Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, May 13, 1902, Image 6

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6. - Kendall. Montana, May 13, 1902. CORONATION CALVES. A Parisian Industry That Is Doing Doomed by the Thin Shanks of England. Parisians must and will be amused. When there is nothing to occupy their attention they upset ministries and raise barricades. Consequently one must not begrudge them their joke. even if it is a `false calf.\ It would appear, or at least Parisian news sheets tell us so, that a certain quan- tity of artificial calvesare being manu- factured in Paris in view of the corona- tion festivities. Wp are not all Pick - wicks, with a well -filled gaiter, and when, according to all rules of prece- dent and etiquette, knee breeches must be donned, if nature has been un- kind to the wearer he musical! in arti- ficial aid. Consequently the trade in artificial calves is very brisk, says the Paris Messenger. It has been found, however, that even without such an incentive as the cor- onation fetes the artificial calf indus- try is regularly occupied in manufac- turing such articles for home con- sumption. Frenchmen must not chaff Erreand in this respect. tor every -year numerous French c3 clists, society men -yes, and society women -invest 30 francs in padding for their nether limbs. We must the st;fere add anoth- er article to the list of adulterated and Imitated goods. for even legs are not always what they seem! DOG SUICIDES FROM SHAME. Hopeless Shooting of Its *aster Was Too lluels for the Intelligent Hunter. A fine bird dog was given to a Rox- borough man one day lately, and the pair went hunting together. The dog's work was wonderful; it flushed bird after bird; it gave its master the finest shots that could be desired; but the man missed and missed and missed, until a small boy who had been trail- ing curiously in the rear was unable to refrain any longer front.. shouting: \Say yer dog's all right, but you're on the bum for fair, mister.\ After that, having flunked 19 good shots, the man went home, reports the PhEsdelphia Record. The dog, he noticed, was be- having oddly. It kept away from him, avoided looking at him, seemed thor- oughly disheartened and ashamed. And that night it hanged itself. There could be but one motive to account for this suicide; Thellog could not toler- ate a future that consisted of nothing but a daily watching of its master's hopeless shooting, and it had leaped over the wooden fence from its kennel, and by its chain, which was too short, had hanged itself a fes feet above the ground on the other side, and so died. An unquestionable suicide and a par- donable one, the man's friends say, but he insists that the dog merely intend- ed to run back to its former home when it leaped the fence. ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS. An Ancient \Fakir\ Defrauded Many Persons, But His Vienna's Never Consplain•d, Prof. Musterberg, of Harvard,trrhom specialty is psychology, relies to tame extent on the point o!• good -story In eacircitit bit posit inn 1n abstract dem- onstrations. He has one on the associ- ation of ideas that illustrate. A mediarial magician -more aCeu- rately'Cli . .ltd \fakirs\ nowadays -an nounced that he had invented and had for sale a magic pot. If certain rather common stones were mixed and placed in the pot. with a certain portion of water, and the whole shaken diligently for an hour. the stones would turn to gold -provided that during the hour thls`npera tor should not think of a hip- popotamus. The fakir sold a great many for fab- ulous sums, and not one of the purchas- ers ever demanded a return of the money. The fakir knew his btisiness, says the Boston liera'd. He was in ad- vance of his age in psychology, in his skill permanently fixing in his custom- er's minds the association of that old pot and a hippopotamus. BUSINESS and RESIDENT LOTS In the Town of Kendall are now on the Market EN\ DAL Is the_ Oreat Gold Camp of Montana And Now Is the Time to Secure Town Property .• Those who bought lots last fall can now realize Five Times moretVan they invested, and the boom has scarcely commenced.jtJtjtjtjtjtjt egg All the information desired at my office in Kendall. W. A. SHAULES The Montana Land and Live Stock Exchange it my agent in 1 Helena, Montana. OTICE OF APPLICATION FOR PAT- * l3 eist-Mineral Survey No. 73-U. S. Land Office, Lewistown, Montana, April 1,1902 Notice is hereby given that ERNEST W. KING, whose postoffice address is Lewistown, Fergus county, Montana, on behalf of him- self and John P. Barnes. Clarence S. Barnes, Joseph T. Plundering and Martin L. Wood- man, his co -owners, has this day filed appli- cation for patent, under the mining laws of Congress, for the Wedge Milisite, a tract of nonmineral land now used and occupied for milling purposes, by said applicants, situ- ated in North Moccasin mining district (un- organised). Fergus county, Montana, and designated by the field notes and plat there- of Bled in this office as Mineral Survey No. 6272B, in T. 18N. Range 18 E. of Montana me- ridian, said millsite claim is recorded in the office of the recorder of the said county, in Book I, at page 275 of Miscellaneous records, and is described by metes and bounds as fol lows, towit: Beginning at Cor. No. 1, from which the Sec. Cor. between Secs. 29 and 32, in T.18 N. R. 18 E., bears N. 48 deg. 4 min. E. 1865.3 feet; thence N.0 deg. 20 min. W. 480feet to Cor. No. 2; thence S.84 deg. 44 min. W. 72.3 feet to Cor. No. 3; thence N. 2'2 deg. 51 min. E. 181 feet to Cor. No. 4: thence S. 24 deg. W. 896 feet to Cor. No. 5: thence N. 89 deg.