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- KENDALL CHRONICLE., 'the North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER 2, 1902. No. z. MOUNTAIN Of CYANIDE ORE What is Showing Up in the Great Kendall Mine. Breaking Down Ore in Open Cuts. Development in the Mine, and 1 Making Improvements. As ore extraction and development work progress at the Kendall mine, greater does the visible ore body become, and more wonderful , does the stimend- Oas ore deposit a ppetir. Every day's a ork adds to tbe atronishiient of mining men who visit the property, mai the mat'agers themselves are beginning to realise that it is utterly useless to compute the &Mount of ore the mine is likely to yield. While the mill is crushing three hun- dred tons per day with two shifts, that amount of ore makes but little imp non on the tnountain.of ore Mei lies waiting to be broken down. There are now three great open cuts from which ore may be bleated and sent into chutes below. These open cuts resemble the crater of an ettinct volcano, anti tit yawning ahyssett are increasing iii else right along. At present, however, tilos(' of the blasting Is confilied toone uf these cuts—the one at the west of the hoist, and at least four hundied feet front the cut that is:close up spinet the ass bin at the mill. The west cut was opened to a limited extent by the former owner of the property; but quite recently pre extra tion was resumed, and it is furnish- ing the bulk of the ainterial now being milled. This cut is growing in size every day. It is some seventy-five feet across each way, and it is an hundred feet down to the point where the ore drops into the tunnel chute. The cut ham the shape of a huge fhnnsl, whose dimensions increase with every round of shots. Deep holes are driven into the eoft rock, and stick after stick. of giant powder tamped dow it. The blast gives out a terrific report; the tons of falling ore send up a roar Met; an avalanche crashing through standing timber, and then a great cloud of dust slowly rises. In an incredible short time fifty or an hundred tons of ore are ready to he hauled through the tunnel to the mill. The four hundred feet or - more between the open cuts referred to is practically all ore, and its width and depth is yet to be found out. In cutting away this hill of . wealth, pine trees and underbrush are encountered. These things, however, form no obstruction to the work. A binst undermines the tree, and the soil in which its roots found life, is sent along with the soorerfolkl material to the mill, for it all contains gold. The new shaft is down 250 feet. Its depth will not be increased until the tiew hoisting machinery arrives. In the Meantime drifting is going on on that level, and the ore body being developed. It is: from the underground workings that the ore will come during the eet season, at which time the ore from the open cuts will no he suitable for milling. The company's iefinery is ready for use, the last of the material for its fur- nishing having been put in place. It is complete in detail, and every necessity and convenience is provided for the pro- per handling of the product. A cement floor hag just been laid and the huge iron pressure tank is in place ready for use. A building is going up to be used for the transformere. Those in the mill will he removed to the new building, thus lessening the chances for azcidents at the mill. Another improvement being made is an addition to the ore bins at the mill. Timbers for the same arrive , ' Saturday, and the work of construction will commence at otter. .The iron pipe filet is to take the Ohre PI the wooden pipe in the ditch frcm Warm Springs, is arriving and it will soon be strung along the route, ready to be laid before frosty weather comes, The mill is giving good arisfaction, and regular shipments of bultion are made. RITT'S RUSTY REVOLVER. It Did Excellent Execution at Mid- night's Holy Hour. Monday night a wetk ago, at Rock- ford, a young inan named George'Fred- ericks, was shot and killed, and Jacob Staettgessverely wttinded by John Rit. Fredericks and his conipaition had been drinking, and conceived the idea that it would be jolly sport to visit old farmer Rit and make him dance around a little. It was 12 o'c'ock at night %%691 they reached the ranch house, and all the in- mates .were in bed. The two choice Opiate forced their way in, and dragging Itit from uk bed began hint in a: most shameful manlier. They used a hugg chili on him, kicked him, and wound up by throwing a rope around hie neek, Frederiska, with grim hierior remarking they eon's' \teach the out fellow to lead.\ . Rit made a desperate resistance, and matinee(' tolyet away and cues I it his - leel. lint: he was soon dragged out, and Nokia ald4rcted to Isrutal treatment. Ile finally .'t'aped to his betimes', and finding cii old revolver envie good use of it. The first shot pee Frederieks wend naleep, and the nest' • one howled ester Selene. Fredericks is under this Pod, Staenge is nuraing a bullet menet in the back, at the home of Dan Coffman, and old man JRit was in jail at lion accounts. LABOR DA''. It le Celebrated With Vim and Enthusi- asm at Lewistown. Fergus county celebrated Labor day at Lea istown, and those who mem to the conntyateat Mad a nicest enjoyable time. The weather' was delightful, and the people of Lee istoe n provided an excel- lent line of amusements for the vieitore. A great milvy people from surrounding I towed artived Sunday, and by Monday noon the town was full of people, all bent on