open . ,\ hhi been quarried, directly hack 0f - 4141.mill, from which a working tunnel has been run on the 100 -foot level, from which the surface hiss been reached by an upraise, and a chute constructed, through which ore is dropped from the surface. As is Vie Mum on the Barptie-K i lig property,, Snit is,lierd, the ore exthnds to the grate roots. The tunts-d referred to extends in a southwesterly direction 750 feet aid is in pay ore its full length.' I The major portion of the developinent work et present is on the 200 -foot level. 4 drift from Atte pliati rtOis southwest smite 400 Nets, arid it is all to good ore. The crosscuts made mliow this dra to averraPi 90 feet in width. A drift to the ecintbear4 has run 100 feet ----ell Id ore. A mime from the southwest drift. is down 35 feet, and the ore is increme ing in value. . To titoronsthly explain the *Attract/at i uOtheioretoily Emeriti) tern(' iiithimprme okty,anil Its ins toesaa veto* it is 'heal* e ery to explain the nature of the groued included in the claim e of the Kend N . b company, and also the formation of 0 ore deposit encountered in the North Alocceeins, ried this is done td a writer in a recent iitamber of the Argus: ! . \A; far as Ain be ascertained the mr- tire mountahris encircled by a limentotie reef, which is the footwall, in some lo- calities, for large 'sedimentary depoei is of apatite ore, the depth of which has not yet been ascertained. The surface ceas- ed:1g, or hanging wall, is formed of de- composed santietone, which in places is of several feet in thickness, while in some localities ie nothing tint a thin veneer. - 'Os the Kendall properiy tIce ore is encountered from the grass roots wn, end a shaft rim down 200 feet Is still hi ore. 'The orily'treces of igneolla rock encountered in the Kendall minis et in the rhape of small intrusive shafts 14 porphyritIc formation, which are scat- tered through the ore body.\ Zzasperatlag PoaltIon to be Placed I. Philbroolt Pete—That was sad abpat SpottedifOree Hank failing in a fit fait night. Utica Sam --I heard about it; but Alla was the cause? Philbrook Pete—Weil you see, two men at the same moment asked him to take a drink, anti he could only accept one of the invitations. _ Kendall King to Frith Work. The Kendall fling Cyanide Gold Min- ingittelMilling company has filed arti- cles of incorporation. The capitaliza- tion is $300,000. The company has put men at work running the tunnel. It beCiii ‘ Ven 100 forewhen it is the in- tention to sink 100 feet. The company has a good witting capital, and de- relopnahnt will be pushed. Fresh vegetable* mesh health; better than drugs. Home Bakery keep them. • 1111811EY'S SECOND CUE Another Interesting Development on the Property. The New Find Extends Dovin to the Water Level, Following the Big OTC Body. A wend eensution has been created at the Abbey mine. On Thursday another cave was broken into and it is quite sa remerkable as the one found sonic weeks ego. The new cave extends dose some eighty-five feet, and follows the ore body. After the bot- tom of the ohl cave had 'wen examined and the formation at that point careftritr studieg1, the teineterirnent decided to:reh a drift around and get the iire hotly yond. It was while this work NHS iii progress that the second cave was en- countered. The new cave rims down dietattice of about 45 feet perpeddictilar, and the opening is 75 feet. Then for forty feet further the cave pitches to the northeast. The 'hill inirch narrower. It ' - After recovering horn their surprise over the find the men began iii inveeti- gatitai. The upper haf of the cave was inspected the men tlesuending by means of a reeer.-. Ore was (meet all the city, the opening' being along How to the hanging wall The lower lielf of the ce ve Is vet) , narrow, barely admitting the body of a idiot. Water warefound at thus bottom, the ti st - encotinteirc: in the Mild'. This show the bottom of the cave is on the water level. That point is 350 feet from the nirfaice—the lowest depth yet reached in this district. The wenn of the new discovery differ from those of the first cave in that they carry TIO crystals. This manna PICSVIS- ti , in is ih /tie - Ore bOdv. As to vidner, that matter has not been determined. Drifting on the ore has been resumed from the poini where Thursday's dis- covery was merle. The Abbey property shows a great ore txxly it. is increes- ing in aims with every day's develop - mew: Alt ihrulit us to' the 'company having it mine has been removed, snit 'now the question tt anntily how Iii k t it Work oil the 140Aer level show,. Vie ore hotly to be not only large. but cartying valiwa of enitorin grade. It would not take the eompany long to put the mine in shape to become a large shipper. It has a fine mill:lite, tool has all the ad- vantages for economical terinitigand mill- ing of its product. FOUR YELLOW BARB, They GO UP Rviwil the Gold Output of the Barnes -KW. Mine. The liarnee-Kinv Company mole it clean -lull Saturday, and the isitstllt Was four bars of gold bullion. Their value is said to he 98000. Work in the reitie is progrroing_ne mile. The hpietinit engine at the slew shaft is in plece . ani -- will be really to operate very shortly. Fred B. Pio-riots, the Colorado ininieg expert. who examined the thirties -King property for the eastern syndicate, left camp early last seek. ‘ iiisi'evtion was very thorough. While lie inaile no intimatton, while here, as to a hat hula rePoti itnelikely to be, it is knost ii, horta ever, disk he C Its greatly impressed with kite zonderful showing ol ore. It was sertinelting o . a revelatiiiii to him. He ries free to say that this toe developmentt rtodar treade iii the North liinoeseinn:ites most 'remarkable. ii wee arneft45lnarilm' formet ion, and quite : ilioithit front any- thing lierettrfore discovered in the ITnits-ti SUltes. • ANOTHER BIG KILL. Silwhnided and Cosstruu.11011 I., Cuss- • '\••• The Nortli Iforwssin Mining company bite merle ijiyangements tir commence work Unwe4:11ply' Ofrins new 150 -ton mill. The eiesjwite i selected a few drip) ago. Theo leitiree chosen the,. eroged putt below the Mel blacksmith save, in one of the little drawn between the Per - hail! Maim and the Kentiell mill. The alums will run onto the flat below. 'PM - location is a good ode, nilmittine of the ore htrieg rent In the mill on ears from every part of the property. The Montana Hartle ftre compiray has Uue contract for fitrideliine the Inuilwr. Haidieg will commence very shortly. The machinerv was purcherwri in Chica- go. by George Weideman, three weeks ago, as was exclusively announced at the time by the Citeminct.s. The new mill is to be bnilt on the plan of the one iti Whieke.'OfitikI_ I. which in corisiderett'a model itselfeetivoneap. - . , .. , if •i....1 ell I Investigate Us • , IT W11.1. PAY YOU In Our Large and Elegant New Store Better Prepared We are better prepared to supply the wante of the trotting public than ever before Every department has . been largely increased by the dailyMarrs' additions of new, high-class up-to-date merchandise for men, boys. wore** and children. 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