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71 . • f • KENDALL CHR he'll North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest - Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, MAY 20, 1902. No. 9. NORTH MOCCASIN PLACERS There is Gold in all the Gulches and Along Crecks. Twenty-two Years with the Recker and Sluice Box Have Yielded Fortunes to Hardy Miners. Loeis Feeley came to town Friday with a quantity iif gold •1 nit taken front the placers on Plum creek, one of the streams in the North Moceasing. The gold was merge, some of ihe grains be- ing as large HS peas, Moat of it was tough, showieg it had traveled but a short distance before reachine bedrock. This is a cletracterietic of ell the placer gold taken front the gulches in these mountains. Feeley states DOH there is considerable waiter just now in the creek, hut the quantity is diminishing gredu- ally, and emu placer mining alit come to an end for the season. '1 he place' ',trotted he %corked belong)) to A r mold Brother, who have held it for years. G. A. Bishop is also player minim( on Big Dcg creek. at stream still nearer to Kendall. His work is reperted .o he aiweeeeful this year , the gold being mod - Agilely coarse, and easily wAshed in spite of the light floe of eater. McClure is working his grimed op t4e north -side, e ith avetage returns. The omount of gold tarn from the gult•hes of the North Moccasins during the past te creqrt so years is etheething tetormone. There are Ito talkie I figures to draw front. bnt tin -re are men in Ken - doll whe have kept H i lose tab on the Output, and say they c; n come hear Plat- ing the actual snrionnt taken from the gelt•hes. These are the estimates: MeClure's gulch, $30,000; Iron gulch, $45.000; Phim creek, $35.000; Last Chance gulch, $15,000; Dog creek. $20,- 000; Fine Gold gnIch, $18,000; Mason's gulch, $12,000. The first place+ leetttion in the North Moccogies a as made by \old man\ Mc- Clure, ilit he is now called --a txpicel mountaineer, 110W over 80 year); oglip. That was in 1880. From that date to this time MrChtte hoofed a hermit's Me_ io the goleh of his own name There he hap plater mined everspring elide Al i W there ace water Big e Clean-etre IliDe been in large and all amounts. Oectieiontdly he tins struck a rich streak 01 dirt and made a handsome clean up. lie boa in .bis (tun pritnitive frushion token too $80.000. The next. locations %toe mode in 1881, when the Buchanan bets and John Brooke took up ground in Doe gulch, Hod on Plum creek. Brooks erten Rohl to Ben. Dexter, well , known from Kali Francisco to the British line as n skillful mill imilder. and at one time a man ot large means. The Buchan - Hoe and Dexter went to work, and list' - bug good ground, %%mild have done well 'hod the \diggings\ horn judiciously msnaged. The Buchanens for yeir held most of the ground in Iron guieli s atel \Buck\ Buchanan still lias contrti ef a the ground worth having in that, i ties r. Owing to the lintiviir ter no attempt has ever been Made work these placers on 7 large shalt: ... T e rocker and sluice box of rude con- struction have performed the work. In years past, and it is the custom now, men drop into the gulches er along the creeks and wash for gold. When they have made a clean-up of satisfactory size to perhaps provide a handsome grub- stake, they pull out, The season fot water is sheet —not over three month as a rule—so what washing is done must be accomplished in diet time Nuggets tin - size of a bean are not mooted. and it is not difficult to each Iredrocko• here most of the g old is found. \There are millions if dollars in placer gold in the gulches of the North NItyca- sins,\ says Tom Riser, who knows every foot of the ground, \hut the trouble is there is not efilitigIr water to take the Fluff out. After twenty-two years of mining they are getting out about as inueli gold uow as ever before, that is, when the work is done.\ WRIT NAY RE EXPEOTED. When Minin g Gets Under Mull Head- way 1st this District. 'Iltere is going to be the gteatest le - vivid in mining iti the Kendall ilenict4 hula year, said James Harwood, a mine, from.Lewietown. a few days ago, in the Butte Miner, \that hats ever la -ell known in tee stole of NIontatra. Tin. lierties- Kitrg mirre, it hint him been yielding larue returns during the year, liar but largoti to produce and a mill sill in all protthiliiy be erected on 11.e north end of the property, a here ail immense body of me is tome n io exist. The nit tic is nos yielding a profit of $20,000 a inOill On 100 tone of Ol'e per day treated at a email mill, end !bete is sufficierit ore in sight *.o justify the erection of a mill four or even six times its size. Clarence Bartle., one of the ou tiers of the mine, has mated that it is probable that the $1,000,000 !bowl, expires on the 15th of ;lime, %%wild be taken up, and if it is thus -,t' is no iprevtion hot uliat the wonderful isrssibilities of the property will be thoroughly developed. If eastern cal:rite! their; investment here the mObi extensive operations sill, iii all proba- bility, remelt and this of itself will be an inducement for larger corporations to en- ter the field. The a salt hi of the North Moccasins lets but begun to manifest it- self, and I look for an era of tuittieg de- velopment _which %ill stairtle the coun- try.