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• „ KENDALL CHRONICLE. lhe North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, OCTOBER 21, 1902. No. 31 THE ABBEY SHOWING GOOD Will Be One oc the P%g Mines of This District. A Mill Will Be Erected in the Early Spring—A Big Supply of High Grade Ore. As each day goes by and development work progreeses on the Abbey mine which lies at two ladles northeast, of the town tif Keiallth. the outlook fur it becoming a groat eealth producer equal to the well•kilown Kendall coil Barnett - King properties becomes more tied more certain. The utter that ens discovered last spring, ists aceotint of whieli f1 et ap- j•earetl In the CITRON - 1CM bite - . 11rOveti ii great saving in empsnise of development iss well as opening the way to inimetwe ore bodies which ',rideable would not have been fumed bet f..r the cave. As it is there is enough me in sight to justify John It. Cook and his associates in erect - big a mill which will be rennieg full litstst before this time next year, and the number of ifintier pails In Kendall will be inereased by 11p a orking if, the Alsiwy property to '5or 100 more than ist ftswatftrt : In die Northwest end of the rave de- velopment work rommenced I sat week end. at er breaking through the crystal- lised lime a hiell formed a coating idiom six 11101.11 thick upon the eel!. of the cave, a big body of soft ore wits encoun- tered, and snuiplee that beck- been itosityed run over $5.00 to tile OM. Tl i p no io 20 feet of ore in eight at the point n here the crystallized lime is broken t !trough and ihe ledge increases in it itIth 'as tile millers drift inward.. in the east drift fr the mit-goat it • distitAce if about 50 feet, lId, Polite %ho- of ore again 'whirl's out end tokre ii downward eouiPe. Abbey 'mine, like the Kelidell aid Barnes -King pro. periling, Aloes up heifer with depth end the n ef of time rock diet is so large at the sulfite.; narrows ao it goes 'lila!' apt il at the 340 foot levrl, where work i.ow going is ,hits,',illetost entirely playedu ot, amid die body of ore Isms in - t -reaped iscconliegly iimmtililist eieking now soling on in s•ilitl stir. 'I he Alive 1111111 eerved lag a place for dumping the waste from the Ilia er atirk- inge of the mine timesaving the expense told labor of boiatitig the wheat to the •inesiel level and wheeling it front there to die miteide ilunitu, 11 dislance of about 500 feet. Work will begin right away on a shaft to lie sunk from the surface down lit roughthe calve to a deptIt'of morel hitut 400 feet. An opening will lie left in the shaft. near the b 'tient ad the cave Ihrongli which there ern corm. minutiae t .sipidy o f good air for the miners work - Iii the hitter let -eta. It ail lost be lung before the- abbey itsh.e a ill he a regular prodneer of gold hell' ;lila help swell the pay roll of Ketelall his our -prising extent. • Register liniesey the` U. S. land °Mee at Lea Mittel It and Mrs. Brasmey %% ere over to the dance Friday night and Fltoyed in camp over Sonda y, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joeeph Wunderlin. RAILROAD WORK BEGIIii. Trains Will Be Ittinning Into Lewistown by Om 1st of duly, 1903. Ground was broken last week on the Lewistown extension of the Montana railroad and silbcontracts for stunting ate being let to any responsible parties it) or hr to push the work as rapidly as possible befare the setting in of the winter. • The contract wits first eecureil by this- Unthu Conetnietion company and they aohlet it to NIcSInitie, Elmore & Co. who have already millettled seven cars of railroadieg outfit at Ilarlowtown. Mr NIcShaise Was in Lea istown • lest tve•-k ancl steles; that there was no doubt lint that the entire rontiact would he com- pleted before the time Ppreifirtl - in the contract—July lat. If the weather re- mains line, work will be comnienced out the Lett ',down end stf the line Mils fall but it is very probable that the lintin wont will I.e conitnerist between Ilbet and Hari mum where the grade is light and operatione will not be so liable lobe impeded by the weather, as in the cuts end heavier grades near Lea into% The'teraninits of the road for the pre- tient will loti /a the Orowiler raiieli eeet ot Lewlittowii btu plans have been llra els 1111 land secepted for the fin titer exten• mien of the line to the east of the city for industrial perp aro. It to an K81 , 111411 fact however that the line will ce ii full °penitent by a illy ta-it Year. Opening the Itepubllean Campaign Xifittetwet.ofelaa-tLetolliitle.Ywo. 41,44.4,1t. lientis of Feigns county opened the 1:1111• pekes at Kis-k(te-a a lit -se the locet speak Cr,, 0. ‘‘' . Hidden nominee hie guiltily attonsey, II. II Boggs, Joel John 11. Hebbs, wen- greeted by a large and en• tint:Min It: 4111,11a111V. Itsist isis 1111 speak- ers their weir preeent 4 lonelier of the Kelm iii liCil 0111111y, caselishites, namely. J o be 1). Waite. isinninets foe it .te woe tor, John C. 1141m, nee for alieriff James NI. Croft, glummer for treasurer, Dotiald Fowler, nominee for isseessur, a nd (litotes Kelly. tttttt mere fur clerk tush leconter. Ail'isite.estitist time ass had Isy the visitors. %boon their 'sire_ oust tett nothing a Inch load a (mottos'.). to make she time tentetubered. F11111\.1 . 