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KENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded ti I heir l'housands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, AUGUST 12, 1902. No. 21. MRSONS PILING OP STONE. Work on Two Fine Buildings is Being Rushed. A Hotel that Will be a Credit -- Finishing Touches on Other Structures—More to Come. Stone masons are busy these daya on the buildings being put up at the lower end of McKinley avenue. On the hotel they are well along on the first story. Judging by the plans of 00 architezt and the work already done, Shaules' hotel will by all odds be the finest struc- ture of the kind in the county. The ex- terior walls will be of rough gray sand- stone, pointed up and finished in a man- ner that will give it the appearance of great solidity. On the ground floor will be a large office and sitting room, a fine bar and billiard room, and a dining room, barbershop and kitchen. These rooms will all have street trot:tap. Now that fair weather is matured the work of completing the bnilding will go on rap- idly and without interruption. The ho- tel will be a credit to the Owner and the town. The exterior of the Cook building is so far along as to be practically finished, with the exception of putting on the reef and stone battlement. This is another building that would be it credit to any town in the axle. On the ground floor will be the postoffice and the private of- fice of the Kendall Invistnaent companY. and a fine large room suitable for mer- chandising. Some of the rooms on the upper floor have already been spoken for as housekeeping apartments. The Johnson building, as it is called, on the opposite corner, is now receiving a coat of plaster. It will be entirely fin- ished in a short time. It. too, is a fine building. The work of filling in the street, making it conform to the estab Belied grade, will begin this week. This will involve a great quantity of earth, and the expense will be no small sum, but the company is to stop at no half way measure. It will put everything in shape for business. There are a number of cottages nnder construction, and it is said that a good many more will go up between now and November. KENDALL KING. The Shaft is Going . Down in Ore that Gives Encouraging Assays. The Kendall King company has its ferce.of men sinking the shaft. Iris go- ing through the contact, and ore is being encountered that is giving some favora- ble always. Stringers of material have just been encountered that differs in character from any of the rock yet en- countered. It has not -yet been assayed. The company is making arrangements to sink the shaft to a depth of 150 feet. At that depth the ore is expeeted to be of a good milling quality. Fergus County Fair. The Fergus county fair will be held this year at Lewistown on September 10th to 12th, inclusive. A good race pro- gram has been prepared, and there will be other attractions for visitors. WAS CROWNED KING. Edward VII., R. I., by . the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the British do- minions beyond the sea, king defender. Of the faith, emperor of India, was on Sat- urday crowned without hitch or harm. A Town for BUSIROSS and Recreation. Charles Long, of the Lewistown Lum- ber company, came over Saturday, and sent back Tuesday. He was here on business. Mr. Long is -one of the men who believes the railroad will do greu t hinge for the county seat of Fergus and the whole surrounding country. Edward Brassey, U. S. land register, was among the Lee istown visitors to Kendall last seek. When Mr. Braesey wants to have a real sociable outing he visits the town where the big mines are situated. A Lewistown Roy Accidentally Shot. Randall Vrooman, eon of J. M. Vroo- man, proprietor of the Argus, was on Friday accidentally shot and seriously wounded by Ralph Scovel, a boy com- panioe. In company with two other lads they were in the eutakirte of ti's ii for the purpose 01 shooting gophers. The rifle bad been discharged at a gopher by prima Randall, elm then turned it over to Master Scovel, who did not know it had been reloaded. Iii some way it was again discharged. The bull passed through the body. At twat ac- counts the little Wield, ems doing well, end is likely to recover. -- \Fill the Vast Lath.,[irsi Aisles With Symphonies Deep anti Low Deft Toads. er of the Chaim Keys.\ The school organ, a Welt was purchased from a Chicago house, some 011ie ago, is expected to be here by next Sunday. It is a high-class instrument., and it will be a great help in conducting the Sunday &hoot exercises, and the church services as well. Went on Two Different Missions. W. D. Syremes and wife of Lewistown have gone to Salt Lake on a pleasure mission. Mr. Symnies will take part in the Elk round -up. Gordon Shafer of Lewistown left for Great Falls last week to undergo an op- eration for appendicitis. Good May COTO Out of Evil. Charles Itleyereick, the miner, whose leg was amputated last spring, and who recently left the hospital, is visiting friends in Kendall. He takes his mis- fortune cheerfully, and hopes to fit him- self for mime calling that will not be in- terfered with by the loss of a limb. Esay Street a PI I Thoroughfare. John P. Barnes, one of the men who is making a fortune out of mining in the North Moccasins, was in town last week and enjoyed his visit. To Test Their Knowledge Box. The regular quarterly examination for teachers' certificates