Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, August 26, 1902, Image 1

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KENDALL CHRONICLE. Ihe North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their nossands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, AUGUST 26, 1902. No. 23. IIWISIOWN GOING _ORD. The Railroad a Factor in Rapid Development. A New Era of Expansion for To% n and County—Construction to Start at Once on the Road. The prospects of the early completion 1211.1se Mon tstuassxailrouti-lossIsew istow has put new energy into that enterpris- ing town. Everylmtly is predicting au era of unprecedented prosperity and great business activity, as eoon as work on the road actually commences. The far sighted ones see ahead an advance in real estate, the erection of new buildings and a largely augmentesi population. Already there is a strong disposition to purchase real estate, and holders of real property are stiffening their prices. LessiAtOW11 us it stands is a suusee of serprise to strangers coming to the town. They enter the place unprepared to see such handsome stores, stocked with mer- chandise the value of which runs up in- to the hundreds of thousands of dollars; they see show windows decorated with all the taste end . up-to-datemses of Chi- cago:, New \kork or San Frau - date; .they find business men keenly alive to thsi de- nial:thief a progressive people; energetic, courteous and dircerning durieg business houre, and in social life all that gentle - nun ehould be. It is this predominating ppirit which hate placed Lewistown where it is today; and tne mama spirit will push it into still greater enviable prominence. It does nut requ're the penetration of it prophet to foreteil what Lewistowll'S immediate future is to be. It is going to grow and add to its wealth and influence in Northern Montima. It is destined to _he &very important supply point and the seat of large, concentrated capital. Fergus county and Mmouna generally are likely in the tumult few years to receive a very large population. There are going to be many thousands of acres of land taken up by people e ho will till the soil. While stock raising and min- ing will continue to le important factors in the wealth of the state, still general farming is going to play an important part. This is certain to occur in the very nature of things. Fruit] year to year it has been learned that the rich bottom lands and many of the benches are well suited to the growing of grain and other farm products. There is a great home market in Montana that is now almost wholly supplied fruen the outside. In time this condition will change, and the people a ill be CO11811111- ing home products Last'week R. A. Harlow, vice-presi- dent, and T. J. Robertson, chief con- struction engineer ot the Montana rail- road were in Lewistown, arranging de- tails for constructing the road into that place. In referring to the status of affters Mr. Harlow said to the Cueosiresis that the surveys of the road had 'prac- tically been completed, awl the task of building (ha road will be an, easy one, ly leason if the light grade and favorable contour tit the country lying between Hallowton and the county seat. The contractors ii - ho will build the road will be celled upon to employ large knees of , 11 EN .10111 Two Miners are Kaki Sunday at Gilt Edge Att accident occurred Sunday at Ole Great Northern M. & D. Co.'s mine at Gilt Edge by which Craig Sample and George Whitcomb lost their lives by suffocation. Sample and Whitcentb %sere killed it; an upraise that is hieing run from a list - tend tunnel tet the main tunnel level. The distance irons this 'whit to the month of the tamed is some 1500 feet. Air for the mine is furnished Ity a (tom - pi vinous and is carried along the tutted to the scene of operations. At or near the end of the tunnel a *haft is being sank, arid it is now 1 . 10Wfl 11h011t 175 feet. At the top of this shaft is a hoist. sPRIINK8 IN MINER'S Ur I eye e d out rem f a o i r nl (lieioulp home for f r e t ; .darilitinui . keep ere a i l a l a s III Joke he wanted to find it out RS soon as \ possible; if it was a sneak -thief, adding int ult to iejut y, the sooner his eork Transactions that Greatly Mystified WAS diecontietWd the better. All day Walters remaieed indoors and watched Jack Walters. all the approaches to his cabin. Noth- ing came of the guard duty. Not a per - , son appeared, and when darkness closed . in the lonely occupant retired to his Things Happen that at First Puz- bunk ill a disturbed state of mind. In the night W'alters was awakened by zle Him, but Which Later are eomething rattling in his 'shin. But as the wind was blowing it probably upset Satisfactorily y Explained. Some article, the drowns. snan imagined, and he thought no more about it, and was soon dreaming of having struck it rich in the Yon Bet. Up early for break - BY Jack, Walters, a miner doing develop- fast, the first thing that attracted hid uo- latent work on the You'Ret - &Taiiii, ai the 4eat as -ti - tie need before rethrng lice was the abseece of his tin cup i , the headwaters of Dog creek, recently I the night befere. On the spot where it had I had rested was a pine cone. This hist an experience a ith• thieves that caused i incident set Walters to thinking more him a great deal of aunoyance, although seriously dm: ever. 1Vas the place the loss of property was but trifling. haunted by an evil spirit? Are there Walters lives in a little temporary struc- such things as spirits? \Are things what they seem, or are visious about!