* min. 11.627 feet to the place of beginning, containing an area of 4.48 acres. Magnetic variatgoit on all courses 19 deg. 30 min IL Adjoining claims are; on the west the Daisy lode, Survey No. 6438; on the south the Saddle lode, Survey No. 6272A. Any and all persons claiming adversely ally portion of the said tni isite claim are re- quired to file their adverse claims with the Register of the United States land office, at Lewistown, in the state of Montana, during the sixty days' period of publication hereof or they will be forever barred by virtue of the provisions of the statute in such cases made and provided. EDWARD BRASSEY Register. J. IL WASSON, Attorney for Claimants. Date of first publication April 1, 1902. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR PAT' cut -Mineral application No. 7t -U. S. Land Office, Lewistown, Montana, April 1,1902. Notice is hereby given that Ernest W. King, whose Rost office address is Lewistown, Fer- gus county, Montana, is behalf of himself and his co -owners, John P. Barnes, Clot once E. Barnes, Joseph T Wondering and Martin L. Woodman, has flied an applicatioo for a patent for the lode mining claim known as the Daisy quartz mine, situated in the North Moccasin mittittg district (unorganized). Fergus county, Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on fife in this office as survey No. 6458, in T. 18 N., R. 18 E., Montana meridian, which said claim is re- corded its the office of the recorder of said county, at Lewistown, Montana, in Vol. 5 of Lodes, at page 293, and described as follows: Beginning at cor. No. 1, from which the See. cor. between Secs. 29 and 32 V.18 N.. R.18 IL hears N.71 deg. 21 min. 20 sec. 1051.4feet: thence S. 44 deg. W. 141112 feet to cor. No. 2: thence N. 87 deg.* min. W. 7468 feet to cor. No. 3; thence N. MI deg. 5 Mill. E. 56.3 feet to cor . No. 1; thence N. 47 deg. 44 min. 5.1523.5 feet to eor. No. thence S.87 deg. 29 min. E. 628.1 feet to the what of beginning, contain- ing an area of 17.9t acres: magnetic vena- tion on all courses 19 deg. 30 min. E. The Presumed course of the said lode, and the number of feet claimed thereon, measured along said lode, from the center of the dis- covery shaft, 1.686.7 feet N.44 deg. E. and 810.5 feet S. 44 deg. W. Adjoining aims: O the N. Pan E d On the lode; on the K. Walkover and King lodes. and Wedge millsite Sur. No. 627214; on, the W. Sur. No. 6217 and Chimp' monk lode: OIL the S. Survey No. 62'12A. Any and all parsons claiming adversely any portion of the said muting ground or prem- ises. so platted and applied for are hereby notified.that they must file their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Lewistown, in the state of Montanu. during the a sty days' period of publication hereof, or they will be forever barred by vir ue Of the statute in such case made and provided. EDWARD BRASSEY. Register. J. K. WAssott. Attorney for Claimants. Date of first wadi( ation April 1, 1962. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR P - AT- ent-Mineral Application No 77-U. S. Land Office, Lewistown, Montaua, April 8. 1902. Notice is hereby given that ERN if.ST W. KING. whose post office address is Lew is - town, Fergus County, Waitangi, in behalf of himself and his co -owners. John P. Barnes. Clarence N. Barnes, Joseph T. Wunderlin and Martin L Woodman. has filed an appli- cation for patent for 339 linear feet of the Badger lode mining claim, being 1104 feet N. 64 deg. Sit min.W., and 231 ft. S64 deg. 55 min.13 measured along the lead from the center of the discovery cut. situated in North Moccasin mining district ( unorganized I. Fergus County. Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on file in this office as Mineral Survey No. 6459, in See. 81, T. 18 N. R. 18 5. Montana meridian, said survey No 6459 tieing described as follows (magnetic variation on all courses being 19 deg. su min east): - Beginning at cor. No. 1, from which the See. Cor. between Sees. 29 and 32 T. IA N. it. is IL bears N.64 deg. 8 min. 48 sec. H. 34457.5 feet; thence N. 57 deg. 5 min. W. 327.2 feet: thence N. 43 deg 27 min. E.2.$ feet; thence S. 76 deg 49 miu. E. 372.5 feet: thence 8.43 aeg. 27 min. W. 139.4 feet to the place of beginning: The surface ground claimed is 150.4 feet in a lints at the Southeasterly end, and two and eight' tenth feet at the Northwesterly end to rou- form to the lines of adjoining Plaints. The notice of location of saki Badger quarts mine Is of record in the office of the County Recorder of Fergus County, at Lea - istown, Montana. in book 5 of lodes.) at page 352, and the area cialmdd is 0.49 acres. Adjoin- ing claims are: On the N. survey N. 11969, Pas- saic lode, Joseph T. W st Wenn' et pl.. claim- auts, on the S. Survey No. 6217. Santiago lode. William C. Draper. et al applicants; on the K. \Chimpnionle lode, Clarence, K. Niches, applicant. Any and all persons claim Mg adversely any portion of the said mining ground so plat.ed and applied for, are hereby notified that they must Ale their adverse claims with the Regis- ter of the U. S. Land Office at Lewistown. Motaatta, during the sixty days' period of oublication hereof, or they will be forever barred he virtue of the statute in such eases made and provided. EDWARD BRAMEY, Rci J. E. W Assort. Atorney for Claimants Dote or First Publication April ft, 191.2 I .

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 13 May 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.