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KENDALL CHRONICLE. 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER 9, 1Q02. No. 25. WAS RESCUED BY HIS DOG A Sheepherder Threatzned with Slow Death Is Saved Through the Ititelligent Action of His Collie, who Brings Him Assistance in Time. Angora McLeod, a sheepherder, owes his life to the intelligence end faithful - 'sees of his dog. While McLeod was help - lees and unable to move, far from any habitation, his Collie dog watched by trite, and \finally went. off in 'Search of help. The dog fonml assistance and his master was rescued. McLeod was driving a small band of sheep from the Judith basin to it ranch some fifty mites further north. Last Thursday be hail readied a point at the mouth of Plum creek carryon, some six miles from Kendall. Dense; the night, or early in the morning, some of the sheep wandered up into the rough lands of the canyon, and during the day Mc- Leod started out to find them and drive them back. Some of them got up on the aide of the canyon among the rocks. It was %%bile op in this rough eountry Dant the herder met aid, aw apilldept that came near causing death from summation and exposure. lie hail found Die miss- ing sheep anal wits hurrying down Mb steep side of it rocky hill, hoping to reach his camp before dark. It was then about six o'clock. While climbing over a ledge of rock McLeul slipped and slid down some six feet. le doing so his right foot went down betweeu two large rocks; one of the rocks was in , veil and it dropped closer against another one, pinning McLeod's leg fast. His body dropped down the bill some two feet. tied he was in ouch a position as to mike it impossible to get up nearer the rOck that hail made him a prisoner. ttrytu- irately the leg was not crushed, fit at the same time it could not be extricated. The rock that had slipped (rum its old position was a heavy one weighing at least a thousand pounds McLeod did everything possible to gain an upright po9itioo,iii 1115 IlOpe of getting lie iv; but all his efforts failed. Ile tar -steeled and moved his hotly with all the strength he posseseed; but to 110 parpope. Night coming on he lay there thor- oughly exhausted. In the meantime the dog staid by his master, and seemed to appreciate this danger he was in. AU night Ire kept moving about ittil occa- 'Meetly barking or moaning. The ter- rible thought that he might not be res- cued tmm Ids perilous position nerved McLeod to put forth every effort to save himself. lie worked till Ire becapie ex - !mutated. Upon regaining hio 'Menai he would renew the sunewle. Rut all to no purpose. He could not raise himself up rind the rocks could not be moved as march es an inch. When daylight came McLeod was still n prisoner. The dog woe still with bhp, however, and that was Nome comfort to the man. McLeod called by the hoer for help, Anil Will el ruiggleil With ilia tow we strength. He did not giro tip hope. He telt the he would yet be saved from a terrible death. The place e here he lay was a long distance from tiny hab- itation, and but little freqtrente 1 at any 'season. When these reflection., took possession of McLeod 's mind be would become sick at heart, ond outmost aban- don himself to the belief that perheps niter all his end was only a. mat up!' of a 'few ileys away. At last —it arts 3 o'clock in the aftel noon- • 111t?Leo,1 thought it possible, if he sent 'Ilse dog aw r ay he weld.? lie able to give Made - bIMO 14 could do no harm to try %gip oh! (demi could du nothing for Ia& e. So he spoke to t he dog. \Hunt him up!' be repeated over and . over. The dog seemed to inalerstand, and in a few mo- menta started down the canyon. Upon reaching the spot where the last camp lied been struck he saw Dave Banning, a cowboy on the McDonald ranch. He was rounding up some .tock, and had halted when he reacheifiie deserted camp of the oheepherder. The dog barked vigorously, and star 1 back to- wards the canyon. Then le would re- turn and hark again; limn' ig Iniekward and forwards HS though ill rent distress. Banning hint the right interpretation on the dog's actions, and started after him . - The Collie took the lead, continuing to bark spasmodically anal occasionally looking back. He fed Banning directly to where lay his imprisoned master. It was but the work of a few manumits to rescue McLeod. Finding a suitable pole Banning raised the huge rock suf- ficiently to admit of the leg being drawn away. McLeod was much ex - !misted, but menageal to reach came. His thank.; to Banning were most pro- fuse, and his love and -gratitede to the dog were expressed in all manner of speech and act. POLITICS WARMING UP. Republican. Hold Primaries - Coining Conventions. The Republicansof Fergus county held primaries Saturday and elected delegates to the.coanty couvention. More than usual interest was taken in many of the precincts. In Lewistown, especially wits there It good turnout. At Kendall the polling place Was ilt the Kendall hotel. Andrew Smith was elected chairmen and 0. F. Wironeausdearff secretary. The following were placed in uoMination— the first named as delegate and the sec - and as alternate: Thomas Riser and Robert Henderson, W. Newton stet Wm. Bergess, P. F. Scott 11,0 Charles linitruscheitl, Carl Jensen and 0.F.Was- mansdorff. Forty-three vales were caret, which resulted in the election of Riser and Newton. It it, enderstood 'bat Riser is for Hebb end Newton for Kane for sheriff. It looks now as if the only serious con- test in the convention will be for asses - nor. C. M. Kelly, who has mode eitel) an efficient county clerk and recorder, will be renominated. The Democratic primaries will he helit on the 13th. The connty convention is to be held OD the 20th, turd Kendall its entitled lob votes. There are a 'lumber of aspirants for the nouriteition for sher- iff. inclualaw Len Slater, Ed. Martin, F. Ttillock anal John Gilkerson. They till have many Mende, and each candidate Inns a :thence for it 11 , 111011M ill11. A PAINFUL INJURY. Tim Accident that Befell a Cowboy on Horeeback. Louis Dean, a cowboy, met with an oc- cident last Wediretelay flea will keep him off the range for home time, and it may be that he will he obliged to aban- don the strentiona life that has hereto- fore been his lot to follow. While on his way to town with cotnpaniorts, his horse went through a bridge • on the county road, mei Dean was pitched forward with great violence. Ile Was picked up add brought tar Kendall. Dr. Weimer formai that the man had sustained a dis- toddler) of the acrotnial mid of the clad- cle in other words, the outer end et the eidlor hone hail been denrched fr the Shoulder blade. 