\ be ture, made of brush and canvas. It quoted from Bret flame. Not being a serves his purpose very welfdering these superstitious man, Walters wit. not seri- ously days. It is is modest affair with ously dieturbed by this line of thought. neither loek nor key, and when the and left and useless stuff tusking their But here were art islee disappearing right on 'ter is absent, e hieh is invariably the place. It wae all being done by some open to all comers, be they honest or \at; agency 1 - The question was, what %as ease during working hours, the house is l 'r elle Y• otherwise. Waters tried hard to unravel the mystery. An hour's contemplation re - Last week Walters brought home auttw! in %%hat he considered a clue. He twenty ponnde of potatoes and deposited remembered that twenty years ago, when them in a corner of his bowie and went lie worked inanities in the Sierra Nevada mountains, lie had a eimilar experisnce, to woik as usual. His employment . and lie began a systematic investigation takes him half a mile up and over a hill nitwit the premises. His search ex - When Walters get borne Tuesday night plainest the whole thing. Snugly tucked im . divovered that nearly all of hie po _ 1 tutway ni p t , l i t ri ) 4 %;: o t ta dee to l e i g ina o e l i d irro ro t t s tet i l )i s s ti k ina i l tatoes wertu gone, and piled up near by mut fork and hie tin cup, along with 'f here were two men a r work in this was a quantity of chips and bark. The etOgne other plunder. Here was the well - shaft at the tittle of the accident, awl 1)50 theft intele him angry, and more PO by a rritoged horee of a trade rat, is little en - in the upraise. hot able dmance: r reason of his finding the quantity of rub- intuit• • ' u t f the h %%wirings, hoc ever , are separated by a coesider extreme western mounts - ins, but very Along late in the forenoon the men in 1)1611 left in their place. The next mforn- seldom seen in northern localities, and tlue their usual place, but he noticed a stick i in Montana. NV:slier», who at ion of suffocation fr shaft suddenl e y sperienced the sell- log he failed to find his knife and fork in I especially called to the engiuwer above. has been all over the northern moun- som fool air, and It %as not lees; before they were res- there six inches, long. This was doubly : thine, says this is the first trade rat he bas seen or heard of in this latitude. cued hem their perilous position, and annoying; but he went to work as usual. ' The trade rat is larger than the corn - nearly dead from exhaustion they were Returning home at night he discovered ' mon wood rat—about the size of a coin - carried to the surface. that him little supply of carrots had been mon gophes. It lies it bug generic 'llie two men in the upraise, however, reduces! by half a dozen, aunt in their name, lint it has been given the title of were less fortunate. When essistance place were six pieces of pine bark. This \trade rat'' for the reason that whenever reached them they were both dead. The was more than tin, mioersouid endure Alinvades a place and carries anything 1 foul air had overcome them while they conapiesently, and Tie gave vent to hie off, it invarialtly leaves something as an is etc at %%silk with the drill at the top of feelings in language, which, if printed, . exchange. The little rodent is very iii - lie upraise. They had fallen from the e mild burn a hole through heavy wrap- !dustrioes and often causes no end of an - plat form on which they hail been stand- ping paper. As no one was living %WI- ' noyance. It seems to take particular mg and were lying at the bottom when in a I ng distance of Ilse cabin, and as delight in pro% ling around it camp and picked up. no one had been seen by him in the ; cart ying away . thing.. It matters little Everything possil.le was done to re- neighborhood, these peculations became , to it si hat it takes—be it food or useless store consciouseess, but they were past a puzzle. Still, someone 'certainly did I articles—it is all the same; and inveria- all hit'. I' the thieving. In order to catch the thief ! bly something is brought in to take tile As sooti as the nee s of the accident Walters determined to knock off work 1 place of the stolen article. reached Gilt Edge a cloud of gloom Bet tied over the little camp. The teen who so narrowly escaped death were cared for and the bodies of Sample and 11'hit- comb placed in charge of an undertaker. The accident, it is explained, was due to the following cause: A 4 inch pipe connects the compressor iii the works with tile air chamber, located outside the building. Oil had gained access to the connecting pipe, and this igniting, generated foul air, which was forced in- to the mine. Sample and Whitcomb were single tnen and well liked by their associates. liaprovemento Going Right Ahead. A large force of men anti team. have been at work all the past week grading around the new buildings at the lower end of the avenue. Carpenters and miseries have also been busy on the new buildinge. Energy, pluck and money have made a marked impression on that part of the town. By the end of Sep- tember (hue improvements now under- way will be well nigh completed. New BANaldeneen. Considerable building is now going on about town. Dutcher Brothers ale put- ting up :yenta!! house, jest south of their livery barn, end Mr. Niehaus of Salt creek is building a house on a lot north. E. E. Wright has moved into his 'tense. which he pia lip tinting the week. Sin addition will be made later. men so construction can be hastened. The roads in all liklihootl will be com- pleted by March, and by July 1st at the latest. In refetring to the road inside the lim- its of Lewistown the Argus says: \The passenger and freight depot, yards and warehouse will be located, for the prea- ent anyway, on the Crowder ranch, as that is the oely easily accessible ap- proach to the city found so far Lines have been rum both to the east, by the way to the brewery, and to the west to Buckskin Flat, in order to ascertain if it is possible to put in a spur to open up the coal mines up Spring creek and Boyd creek. and also tar. the stone quarry short distance from the city.\ If There is That We haven't to suit every taste, garment? It is softest o wool tall or short, slim , The light weight for two months ing, and exceptional look any further SEND US YOUR MAIL VaDeRs Where a Man found every here in It is or stout? hence—new for L EwI sTowN COMMEROAVA). We him size, good here stocks values UNDERWEAR. in yet. at shades for Fergus Can't every' quality marvelously We will are in—cnes the Is There pocketbook. at 65c. fit you, and money MONTANA Ile? County Fit is UNDERWEAR low and you styles. asked. It's right in Underwear here Want a cheap Want the finest and prices. Are you fit you well. want for now, and An elegant show- You needn't here. EXP P IL A B I Z I:us PURCHASES a LEWISTOWN, OR OVER • •-s—s-t.,

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 26 Aug. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.