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4 4 KENDALL CHRONICLE. 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, OCTOBER 7, 1902. No. 29. 112E0 IN 111 1 118TOWN Pulled a Gun on Marshall Kane —Several Shots Exchanged Slippery Bill Keeton Made His Es- cape—Great Excitement—No Person Injured. A lively fosilede of pistol shots at a late hour on Saturday night caused con- siderable excitement in Lewistown - and brought out a large *crowd anxious to find out the cause at the troubls. The ex.:Bement was caused hy est attempt on the part of Marshall Kane to arrest a suspicious character by the, name of Slippery Bill Keeton alto for the past two weeks has best' giving the mare- stintatives of law and order considerable trouble. , Marshall Kane, Nightwatch Harvey and Deputy Marshall William Debi; were etamling on the platform in front . of the Lewistown Livery Barn when Keeton and a partner by.the nante'of Tug Dirl- ington passed by; Harvey minted Kee- ton out to Kane and the latter officer walked up to him with the intention of making an arrest. .1t was then that the • e—sWisMwassesof-efswesiight-wwwberiketi by war- t i ke sounds which led the citizens of the burgh to believe thattthe oistrust which is so evident in the Democratic camp had broken out in a free for all and the various brands of Democracy were vet t- ing their spite in open warlare. Slippery Bill backed off trout the Marshall and pulled a gun of huge dimensions ; Harvey, made a jump to get him and when Slip- pery saw that it wits getting too inter - eating he turned and ran, tiring a ehot at the officers and . tlisa p peering into Skin- ner & Van's saloon in spite of a shot apiece tired at him by Kane and Hebb. Harvey was (dome at his heels and ex- changed shots: with him at tho back door of the building but without effect and Slippery and tne officer disappeared iii the darkness. In the street the scene was one of wild confusion and men with guns and clubs hunted the dark corners ot the town in an endeavor to locate the fleeing . desper- ado. Suddenly a shot rang out in the direction of the Montana Hardware and the crowd, anyway some of them ran in that direction and others started for places of safety. It was a false alarm however, being a shot fired accidentally by Marshall Kane who was tilling a 30-30 with cartridges and who in, the excite- ment of the et:tient. ehot the stuffing out of a can of paint. He and W. Behti started out toward the fair growals in order to head off Slippery but without success as when Harvey returned a few •minutes later be brought the informa- tion that Keeton had headed for the 'mountains. Tug Dirlington, Slippery Bill's partner, acted in a somewhat strange hammier ut the time sOf the attempted arrest atd also pulled a gun; he was arrested by Shaw and thrown in the calaboose. In the morning it was found that Keeton had evidently visited J. L. Beebe's barn with the intention of securing a saddle horse, as one of the animals was found .aith the rope cut from its neck and other signs of the presence of the deeper - ado were discovered. Late on Sunday afternoon -news was brought to the eity that Keeton hed spent lbe niultl at the shine quarry find Ii cml annotinced Ida in- tention of coming to :he city and \get- ting\ some of the officers. However he didn't show up and is probably headed for more coin/mile! climes. SCHOOL NOTES. The following pupils mere neither tartly or absent during the month ending October 3, 19t1 . 2. In the advent -el gradett —Clara Ridell. Charles Ridell, Elmer Nelson. Olga Benson, John Benson, Griffins! Jackson, Milli McLean, Arthur Barnes, and ,Mary Basham. .111 the Primaryt—Fresla Carlsson. Van Barnes, Cretia-Ridell, Allen Carlson, Ida Ben- son. Lucie! Baslialit Albert Aube' y, Roy Robinson, Ethel Nelson, Clara Stone, Roy Ridell, Pauline Iltitebings. STELLA HISNRY, Teacher. The total enrollment for the moistly ending October 3rd. was sixty-five. Csmaidsrable work Iota been done in grading the se110(11, uniting classes, etc., and now the following grades are repo,- 'wilted—I he primary room contains the first, second and third; the grammar room `the fourth, fifth. seventh end eighth In the Kendall school may 1:e found pnitils from all the leading admolts of the state and as a a bele they make a pretty good Slim% itig. Last V,i.lav the pupils of the telvioiced owles organised a literary and reading rociety to be known its the School Literary.\ 'They pietiesl thi. tot - hoe ing offivers: Chairman, Frank ; Secretary, Arthur Barnes; Treasurer, Ella NIcLeart ; Committ.e on plogram, Elmer Fuller, Boyd Besting'', Nellie Bul- lard and Isadore (elder. 'The 'society will meet every other Friday p.m. Its object is to entiosirage the motile in read- ing, speaking amid essay stork. The patrons or the toehold are invited to timer progrionmes. 'The society will, i.f course, be presided over by the ti -ti -hems who will gladly offer tiny assistance possible. Friday. October 10, the first program will be rendered. J. A. MeC.tousv, Principal. Y. M. C. A. ORGANIZED. A Well Attended Meeting Annday Night —Officer. Elected, A mitober of the young men of Ken- dall met Sunday at 8t.. iii. in the Millers' Union hell for the purpose of organizing a Y. M. C. A. here. The organisation wee completed and a committee it tutu Collelitati011 and by-lasSe. The officers elected at the meeting were as follows: President, 0. F. Waamansilorff; Secretary, W. W. Wirsotteon; Treasurer, Mr...Elsner; Board of trustees, H. I. Shaw, chairman„ H. Francis and Mr. Wilson. 