Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, May 06, 1902, Image 2

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2 Kendall. Montana, May 6, 1902. SEVERE RliSSir.11 METHODS. Iiiimetsested by tbe Unpleasant illitipes. 1111141.11111.6 of a Persistent dater - loan Drummer. Persistence may be a good quality, but judgment is a better one, and the young American in the following story, told by Frederick Palmer, evidently became convinced of it, says Youth's Cornpanion. An Ame•ican drummer, fresh from our direct methods of business, called on M. de Witte, the Russian minister of finance, to get certain information necessary for the sale of his goods. The minister refused it. The young man persisted. The minister still re . - fused. Then the young man declared: \You are the only man who can give me what I want. I'm not going back to my fo4cs and tel them that I could not do any business. I've got to know. I could get the same thing in two min- utes in America. and I'm not going to leave the room until—\ The min i ter pressed an electric but- ton. In ualccd two guards. The min- ister spoke to them in Russian, and di- rectly the young man found himself walking' down the Nevsky Prospect with an uncongenial escort. As he thought the matter overinjait he concluded that his band was not strong fnong,b. as he put it, to bluff the Russian empire. Within an hour he was Led back to thr presence of De Witte. who told him that a decent apol- ogy would save further trouble. After the young man made it, De Witte gave him the information, and with a remin- Aar t,bat it wai not wise to be rude, even to ministers of state. Judith Bojo Bank LewistoWu, Mont. Incorporated Under the Laws of Mmitaria. Paid -Up Capital $75,000 Surplus and Profits $20,000 HERMAN oTTEN, President. DAVID HILGER, Vice,-Praddent. GEORGE J. BACH,Cashier. W. B. MINER, Atoll Cashier DIRECTORS: Herman °tuns, David iiliger. H. Hodgson, H.M. McCauley, Louis Landt, - Matthew Gunton, John Lima, W. B. Miner. George J. Bach. A general banking business transacted including the purchase and sale of State and County Warrants, and Bounty Certificates the selling of exchange on all the principal cities of the United States and Europe; the transfering of money by telegraph. Careful attention given to collections, and the safe keeping of valuable papers. WHISKERS OR WASAINGTON.1 emall lienrblie Statue of tete First Preto - &dent That Takes Oa a Min- , aralaur Appearanee, Judson CIayton, proprietor of the Lady Washington inn, at Huntington Valley, Pa.. says the Phladelphia Evening Telegraph. has a small mar- ble statue of Gen. George Wasb'ngton on the lawn adjoining his house that requires constant shaving ;o keep it from rais - ns a beard and mustache. Periotlies:1 a growth of moss makes its appearance on the upper lip, chin and cheek' of the stone Snore, and if left untooehsd for any leu , •-th of time it develiots into a close -cropped beard and 11`11 , 11c he. giving to t he image of the Fath y of His Country an ex-, tremely dandified appearance. if the moss is not interfered with it will grow to a point resembling the ap- proved cut that barbers give to the beards of Well of fashion. Every fess months the action of the weather causes the face of the marbhe statue to beenme coated with the velvety moss, and a shave is in order. The freak whiskers have ntade the statue quite a curiosity in the vicinity. ONE OF EDUCATION'S FREAKS. Dull Pupils U ally MOD illeteeess I. Life WIIII• Smart Or.. More Often Wall. \I am almost discouraged by the results of popular education,\ said an sld teacher. \For forty years I have men teaching in the public schools of \the city in wItieh I live. and many of atiy earliest pupils are men of middle age. What disconragen me is that so many of my'brightest schol- ars have proved failures in the pro- fessions, in business, and in public life, while the moat successful of our citizens were, as a rule, classed among the dull pupils. \Fives of the leading lawyers in this city were my pupils, and they were all below the average in scholarship. deportment und punctuality. Several of our most prominent business men belong to the same group, while among physicians, engineers and min- isters I find that some of my dullest pupils are in the front rank. \On the other hand. come of my brightest and moat promising schol- ars are little better than tramps, and most of them are below the av- erage in the avocations they have chrwen \ • We Pay Interest on Time Deposits Kendall Stage Co. Operatinf Between Kendall and Lewistown Leave Lewistown Daily, except Sunday, at 9 a, m., reaching Ken- dall at 11:30 a. m. Leave Kendall Daily. except Sunday, at 3 p. m., arriving at Lewistown at 6 p. m. FOUR HORSE COACHES Ample Accommolitt ions Extre accommodations for I isnorige of commercial travelers. 11. SMITH Agent at Kenslail Judith Inland Transportation Co. Operating Concord Coaches Between Lewistown and the Railroads. FOR GREAT FALL.' : Leave Lewistown et 7 a. III , reit him; Great hale following morning. FOR HARLOWTON: Leave Lewietown at 6 ii. iii , Smidav Making d. we ..onnection atilt railroad. FORT BENTON ROUTE: C,ottehen leave term i ls MAR/14y,, Wedneatioya-turd Friattym. , gar (lope connection sill' traine, tiiI stagus for Kendall. .1. L. MEARS, Proloien.-. W,_C ARCHER Real Estate and Insurance AGENT Mining Broker Kendall Mining Stocks • Specialty Grtmeral agent for the Kendall -King Cyanide Gold Mining & Milling Company (Limited) OF KENDALL, MONTANA Correspondence with Brokers and Ageste solicited. AGENTS WANTED. Address, Post Box \A\ Kendall, Montana The Cook Interest IN TIE yOWNSITE OF KENDALL IS NOW ON THE MARKET Consisting of ONE THOUSAND LOTS Which Will Be Offered to the Public at the Company Office In the Town of Kendall, Mont., city of Spokane, Wash., and the City of Great Falls, Mont. .Lots from $30,t9 $1,000 John Jackson, Jr., Agent. KENDALL Is the Coming Big Mining Camp of Montana

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 06 May 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.