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1 o s „ KENDALL CHRONICLE. The North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, OCTOBER 28, 1902. No. 32 IMMENSE BODIES Of ORE Devel - pment Work on the Barnes - King Mine. Will Erect Another Mill Next Year—New Hoist Will Be in Place Next December. The Barnes -King mine is establishing a name for itself as one of the biggest and heat paying mining propositions in the West. The more development work that is done on the property the :treater seem its possibilities, and there is enough ore blocked mit today to keep the big 250 ton mill miming full capacity for at least font years. Much of the ore is ve:y rich for cyau- ids! ore and some of it runs its high as $23 to the ton; a considerable amount of it wilt roil $15, awl some as low as $6 per ton. But toere seems to be no limit to the quantity. IL cosisowi hies to de- velop the mine hi-rause all the ttork °I that kind that has been dose so far hes been iii pay ore, and there ate no signs of it playing out The big open cut on the eider of the mounittin where a is rge part of the ore im taken out has increased ii pi ettlit ttelsy' it looks like heti the montitilit wide bad drop i ed space leaving an im- 'sense cavity. But every bit of the earth has gone through the mill anol helped swell the ledlion output of the camp. A tunnel that lied lweti lriven into the mountain ride seversi years ago loy Joseph Wonderlin, one of the owners of the mine, while he was look - tog for a pay ledge of free milling ore, has been lolasted 0%4 until there is little left to tell where the tunnel tins. Two tunnelm are now being driven in a south-westerly direction from the bottom of t he 114 foot elnift , e . nodt they are both in put)' ore. One of these tunnels is in about 450 feet and has been the means of showing that the ore in t i liat direction is as view ifel and as rich MI in the open cot. All the earth taken from both the tunnels will run from $6 to 115 to the ton. • The timbers are on the ground for the erection of a hoist hottee . at the shaft below the open cut, and by the first of next December the small 11 horse power hoist now in use will be replaced loy one of BO horse power; and then sinking on the shaft will be puelied as rapidly as possible and there is no donht but that the ore will increase in richness with depth as well its be plentiful as on the surface. The new 80 horse power boiler is in place at the toilh end fire will be started ender it this week. There will (lien be enough steam power for all deniarWs. The five new tanks have been put into service and the mill is !low running two ehifts which means a greatly increased pus' roll. A large force of men were started to work last week on the Barnes-King claims on Dog creek about a mile and a Itslf distant from the tos it of Kendall, end reports front the Dog creek section state that the pi operty allows up equally as well as the older mine that has in the short period of one year come to the front RP one of the biggest misting propo sitions of today. Before another year goes by there is no doubt hut that another mill will be erected by the Barnes-King company with a capacity equal to the one now in operation as there is enough ore in sight to keep two mills running steadily for a long time to come. TROUT FOR SPRING CREEK. A Large Namber the Speckled Beau- ties Brought from Idaho. J. 0. Gilkereon errived iii Lewistow ii on Friday with a consignment of trout which lie hail hauled in barrels frame Harlowton. The fish had been shippcd to that point from Idaho through the government fish hatchery at Bozeman and their ultimate destination was the waters of Spring creek. This maker in the neighborhood of 12,000 trout that have been turned into that creek this year and if illegal methods of fishing are put a stop to, the lovers of the piseator- ial art will enjoy good sport next season. The reservoir for the Lewistoen city tvaterworke is finished and On Thursday a committee from the city council in- spected the joli in order to report at it special meeting e hich will be called this week. The reservoir is finfehed tit a first-class mat. tier and lots a eapavity of 191,900 gallons. It is fitted e ith a patent intake ii tiul discharge pipe aed luso at grating for purposes of olrainege when it is found necessary to Oren it. The distribution system will be finished by the 1st of November and activeopera- tiopessip s tausa in progress mt the, putt's)* in the well and (omelet ion for the pump* ing plant, under the•direction of Frank Shutt z. HEINER BENDS BOODLE Ifergus County Voters Shntild EleetWalte and Defeat liana's Candidate The voter shout I ask himself the question. \Why is Heinze 80 an xi us to leave J. D.- Waite olefe mod for the St tt e switatorship? The answer is eaey; Fang lifetime cannot use ).l r. 'eit • end he knows it. The Butte polities' fakir is well aware that ho csittiot use J. D. _Waite as he hie adreso_ILItnetcheol !hat gentleman on the subject Of his paid etTlissaries anol useertained that he will not support city of his nefar- ious schemes. So earnestly doen Fang Heinze desire to see NI r. Waite defeated that he has forwarded $5,01) toward campaign expenses which ii, now sup- posedly in the halide 'if the in.