Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.) 1902-190?, September 16, 1902, Image 2

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2. Kendall. Montana, September 16, 1902 .A PPLICAITION FOR A PATENT. No. 81. 4-1 / United St ides Land Office Lea istown, Montana July 16. l5.2. i Notice s hereby given, that F. B. Wright of Lewistown, Montana. and S. J. linehanan, whom., poet °Mee addreve is Deerfield. Mon - taint, have *hie day filed their application for a patent for thirteen hundred and forty-six (1346) anti two -tenth linear feet of the Bob lodeonitte or vein bearing gold and other metal, with surface gr d six hundred (6,10) feet in width, *Heated in North Moecarits (intorgletilzed) tlistriet. county of Fergus, aud State of Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on tile in this office as Survey Number 6590 in Town- ship 18 N . Renege 17 E. of principal base line and Meridian of the State of Montana, said Survey No. 6.592 being as follows to wit: Beginning at the s-mtheast location corner No. I, from which the southwest corner of Sec. EL T. 18 N.. R. 17 E. beers 8.13 deg. I min. W. 2841.9 feet distant. running thence N. 48 deg. Li tuin. W. 541.6 feet, to corner No. 2; thence N. 34 deg. 4 01111. B. 1846.1 feet to cor. No.3: them . S. 48 deg. 81 miii. E. 600 leet to cor. No. 4; thence S. 36 deg. 33 mita. W. 1340 feet to cot- No. 1 and plaesi of beginning; magnetic variation 19 deg. 32 mitt. B. contain- ing 17 49 acres. The 1 'cation of this mine is recorded in the Recorder's office of Fergus County, Mon- tana, in Book 1 of Loth*, pag. 387. The ad- joining claimants are the \Nick\ lode, S. J. Buchanan, claimant, on the west, the \Vul- can\ lode on the south and the \Erie\ on the east, W C Waldorf, claire tnt. all ta mut rveyed. D BeASSev, Register. RUDOLF VON ToagL, Atty. for Applicahts. First publication July 22. 1912. NOTICE OF APeLICATION F PAT- \ ent No. 83. U. S. Laud Office, Lewis- town, Montana. July 29,19 , 2. Notice is hereby given that William C. bee- per. whose post office address is Lewistown. Fergus county, Montana, in behalf of hitive•if 1 Wiliam C. Walltiorf, his co-owner, ha. this day filed an application for patent ...t. 1497.4 linear feet of the Erie lode or vein, being 935 feet south westerly and 562.4 feet no, tit easterly, meesured alosig the course of the vein from the center of the discovery shaft; and 1499 linear feet of the Vulcan lode or vein being 1459 ft. S. westerly and 4t) ft. N easterly MPI1SIIrecl Wow/ the courro of the vein from the discovery in cut, bearing go el, with surface ground 6 .0 feet in width, situa- ted in North Moccasin (unorganised) matting district. C01111 , y of Fergus, state of Motitatia. designated by the field Mies and official plat on tile in this office as survey No 6575 end No. 6.176 respectively, in T. iS N , If. 17. E., Mon- tana Meridian, said survey No. 6575 being described as follows, to wit: Beginning at the S. W. eor. No. 1 from which the S. \ . ..cor of SOC. T. t8 N. R 17 E. bears S 2 deg. 21 min. 54 sec. W. 1611 ft.; thence S. 64 deg. B 587 feet to cor. No. 2; thence N 26 deg. 56 miu 'Use\. 5 1497 4 feet to cor. No.3; thence N. 64 tie W. 5-55 ft. to cor. No. 4; thence S. 36 deg 33 min. %V it ft. to cor. No. 5; thence S. 27 deg. It min W. 1352.2 ft. to cor. No i and place of begittniog, and said survey No. 6576 being described its fol- lows, to wit: Begineing at he S. B. ear. No. r f mita which the S. W. cor. of sec. 36, T. 18 N. R. 17 E. hears S. deg. 28 min. 21 see. B. 1428$ ft. thence S 27 deg. 15 min. W. 1499 ft. to cur. No. 2; thence N.48 deg. 80 mitt 5%'.564 6 ft. to ear- ner No. 3 ; thence S. 18 deg. 56 min 32 sec. W. 1186.5 ft. to cor. No. 4; thence S. det deg. 8) tufa. E. 680 ft. to corner. No. 1 and place of begin- ning; containing a total area of 1119.26 acre., with maAgnetie variation on all eon roes 9 deg. 30 mitt B. The notice of said location of said Erie