Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, June 10, 1902, Image 1

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ilea North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their • t) .. 1 n.1 s VOLT -. KENDALL, MONTANA, JUNE to, . ......_ ..--- .. , .11 ii and ovii.wLE • Millions Lett for Honest Toil 1902. No. 13. MINING BECOMING KIM 11 ,1 °P-41 There Is a Demand for Bonding Property—Deals are Made Dzvelopments Ahead. Going on all Over A large amount of public interest in this part of the state is centered in the question as to whether or not J. L. Bright d his associates will take up the bond i it ey hold on the property .1 this district. The; the tared 1;kii ng t rm . an exteninion of /Inree - Thontlis, pires 09 the latIttand t#1:i holders are k ed they have offered to pay a large sum l oll money for the privilege. But it is ex- tremely doubtful if an extension will be granted. The Barnes -King peopte believe the properly' is maaftlifrfilor thou] Alaat the bond calls for-onli tniSion iloganfrt-- . mind would be well eatiefltif if tiel prfnp- eirty did not pass out of their hand. It ii believed, however, that the sale will **through in the time specified. /- Another shipinegt okbuilicm was made Hist peek. ft corvineted4 lonr beretaad ttre valuatir trevAirten netimmotel 41 10500. These shipments are regular nts. The work of development con - tree in the mine. The drift froillthe ; aft is now in ore, and caber parteiof the mine are looking better: than eve' before. Night and day shifts are at work run- t, n;eigt Wing Ita i f iv% ow, r - is. Man t'‘eitteette-ei etrike ore at an early date. Mr. Archer, Who is financering the company, reports eery good auccess in that,,directfon, 49 development is to be pushettriwith or. ! Albert Russi and, Ons4cJil1ler a* at itork on a group of four claims lying slauthwest of the Kendall property. They t e meeting with great .epeourogenient, ving ore that' eerriee deePer and golk H. G. Curran of New :York,' who r#: ' ntly took a bond on a group of claims belonging to D. L. Kane arid othecs, en4 'treated at the east end •of: the cygnido- halt. has directed that work be com• Menced at once.. A„terce, el pletili4l;c10 spme ex teneive prospecti ng on the proper- ty this summer: . Mr.Purren he. a tiprti cin triciiiier ironp in the betide nhlthbhe- hood, und lie is also interested in pro - Meting the gale of the Rarnes-King pro - t. erty.- t A ?Ida' ly.irrea-e' • • f - -;,.r- . ; .4 Property on /fox ltlderWid - TirCe - m- Inig to the Front. W. C.Kruze eas in 4,9wil ope day, litst week procuring siipplialsAfat tviheivlitp'cwtt the middle fork of the Box Elder, where -be itelit work on wyme promirirnt pmper- ty which he and Lewistown imociates F ai. The ground heitithout lialf a Mile t of i'l um criitr i9i,is A !OPeoliir that has as yt e been but little prospected !beyond mere surface Work. The \teem-. eity on which Mr. K raze is at work in- cludes a group Of four slairas-the Vane. tide King, Big 1'14, Niirtl ' t Pole and Broken Leg. The work now hr held‘ ie. the running or a tunnel on t' l h Titinuteih .Ning.. The.tunusi. penetzatea an ore cr y, and Mr. Kruse reports the values will be rua one hundred feet, when they will raise and crosscut the ore body. The property is north of the Paymaster, one of the claims of the Abbey company. Mr. Kruse is greatly pleased with the outlook and declares the east end will soon rival the better known parts of the belt. RANCH BONDED. - — - The BullitsTroperty le Tied VP fap Sting sum. John Billiard has bonded his 160 -acre ranch to Frank J. Hazen of the Great Northern Mining and Development Co. and others for $50,000. The bond runs for eighteen months, and a cash consid- eration passed between the parties at the time the bond _yrne._,I3ecpt= ed. The sum of 'Woo is to be paid -at the end of six months, $20,000 on or be- fore one year, and the third payment of * 24 ,750011 or before tire expiration of the yighteen months. f ,, The Billiard ranch Hie just mist of the 'town and adjoines the klarnes-King claims on the south. It is believed by experts that the big ore bodies in Barnes - King ground dip into the Bullard prey- erty. and there is strong evidence that such is the ease. It is the intentiori to do some exten- sive prospecting on the bonded ground. tart the rand* is wall adapted to agri- cultural purposes. EAST END DEAL. Fear Claiming to be Worked and a C 1 1 4 7 patty Organised. - 1 -- - . A demi woe pat through last week wtsbei will . have an imetertant bearing on the early development of the eastern end of the cyanide belt. Some time ago William Tolbert, representing easter') egpitipliets.' entered into negotiatione wt1ykeorgrCrawford, R. E. and NI. S. Gudgell awl D. J. Burr for it half inter- eot in four promising claims located at the Iseati et Little Dog great', and next to esmand belongieg td - the Barnes -King. These claims are:Occidental, North Star, Python and Bull's Eye. The agreement is that the claims are to be patented and company orgamized, and in considera- tion of Oda work Tolbert and Iris apsoci- ates - bre to diave one-half Ore moult. Work:muet commence within sixty days. F..\ 4 / 1 . Mernienhall of Oskaloosa', Iowa, and O. T. Carter of New York are the eaeterin gentlemen' interested. Not much work has been done on the property, 'telt Ore cyanide ore i6 and it gives (air values, On the North filth' a tunnel. penetrates the ore body. It is the intention to do a large amount qi wctrk on 4 tire property this strtriner. 1114 - ) 1 04,en ert. .W. G. Moore, a mining expert, repre- diatingiColorado ha's been in camp for some time looking over mining .propenies„and,“drp . wmg coneimuuno.