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KENDALL CHRONICLE. Ihe North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thoutlands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, OCTOBER Li, 1902. No. 30. POND CUE DISMISSED No Evidence to Show that Shooting Was Not a Mistake. Hovland Stricken With Remorse —Dr. Stoll Goes Over the Place of Shooting. The case of Lome Hovland vs. the State, was brought to a close in Judge McFarlaud's court on Saturday by tin - county attorney :retying for a \dientissal on the grounds that no evidence had been produced to show that the defend ant had shot Gardape %% hit ft -helium; intent. Dr. E. H. Stoll, who conducted an au- topsy on the body of Gardape, stated that he followed the course of the bullet ho -is ail inch and a half above the riedian line to where it lodged to the right et the pelvic bone. The doctor went over Pie ground where the elmot- ing occurred and says that the cater' from which Hovland fired the fatal shot is situated about wenty feet . from the bank of it small coulee up which it is evident that Gartleite was wetsing when 14 received his death wound, ea the course of the bullet yorreepueds er_cill the posirietrin wtdeb the'teetimottyritrioeleit that Gardape was at the time the shot was . fired. Hoviaed still emphatically asserts that he mistook Gardape for a wolf in the dim light and eemna stricken with remorse over the result oh his hasty shot. ---- - GILT EDGE SCHOOL OPENED. The New School Building a Handsome Strueture—ERIcie-•t Teachers. .. The new school house at Gilt Edge was opened on October 6th with an en- rollment of was hundred pupils and the prospect of a tench larger attendance ere the term is much older. The at rue - tore is highly ornamental Ned up-to- daie in every respect and under the able management of Robert A. McKee thele is no doubt but that the school will es- tablish for itself a bright record anion s the educational imititutione of the county. The Gothic style. of artitectnre has been followed somewhat in cone' ruction and the building contains two tootles, with a couple of roomy class rooms on each floor as well as the necessary cloak moms anti trustees' office: It is lotjited a slight elevation a short distance from the main part of town and every regard has been paid to sanitation. 'rite principal, Robert A. McKee, in assisted by Miss Grace Mclingli anal Mips Alta Perry, the staff being an exceptionally able one. Mr. McKee has had charge of the school at Gilt Edge for the past three years and has won the respect end confidence of both parents anti pupils by his excellent educational methods. lie was chosen this fall as Republican candi- date for county superintendent of schools, a positit ii which he will fill well credit to himself and advantage to Fer- gus county. One of the `prettiest and most interesting views in that section of the county can be obtained from the hell tower of the echool house from where one can nee the various mining plants in the immediate vicinity and in the distance the rugged outline of the badlands. The citizens of Gilt Edge and the residents of Fergus county have every reason to be proud of the new in- stitution. CAMPAIGN NOTES. _— • It is the general impression through- out the county that the positions of treasurer and clerk and recorder will be filled most creditably by J. M. Croft and C. M. Kelly, who h3ve already demon- strated their irustworthinees, and the awful bawl made by the opposition on their re -nomination falls flat in the lace of the switching of Thomas Shaw from the eheriff's office to the position of can- didate for the treasurership. J. D. Waite is still a krone favorite . for state eenatcr in spite of the effurte made by the Denrocrat to mould public (pillion for the benefit of Fang Heinze. The opening Republican rally was held on Monday nighteat Rockford and a large utsid enthusiastio audience listened to the rousing speeches made during the even- ing by 0. W. Belden, J. W. Hobbs, F. E. Smith, H. H. Boggs and It. A. McKee. The reception given to the Republican candidates on that occasirTn was a hearty One. Tonight a rally will take place at Gamed. - The Democratic Democratic candidates seem to be afflicted with an apathy which is brought, about by the conviction that they are up against it and the wild inter- line of the party organ are takik .eattoso-tisat4talesseaary in-Awgree linty is in desperate weights and like drowning man. \grasping at straws\ in an endeavor to get into time race this faU. Two Mining Claims Sold. Messrs. H. I. Shaw and N. J. Little- john transferred the Stutpshot No. I and No. 2 mineral claims adjoining the pro- perty recently bought by John A. Drake and Isis associates from the Great North- ern Mining and Development conupany at Gilt Edge, Montana, to Drake and associetes Ian Friday. The price paid was $2,000. BLACK ORE CAN BE TREATED By Cyanide Process If it I. Roasted— Method Employed at Gilt Edge. it has been demonstrated in a satis- factory manner that the immense bodies of black ore found in the Gilt Edge mines can be treated by the cyanide process after being subjected to roasting. The payroll at this property has increeeed considerably since its acquisition hy the Gold Reef Minting company, anti i134) amount of dead work is being done at present, and this winter the new proper- . ties acquired