'Ilse charter will remain open for a couple of weeks in order to give those who were unable to attend Sutitlity nigh;'s meeting an opportunity to join as charter niendiers. The board of trustees were instructed to make arrangeinents for club and read- ing roams to be nituated in a convenient plaice for the employes of the mines and mills. It is the purpose of the organiza tit's' to supply all the leading per- iodicals add Um daily papers of the state. The rooms will be comfortable and well lighted, and the working me:tof Kendall will have an oppoitunity of spending their leisure !more in as profitable man- ner, both socially and from an educa- tional standpoint. When all Ilibee• who have sifinitied their intention to become members if the association sign lite roll there will be a membership in the neighborhood of fifty. The promotors of the idea of form- ing' the Y. M. C. A. in Kendall are de- serving of credit for their interest shown in the welfare of the working men of Kendall. The association is non -denom- inational and weleomes men no matter what their religious beliefs may be. SCHOOL DANCE. WIII lie the Social Event of the ReaRon —Oymter Supper. Friday evening, (Jet utter 17, the public is invited to participate in a dance to be given for the benefit of Kendall public 1 Piqua)! John It. Crook huts granted free . of cost to the et:Inad the use of the first floor of the bent Ts - Wilding for the even- ing; the room is spacious and there will he at tirst-class gretoved floor—just the thing for dancing. The school bosrd is Sparing no pains to make the event most pleasing -and one that will lon* be re- membered as the most successful social event in Kendall. 'fliers will be an ' oyster supper served by the ladiecof the camp. Remember this is a dance given for the 'benefit of the public school and every grown person should buy a ticket whether he dances or not. The ecliool bawd has an indebteditees of more than pot) and if you have tbe interest of the catnip at heart yoll 14110W it ill no bet.ter way than 1.y I e'ping in this rthY haute. HEATING The Meniana Hardware C..capany Con- tracts ti. Heat Several Stereo The NIontatist Hartle ere Co.- com- menced opetatitms on the erection of a building in the rear of time Lewistown 'Telephone etell new - nffiges for the pur- pose of establishing a private 'tenting plata to supply heat to the Montana Hardware Co., Lewistown Commercial Co., Power Mercantile Co., and the Lew- istown Telephone Co'e imildinge. Frank (toss, ati expert steam fitter from Phila- delphia, has charge of the installation of the plant which will be firet-class iii every respect. An eighty horse power high pressure beget will be used end the plant is so erranged (list if success- ful the capacity can be increased to meet all demands. littIONG TRM8RIE8 Matey Factions in the Democrat:c Party. Heinze Agent Looking After the M. 0. P. Co's Interests—No Chance for Harmony. The political situatitm in Fergus county is growing more interesting \and slay brings to light developments which are favorable to the Republicen party. The usual leathers in the- Demo - ...retie camp are naturally somewhat In at being pitmanl to one side by the ready made politicians who now tire manipulating affairs and it is more than probable that there a ill lie at serious falling off from the party this fall. Only about fifty per cent. of the Democrats of the county were a ill:ow III 1'0118t . 14 to a fusion between the Labor party and the Democratha f.aces and owieg to tlei differences a Idch exist among the var- . ions 1'r:tittle of Democrecy it looks on if the Labor people got the, norst of the deal. There are (1 tk and Ileitize Dena- ! odrais; so 4:ailed .1.fiferruniau Democrats who are inta whitivg for orders from headquarters ited the genuine Demo- crat, of the county are disgusted with the turn affairs ate taking and openly express their dissatisfaction. Then there is John Boyle O'Rielly, an emits - eery of Ileinze elm accompanied the Democrat is• delegation to the convention at littzeinsoi, lot too is here in order to keep the Heinzeites in line; every time he mite his hand in his pocket he is watt -lied with breathless interest Ity the nianipu aiors of the party a ho ale cn the fence and slon't know for certain hicli ride of the question Hay will have to take, Clark or Ileinzie. Rot it is thought that they mill have the situ- ation \er.plaiste.1\ to them at a later date by the paid 'agents+ of either one 'side or the other. *1 hie Mr. O'Rielly is a very plausible individual and seems to have all hien that 'any candidate for 1.ffice alio cannot let 1111)11111a Under the Beinze influence is a political erook end ready to sell himself to any corporation who clues to make a bid bur bite. Where Is lie? If There is a Man in Fergus County That We Can't Fit in Underwear We haven't found him yet. 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Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 07 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.