Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, September 09, 1902, Image 7

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Kmdall, Montana, September 9. 1902. 7. 0 Statement and Comment. • I A correepondent wants to know what they are fighting about in Venezuela. They are carrying on war just now in Venezuela for the same reason they are fightin2 in one or two o:her eouthern re- publics—-they . have grown filo' of the stupid monotony of peace, anti Wall t. a change. . Whom the gods love they don't.strike with lightning. Here is an instance of it as recorded in the S,eveneville, Mont., Register: Miss Pearl Card, of Florence, and Hugh Kennedy, of Missoula, narrowly ea t :aped death from lightning while at- tending the railroad picnic at Evaro last Sunday. While sitting under a tree I ightning struck the tree and tore it to pieces, but did not hurt the young peo- ple. Earlier in the (lay this couple took the prize for the best two -stepping. To have won that prize .and not lived to enjoy the victory would have indeed been sad. But as intimated, Come - times the gods are kind. On one of the banners in the labor day parade at Butte was this legend: \The sewer digger is ae useful a citizen as the doctor.\ Of course there are some peo- ple who will dispute thie--the doctors, for itietance: • —0 -- Over in Hamilton the man who is at all inclined to follow the •fashiene, must be prepared to pay fur the luxury. For instance the Hamilton citizen can enter a barber shop with the desire to get an ordinary hair cut and etteape with a tax of but 35 cents; but if his ambition soars to the \pompadour style.\ no change comes out of the half dollar. 0— The cheering news comes by telegraph from Bozeman that after six years of I ard work and the expenditure of large .enms of mousy, the weed e at ikte.experi- mental farm have been conque'red. The dispatch does not say so, but it may be inferred that as the weedeliave been dis- posed of, the caltivation of useful ideas has Commenced. This is aemet king that' dues not often occur at an agricultural experimental Station. —o— Politics must be quiet around Boulder, or else the editor of the Sentinel has been switched from the main wire. In a sad, brief paragraph he ditteloeee his keen disappointment at the way things are drifting: We can just barely discover a political smile ocessionally. —o — The mining congress at Butte was a great success in spite of the original poem delivered at the opening session by Captain Jack Crawford. That literary sample was a chunk of porphyry that hardy assayed a trace. —et— Glendive strains every nerve mini ex- erts every possible effort to keep up with the times. It not only -believes in higher education but in every other kind of education that will taamp out ignorance. The Review last week put joy into the hearts of the Glendivers when it an- nounced : Mrs. Mary W. Youniani, of VinOtia, Minn., will arrive here Saturday to open an academy in the instruction of dancing and physical culture. —0— An instance of rare presence of mind was illutirated by a thrilling incident at Nethart a few days ago. Ry a little glee thoughtfulness a life was saved. The Belt Times tells the story : • A life was saved by it narrow margin Thursday morning, as the daily passen- ger came through the town, rounding the sharp curve at. the Queen switch. 1.011ill Men, a boy of Si:: year', was play. Ms near the track when in some way his shoe caught in the frog of the track. His little sister Clara, seeing the danger, ran to Ilia nesistanee, but, tug as she might the shoe a eta, not come loose. With- out losing a moment she began to Imlay(' the shoe. .1 tiet as the t rain. was withit0 hundred feet, of the boy, the little girl pulled her brother aaity, leaving the shoe to he crushed an instant later. STORRS CLOSED. Business Reverses Overtake the Deer- field Company. As announced two weeks ago by the CHRONICLE the stores of the Deerfield mercantile company have been attached. Upon the attachment came an assign- ment, and since that time the stores have been closed. Among the creditors is the Dunn -McLean Co. of Great Falls. The, total liabilities of the concern have not been made public. It may be the company will be able to resume. E. A. Huson and Addison Myers are old residents of Fergus county, and at one time were men of wealth, being ex- tensively engaged in farming and stock - raising. The hard times during the 900 crippled them financially, as was the case with so many business men. It is , hoped they may get on their feet again. ; TO SINK DEEPER. - The Kendall King Company Leis a Con- tract for Shaft Work. The Kendall King mining company IIRS let a contract to continue its main shaft down one hundred feet, which will give it a total depth of 1116 feet. The • contract was let to Peter Johnson, John Peueterty and Saw Bartley. It is be ! 14114 that when the Wore is completed and crosscutting commenced, the ore body will be cut and that it will be in a solid formation. Manager Archer is in Minneapolis interetting capital in the property. BUILDING ACTIVITY. les\ Stephens' Hotel KEN1) A L L Pioneer Hotel of the North Moccasin Minir;.! FIRST CL.tISS ..1CCOM.11 - 0D.IT1OXS. TaBLE SUPPLIED WITH TILE BEST IX THE .114.RKIT I% 11ED. L. STEPLEXS, Proprietor. The American House Marion Burke, Proprietor. Lewistown, Mont. Efficient Table Serrice and Large, Commodious Rooms Rates 02.00 per day. Speci31 to regulm 1a1.1k•t- The Hammer and Saw are In Strenuous Use these Days. There is considerable activity in build- ing in Kendall at present. In all parts of the town residences are going up. In the north end no lets than five cottages ' 1‘ are being built within a radius of two blocks. The big buildings being cell- structed by the Kendal Investment company are nearly finished. One is about ready for occupancy. On the ground floor will be a saloon and an as- say office. The saloon is to be decorated and furnished in an elegant manner. The upper floor will have offices and lodgings. The bank building's exterior is finished and it presents a handsome appearance. The interior is being rapidly completed. Several of the rooms on the upper floor have been spoken for by prospective tenants . . The two buildings referred to, as ti ell as the new hotel, will be lighted by electricity furnished by the Kendall mining company. The Lewistown Lumber Co. have a complete line of doors, windows, mould- inge, flooring, ceiling, sidings, building paper, builders' hardware, etc. When in Lewistown I ‘1,t, 1 - 1 Till - New York Store DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS, SHOES, UNDERWEAR, NOTIONS, ETC. The Cheapest Store in Lewistown, Mont. NICAn TUF 10111W, WE HANDLE EVERYTH I NO Complete Line of Everything in the way of LUMBER At Extremely Low Prices THE BIG STORE with the LITTLE PRICES LEHMAN'S LEWISTOWN KENDALL CHRONICLE, $2 A YEAR

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 09 Sept. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.