\ Ir. Moore is writ pleased with the dill- trict, and is likely to give it very favor- able report of bis inveritigations. Ile ••tvall here last 44) on a similar tnission nil its i441,4 4ieit simply confirms the friteitters expreesed at that time on the mineral possibitities hi the North Moccasins. dtmtief Isktdinitted Kendall is a little beftind the times. Ping Peng has not yet been introduced. .1lowever, si copy of Mary Nlactane's book hiss arrived and is nitwit*, rourifts, a ndafite conviirsazione esteedrely popular in *Kiel circles. A.. '-'sae-- ----- Two or three Kendall men who con- templated going to Thunder Mountain have changed.their minds, and cut that alittlien`titit'of 'their itinery. The latest reports from there are enough to discour ere the most persistent searcher for the yellow metal. 11110 'ORPENTER8 They are Now Hard at Work on Nev. Buildings. Large and Small Structures Being Rapidly Pushed to Completion. Bright Prospects Ahead. Work on the new tel ngs tfitOW11 Is going ahead as rapidly I. site weather *will admit The refit t;terratishave greatly retarded progress. In fact, the weather has been PO unfavorable as to almost discourage the contractors. But they have gone ahead amid have kept their men employed whenever the weather would admit of work being done to any advan- wee. • The basement walls of the Cook build- ing were finished last meek, and now reasons are at work on the' limit story. Seething a good foundatioe was quite a task, owing to the wet co . nilition of the ground, but persistent effort won out, and the superstructure will rest on solid walls. In order to p - rOeureltfe necessary stone for the building, John Lanz, the Contractor, built a road to the west bluff overlooking that part of the toe tr. nit', in itself, was quite a job. Opening up the ;marry was easy, and a tine quantity of sandstone is being battled to the build- ing site and put in place. Architect Taylor's trlens call for a very hanileome two story building. It will be finielted with good material, arid when completed willies as gond a bneinees block as there ! in the coenty. . W. A. Shaulei has Invl a most difficult and trying time, in excuyating for hie stone hotel. After gttidirig down a few ' feet . water ells telt unexpectedly en-i 'coutili . ftd„ It broke out in a dozen places from be cirri . bank 'and immediately caused trouble. It was thought possible ' to it rah , it off, and work was directed to that end. After the expenditure of a large amontit of money in the attempt to master the water problem, me. Slumlord • Absolutely redorgeet Wilson'S (kilt tire building. building. Instead of having a cellar ender t he house be will construct a stone store room on the surface at the side 01 the main structure. Laying the founda- tion for the hotel is now in progress, and with fair weather the building will be well advanced in month's time. As Inns been asserted by the Cintosiciat, Mr. Shatiles' hotel will be the finest one in the county. It will be roomy and well arranged; it will have a fine large office and dining room, with commodious bed- rooms on the second floor. The third bedding, now . going up in that part of toe in, will also be lowdown° and commodioue. It will be two stories anti will front on three streets, thus iijit partiCirVity - deeirable for -7 67.41 - weirs purposes. Alex. Wilson has been given the contract for the in rpen ter work, etre. he will push matters to an early finish. There will be II0 delay in this work if the lumber awl other material can be putt the ground. The Wareham building ham been com- pleted, 80 far as the ground floor is con- cerned, and it Is now-obi/4y r iot. the tee - ant. T. M. Matlock's building is in ft fair way to completion The wall,which fell during the recent heavy rain, has helm rebuilt. It was an unfortunate even - den yet thadarnage mato have been more ione. If material can be had tile. building will soon be ready for °ten- paney. The stock of goods has bee . n ordered for some time, und the delay finiehing the bending been a source of great embarrassment to the owner. There are u number of residences going up in various parts of town, end as the slimmer advances, a good wooly more mentaryNniet spell in Kendall, it is it be limit. Not e itlistanding the qn te evident there are to be some lively , Demo inn tlw near future. There are two or three !invariant mining dealer now pending, 'mid when they have reached an issue there will be a definite understand- ing jest e hat will be done in the way of mill conieruction and development work. So tar everything lime headed in tine right direction and this is likely to Von - iiiine to be the case. While delayer in such mattere ai'e vexatious, and have a ? n i l ; tendency to create nineasteeee iii quarters, yet they Van la y !avoided. Certainly things look ri good deal brighter right now than they dill lam fall. The largest investors i time camp are entirely satisfied as to the final otitcome. long as the miner' are all right the town is istemd to be. Within sixty days Kendall e ill he livelier than during any period of her history. Was at last forced to alter hig plans as to store. Kendall. -f , . , WE'ARE THE'LEADERS LOW PRICES OF •__ —AND CAN SHOW YOU . 123Y FACTS Our Clothing low as the lowest. that -would make *ices. • Shoes of the avid Wax Calf, that will fit your MINERS' min US YOUR -- MAIL ORDERS is well Suits you wonder latest in both Oxfords feet. and WE MAKE AND -EWIST . tailored at styles, give PROSPECTORS' A SPECIALTY TEN how in and you and the and TWELVE they can Vici Kid, Lace at the best OF WN prices are just as DOLLARS be tailored for the Box Calf, Velour $.3.0 and $4.00, of service. SUPPLIES EXPRION PAID ON ALL PURCHASES CO. of Woo OR OVER . lifitritrj LE WISTOW N , MONT.% N A . haiag.asay4patishistarp.--414e-tonaei Buy _Pertura at \Vilson's drug store, Kienar441 $1-per-hottkw--- - I I 0.11••••.• ••••••••••••••••••••••• - 41z.54, it 4 .1 ‘• •

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 10 June 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.