Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, June 17, 1902, Image 1

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'4 4 j.t7t.;j 1.fiLitt‘t ja . .541 ti . 1 0 1111tef?rth Moccasins Have VieId/ Op Their ds and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil • ...ant • -It et: \k • VOL. I KENDALL, MONTAN , JUNE 19031.1t No. i3. ROCK GULCH 18 RICH Win was Recently 7 neovered. • It fries High Values and Causes ' Sensation—A Stamp Mill for Another Good Property. Fhe latest mining development in the Nerth Moccasins is the striking of a - vein of,glald-copRer ore that carries high Yal- u(*) in botmetals. ped Rock , gulch, on the northern slope s -.4 °lithe North Mot -Warn' range:1s now an important point of interest to mioing men of this locality, and as developments progress this interest may merge into a gettnine mining excitement of the old schlool. At present abet sittletion'ts . an interesting one. 'it 4 ilta*pll is being er'eFted that is to Crush ore from 11 free - gold proposition. Close by a vein was recently uncovered that carries $30 in geld and a very high per centage of cop- per and somagalena. In the eatne.gulch another develqtanent is tinder - m - 4 that. testy result in the opentag uP Of a great body of cyanide ore. The gold -copper vein is on the Rine Bell claim, which was located last. Match by John Heleing and John Oliphant., sts !soon as it was learned that the •irein allowed copper the work of sinking a ehaft commenced. It was sunk on the vOn. arid ore taken out 'As work pro- gressed. It showed up rettoirkably Well and the owfiers' had goott reason' to be entlinsiastic. After going doe ri about twenty feet a drift was extended a few feet on the vein. In thigreinall swork over two hundred sacks of ore have 1.4en taken out and it is now piled tip on the (temp. It runs $30 in gold, and it car- ries a high per cent of copper. Some of the ore carries galena, and it will he an u .. . extra good smelting ore. Those who have seen itvdtclare it tot* the most likely ore of the kind yet found I: l e :his county. The ore taken out has n Racked and it will be• sent , to a. - melter for treatment. r • ;The work of iveleprnedt. ha been . depended for the time being, as the de [' where are,bbsily engaged on other,pro- [ se rty hiy ofi•ii in the vIciniti. The s veln a in lime stone, and there is an excel- lent k chance to develop it through a tun- nel. •• Bed Rock gulch is narrOw,. and in. many places the walls stand up almost 'perpendicular for hundreds of feet. At tt) be sparkling stream of water which con - me points the gulch is so contracted hat its bed is no wider than the -un- ni ng gear of a -Wagon; and here lind there t te tianttyllons through it extends it banks fioin wall to wall. It. is a picturesque i ace, and so shut in as to be practically ittoaff from tpe req of the world. In Ps agony considerable placer mining as done in the gulch, and there still re - *alp)! much evidence of the patient toil 41 the searchersifor the yellow metal. To reach Bed Rock gulch . by the road from Kendall involves n Tide of some eleven miles. The winding road lakes the Oraveler out of the mountains onto the ilium- away to. the west. When the eltrouth of the - Merle reachedit is a mile , and a half up to where the mining HI carried'on. Some three hundred yards above and across the gulch from the copper propo- sition mentioned above Messrs. Helsing and Lyons have aflree geld property tdrat they.antiCiptiYeqlll yield them fine re- turn!. Theleirvls a wide otie—just . how widtilias nal been deteikeitred except on the surface. There it is some fifty feet across. • A tunnel has been run in on the vein a considerable distance, showing up an extensive body of ore. A five-staterp• will is now being built at a point but a few rode from the month of the tunnel. : It is expected the mill will be ready to crush ore by July 1. The mill and mine are to be connected by a track, so the ore can lie — darefred in cars direct