\ MINIM) XE BED ROCK GULCH. capper and Free Milling Ores—A Mitt is to be Bet Up. Bed Rock gulch, on the north elope of the North Mote:aging. is going to give a good acconnt of itself this summer, if the present indications go for anything. John Lyons, and his associates, Messrs. Oliphant and Heioing, have been taking out some fine copper ore from the Blue Bell group. A large quantity of ore is sacked reedy for phiputent. It carries as high as 30 per cent copper, 48 per cent Teed and nearly 20 ounces in silver. The vein is strong awl it will no' doubt im- prove Re iieptim is atts1nect.4 \' • On the Gold Bug a tunnel follows in ore its attire length, some fifty feet. It fit a tios *Ming propoeitioe, the country Kock being,porphyry. The ore runs from OM Mild, and there is a great deal of in sight. The owners are preparing to Kap. pnall stamp rnill, and it is now en outs to the nine. It will probably n by the let of July. Mr. ts associates are deserving goiledIectune kir tho energy they have die gyearin operating their properties ovater eirctrtnetanees not altogether atis- picloue. DEvEiopING IN CYANIDE ORE I lemonstntted that the • ore inereasea imu the main ore body is siteated, and have value and eniformity us depth is at- ' tabled. The Abbey Mine Improves as the Work Progresses. What the Kendall Mill is Doing— Four More Bin s from the Barnes -King Mine. Wcolx is progressing favorably in the Abbey mine, one of the promiging - piai>-! erties of this camp. lit order to provide good ventilation for the workings below the tunnel level a drift was not from a point about 140 feet trout the mouth of the t motel, to connect with the hig cave that was discovered some two months ago. This connection will he made in a day or two. Front the bottom of title is me a drift is being driven to prospect Out- ore body, and it is now in 50 feet. This work is going on some 50 feet below the tunnel level. was reported by the CHRONICLIt two seeks ago, a second cave was encoun- tered while the drift was being driven front the boron' of the first one, The bottom of this new discovery is about 140 feet below the tunnel. It extends down to the it utter level, and at the bol- a st-rettin of sparkling water colt - as. Where it finds Ril outlet is a quest n, imt it is quite probable tt is use oft e feeders of the large springs ou the Fergus ranch dov in in the Nein several miles distant. The stream in the Abbey cave. at any rate, is flowing in the direction of those springs. And the movement ef this subterraneatt brook ferniehes tor example of how springs are formed. The water that eventually finds its way to the surface in some spring may meander for miles through dark submerged chatterele far down in the earth before being liberated again to the sunlight, that it may purst.e its course to the mighty ocean, or be ab- sorbed by the solar Iteet. Recent exploration cork in the Abbey luau proven very satisfactory, and the two caves !tette assisted in the work annex- ingly. They have helped to show where The K011411111 Mill Crumbing. \We are [tow cyaniding, and every- thing is being put in good shape,\ is the report made by Superintendert Lang of the Kendall mill. Yesterday eight of the tanks were fell, which meant , that about twelve hundred tons of ore have been crushed. The causes of the delay iii running the mill con tint:mm-1y are Is • i lig overcome, aml it will not be long ere the wItole plant is in perfect operation. n King Makes a Shipment. Work in the Borneo -King is progress- ing favorably. Lind week a elean-up was made and the result was four hare of bullion. Their approximate value was WOO. Sinking the shaft, below the open Cill, Was discontieued a short time ago, and . a drift started northwest to cut the ore body. This drift is in about 80 feet, with good indications in the face. Tunneling on the Possible. Sinking the prospecting ehaft on the Possible has been diecontinned for the present. The tunnel is being pushed with vigor, with the face in pre. SOUTH MOCCASIN PROSPECTS. Many Claims Located this Spring—Men at Work. Lewistoen Democrat: Arthur T. Har- vey visited his mining properties in the i$1;outh Moment) monliteitis this week. He has some good properties there arid is confident that ditring the summer much development work will be done in that district. Mr. Harvey says that dur- ing the pest six weeks a large number of claims have been located and many of them have beet) perfected. A small force of miners is at work on the Jeter group, recently bonded by John Bebb, and the showing on them is very encour- aging. Other properties are at work in the district and the showing on them is equally as good as those on the surface in the other districts of the county. A Nalglib.trieg Strike. A report was received here yesterday that R. Hendry & Co. had made a rich find In their property, which is near the Great Northern company's property in the Judith mountains. 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