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2. Kendall. Montana, October 7, 1902 AUTHORS AND BOO • The name, Richard Fisguil, at- tached to the novel published under title \Mazer is the pseudonym under which Prof. Richard H. Wilson, of the University of Virginia, disguised himself. Burns committed his poems to memory as he composed them, and when he sat dow.n to write he had before him no labor of composition, but only the task of writing down what he had already finished. Gibbon devoted over 20 years of his life to the labor of reading for and writing the \Decline and Fall.\ It is one of the most stupendous lit- erary feats ever accomplished by the labor of one man. An English publisher is about to Issue the thost beautiful edition of modern times. It will be printed in five volumes, each to cost three guineas, and only 500 copies will be printed. A new term for mutual Ipprecia- than has just been inventedBourget having just dedicated a book to Mrs. Wharton, and Mrs. Wharton having just dedicated a book to Bourget, they are accused of \literary ping- pong\—not a new crime, but certain- ly a new name for an old one. The Danish government has been slow in giving official recognition to Denmark's greatest man of letters, but at last it has made Dr. George Brandes professor at the University of Copenhagen, with full salary and no lecture duties. English readers have long been admirers of Dr. Brandes, but it is in France that his work has been most enthusiastically received and praised. Alfred Austin, the poet laureate, is 67. He was educated ( et Stony- hurst and St. Mary's college, Oscott, from which latter school he took his degree in London. He was called to the bar and practiced till 1S61, when he published - his second book, \The Season; a Satire,\ end embarked on h literary career. He has published many volumes of verse, three novels and many review articles. In 1806 he was appointed poet laureate and since then he has published \'Eng- land's Darling\ and \The Conversion of Winckelmann.\ and more recent- ly a miscellaneous Volume of verse. The Gentle Bunko Artist. One of the clever little tricks of the day is the conversion of a circular into a personal communication. The very latesf.device is to have the circular, in the usual facsimile of typewriter type. printed on dampened Paper. The effect delights the heart of the most expert artist in public deception, says the New York Press. The slight moistening blurs the ink ever so sltghtly and leaves the sheet •a trine uneven of surface. thus giving it the appearance of having been especially dictated for the re- cipient and pot lb rough the office cony. ing press. A two -cent stamp completes the little fraud, which harms nobody and may catch a customer. Kendall Stage Co. , Operating Between Kendall and Lewistown Leave Lewistown Daily, except Sunday, at 9 a. m., reaching Ken- dall at 11:30 a. m. Leave Kendall Daily, except Sunday, at 3 p. m., arriving at Lewistown at 6 p. in. FOUR HORSE COACHES Ample Accommodations Extra accommodations for baggage Of commercial travelers. , T. R. ,MATLOCK Agent at Kendall INJOTICE OP A PPLIC 4TON FOR PATENT. I No. 88. — United States Land Office, Lewistown, Montana, August 27th, 1902. No ice is hereby Riven, that John D. Waite anti W. C. Draper, whose postoffice address is Lewistown, Montana, have this day tiled their application for a patent for fifteen hundred (1500) linear feet of the Possible lode. mine or vein, bearing gold and silver, with surface ground six hundred feet in width, situated in North Moccasin (unorganized) Mining district, County of Fergus cud State of Montana. and designated by the field notes and official p at en tile iii this office as survey Number 6588, in Township eighteen north, range eighteen east, of principal base line and meridian of the State of Mon- tana, said survey No. 6588 being as follows, towit: Beginning at the northeast corner No. I, from whiten the quarter section corner common to sections twenty-nine and t hirty- two. in Township Eighteen North, of Range Eighteen B st, M. M. bears N. 38 deg. 4 min. 11.. 2270.8 feet distant, running thence N. '76 deg. to min. W., 877.9 feet to corner No 2:• thence N 62 dog. 28 min. W. 518.4 feet to cor- ner No. 3: Menet:, N. 37 deg. 29 min. W. 136.3 feet to corner No. 4; thence S. 33 deg. 5 min. W. 454.9 feet to co'ner No. 5; thence S. 57 deg. 31 min. E. 591.4 feet, to corner No 6; thence S. 73 deg. 17 min. E. 9e6.6 feet to cor- ner No. 7; thence ei . 