Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, July 01, 1902, Image 4

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4. Kendall. Montana, July 1, 1902. KENDALL CHRONICLE PublIshed,weekly where the bi g mines are situated. E. R. CLEVELAND Editor and Proprietor. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One Year $2.00 Six Months Puy in advance and avoid the disa g reeable dunnin g letter. Harmony vs. Bryan. Leaders of eastern Democracy, in their attempt to iestore harmony in the party, seem to have cleated more dis- order than ever. As was expected, the speech .of Grover Cleveland, the only Democrat who has been in the presidential chair since the war of the rebellion, has brought Bryan in from his coin field, and . made him forget all about his spring lambs. Mr. Bryan dips his pen into a solution of cyanide, blue vitriol, or some other caustic liquid, and writes an ecitorial that , ' - fairly rids the fisherman of Buzzard's Bay up the back. Here is one para• graph. \He turned the treasury over to a Wall street syndicate and the finan- cial man of his family went from Wash- ington to become the private attorney of the man who [forced] him to sell him government bonds ati and then resold them it ii 7.\ The above is a mild arraignment of the last Democratic administration. Here is a hot one off the bat: \His administration, instead of be- ing a fountain of democracy, sending forth pure and refreshing streams, be- came a stagnant pool from whose water foul vapors arose, poisonous to those who lingered near.\ It looks very much as though Demo- cratic harmony will have to be spelled with a lower case \h\ or else drop the \h\ altogether. \l'he next time the Nebraska man goes east to do a little campaign work he will think for cer- tain he is \in the enemy's country.\ Whife it is somewhat painful to think that Grover and William J. can not, or will not, bury tFe hatchet, it will be doubly annoying to the faithful to learn that all is not harmony in the den of the Tammany tigers. A New York dispatch says that Richard Croker is coming home \to smash John C. Shee- han in the face.\ It would apPear Croker's one-time lieutenant has been saying that he [Croker] got $1,450,000 out of Third avenue street railway job. Croker denies the truth of the asser- tion. It may be that he did not get that sum, or any other sum, out of that swindle. Possibly it was some other steal that Croker came in for a take- off. Altogether this seems to be a had year for Democratic harmony. The Calderheadian kethod. The state auditor of Montana is J. H. Calderhead. The duties of the of- fice are not particulaily exacting, ap- parently, for the gentleman has ample time to travel about the state makin speeches on the beauties of socialism, or else looking after little mining deals that may bring hini i ip a few dollars the side. But during the next few weeks he will be busy; his time will be fully occupied in trying to explain. He may be a good explainer, and if such is the case it is possible he can tell to the satisfaction of the public how his conscience allowed him to charge the state with a bill of over $800 that the state board of examiners refuses to al- low. The story from Helena is an in- teresting one, and run as follows: Friction among the state officials is growing so intense that it is wearing the polish off the furniture. It is all about the expense of distributing the extra edition of 50,000 copies of State Auditor Calder head's report as com- missioner of labor. The legislature made an appropriation of $8500 for printing and distributing the extra edi- tion. Mr. Calderhead, Mr. Holmes, his deputy, and their sons have been attending to the distribution. The lat- ter's bill was $883.67, but the governor and secretary of state cut off all but $33-47. Last spring Mr. Holmes made a trip east. It Was said he went on private business Connected with a mining deal. Later Mr. Calderhead made a trip to the Mississippi and kissouri valley cities. His object was said to be to visit his brother, who is a republican 'congressman. For the expenses in- curred on these trips and for the ser- vices of Mr. Calderhead's son, and M Holmes' son, the bill was sent to the state board of examiners by Mr. Cald- erhead. A Complete Line of Sash Doors Mouldings Building Paper Fine Interior Finish Cedar Shingles Fir Flooring Siding Ceiling Common Lumber and Builders' Supplies Lewistown Lumber Co. The Only Exclusive Lumber Establishment in Fergus County Write , or Call for Estimates or Prices Hoping to have you call and inspect our Stock before buying elsewhere, we are Yours Truly, Lewistown Lumber Co. Office and Yards: Fifth Avenue and Water Street. Telephone 77. J. Wells & Co. Oe Ode The Only Exclusive. They are now looking around for a wife suitable for King Alfonso. If blood didn't count what a rush there would be of American women for the job. But, alas, there are some points they can not reach. The Amerizan - king, J. Pierpont Morgan, has contributed $25,000 to the coronation of King Edward of En- gland. Perhaps that is all right. Our king must be amused, and their king must he amused also. According to recent dispatches all of the Oregon detectives, sheriffs and their deputies have escaped from the tvio murderous convicts who recently broke jail. Those Oregon officers cer- tainly had a good run of luck. It is not surprising the Pennsylvania coal miners are on a strike. They av- erage less than $1.40 a day in wages, and their life at best is a most wretched one. Even if they Aain their point their condition will be but little im- proved. Men's Clothing and Furnishing Goods House In the Judith Basin. \eqg W. J. Wells & Co. Six blocks of buildings were destroy- ed by fire at Portland last week owing to a scarcity of water. With the Wil- lamette river running through the city it seems strange there was not sufficient water handy to put out the fire at the, start: Perhaps a corrupt and venal city government is responsible for a worthless water system and an incom- petent fire department Grover Cleveland has dropped his hook and line long enough to make a few observations about the Democratic party and the possibilities of it making a wianing fight in 19(4. The man who emptied nearly all the dinner buckets in the land, but filled his own, thinks there is a remote chance of suc- cess if Bryan can be switchetoff till' a er e --- ilectilan. ART that wilr& an impossible thing to do. The Nebraska man makes all his money by talking. LEWISTOWN, MONTANA. Judith Steam Laundry LEWISTOWN, MONT. 444$ Strictly firat-class . work. Particular attention givelli to Kendall and outside orders. ( H.SMITH, Agent in Kendall. Kendall Barber Shop For an Up -to - Date Dr. John Wiemer Physician and Surgeon Kendall, J 6 Montana 0. F. WASM.ANSDORFF Civil Engineer and Surveyor K EN DALL, - -hiONTA NA. E. H. CRABTREE (Formerly with Central Montana Mines Co.) Assaying and Testing Samples lteeeived from Kendall, Gilt Edge, 'Mahlon and adjoining camps receive prompt attention. Office at Lewistown, Montana. John Jackson, Jr. Notary Public Conveyancer, Etc. Kendall, Montana GEO. N. TAYLOR JRChITECT Kendall, Montana. J. E. WASSON Attorney at Law GILT EDGE, MONTANA , Mining Law • Specialty is...x.wi e ssocacatat.ocat.buicet 1 DR. A. H. RUSSELL t DENTIST 1 Graduate of University of Minnesota ; Win Soon Open Dental Parlors in Kendall, Montana. isrlarielse'Iseisr•orIseae•earisrisrias Dr. R. S. Hedges Phy8ician and Surgeon Office Over Judith Hardware Store LEWISTOWN Office Telephone 89 Residence Telephone Office flours 4tetiu•te• . DR. FRED. F. ATTIX Private • Diseases a Specialty Telephone r32 Tumor Bollkillog, Opposite Post Office Lewistown, tiontans Hair -Gut and - S haveatat rig s

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 01 July 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.