4 4 01 Mrs. Hilliard. Mrs. Nellie Itu t Ihisi, whit shed atiireat Falls on Fs iday eats buried aa Lewistown on Sunday. fee body tirrived te Lewis- town on ISisitinley comas aim wits taken to the residence ot NIaltatia lei Nixie street. The body was eororted to the Prettily terian church by it large number tot frietets and reletives, where it touchiest foment' eratests was delivered by the Rev.1./Illekenden During the eervices \l lust- Kate and Bert sister anal brother of the slecesesed were hikes' Sett- ill its the result of lieu It trouble a hicli was aggravated by the end oceasities. A Dig Lamb. William Fergus of Fergus & Sons, ileum that is spriest lamb which a -as raised on the Deer creek ranch tips the scales st. lott wminds. The average lame in that section ibis seas n will eeigh over reventy-five poninla and Mr. Fergus gays that the feed ts better there dein betas ever seen it shoat his arrival in Fe.giet comity. It te generally court -dud by hoth Demo- crat a alai Republicans that 0. W. Belsfeti Is too good a county attoreey to lose and be %ill be elected by a large majority. FURNITURE ALL READY. There Will Be No Donley in Opening the New Hotel. The fureiture for the new atone hotel belonging to W. A. Shuttles has been purchased and %till be ready to pet in the rooms as P0011 as the hotel is corn- pleted_ will he alsilit the lost id N0V.mher. The carpets are sewed to fit die different rooms and the bedding is till inade. 'llie names will Ise faritielled through - wit iii oak wood end us ill be the lightest and coziest mount to Ise had in any liotel in the county. Every provision will he made for Ilse comfort of the hotel's guestm and stoves will 'he plaved in the miens PO that. the patrons of the place may spend their spare time in their own private:1 psi thirsts N and be HP contfortioble as in the public parlor or in the hotel Halve snail wailing romp. nave been placed for the silver- ware, kitchenware end range. The adventure will lie of good gentile, arid welted' 11er-1w:ire lies been purchased to outfit a hotel kitchen ie the must coup plete and tip•to-date fashion. The tonsorial parlors a ill be finished in oakitntl toe cheirs unit fixturee will Ise the latent tied most in dern in Use. ['here will be hot and cold baths in con- nection and its yatrons will find every .-olivenience to he found its the first -cleat -having potion. of the large cities. The bar room Atli hitt oile of the most attractive rut s in the hotel. It a - ill tipialtrd in tisk and upon the a all. wall iue Imint - rine alid - rotly iet ii rev: throe will be a entubinstion two! lied table- in the room for the tete of die hoters latrues who will Lind in these :roues it's opportunity to spend many ii Pirmstuit lion- it kb their friends. The office maim of the hotel wiil be large and commodious and tt:e traveling public will here find that notilitu has been left tett that is to the convenience of traveling men and others. huteI 11111,10ilad is wired through- out for electric lights and to ratigentente sotve lulus alt1111* With 11/1:1 lonvyr com- 1 peity+144-anseplies-iaawer for tlie Keit- tall mill to have poke put it; place milli ires inning for I he t ittrpinse of supplyiint the lusuihihisig with lights by the tittle the hotel is ressity to he opened. Dr. F. F. Attis, Lewistown, illoot. • EVERYBODY ENJOYED IT. A Large Crowd Turned Out to the Dunes Friday Night. The most succeesfitt dance in the history of Kendall was held Net F:itlay night in the new . bank building belong- ing to John R. Cook. Extemsive preparations were, in pro- gress for the dance a week or more in advance and in order that no detail would be omitted to make the affair en- tirely Hiccessful, school was dientissed Friday afternoon and the children, under Ilse guidance of their tent -hers, Wt`tt' kegt refining to and fro gathering the little thiligs neeeseary to decorate the large donee room and complete all the arrangements for @entitle itniper. When I heir ii irk was finished they indeed hail reason to be proud, for the hall matt des -united in- it manner that %timid do credit to more experienced ItttiPt11. Flags and bunting were arrayed in pro- fution and intertwined mere evergleett boogies and other trimmings eltoget her making a very pretty effect. The ball 'as well lighted, the fluor it perfect con- dition and the murk: was sech that a number also went these it ith their minds made up not to dance just couldn't keep still sell - soon got up end enjeyed the waltz lied two-step with blue happy throng. . . Only it or& of praise were heard shoat the Supper, and alter supper A -lancing continued until ihe wee snot' hunts, Whelk the last.pormin. pi.erted for I hoping that another Ptleli dative would •Iseviven to k.eudall before very Wig. From a fittencittl it •tripoitit also the dance was very successful, the total re'cripts 11111011111illg 1.11 $200 '25; otit tub , istuount there was tilt expenee of $52 or sic, caller, enettlies, ete, leaving a balance of /146.25 a hieli a ill go towards, paying teactiere' salaries for au extended term. A vote for 4 7barled M. Kelly for clerk and recorder is it vote for a tried and teoeteci m i t plo t ee of Fergus county. bin. Kelly, tinting his term of office .. hog w o n the ester/it 1:0• fidened of the patrons of his office, and has made vaily Meseta ii 1w will eee that he is via:twines on the 45is isny uuu Novetobel. Largest stock of Stationery, Perfinn• cry, lhoggiat Sundt - Me /41111 Notions in Lewistown et C. H. Williams. • Where Is tie? If There is a Man in Fergus County , That We Can't Fit in Underwear We haven't found him yet. There is UNDERWEAR here to suit every taste, every size, every pocketbook. Want a cheap garment? It is here in good quality at 6`c. Want the finest and softest o wool It is here at marvelously low prices. Are you . tali or short, s41.1 or stout? We wi I fit you, and fit you well. The light weight stocks are in-- nes you want for now, and for two months hence—new shades and styles. An elegant show - 'g, and exceptional values for the money asked. You needn't look a,sy further for UNDERWEAR. Its righthere. SEND US E W I sTow EXPRESS PAID ON N ALL YOUR COMMIERC.JALco. PURCHASES MA It. ORDERS of OR OVER LEWL-.TOWN, MONTANA •

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