Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, May 13, 1902, Image 1

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-1- • •I L ...,.... 1 4, jió North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their :Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, MAY 13, 1902. No. 8. OHM IN GOOD NNW Fair Weather Gives the Mechanics i - r i - $ Chance to Work. vt-- 1 It i oCkCk and Lumber for Costly Strut- ! tures Arriving and Going Into Plice—A Look Ahead. Now that the weather has set tied. and - there are indications of . good roads for some time to come, the much delayed stork on buildings in townhas been re- atitned in good earnest, and is likely to ciontinue tray into the summer. There me enough plans already made to keep mechanics busy for several months. It looks now as though the town was to he all transformed as regards appear- inces during the next six months. In that titan thousands of. dollars will be *id out tor material end wages. By next fall the main business street of the tOwn will present a most attractive ap- pearance with its dozen or so two-story stone and frame buildings. That this is to be a substaiitially built town there is no question; thal is now assured. The class of business nien c ho are Requiring property is of the best. They ell seem to have supreme confidence io, file fuss tore of Kendall, and are building accord- ingly. They see in the near future a 'itown with a great pay roll.' 'Last week John Lanx completed a wagoe road up the side oh the hill just west of McKinley avenue, to anexcellent stone qiiarly,.apit the work ,of getting out reek commeni:ed. Heavy charges of powder were put in and with every blast tons of fine building stone would break from the cliff nod roll down to the road. The stone is of excellent quality; it will fat,* up well, and will preaent a fine ap- pesrance when in piece. Work on John H. Cook's large stone buildirg com- menced Monday. Considerable hard work hail to be Alone before excavating for the foundaTion was completed. The ground at this season is exceedingly boggy and difficult to work. But a force of men and Learns finally got things in shape so it was possible to put down the first rock in the fouridatiop. The front piers are six feet square and and bottom of the walls are some forty inches wide. This will make i safe and solid founda- tion. Now that the preliminary work is over with the walls will go up rapidly and the building be completed in July. Adjoining the , Cook boRding on the north James Cocbtau of Lewistown will put up a two-story atone stiu!turo--41e. Oochran's building will be a hartdsohtir Lumber. is now on the ground for-En- ing Johnson's building, which is to face the south, on the \five points,\ opposite the big hotel and the Cook block. John- sOn's building eiil be of wood, but when completed it will present a pleasing ap- pearance. New that -there is a starter on the lumber bill work will go ahead in good earnest. Excavating for William Shaules' stone hotel is progressidg with (Diligently. At the rear of the lot, where it is intended shall be the cellar, a heavy flow of water hasbeen encountered. The soil is clay, sod the water le from a strong spring. Per tit „ Vorkthe grptictS hays been up to their knees in mull and water. As a consequence the work of excavating has been slow. It is the intention to carry' off the water by means of a sub -drain. As soon As the ground is made ready for the masons they will -urnmence work On the walls. It is to he one of the best appointed hotels in the county, and al- ready there have been applications for its lease. T. M. Matlock's stone building is going up as fast as a god force of masons can push the won k. By the end of this week, if not earliet, the walls will be ready for the roof. As before stated Mr. Nlatlock will put in a fine stock of general mer- chandise. H. V. Turner has just finished an ad- dition to a portion of his block. It is in use as a kitchen by Lapere and Daly. Mr. Turner has also just completed a one -room dwelling house in the rear of his property. Henry Wareham's two -Entity block is enclosed and the work is being pushed to completion. The tenant for the first floor, a Mr. Butler of Livieeston, expects 10 Opell up J lIne 1 with 11 110,000 stock o ulothinig. E. B. Elsner has erected a commodi- ous carpentershop and living room on lot back of the Shamrock. 