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KENDALL CHRONICLE. 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER 30, 1902. No. 28. 811 MILLIONS IN SIGHT The Kendall Mine Has That Much to Show. Many Improvements in Progress—. What the Barnes -King is Doing This Fall. Everything about the Kendall mine and mill is now menial: like clockwork and the owners of the property are talking out a small fortune every day. Over 75 men are on tne pay roll at the present time, and this force will be materially increase,' before many days go Mitch work is to be done on the water piiw line from Warm Spring creek to the mill, to insure the safety of the pipe from fieezing up during the winter months. \The wool pipe has been strengthened in places where it was weak, and two blow off valves have been placed in the pipe u here the pressure was strong-st ; the purpose of these valves is to allow air to escape from the pipe. thus redwing the pressure greatly. Some improvements will be made about the property during October, and by the tine- eol t i weat,lier sets in every- I thing will be in sham; to keep the , ottill m a k e running to its full captivity all winter, i amid there will he tin Shot downs because of wet ore or pipes freezing ep. A new electric hoist will be put in position next month. The inachine will be fifty hone power, and snificient to hoist ore from the deerest workings up the incline shaft ; 290 feet is the greatest depth so far attained in the mine, and ore is InnAed from that i• vol to the sur- face. dumped into the chute and down to the 150 foot level it here it is loaded into the cars awl taken out thuough the tunnel to the mill. A new No. 5 Gates' crusher will be main place it) Ortolier, alongside the crawler now in use. The new machine will rest on a concrete (mutilation, H1111 will do service %hen the other one is in , ti-eul of repairs witieh is likely to happen at any time. The mill will lie well 'heated during the winter months. A 60 horse poeer boiler to be used for heating purposes Is on the way and will he in pl s ee by th e 1st of November. As Hn :nldni011N1 pro- tection against the cold, the noll MOW- ing will be hoarded up with grooved cedar siding. 40,000 square Wet of lum- ber will he required to cover tae sides of the building, The Kendall mine is truly a wonderfel property, and the method of milting is certainly novel. There is in sight at the present time 750.0(X) tons of ore, none of which runs less than $7.00 per ton, aunt ft om the lower levels the ore rues op to $15.00 per toe. A very conservative estimate would place the valet. of theore in sight'. at $6,000,000. One solitary miner will blast out hundreds of tons daily. It costs only 25e per ten to mine the ore anti the milling expenses arty \ 45r ter tot), making the total cost of mining and treating the ore (rely 70e per ton. This enormously rich mine was sold ess than three years ago to Harry T. Kendall, who is at present a part owner, tot $500. C. D. Allen, now foreman. in the mine, was then owner of the property and made the sale to Mr. Kenilall. It is needless to say that Mr. Allen had no idea of the great possibilities ot the iii iii' when he sold it for $500. The Borneo -King Mill. The addition to the Barties•King mill is completed and the new woest pipe will all be laid in a week. It is 2% inch pipe anti will carry an ample supply of water for the increased requirements. Three new tanks have been tout in which will increase the capacity el the mill to 225 tons a day. 'jiie mill will then work two shifts in place of one as it is now doing; the extra shift will mean a large increase in the pay roll. A new 75 horse potter boiler will he in ph ye before another week goes by, and enough steam will be supplied It. the additional boiler for heating purposes as well as help supply steam ;or the engine: 'Hie track front the mine to the mill i,i in perfect shape awl two new ore ears have aytived and will be pot into Nervier to handle the greatur output of me. Another mill will iw erected -it the property next spring, e hid) lin-4111M eni• ployment for a large force :if !IWO. Thus does Kendall keep goinz ahead MAP... ! it reputation for herself alining the lead- ing mining camps lit the country. a Good Showing—Ruby Gulch Turning Out Well \More new mining claims are turn- ing out well than otherwise in the Ruby Gulch district in Fergus coun- ty,\ said Dr. W. A. Allen of Billings, In an interview at Helena last week. Dr. Allen is one of Montana's oldest settlers, and has examined widely in- to the mining districts of tne state. At present ne has taken large inter- ests in Ruby Gulch district, \simply ter:luso,' he states, \it looks like a section of money producing proper- ties. \We got 40 cents at the surface,\ said Dr. Allen, \and before we were seventy feet down on a string of seven claims near Ruby Gulch, we got assays of $4.20. We have three distinct leads—silver, lead and free - milling gold. We have had abundant opportunity to sell or to bond the property, but, being positive of the district's richness, we have not cared to do either. We are going ahead with the work, and are going on to Put a larger force at the mines next season. - And this is the state of affairs in the entire district. The mines are working, and looking toward increased work in the spring. A new mitt is to go up on the King -Barnes properties as soon as winter is over. I saw $18,- 000 in the possession of Mr. King of this company a short time ago, which was taken from his mine. \In addition to the mill which is going up on this property, several others are to be erected in the spring, and I know that this district is going to be the scene of some of the most active work, in all stages from devel- opment to getting results from the working mines, which is going on in the state.