and Vulcan lodeehre recorded 111 the office of the Recorder of Fergus County, Montana, in Book 7 of Lodes, at pages EN anti 310 rewper- lively. The only utijoining claim is survey No. 6 93. Bob 10110 on the north, Frank E. Wright and S. J. Buchaunis, applieatit• Any and n11 persons claiming adversely any portion of the mining ground, vein, lode. or premises so described. surveyed. platted and applied for, are required to tile their aelvertie d e i n ,. with Ike Register , ,f the U. S. Land Office at Lewistown. in the State of Montana durint the 62 days' period of publics hereof, or they a ill be forever barred by vir- tue of the tirovisions of the stattute in such case made and provided. . aDW•11D 1111.031111r, Register. .1 E. WASSON. Atty. for applicants. First publication July '2M, 19„2. raJOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR PAT- ent No. 86.- U. S. Land Office, Lewis- town Montana, Angus 16, 19,2 -Notice is hereby given, that Robert L. Hendersots, whose poetoftice address 111 Kendall, Fergus count Montan_. has this ClOY Bled an ap- APPLICATION FOR A PATENT No. 82. United S ates Land Office, Lewistown, Mouths's, July 16th, 1922. Notice is hereby given, that F II. Wright, of Lewistown. Montana, and S. J. linehattata, whose post office address is Deerfield, Mont., has this day filed his aoplieat ion for a patent for 1476 2 linear feet of the Saturday lode mine or veie bearing gold und other metals with •urfaee ground its) feet in width, shutt- led in North Moccasin (unorganized) mining district, Couttry of Perigee and State Of Mon- tana and designated by the field notes and official plat on tile in this office as Survey Number 6591 in Township It N., Range 17 It. of principal base line and meridian of the State of Montana, said survey No. 6691 being as follows, to a it: Begintile, at the southwest location Con. No.1. from which the S. W. cur. of See. 86, T. 18 N., R. 17K. bears S. 38 deg. 39 min. hisec. W. 3897 6 feet distant, runuing thence N. (1 deg. 23 mi ll . W. 1476.2 feet. to Cur. No.2: thence N. 70 deg. 32 mitt E. 412.8 ft., to cor. No.3; thence S 8 deg LI min. E. 1420.4 ft. to nor. No. 4; thence S. 70 deg. 52 W. 619 ft to Cor. NO i and place of begiunin. ; Magnetic va Lion 19 tieg. 92 min It,, eteutaitting 16 68 acres. The location of this mine is recorded in the Recorder's office of Fergus County, Montana. at page 343, iti book 3 of lodes. The adjoining claimants are the \Monday\ and \Tuesday\ (unserveyed) on the north, S. J. Buchanan, et al., claimant,. EDWARD BRASSILY, Register. RUDOLF VON TONE,., Atty. for Applicants. Fired publication July 22, 11622. NOTICE 01' APPLICtTON FOR PATENT. No. 86. - United State, Land Office, Lewistowit, Moutons', August 27th, 1901. No ice is hereby • hien. that John D. Waite and %V. C. Draper, whom, postoff ice address is Lewistown, Montana, have this (lay tiled heir application for a patent for fifteen hundred (192e) linear feet of the Possible lode. mine or vein, bearing gold and silver, with surface ground six huudred feet in width, situated in North Moccasin (unorganized) Alining district. County of Verges tied State of Montana. and designated by the field notes and official p at on file in this \Sine •urvey Number 6588, in Township eighteen north, ratige eighteen east, of priecipal base line and meridian of the State of Mon- tana, said survey No 6588 being as follows omit: Beginning at the northeast corner No. 1. from whicn the quarter section center common to sections twenty-nine and thirty- two. in Township Eighteen North, of Range Eighteen hi et, M. M. bears J. 38 deg. 4 min E., 117,i.8 feet distant, running thence N. 76 'leg. 10 mitt. W., 877.9 feet to corner No 2: thence N 62 deg. 26 mitt. 11'. 518.4 feet to cor- er No 3: thence N. 37 deg. 29 mitt. • Vt . 