on the south will be thor- oughly opened up. Extensive De•elopment Work. The North Moccasin Ni in i sig company will at once wart a force of men pinking two shafts on their property which is situated between the Kendall mine and the Barnes -King mine. Developmebt will be carried on all winter on the pro- perty and by the time spring opens up there is no doubt but that an immense body of ore will be exposed. There is enough ore in eight at the present time to keep a mill with a ellipticity of 150 tons daily in needy operation, but as I urger bodies of ore are opened up this winter, the captivity of the mill to be built next epring will be determined later. Largest stock of 'Stationery, Perfum- ery, Druggist Sundries and' Notions in Lewistown at ClII. Williatns. CION STIR AT LARGE Much Wanted Man Eludes Sheriff and His Deputies Deputy Ed. Martin Hot on Trail of Desperado—His Capture Seems Certain. After the unsuccessful attempts to arrest \Slippery Bill\ the early part of last week, Undersheriff Slater and Theo- dore Nichols went out again in search of the bold desperado us Vi'ednesday last but returned to . Lewistown without their man. In the evening Frank McCarthy, who is working at tne stone quarry a short distance from the city, came to town and reported that Slippery had been helping load rock at the quarry that afternoon and had asked. him to bring out his rifle, which he had cached in the Dark horse bairn, and explained to him where to get it. The rifle was found and left in charge of the officers. On Thursday Keeton, being tired of having to make repeated rune to the brush in order to prevent einbarresing the offieere by hir preeeitee, left Lewitt - town and struck out in the vicinity of tit Edge when- Ise took supper at the -COW mei mine and was seen going over the hill towerd town late in the evening. Deputy Ed. Martin anti Clyde Osgood were in Lewistown making preparations to go out and bring the fellow in and did not learn of the direction be had taken until Saturday when they ieturned from a hard ride which took in the country between (jilt Edge and the head of Mc- Donald creek. It is more than likely that Deputy Martin will bring the seeker after a hard reputation in even if he has to make his appearance feet tifet. getting all the work he wants, and is DANCE AND.SUPPER. • ell paid. The game can be said of but Friday Night'. Entertainment for th• few new mining camps thee days. And Benont of Kendall aeheet. Kendall has not made a fair.start in the The people of Kendall end surr und ntnount-of huhhiosi she will be producing iii it few years. Re-l.mported Sairamore whisky, a pure article, at Ed. Weaver's. ' • to he given for the benefit of Kendall public school. The ladies of Kendall are putting forth every efiort to prepare an oyster supper teat will be a credit to the excellent reputation they already have fqr serving suppers that are second to none. Professor Hutchinson's orchestra has been eniteged to furnish music for the occasion. The first floes of the new bank guild - bug has been granted to the school tree of cost for the night. The floor is grooved and well laid, anti is one of the beet surfaces in the county for dancing. Judging by the sale of tickets the first few days they have been offered there is rio tiottl,t but that there will. be the largest crowd of pleasure seekers at the school benefit dance next Friday night that has ever before 'Wended a dance in this ptection. POST OFFICE REMOVED. New Quarters In the Stone Bank Build- ing—Ample AceommodatIon•. • Commencing today the Kendall public will receive ite mail from the new loca- tion of the post office which is in the stone building that John R. Cook has joist hail completed and generally known as the batik building. The new lotaition is a Izmir improvement over the old place and affords to the public every convenience that is to be had in postiiffices in touch larger towns than Kendoll. Everything will be arranged by Postmaster Jackson in a way that our citizens will always receive the best of service: 'Club Dance Pmetp000d. The Entre None club tuts decided not to have its regular dance next Friday night. The *members of the club will attend the dance for the benefit of Ken- dall school. Those who have received invitations to the regular I4 -weekly dahee oh the Eotre Nous club will please take notice. ing country who eejoy dancing are going to have One of the most enjoyable nights of their lives nest Friday at the dance Every able bodied man in Kendall is Where Is lie? If There is a Man in Fergus County That We Can't Fit in Underwear We haven't found him yet. There is UNDERWEAR here to suit every taste, every size, ever V pocketbook. Want a cheap garment? It is here in good quality at 65c. Want the finest and softest o wool It is here at marvelously low prices. Are you tall or short, slim or stout? We wil fit you, and fit you well. The light weight stocks are in—cnes you want for now, and for two months hence—new shades and styles. An elegant show- ing, and exceptional values for the money asked. You needn't look any further for UNDERWEAR. It's right here. , tEND us E W I STOWN EXPRESS PAID ON YOUR ALL PURCHASES CO ERCIALCO. et Ss.oe MAIL ORDERS OR OVER I.E‘11 , - , F(AVN, MONTANA 4

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 14 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.