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• KENDALL CHRONICLE the North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER to, 1902. No. 26. REPORICIIN CONVENTION Fergus County Republicans Meet in Lcwistown. The Attendalce Was Large—A Strong Ticket Put in the Field. The Republican county t:onvention of Fergus was held at the court house in Lewistown on Saturday and was called to order by J. D. Waite at 10:45. Mr. Waite read ths call fled stated that the first business in ordet would be the nomi- nation of it temporaty chairman and sec- retary. W. A. Hedges was placed in the chair and 0. W. Metcalf installed as sec- retary. The chairman made a neat. speech in which lie treated the past and future prospects of the Republican party. A motion was made and carried to ap- point the following cotiimittees : Cotn- ntittee of flee on credentials; three on permanent order of busineet and organi- zation; five on resolutions and one of three members to ascertain who would be likely to attend the state convention as delegates. A retataa was then taken until 11: 30 when the fleeting IA 88 again called to order•by Chairtnen Hedges end the various committees were iestructed w report at 2:30 until a Inch time an ad- JOGrUlliellt Watt At 2:46 the convention W r an calk ti to order and the reports of the several com- mittees read and adopted. The report of the committee on resolutions was in sub - Stance, as follows: Be it resolved by the Republicans of Fergus county, Montana, in convention assembled: That we express oar deep and heartfelt sorrow at the untimely death of Pr s; - dent NIcKinley by the act of an airsaSSOI and that we recommend the adoption oh rigid means to rid our country of that class of people who believe in assassins. (ion its a means to a cure, what they deem, political evils. That we aeltnire the firm and • just ad- ministration of President Roosevelt and we heartily endorse the policy of the ed- ministration regarding the homier pus- aelleienti of the United States anti we are in favor of retainiug poweemiou of the islands until the inhabitants therece demonstrate their ability to stand alone to the credit of theinselvee and the United States. That we point with pride to the fact that the great prosperity of the couutry And country -men, brougbt, bet+ to us by the Republican party, has continued through the past two years to the present. . That we are proud of the record of our party in regard to labor, that we recog- nize labor as the (mutilation of every good government and.of all prosperity; and we take honest pride in the fact that our party was organized as the friend of the poor man, and by its policies end .practi- ces it hoe built up an unparalleled line of industries in this count Ty, thereby fur- nishing work to all at the highest rate of wages paid anywhere in, tint world. , We are especially proud of t be fact that the great vote of the party comes front the mad of toil. We are in hearty sympathy with every wise and honest moveineet on the part of orlanizediabor to better its condition, while we deplore the fact thnt in some instances such results are not Obtained bq tonesit effort. We be- lieve, that the cause of labor will find, by cut honest examination of the history and record of till Republican party, that us the future, a In the past, it lies most to hope from the emcees , of that party. That we heartily endorse the action of the last Republican state conveetion in Bo declaration for an eight hour day for labor told also the action of the last legis- lature in passing the law now upon our statute books upon that subject. We de- plore the talk on the part of wine men in the state in favor of the repeal of that law and we do hereby pledge our repre- sentatives and senator in the State Legis- lative Assembly to the earnest and active opposition to any measure looking to such appeal. That. we are proud of the record made by the long list of Reptibliran office hold- ers in this.connty, and we are proud of the conclusions reached by comparisons made between the record made by those officers and the record mat:e in some of the other counties of the state. That we ask all citizens regardless of past party affiliations or differences, to rally with us in support of those princi- ple, formulated anti executed by the Republican party and its officers, which have always maintained the prosperity and personal rights of the iedividual citi- zen. Permanent Chairman Von Tobel was escorted to the chair by Dr. David and Will Halbert and on being introduced by W. A. Hedges made a short speech in which he gracefully thanked the conven- tion for the honor shown him and at once started on the order of business. C. E. McCoyne was appointed perman- ent secretary in plate of 0. NV. Metcalf, and the roll was called. The committee on state delegates handed in the report which' was edopoid and after the appointment of tellers, the chairman declared that nominations would be in order. F. E. Smith in eulogistic speech nominated W. A. Hed- ges, for the legislature. Mr. Hedges thanked.the gentlemen anti the c.mven- tion for the honor, but stated that owing to private reasons he was unable to a cept the nomination, lie stated that it was not from any political motives that he refused the notninatiatt, as ineinnateit hy a ccrtain opposition paper, and t.ii;tt be was not an aspirant for a eeat in i la- senat-. The nomination of the following cnntli- dates on the ticket was Mat& : J. D. Waite, tate senator; E. W. King, F. E. timith, representatives; J. C. Bebb, sheriff; J. M. Croft, treasurer; C. M Kelly, clerk and recorder; 0.W. Belden, county attorney; Donald Fowler, assess- or; Rohl. H. McKee, liMperintendent of ocluxAs; Dr. David, coroner; G.M. Sot( ford, surveyor; Frank Day iislate ininieirator. Doubt Fowler was de- clared the nominee on the fourth ballot ; the oth •r names before the eonventiou were: E. 1'. Chandler, J. 11. Chertere and Dan Lutz.