having a good thne. Everybody shares' in the spirit of the occasion, and the result was that t o ii fe:lowship was marked teittore of the day. The procession in the forenoon was a preditahle affair, labor aid trade being represented. A large crowd heard the speeches, anti the sentiments expressed from the platform found ready response from the auditors. In the afternoon there were games and sports of various kinds, which pleased the crowds. In the evening there was a great crowd at the WI. Mrs. EllingJohnson and children have returned to their home at Portland, af- ter a pleasant visit here. The remaini of George Whitcomb, who arts suffocated in the mine at Gilt Edge last Sunday, were shipped to Belfast, Maine, hut interment. The remains of Craig Sample were interred at Gilt Edge. Rev. Father Vermaat of Lewistown conducted services hereSnneley forenoon. Miners' Union hall was well filled with worahipers, who took a deep interest ius the servicee., The choir, which rendered excellent music, was compoped of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Hall, Miss Grieco!' Mrs. Fred. Stephens and the Misses Gilskey; Mrs. M. Flarherty, organist. Miarion services will connnence in Lewistown on the 14th. Silver -Lead Ore that Promises a Bonanza. • A Vein Seven Feet Wide—Three Hun'red Ounces in Silver to the Ton—Lead and Gold. Henry Parrent, a well known, as well as an old-time resident of Kendall, huts a claim over its the Dog creek section of the North Moccasins that is likely to put him in a position to enjoy the rights, apporteminces and heretitaments of that delightful promenade known as Easy Street. Ile struck a short time since on the Rawley claim a vein that carries ore of great richness. It is a smelting ore, and eamples run as high as three hun- dred Winces in silver, twenty per vent lead and considerable gold. A Cr083- cut tunnel was run in to tap the vein, which fii0W9 up strong on top. When the vein was reached but alight depth bad been attained, yet the formation in- vited further development. He started a shaft, and it is in this working that rich ore is found. But little work could be doGe owing to use strang flow of 'sur- faee teeter. Work has been discontinued until such time AS the water somewhat subsides. The vein gives strong indications of increasing in with h with added depth. As it it shows now it is seven feet wide. Wm. McClean is associated with Mr. Portent in the ownership of the property. Its present richness is certainly most re- assuring. The finding of silver -lend ore beyond the cyanide belt is in heel( sig- nificant. It helps confirm what experts have stated and stated with emphasis, that sooner or later great deposits of smelting as well as free milling ore would be found in the North Moccasins. Three deposits may not be found lying near the surface; but sleep exploration will exports them. Indications of these ore bodies are encountered on every hand. Ric fiN n l Developmentisretaries1 in many cases llwi vbytlecininn%nersingirinen and not able to open their property. Mr Parrent has another claim. the Forsake Fraction No. 2, that is promis- ing. It is on the top of the hill north of the mill. He has a abaft shown thirty feet in ore that runs as high as $4, the values increasing with depth. A SENSATIONAL VISITOR. A It•re Animal Calls to Iaspeet the Cyanide Process. Employee around the Barnes -King mill experienced a mild -sensation one I day last week. While Herschel King was on duty administering to the needs and necessities of the engine and boiler rooms he sibaerved a strange animal sporting about the wood pile. His pas- sion for natural history prompted him to attempt a capture of the animal. Secur- ing a bqx he inside for the woodpile, and after some wonsierful'y dextrous move- ments, familiar only to expert trappers, the strange appearing visitor from the hills was under cover. A castlel inspec- tion disclo•ed the fact that it was an an- imal wholly unfamiliar to this latitude. It was nitich larger thee/ a gopher; it dish not reeemble a wood' rat, for it was three times as large as that rodent; it was not shaped like a ground hog or badger, and it was ranch too big to be a trade rat or the rommon house rat. Mr. King is recognized as an authority oe rodents; their study has been a bobby with him for years, his friends say. Ho made a careful study of his capture; it proved holies' to hen rare prize—it spec- imen that the ratologists of the Smith- soitian Institute, for instance. would pay a large sum of money for. After study- ing all of the animal's points Mr. King announced to the waystering and dere(' mill liande that it was nothing else then a large and splendid specimen of what is known to ecientistm RR the Ratictia Gigantica, a species con:mon in the stone MEN but now almost extinct. This information satisfies' everybody, and the animal was left alone to contem- plate life as a captive. But it was displeased mills its quar- ters, and when Mr. King a little later went to feed it, it was gone. It bed itnawed it 1 4 1x-11101 !tole through the box. The animal Wingliell about ten pounds, it is fetid, and its escape is a serious blow to Mr. King. J. H. Hoffman has sold his livery busi- ness to Emniet Hamilton, who will take charge some time this week. Mr. Ham- ilton is well known all over the county. .Merion L. Burke of Stanford has taken charge of the Ameriean Honer at Lewis- town. Burke is a good business man. and will make the Ameriean a popular Where Is He? 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