+ to routs tors of the Demecratic campaign. Whether the money will ke misc I km Campaign purposes Or MA 114)14 ktuuiwn, bitt judg- ing In the m the boodle has gone in past years it is very probable that it will be salted dowii•by those on the ineide. The Lewistown Democrat is shouting itself hoarse in an toodeavor to isisleotal the voter and is howl in its condeinuation of NI r. Weite, but of moose that is %Alai it is Villa for atid its amusing crositione of the imaginottiom should be taken for what they are worth. laritaliatJan 110,r•Ilatni. The Rev. Henry Qiiickenden Wil8 ihuuly installed as pernitineet pester of . the Presbyterian cloireli at Lee istown ott Sunday. The installation services were conchs:led by the Rey. C. F. Richardson, synodical stiperintelident for the state, who Was essisted by the Rev. George Edwards aiel the Rev. Albert Plaits. The church was eleg rattly olesorated for the occasion by the ladies of the congre- gation anol the edifice was core ded to its utmost litnIt daring the services. SHIEP11[ROER B11011 1111RL Wbogt C it A ti li te P la A w I tI G Ie N I .4 51- 1:78 1 : : iil II ilger, who spent several days at political head- quarters this fall. Don't forget to vote for Donald Fowler for assessor. He is a hard working and conscientious officer and has dischitrgeol his duties in a manner which deserves support. When you vote next Tuesolaty don't endanger the prosperity of the state and county by voting the Deonocratio ticket but support the Republican party under whose management the conditions of labor have iinprovetl and the prosperity J. D. Keitiltle : a sheepherder in the of comity, state and coantry is atinn:r employ of Ora Elements of (truss flange, J. C. Itebb, the Pepublicsu csnoliolete for elieriff is making a very successful was throw to from hie horse last we4k arnmgn a It- an d d ragged at a terrific gait for over at - ed alstliiey'0\ will;e rso f tin :;: e ni‘ :::;:: I Y .\' e t yrt.:k e li c zo litinoireol yards. The 'infer' unate l imn received injuries th l ath i e t position of sheriff in whirl' may prove fatal anol is partially , aitner and enforce a . live cspa o tu order vig°1°1141Y affil without paralyzed as the result of the eccident. . He ells brought to Lewistown ell Saler- fear or a‘ur. duty by Deputy sheriff slum awl is now The knife has id ready made its ap- at the county hospitoil tinder the care of pearance jut the Democratic camp and Dr, Wilson. every man is looking askance at his At the time of the accident Kemble eeighbor, its it is a well known fact aria was o.alting preperatione to take a but ml it is sow as ever with Fergus county of @heel) to Billings for his employer tied Demateracy, ' Every man for Iiiineelf and huitidunost had determined to ride a Owe which lie the devil take 111'3 'flue outlast ate! Which WAS lint broken to the Laloor party aloes ;tot dare a Willa' tor the saddle. When he mounted for the pun- bulk of the Democratic ticket and will pose of rounding tin the sheep, the mil- vote as it 'delves slide there are good groititols to believe that Alexander i+ being traded off Ity some Democrats RIO lute' ly refuted by ot het s. Thrown From Bucking Broncho and Dragged Over Prairie He Is at th: Point of Death in a Lewistown Hospital—Badly Disfigured. mai bucked and threw him dragging the the foot over the 111110MM:de matt liy rougli snit ground utttih, when his It:ngtli shook (rte. lie %%IP braised EverYthina looks well for the Reptile - and battered almost l'ermid lec\Kintion. lion) ticket and it is very evident that lie sits taken to the ratieli hy bus coin the citizens of Fergus county resits° that potioione sho liaol to Stand }Mil watch the II\ . RillTliniit \lion of county affair* l'\ nitliont being abb to resoler been exeellent lout will show their :w- ally assistance, and Dr. Hedges u f L e wis- precistion of the fact et the !tolls. 3. M. town %Hit at mice seta for. li,enable was Croft mu him! C. NI. Kelly have thoroughly proveol that they are the right men in the right plats.. 0. W. Belden should be elected by a large majority. lie is oi piling and coopahle officer and durieg lois first term lute showed tlwat lie is Ins& of the \rislit stuff.\ F. W. King anol Frank E. Smith are both sinners ; they are men w louse integrity oof purpose can not be questinietl. The rapid increase to Werickitianit - A - reni\te ( Air=\111 school territory makes it neceseittsysto !nick. The new proprietoss are well known in the county and, !olive many blends it ho wish them success in their enterprise. out of lois head mouth semi! at IiiiieS as if mentally affected by lois itojui les aild the doctor advised that. tie be taken to the camilty seat where he could receive the proper attention. Livery Burrhorms Reid. The Kendall livery etoible chatiged ow tiers lest week, J. H. Huffman selling have a mall at the helm of educational nffaire and R. A. McKee is the man who a ill fill that position with credit to him- i self slid oidx.oiltrige to the conosy. What $10.00 Will Do TLN DOLLARS will do wonders at our store the coming week. Here is one of the things it will do, but it's only a portion of Its power. See the inducement we offer to have you leave $io.00 with us. A GREAT SUIT SALE On lionday, October 27th, we place on sale for one week, ending November ist, all the broken lots of Men's Suits selec- ted from our high grade clothing stock. Hundreds of suits from which to select, consisting of imported and domestic Worsteds. Cheviots and Tweeds. The lot includes the most desirable patterns in our sfock—suits that have sold formerly for from $15.00 to $18.00. Sizes 34 to 42. FEND US YOU It MAIL ORDERS 6 1 4119YALN. LEWISTO*N, I KXPRESS PAID ON ALL PURCHASE , : of RS.00 OR OVER /

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