- Dr. Attfx was a candi- date for the office of coroner. The various township and precin •t. (avers acre appointed SS far its possible and the central committee was named as follows: Chairmen, W. D. Symmee; Secretary, H. M. Moulton ; Treasorer. G. M. Stone; other members, N. L. Pol- and and F, R. Warren. A revolution was adopted allowing the executive com- mittee of the central committee to fill all vacancies occurring either du the dcksst or in the various township and precinct offices. The convent on then adjourned, sine die, after giving three cheers and a tiger for the ticket. A Good Crop of Oats. F. R. Munkers, whose ranch is west of . town, finished Out -thing oats last week. e'rom seventeen acres he harvested one thousand bushels of grain. This is nearly sixty bushels to the acre; and yet there be people alto ineist that title country is only good for stock raising. Mr. %miters' is now operating his lime kiln successfully, and has a sale for the product. Dr. A. H. Russell, the local dentist, who has just returned from another suc- cessful visit at Gilt Edge, wishes to an- nounce to his friend! in Kendall .and vicinity that he has removed his office from Dr. Wiemer's to his re. idence, two doors north of the CHRONICLE. The doc- tor expects from the east in a few (Nye a first-elass dental chair and other office furniture, which will enable him to prac- tice hie profession in this town with all flue comfort!! amid convenieneeS that (.211 be found in any first-class dental office in the 1-tate. Dr. Reasell mill, as stated in his adeettiping card, be in hie Kendall office every month from the - 12th nntil the 3d of the following month. Teeth examined free; charges for all work rea- sonable. 11 DEEP Silliff FOR [IBM. not a doubt but that the bonds will be taken up. Mr. Cook is now in SpOtillilf attending to details for future operations. BeMre leaving Kendall be stated that work would commence shortly mu the Cyanide Mill for the Same East- Warehain-Sniter property. A tented will lie run on the Mountain Rat claim. It will run in from the Dog creek side. and when the main ore chute is enconn- tered it will be crewcut. It looks now aer if the earn end Was about to experi- ence a mining boom. End Property. Two Companies will Work Other Property in that Vicinity --A \Tory Promising Outlook. some good sperimens shown. William Minden] had an interesting display of John R. Cook, president of the Abbey apples from hie ranch west of Lea istown. Mining company, announces that a desp They were of the Duchess of Oldenberg working shaft will soon be commenced t fruuit iii ; i f r h s e t y i I y was Ir r ld a t o l n it: on the Abbey mine. This shaft will go lucked a b out 903 a 0 po l aa . d y . of a ppl es from down to a coneiderable depth to tap the 20 tree. Ile also haul on exhibition first. ore body that carries such good valnesterade crab apples of the Whitney and below the mein unmet level. The de- Bluttliville varieties. velopment work done from the bottom In the vegetable display the samples of the great cave discovered last spring. exposed a tine lesity ot wutitmug ore. The mine at that depth can nut lie opened up to advantage by any other means than through a perpendicular shaft. At one tiiiie it Wats thought that a tunnel, some 700 feet itilensolt, would answer the pun pose. But staves's show the tunnel Merchants Make Displays. Woiliti afford Ina about torty teet whit. 'flue Power Mercantile Co. occupied Donal depth, so a double compartment one half ot the smaller exhibition build- wuli a puuwerftil hoist, has been ing h a very attractive display of ear- st tall, oecided upon. IL. referring . to tIte prop. pets and MO, RIM house furnishings. l' erty Mr. Cook said, before leaving for heir display was well arranged and Spokau e ; \We have a splenilla laxly of allusive(' that department of the com- , -olliely to mill ns soun as we can get it \and ' \ O nY ti ' t sh a e t° o r p e p t ( ( ts ' i c t ( : ) e d it1 3't et ‘ d it i nt he ag s e aMe ore oit the cave level that will pay i open.\' tkr tlirungli the shaft. 1 have w ri a g re wa a co s m u ra lis u p y la . y l i •y the heeiagu Mon i t t an in a a lld a n d r ei i \\t4.6 Itglii\. \ 1\5\ for a will ' sad i ‘ritirehen ware, heating stoves and ranges. wilt go up iii lite @pit tig. We have a good site for a mill, ;ind we can get ell the ne display at trarted much attention. bottom. of the cave there is a fine stream eater we nee.l from the mine. At the of astter conatently flowing. We can raise this water for our mill. But this may nut be necemsary, for wt• have other sources front which water may be ets. tained. The Abbey will be able to give a good report of itself in a short time.\ FAIR NOTES. Important to the East End. The bonding of the Wareham and the Wareliani-Suiter groups of cleires by John It. Cook anti Roy Clark ha. at - rated new attention to t hat part of the cyanide belt. These claims lie between I Ile Thirties -King anti (lie Abbey property and they are known to be on the same cyanide deposit that exteede along the full length of the Barnes -King property. Test companies, the Paynisster and Elk- horn, will operate In developing this claims just bonded. Besides liberal cash perrients the original owners a -ill re- ceive stock in the companies. There is The Garden and Orchard. The exhibit of garden produce nod fruits VI - 88 not extensive, but there were of cabitagee,cauliflower, sugar beets,etc-, were large niel solid, and were a good ex- ainttle of a - bit Fermis county is capable of proilticing in that line. The display of jellies, pi eserved fruits, layer cales and enmities of home cook- ing were worthy of mention. DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES. A List of the Delegates from Lewistown and Ke-41all. The Detnocrate of Fergus county held primaries last Settuday, anti elected can- didates to the coming county convention as folloe e: Kendall — George McDonald, Frank Stephens, J.M.Parrent, Hugh McLaugh- lin. end Walter Larssen. West Lewistown—David Bulger, W. E. Cort, J r 01111 Larix, James A. Weaver. J. B. flitch, J. W. Kearney, T. .M. Slinw, and W. D. Draton. Ettet Lewistown — Hermann Brass, John Hogl, M. D. Kimball and A. .1. Johnson. . FOR SALE AT ONCE. A eompleteontfit of furniture for bonne keeping; complete for four rooms. Call at Senate Saloon. - ! Where Is He? 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 16 Sept. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.