33 deg. 5 min. E. 601.4 feet, to corner No. 1, and place of begin- ning. Magnetic variation 19 deg. 30 mitt E., con- taining 18 76 acres. The location of this mine is recorded in the Recorder's office of Fergus county, Montana. lot Book 5 of Lodes, page Sul. records of said county. The adjoinipg claimants are the Saddle, Slirvey No. 6272 A, Daisy, Survey No. 6458, and Daisy Fraction, unsurveyed. on the north. the Santiago, Survey No.8217, on the west, the Prince (unsurveyed, Agnes. Survey No. 6215, and the Neill (iinsurveyed) on the .f.)tith. and the Evettitig S:ar (nnsurveyed) Ott the east, claimants !Unknown. EDWARD }MASSEY, Register. 11'21;i0Le vox Toast,. at , r ey for applicant Date of first ptibliesti S :timber 2, 192. N OTICE OF APPLIC ON POE PAT - emit No, 85.—U. S. Laud Office, Lewis; ,town, Moto ana, Aligner - 16; 1902.--Alotice is hereby given. that Robert L. Henderson, whose postotlice address is Kendall, Fergqs county Montana. has this day filed an ap- plication for patent for 1328 3 linear feet of the Dewey lode or vein. being 1074.9 feet, N. 89 deg 14 mita. S. and 251.4 feet S. 89 deg. 14 min. W. measured along the course of the vein or lode from the portgl of the discovery tunnel, bearing gold, with sur- face ground 620 feet in width. *Rowed in orth 6loccasi • (unorganised) Mining Dis- trict County of Fergus. State of kloniana, and designated by the field notes and of- ficial plat on file in this office as Survey No. 6655, in Sec. 32, Tp. 18 N., R. 18 R., Mon - talus meridian, and being particularly de- scribed as follows, towit: Beginnine at Cor. No 1, from which the cor. between -ecs. 29 and 32, Tp. 18 N., R. 18 K. bears N 38 der. 59 m n. W. 29.3.8 feet: thence S. 22 deg. 51 cilia. W.6 4 feet, to cor. No.!; thence S. 89 deg. 14 min. W. 12366 feet to cor. No. 3: thence south 84 deg. 44 min. W. '12 b feet. to cot- No. 4; thence N. It deg 51 min. B. SW feet to cor. No. 5: thence N. RA deg. limit,.E. I326 3 feet to the place of beginning, containing a net area claimed of 17.29 acres. Magnetic variation on all courses 19 deg SO mot. E. The notice of location of said Dewey claim is recorded in the office of the Recorder of said Fergus county, Montana, In book 7 of lodes, at nage 629. The adjoining claims are: on the south, Spokane lode. unsurveyeti, H. Hughes, claimant. and survey No. 6272 B. Weage mill - site, W. H. McClean applicant: on the east. Dixie lode, tussurveyeol, Henry Parrent. claimant toy person claiming adversely any por- tion of the mining ground, vein, lode or premises so described, surveyed, platted. I and applied for, are required to file their adverse claims with the Register of the U. S. Laud Office at Les istown, Montana, during' the sixty days period of publication hereof, or they will lie forever barred by virtue of the statute in such cases made and pro- vided. EDWARD }MASSEY. Register. First publication Aug. 26.19.4. J. E. IV assos, attorney for applicant. D ESERT LAND, FINAL PROOF—Notice for publication—United States hand Office. Lewistown, Montana, Sept. 18, 1902. Notice is hereby given that JOHN R. COOK assignee of Kathleen Hamilton of Kendall, Mont.. has i ;f e ed notice of inten- tion to make proof on desert -land claim No. 1361, tor the seti, se N sei4 gee. 21. tp. 18 to r 18 e Montana meridian, before the register and receiver at Lewistown. Montana, on Thursday the 6th day of Novem- ber, 19.2. He names the following witnesses to prove the complete irr.gat ion and reclamation of said land: George Clibon, William McMichent mu& lam H. Fergus of Christina, Montana, and David Hilger of Lewistown, Maritime. Em/WARD BRASSILY. Register. First publication Sept 31). 1902. Wilson's -Stage Line Fast Time Between Lewistown andHarlowton Carrying the it: S. Mall and making connection with trains on MOIli NUM rellroad ft If * Coaches Leave Lewistown 5 a. m. ex- cept Sunday. Leave Harlowton upon arrival of af- ternoon train. The Cook Interest IN THE TOWNSITE OF KENDALL IS NOW ON THE MARKET Consisting of ONE THOUSAND LOTS Which Will Be Offered to the Public at the Company Office in the Town of Kendall, Mont., City of Spokane, Wash., and the City of Great Falls, Mont. Lots from $30 to $1,000 John Jackson, Jr., Agent. KENDALL Is the Coming Big Mining Camp of Montana Snbeeribe for the CHRONICLE; $2 a year FRANK MeKs.cnyta, Agent.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 07 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.