from the working- tunnel.. Every huality is ,ffered for economical ruining and mill, ing of the ore. Libe4a1 sampling has shrjwn the oreu . to average. about $8 per ton, and there is apparently an alined.; ance of it. The tunnel enters the monnul taut from the bottom of the gulch, midi the mountain itself stands up well nigh perpendicular for a thousand feet. The owners of this property have held it for ytairs, and ; . t bey now enter upon the work of milling the ore with every as. nuance of success. If the stamp mill operateirto their satisfaction they eill enlarge it. The work of hunting in the machinery has been no easy mutter. In order to get a wagon up the gni& it a; as first ne- ceasary, at many points, to cut into the wells so as to•make room for 1 4 • 88 1: 1 4. The haul of the creek iwpiaces occupi ;the eittlre bottom of the gorge. Here tt water flows in a strong stream °yet a pebbly bottom, there it sinks beneath the gravel, only to rise to the surface again, a nolei, riPplitez,aapidly %wing etrearn. before reachiug,ihe „mouth Of the carlyon, however, it * alisaroreers en- tirely. The task of getting in the heavy pieces oh machinery was finally accom- plished, and it,will only be a few dope before the etaiei. of the dropping stamps wilt break upon the solitude of Bed Rook gulch. Helsing and Oliphant have another property in that vicieity that they think eel' of. It has indicatiomi of being a hyanide propottii ion'. and samples of the ore have been sent out to be tested. A nieaber of mitrinrk men, ha arg reeentbt Vistlfrl Vett Rt;elt glitch, 'find they hate returned e ell pleased. with what tbSY Sa 4t is aPti Profeeeitrit idonfidence in the probability that rid; results will follow dsrvelopmeet wor19 in . that qtuirter. luinred lit a Runaway. F. B. Jones was badly bruised and cut by being thrown out of.ehuggy in a rune- wity accideut on the 1;t11. In company with Tom Bromley eihr Prof. flutchition he was behind a • spirited team, enroute to Gilt Edge. In going down a hill this side of Maiden the horses got beyond control and started down the declivity at the pace that kilia Fate settled sitt Jones as t he one team thrown out, and there was no help for it. He bit the ground eery hard. Wtaed the te a m wa • brought to a tnnilstill die two remainhf occupants of the veltiele Went back to aid Jones, whom they found in an uncon- scious condition. He was resuscitated at Maiden, andtblikidten to Gilt Edge, where his wounds were dressed. • When in ,Lewistown call on Dr. E. A. Long, the dentist, end have your teeth examined. oftlea.apponite Day House. Buy Pertma at Wilaou'a drug store, Kenthill; $1 per honks: • 'MS GILT EDtIrS d the Enthusiastic Populace Made the Most of It. Exuberance that Even Rain Could • Not Dampen --Outdoor Con- tests, and Other Things. / . Gil:. Edge celebrated Miner's Union Polparel a-gaott many ogejale jrpyg the tartsike celebrated with them.. As ' a consequence there was a good deal of 'celebrating at the metropolis of the in - Obit moinitains. Aml the celebration j Iwould have been more intense than it !wee haul the %seedier been fair; leo. it 4 • rained, and rained lien!: IT!) to three o'clock in the aftereoon the''eveuts-ott the auivertised progratn• were latitig.pulls ed off on schedule time, and entlinsitisin was increasing a ith eve'ry turn of the hand on . trie dial. When Jupiter Phiyitia took a hand in %MB game, however,. the other players had to retire from the open fielul and take refuge under the host:toil roofe of the public resorts. There the cilebrat hug wits renew AI. . .E veiytiti ! ly - Was in an amiable mood, and good fel- lowship ties displayed everywhere. The first event of the day arts the miner's union march; howled by the siTifiiiin banut - to - the pavilion,- where 'Hon. J. H. Calderhead, auditor of state, delivered eadrirees: The speaker watt of the opinion that the interests of file people pi...y . 