'flue iejtiry wits given tlw necessary attention. It is a painful itrhiry anal one that ia likely to enure more or less inconvenienee for veers. In an strutter Dart lie wilt constilt an at- tawney w ithi the view of string the county for drainages. When the horse etruck • the bridge his (careenl feet. emit through idol Dean rreiit over hie head. That the horse's ley:a A ere lon tirrikeii is a marvel. The C at RUNICLit called the at i Cli tion of the authotitiei to the bad conalitiort of the bridgeo on the load between Kendall and Lea istown, and If repalra were nor made accident, were likely to occur, folloe tiil by alainriwa suits - IQ TWO GOOD MINING DEALS.' Two Importint Groups of Claims Change Hands. John R. Cook and Roy Clark Take Over Valuable Ground—The Property to Be Worked. Two important minine dea's have jnie taken plaice here, and which will in time have an important bearingen the future of the camp. John R. Cook has per- challed from W. S. Werelmin and asso- chrtes at half interest in the Arizona and Stand Pat claims. This property lies just beyond the Barnes King arta' on the same cyanide belt. Wareham receives $8000 in cash mid 100,000 sharers of stock. The compeny organised to work the property is the Paymaister. It is understood de- velopment work will soon begin. The areamal deal is that where Roy Clark of Spokane tigress to purchase from Dave Wareham mid Charles Sititer the Pine Squirrel, Mountain Rat, Elk- horn anal illecktail claims. Thu drought - resale') is $6000 in forty dates anal 400,000 shares of stoek in the Elkhorn Mining company, which is to he organised. The emit puny will be capitalized with 1,250, - OM shares. The eliding referred to are a smith extension of the Abbey grump, anti next to the Barties-King. A tine show - fog of cyanide ore is made On the prop- erty. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL It le In Session *esti Presided Over by Two Tenehers. The young idea in Kendall is being taught how to shoot. The entitle school opened today, and never before did Flannigan's flat preeent such all ani mates! scene. Long before the hour of nine o'clock arrived troope of happy, expectant children had gathered at the log building is here school is to be belll this winter. Every child had on as good clothes as the circumstance's of the par- ents admitted, anal a very pretty picture they presented. 'I he board of trustees had engaged as teachers Professor McCall of Great Fells, and Mies -Henry, who had been A teacher on the Judith. They were on hoed to eelcome the eager ;midis and arrange them into classes. It took much of the day for these details. The school house has been provided free of cost by the townsite people, A fa- vor the patrons of the school appreciate The building is divided ii to leo rooms which are ftortished with desks, tables. etc., as well as charts, maps, and such things , . The trustees will have $1200 with which to run the school, and they want to keep it open flee months. At present there usa debt of 000, contract- ed for school buniture, allppliee, and re- pairing the building. There is no fund to liquidate this obligation. If the money is taken from the general appro- priation, it e ill necessitate shortening the school term ; this the trustees dis- like doing. So it is proposed to give a series of social dances end raise money that way. The first one will be given in the new bank building its P0011 as the ground floor is filoshed, Whieli will be in about two weeks. The Miners Union Ballot -The flueeees- NI Candidates. The North Mocausion Miners' Union balloted for officers Saturday afternoon At the meeting in the evening the vote Was counted. Forty-eight votes were cast. The ballet as printed was as fol- lows: For President, O. Arrrould, Wm. Zollinger; Vice President, William Con- nors, David Goodwin; Financial Secre- tary, Geo. kleDonald. W. W. Calder, S. 0. Whipple J. J. Dobson; Recording Secretary, A McCormick, Wm. Lindley; Treaturer, W. Zollinger, Ira Bond; Coe- dits:tor, William Curry, Bruce Jones; Warden, Thomas Welch, Frank Hoy, Henry Fraincis. Following were the of- Myr,. drown : President -0. Armould. Vice President—Hugh McLeughlin. Einar), NI Secretary—W. W. Odder. Recording Secretary—A. McCormick. Treamurer—W. &flinger. Conductor—Wm. Curry. Wa nien—F rank . Row. (Attire's Moats,. The following rensileal program will be rendered at the gatholie Church in Lewitt - tow u, next Sunday at 10:90 a ta. at the eolemii opening of the mission: I. Children's choir under direction of Mrs. Annie Webber. 2. K rie, by the choir: solo by Mrs. Webber 2. G orla 111 Rxerlid• Deo , solo by M r• Webber. 4. Vent Creator, by Mrs. Webber, Miss Mary Meagher, Mr. Osweiler II. Credo, by Kendall Choir, Mrs. Flaherty, Mrs. Hall, the Misses Gilskey, Miss Driscoll; solos by Mrs. Hall and Miss Meagher. 6. Offertory -Mrs Webber, Mary Meagher and Mr. OsweilPr. 7, Sanctus Henedictus- solo by Mr. Os- weiler. 8. Agouti Del, by the Kendall Catholic choir Last week five thonsand feet of 2% - inch wooden pipe arrived for the Barnes - King company. It is to be used to con- vey water from the company's springs to the mill. The eelargement of the mill makes an increased supply of water necessary. The pipe will be leid at once, and a considerable fo-ce of men will he employed on the work. Where Is He? If There is a Man in Fergus County That We Can't Fit in Underwear We haven't found him yet. 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