1i is his intention to carry a line Of eee011d-IIRI01 1 . A/0(1m. Tuihloekand Dey's big Ifrery stable is assuming shape. It has a consideraltle elevation as it stands at present, but there is to be a heavy fill on that site of the street. WITHOUT rROTHCTION. Kendall Has No Deputy Sheriff, Con- stable or a Justice. Kendall is the leett .governed town in the country. There is Slot a peace officer 'within 15 miles of the place, And a jus- tice of the peace is an unktioan and an unheard of character. Until e Rhin a few days ago Richard Stephens acted as ilepiity eheriff, and attended to criminal matterS hereabouts. But he found that his private fortune was not large enough to support the dignity ot the office so he resigned the portfolio, and is now strut gling along as a private 'citizen. Mr. Stephens Wade a good officer, and filled the place with credit; but the County Commissioners did not ftel dis- posed to compensate him kit hie services: Everytime he made an arrest and took the prisoner to Letvietevin It cost him a merry penny. The last man he took to the county seat was W. M. Kelly, a petty larceny thief. His expenses were as tot,. lows: Horse hire, $5; stable bill, $3; board for self, $2; wages lost $4.50; to- tal, 64 50. The amount allowed by the ComtniseiOners wets KW - And that is the way it hula been ever - since Mr. Stephens held the office. This town should have it deplity sheriff, a con- stable and a justice of the peace. The cotnmanity is entitled to that mLich. With the general rush to the camp will come all sorts of thugs and had cherac- term, and there should be a little legal machinery here to proteet the people. die Curiosity 'Reenact- than Appetite. Pliiibrook Pete—Did yer notice that Spotted Horse hank had quit buyin' drinks? 1.1t4ea Sam- That's sr fact; but what's lie goin' to do with his dough? Philbrook Pete—He says he wants to git a copy of Mary MacLane's book. NI CLAIMS IRE BONDED Three Groups Secured for a New York Syndicate. The Property is on the Cyanide Belt, and is Close ta the Barnes -King Group. IT. G. `ntritilier athi - ;;;althy astern syndicate that is almost certain! 'to purchase the Barnes-King property, I .while on a visit here it few days ago, ;took bonds on three groups of claims, all situate on the great cyanide belt. The gentleman came out from New York 'city for the express purpose of securing some good mining grotind, nod he got a portion at least of what he wanted. Mr. Curran secured a bond on the Old Flint Lock, Good Luck and Handicap. The bond fs for $50,000, and runs for a year. In the mettlithne $1000 worth of !work must be done on the claim,. The '4trotterty lies t ast if he liii itnes-K log and IlIttitliain-Graliain groups. 'file Good 'Luck and Handicap run end to el iii and join flue Horseshoe on the east, while the Ohl Flint Lock lies alongside the Good Luck. The owners are Jas. Burr, R. E. and Mason linage) and G. B. Stewart. lint little work has been done on the claims, but they make a good showing. The location of the group adds to its importance. The steam hoist now at a ork on the Barnes-King, v ill be transferred to the Flint Lock after p•ospecting through the shaft is concluded. The Flint Lock ore body is to be thoroughly exploited. The second group secured by the New Yorker belongs to the I -indict -Is. The claims are the Big Four, Snowflake, Southern Belle, Wild eat and American Eagle. They lie ti the west of a part of the Barnes -King property. By the terms of the bond the claims are to be patented ml a company incorporated to develop them, tor a half interest. Little work has been done on the claims. The third group to be bonded by Mr., Curran embraces the Smuggler, Annie Barrett and Ruby. They are on Little Dog creek and extend over to Big Dog creek. The claims are owned by James Kane of I.ewietown. The terms of the bond lire a half interest in the claims in ronsideration of patenting the ground and organizing a company to work the same. Securing bonds on these claims by this New York man is significant. It carries with it the inference that an immense amount of eastern capital is coming into !his district. The people who are inter- ested in the Barnes -King bond are evi- dently well -pleased with the mine and ere likely to buy it. If not, why should they be bothering about adjoining prop- erty that is undeveloped. It looks as though there was going to be a great mining excitement till over the North Moccasins. and especially along the cyanide belt for a distance ot four miles. Brother Van VI•Its Kendall. Rev. Van Orsdel, the popular tray( ling clergyman, paid a visit to Kendall on the 8th,, and met many old acquaint- ances and hardened sinners. In the eventing lie talked to a full house. He referred to the folly of cussednesa and the path of the vicious being rougher than the rocky road to Dublin. Da ening moment on material matters he said that Kendall had a great future before it and predicted it a ould develop into a large place. Brother Van, 11c the rank and ale love Aci. call Win. Itity8 he was in Bette when there were but forty men in the camp, and when lie held a tneet- lint thirty-six of the 'limber were pres- ent. He was in Neiltait when there was not a woman on -hid in the camp, and every man in the place attended his first meeting. Brother Van is known ad over the west. anti lie has done a vast deal of good during his time. He took up a collection in Kendall and all save $1 Of the 'mount was set aside as a nest egg for a rhurch-building fund. Surveying Claims. W, M. McLean was hitt week engaged in surveying for went the Possible and Scepter claims. They are part of the property under control of the North Moccasin company. The Possible's end line extende well down into the town. For a good, high flavored cigar, try the Montana Sport. Ed. 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 13 May 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.