\ Speaking of placers the doctor said: \In the gulch below our properties we wt•sh out placer gold each year. And, after seemingly exhausting the stream bed, we can come hack the next sea- son and find new dust and nuggets, showing that these placers derive their gold from adjacent ledges.\ WILL DEVELOP PROPER' I AUTOMOBILE A FAILURE. Mase.t g er Wiluot; - of the Harlow Lino lie - fumed to Accept It. Information has been received in Lew- istown to lite effect that the automobile New York Capit•lists Have Sub-- w hich arrived in Harlowton last week For the %Vilsott Stage Co. is a failure. Anyway the stage company has refused tI) accept the tn9eltine unless given a g Much Work Will . — —one on the b guaranteeby the St. Louis firm who R n The automobile now (wimples a Gudgell Mining Claims in ! canker in the Harlowton livery stable I pending the decision of the makers. scribed $20,000. the Kendall District. It has been ascertained that II. J. Cur- ran, who neettred an option On several North IMecelisin propel ties on behalf of New Y -irk investors this summer, has organized a tuuiuiimug COMpany in New Yiirk iity for the pirpose itt developieg the griond and taking up the options if Pit( II Action is guaratitets1 by the resnIts of tile work. In the neighborhood of Water Mains Nearly Completed. The laying of the attains for the Lewis- town ci'.y waterworks is progressing rapidly and city engineer Staffoill states that the contract will no doubt be finish- ed on time. The w ell at the pump house is about completed and construction work on the stone atructore for the pump house will be commenced this week. Fined for Fast, Riding. Robert and Gay Haywood were haelell before Police Magistrate :McGowan on $20.000 has been already subscribed for Saturday at Lew istown to answer to a development work on the Gedgell group, charge of runi:ing their muddle horses the Burr -Stuart and Cw1gell minea on I through the trial ti street of tile city at un % hioit \Pli..11' Wel.' niken this summer litmeenilY gait' 'flue arbitrator of the and on other iiroperties w hich the cow- destinies of those it ho transgress the city ordinances fined the gentlemen from the pany may negotiate for. _ _ iGlri Killed. bast Triesilsy mornieg while the LOW- i.tOWn Jiutilut was g at. h rapid pace 41 1 -4ortier of hist!' street and C.ett- tuSilleeentlik . in Grew, Falls, the driver: 1V, 11.`11‘1`1r4 who is intereeted in lest contod of the Ii' for a moment,' solute Korth Mneigsiii property.' rwt tuned and the be-ls of the 1.0.1ch pamied over t° . 1jewigt°w°1\t Tblirsii4Y CrUrl mu thiee the 3 year -old daughter of Mr. rtial Mrs. notrithn' visit to his home Michigan. Samuel A. Chitin berlaita. 'flue child was carried to the home of its parents near by, and ph sroi for. The injar- ies were Si, serious that death catine to the little one in it half hour. Shortly after thr accideet M. S. Howe, the driver oi the stage horses, 555 ar- rested. At his examination 'before the conntry $15. t; B. Stuart awl A. T. Goodspeed left Lewistown oit Monday mot ning for on Milling IMInnlaPP, J. Kane nod Phillip skew of Lewis- town went hinting for a conple of days this week and returned w ith it couple of fine deer and a tfaine bag tilled with grouse. Miss Lettie Alma Myers of Deerfield is attemling the mate univelmity ra Mis- soula. Miss Myers gnu Ii from the col -ohm's Pry lie stated th a t the horses Lewistown high school a ith high honors became freialifenei! ;it the apprinteh of a et the last term. ,orcei i•ar auld that for a moment they , got beyond his control. The j , iry exult- rite weather the hist few weeks has excellent for out dr oo work and the build - Led I front blame. dere end ,yarpentets in Kendall have Mr. Herschel King and family have been taking advantage of it Is pia tip a moved into their new residence nor' Ii et tomilwr of ,'wall iiousea to do service for the CHRONICLE (Ace. the winter months. Where Is He? If There is a Man in Fergus County That We Can't Fit in Underwear We haven't found him yet. There is UNDERWEAR here to suit every taste, every size, every pocketbook. Want a cheap garment? It is here in good quality at 65c. Want the finest and softest o wool It is here at marvelously low prices. Are you tall or short, slim or stout? 'We wi I fit you, and fit you well. The light weight stocks are in— nes you want for now, and for two months hence—new shades and styles. An elegant show- ing, and exceptional values for the money asked. You needn't look a.ty further for UNDERWEAR. It'. right here. 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 30 Sept. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.