will take place at Lewistown on the 29th and 80th. Mrs. Ernest Ebbage left today on a visit to relatives in Butte. If you want a bargain in furniture pro- fit by a little adv. that appears elsewhere in this paper. W. C. Archer will leave this week for the \outside where he expects to do some business for the Kendall King company. The wife of Dr. A. H. Russell arrived from St. Paul last week, and will make Kendall her home, and where the Doc- tor will prantice his profession. George N. Taylor will leave this week for Spokane The result of Ilia archi- tectural work is now being shown in the big buildings in course of conetniction. The Lewistown Lumber Co. have a complete line of doors, windows; mould- inge, flooring, ceiling, sidings, building paper, builders' hardware, etc. RAILROAD TO LEWISTOWN. its C.ristruction will Soon be Under Full Swing. Survey ir Completed—The Route the Road Will Take—An Im- portant Enterprise. The preliminary survey for the Mon- tana railroad between Nether/ and Lew. ietown ltâA IiewoThptPter*; --- and it ',- quite likely cross eection:ng will begin shortly. Chief Engineer Clark thinks the a or k of fulled construction will begin tliie Fermin& or fall. Engineer Clark stated that a one per cent. grade was the heaviest allowed and that in no instance had this been ex - co 'fled, in fact it Was a very ett.y line ! for the entire distance of sisty-two and ! one-hait miles, the only real trouble being encountered at Lee istown. After coming through the Judith gap the imrvi y follows Ross' Fork, ',ageing within Indi a mile of Garneill, through the Siga- foos barn and down the creek for nearly twelve miles, thence swinging onto the Rork creek bench to the Beaver creek pass. The survey goes through this gap 'isivAt west and . east line, crossing the Kel- lar, ranches and Beaver Creek a half mile above the McMillan home. Traversing the eividing bench the line will cross CottOnwood well up near the Hopkins ranch and mane onto the Cottonwood bench above the Petersen home. From there to the You 'rebel coulee the major portion of the line is through what is known as the Lehman field. Probably forty acres will be required in Lewistown for depot grounds, yards, a turning table or \Y warehouse room, round house, etc. From the lines as run it oppears to be the desire to secure depot grourds Mow Main street and yards well above the town. The route selected for the road involves ready to run Kendall a ill have assumed sufficient importance to command the attention of the owners of the road and if conditions justify it, the chances ate the road Sall be extended to the North McsienainS. • The Imildieg of this road will be a great thing. tor Fergus county. It is a ; mighty Poor section of country that does not experience a -benefit from the con- struction of a road into its territory. With the advent of II road will come pop- ulation, money and he -reused Imeinea.. The road will foin'sh a cheap nutlet for all kiwis of freight, and it will be a great lector in the developntent of the country. A PROSPEROUS SIGN. Montana 'State icaoka Well supplied • — With it. -sources. The state banks of Montana are Pros- perous. According to a statementshich is.being prepared by State Anditot James H. Cable:lie:el for the comply°, er for the latter's annual report to coilgrera twetity•two banks doing 'liminess in the statte have resources of $15,193,495.75, consiating of loans on real estate, $9,940,- 300 47, loans on collateral securities, $1,090.394 22 loans and discounte, $0,- 791,884.72; overdrafts, $1,078,832.30; bonds, $1,221.842 02; due from other bank , , $2,432 561.87; vets& *Muir, $431,- 223; checks and other rash items, $79,- 880.01; cash on hand, $1,243,904.02. The twenty etatc banks that have re- ported have resources to the extent of t$15,129,420.49 Ttie combined capital of the twenty boodle hoover $1,120,000 and I they hare defeetite aggregating $2,744,- 379. The latest report received is that of the newly organized State Bank of Red Lodge, a concern a hich, notwithstand- ing , i's youth, has made n good shoeing. This bank in the way of assets reporte $84,069.30. Gilt Edge a Bad Second. Lewistown wiped np the earth with Gilt Edge et has« hall a week ago Snit- day. .t The wore stood 21 to 15. District 78 school shoes at T. It. Mat - lock's. Every pair warranted. FOR SALE. no heavy grades, cuts or tills. The road----- OUSE AND LOT AND HOUSE MINI - tittle the track is completed anti cars hear r e u r s r :tat e iii p r h t e fc:nla i h a rs o l r a n Vete, a clear store. FURS! - can he built at min'noun cost. By the ' Where Is He? If There is a Man in Fergus County That We Can't Fit in Underwear We haven't found him yet. There is UNDERWEAR here to suit every taste, every size, every pocketbook. Want a cheap garment? It is here in good quality at 6.e.. Want the finest ani softest o wool It is here at marvelously low prices. ' Are you tall or short, slim or stout? We wi I fit )ou, and fit you well. The light wcight stocks are in—: - nes you want for now, and for two months hence—new shades and styles. An elegant show- ing, and exceptional values for the money asked You needn't look any further for UNDERWEAR. It's righthere. EXPRESS SEND US W I sTowN I'AID ON ALL YOUR LE COMINER PURCHASE,' HALL ORDERS MIA°. oR OVF.te ., . LEW ISTOWN, MONTANA ,

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 12 Aug. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.