1.e yitited States u wild be beet served by the government Owning the railroads and Mises \pubfic.utilitiee; And that a socialistic eystem piloted sup- plant the present order of khings... This sentiment met a it It the appt oval of the audience. _.. The greaten interest was centered ;n the double hand rock (tithing contest for is purse of $150. The firetteem to toe the scratch, or rather the great bonliter, was front Gilt Bilge, and the contestants were J. P. Jensen and Tredor Nantel. Feign Ilie reputation of the Attest it was thought they would' wisny but•their e or k Dly , disappointed their backers. At the end I of hfteen minutes the record stood 283-h inches. Then the W'lliskyGnieli team— Jelin Scott told Grant MacElravey—look up a posttion, end tram • the start it was plele they mere wittnera. They did clever execution, alai made a rei•ont of 33V 1 inches. A good deal - of money changed halide on the propostition dint a record-tif 35 invites would be untidy. While that rock &Mimi contemt was in progress a lerge crowd was witnessing a base hall game betweeh Ake Lewistown -toil Gilt Edge Thu nines were }rode up as follows: Lewistoe ui Msr, c: Johjir, lb; Al - Ian, 3b ; .1. C. Bebb, if; Zastgler,• • ci; Johnson, rf ; Kelly 21); Smith, p; Belli), short stop. Gilt Edge—Garr, a; Gregory, I); Ma-, der. 211; Gibbons, a 8.; Sweeney, :I1) . ; Rickard, rt . ; Croake, cf; Wig4ins, If; it . lartin, lb. The genie ills a Piiiriterhirie - np to the end of the first hell of the WO inning, , alien the rain put a stop to die game. At that time the sore atood 9 to 3 in fa- vor of Leaistown. I All the other numbers on the progrant !kid to be declared off. In the evening ; there' Was it 'ball, Which was largely HI - tended. Among t lei lafwietowe people wbo were in this lay eel e W. 11. Calver to :t i d t i d a ti • r if l e7 George W - eidentate,ComiciluaanSvinrnee, Itieltulph Von 'Idle, L. W. Eldridge. H. ' it.'Wataon, Vuit. Watiam, .1. F. Crowley, Dr. Curtis, ( herles W. Kelley, Dr. H. -A.,: Long and wife, Son li'enver„Dr. Attie. Kenu'all 1.1•111 over It stnnig delegation. and all report haying had it goo,' tunic,, except thove slur mix, d up It 11.11111i1H,18/ and t hu.r entangliter • I Dick StelliienS it eathe most sought et- , ter bean ef the day. Mike Riser had as witch tun as any Outs there. ' Biglen lonl a lame arm eltaking hands Wifir olt1Kiittthfa. H N. aligtan took in all thesights that looking at; - - Ed. lyeaver epjoya.1 everything that 1 • came, tip. F. B. King hell the beet time of lain eventful life. A. Kelley spent a day fuU of pie:leant ex periencee. D. J. Hirringtnit's only regretted that lie did not heye agreater rapaeity fur en- joyment. -- A \new line of grimmer Fltirte just ar. rived at the Deerfield Mercantile Co.'s store. They are . just whet yet) need. • Dr. N. V; Curtis, Lewistotru'i new dentist, Ilas farlli/.111• 1 1 Iti.. lieW fn.48 over tl e Judith Bashi Bank bedding. ill 11 very elitherate maener. He is letw ill position to do the best Of work. • The Lewin()); n Limber Company line just reveiyed two carloods of finishing lumber. . , • , ' It Is a Perplexing Thing4 ., . .. For the reader of nee ..... whet is what. We ..1.) net tire sure that what we have • env one who is interested • ., at tide time. Our SUMMER thernselvea, and ivealfink WK ARK NI#11,1Nti AN IMMENSE . , peeper aulyertiolemenfi to ulerernt tee nee as large -type Ws Some, lett we it, any itt not the le\ ill , \ . ' 1 ' 3 \ 1 t\ in the. stihject ‘,1 C 1.0 T 11 I N 0 SUITS are re:ely to .re:ik for you mill lied no fault e Hi the pi 1.. - DISMAY OF ' • a . HOT Skettoa Serge and See Our Flannel, • MINERS' SEND US . -:.'-'1fotiR , \tit Ter' . WEATHER Black Alpaca Serge and WE MAKE AND '%V C LEWISTO‘tN, PROSPECTORS' I . Coats Homespun A SPECIALTY 5TOWN CLOTHING and Vests, Suits OF v Y (JUG°. Lima Dusters, Zc. &c. at $7, $8, and *9 SUPf - IIES EXPIIE,is PA II) ON ALL PURCHASES ...... OR OVER MONTANA Mn

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 17 June 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.