186.3 feet to corner No. 4: thence S. El 'deg 5 min. W. 4154.0 feet to Cot ner No. 5; thence S. 57 deg. II win. Ii. 591.4 feet, to corner No 6: thence S. 73 deg. 17 mill. E. 9,6.6 feet to cor- ner No. 7; thence s. 33 deg 5 min. B.6 1 4 feet, to corner No. I. and place of begin- ning. Magnetic variation 19 deg. 30 min B., con- taining 18744 acres. The location of this mine is recorded in -111. 11P1 . 0rder'S Office of Fergus county, Montana. in Book 5 of Lodes, page 6.1. records of said rowdy. The adjoining rlaimatits are the Saddle, Survey No. 6272 A, Daley, Survey No. 6458, and Daisy Practice', uuu.auirveyed. on the nor h. the Santiago. Survey No. 8211. on the west. the Prince (unsurveyed, Agnes. SnrYey No. 6215, and the Neill (utreervelyed) on the -otith. and the Evenieg S ar (unsurveyed) on the east, cialmente unknown. El/WARD BRASSILY, Register. R:.'DOLF VON TOrISL. at °rimy for appliestst Date of first wieldiest ion Sep ember 2, 19,-2. Kendall Stage Co. Operating Between Kendall and Lewistown Leave Lewistown Daily, except Sunday, at 9 a. m., reaching Ken- dall at 11:30 a. m. Leave Kendall Daily, except Sunday, at 3 9. m., arriving at plieet on for patent for ISM 3 linear feet of Lewistown at 6 p. the Dewey lode or vein. being 1074.9 feet. N. 89 deg 14 miii. E. and 151.4 feet 8.89 deg 14 min. W. measured along the course of the vein or lode from the portal of the I discovery tunnel, bearing gold, with sur- face ground 6tel feet in width. situated in erth Mtheetts1 . (unorganised) Mining Die- triet C by of Fergus. Site of Montane, and designated by the field notes avid of- ficial plat out tile in this officio as Survey No. 66.55, in See. 32, Tp. 18 N., K. 18 II.. Mon- tana meridian. and being particularly de- scribed as follows, Omit: Beginning at Cori. No 1, from which the cor. between •ecs. 29 and 12, it N., R. It N bears N 88 deg. 59 tti ii. W. tat 8 feet; thane. S. 22 deg. 61 mitt. W.6 4 feet, to (tor. No. 1: thence S. 89 deg. 14 min. W. 1266 6 feet to cor No. 8: thence month 84 deg. 44 min. W. 72.6 feet. to cur No. 4: thence, N. 22 deg 51 mitt. Ii. 650 feet to cor No. 5: thence N. 89 deg. It mist. E. 1826 3 feet to the place of 'initiating, containing n net area claimed of 17.23 acres. Magnetic variation out all courses ill deg M) mitt. K. The notice of location of said Dewey claim is recorded in the office of the Recorder of said P'ergtis county, Montana, in book 7 of lodes, at image 623. The adjoining claims are: on the smith. Spokane lode. unsurveyeel H Hughes, claimant, rind survey No. 63172 B. Wenge mill' site. Vi. M. AleCleati applietett: on the east, Dixie lode, unstirveyed, Betsey Parreet, claimant • ny person elaiming adversely shy por- tion of the mining ground. vein, lode or premises so described, surveyed, platted, and applied for, are required to file their ielYeree claims with the Register of the U.S. Land office at Lewistown, Montana. during the sixty days period of publication hereof, or they will he forever barred by ,virtue - of the statute in such eases made and pro- vided. EDWARD BRASSILY. Register. First publication Aug. 16, 19,4. J. 1i. WAseoe, attorney for applicant. Sithlierilie for the CHRONICLE; $2 R year MLR HORSE COACHES Ample Accommodations Extra acconimodationa for baggage o eonimereial travelers. T. Ft. MATLOCK Agent at Kendatl Wilson's Stage Lin Fast Time Betwepu Lewistown andHarlowto _ Carry ittg the It, S. Mall and m*kbiug runneatiOn with traitsa on M\titsitise railroad Coaches Leave Lewistown 5 a. in. ex cept Sunday. Leave Harlowton upon arrival of af ternoon train. - The Cook Interest TOWN IN THE SITE oF KENDALL , ONE Town and THE Which City IS the Lots at of the City Will Kendall, of Consisting LOTS from NOW THOUSAND Be Company Spokane, of MARKET Offered Great $30 Office Mont., to to of the Wash., Falls, ON in $1,000 Public the Mont. John Jackson, Jr., Agent. , KENDALL Big Is the Coming Mining of Montana Camp • • FRANK 111cKscoNtr, Agent.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 16 Sept. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.