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on Rufus Barrett, nephew of Brit Barrett. a well-known Rock creek rancher, re- ceived injuries in a runaway on Sunday, which caused his death within half an honr after the accident. The unfortu- nate young fellow has been working and living on the Barrett riled' since the death of his parents and on Sunday mornieg hitched a team to an ordinary farm eagon in order to bring in some undies of grain from a nearly field for the horses. After be had been absent from the houre for some time, his sister while looking tilt of a window, saw 'the team standing on a side bill, close to the ranch, with the upturned It agon still fastened to them. She did not see ber brother, and told Mrs. Barrett that she was afraid some- thing had nappened to hint anti in com- pany aim a man alto was working at KENDALL CHRONICLE. 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, NOVEMBER 4, 190 3 . No. 33 FATAL 11111111111 ACCIDENT Rufus Barrett Kicked to Death o -s Suniav. The Young Man Well Known Rcck C , eek Where He vicieity of Bozeman and he was ieftirm- ed of the death of his boy. No immed- iate reply being received, preparations were made to hold the funeral foie' the Episcopal church but oil Friday word was received from his father to embalm the body and ship it to hint at Bozeman for interment. KENDALL'S NEW STAGE LINF. Will Go to Lewistown •nd Itnturn Each Day, gondaya Excepted. The Union Stage line is now running Resided. between Kendall and Lewistown, with the main office in Kendall. The stage leaves Kendall at 8 o'clock it. m. every ilay except Sunday, and returning, ar- rives at 6 p. at. the same day. This gives the people of our toe n an oppor- tunity to go to Lewistown and transact their business and return home the mile (lay, thereby saving time and money that before the new system Was sterteil the Kendallite was forced to spend in Lewistown, as there was then no means of making the return trip in one day. Kendall citizens will appreciate the en- terprise- shown by the management of the new stage line and a ill no doubt patronize the Union cAunpitity Fast time a ill b made and passengers taking de- atage that leaves Kendall in the mo..iting will cover the distance to Lewietown in less time than ever before. Leave orders tor anything you may seta fiom Lewistown at the Home Bakery and H. Smith, alto is agent for the Dillon company, will see that your went, ilia ranch they Illitried nut to look kr z ol i rtmeverrive oweini their brother and nephew. After a con- eiderable search they found him lying COEUR VALENS COUNTRY in the grain field unronecioue and evi- dently dying He natl carried back to the house front which lie had set out in 1'. J. Warren has returned to Butte buoyant health only a short time pre- from a ‘irit to the Omer d'Alene • cowl- viously, and Dr. Wilson Has sent for, try and reports matters general y quiet The injured man died however a ithin a in that section. The Mine Ow Dent' As - few minutes 01 his arrival home, and a eociation sniff kee-re up its employment latter examination of the body revealed agency system of entia:img semi, and the formation of a hi od clot over the this means that no miner from NIontana lungs, the bruised condition of the body Call get a job there'. leading to the belief that the deceased Mr. Warren brought borne with him wits kicked to death. some time specimens of copper ore from It was a wagon box which he was en- the Park group of mines, situated -five gaged in loading at the time of the acti- tulles above Mullan. The Park company dent, and it is thought that on climbing owns six claims and is engaged in driv- onto the lond, dist the trendies rolled, ing a tunnel, which is now in 150 feet. throwing Berl ett in amongst the lion sea At a point 115 feet in the twine' copper heels. After kicking their driver to ore was Mittel that runs 30 per cent. death, the animal?' stampeded HMI Ili set Patrick Brady, an oblainte Montana the wagon in their wild flight Anil were miner, is the principal ostler in the brought to a stendstill by the swift run claim snit some time ego he refused to tip the hill side. give icbcintl out his property for $100,000 The detetteeil is MAO it nephew of Mrs. wilt an offer ts pay down $10,000 in Fred Henna and is well known through- cash. Mr. Warren says it is a tunnel tett that section of the county. proposition and with a 1,000 foot tunitel 1,000 feet of ore m y he worked from above. The lead is easily traced on the surface and the ledge is twenty feet aide. Mr. Warren thinks it will develop into one of die biggest copper mines in Idaho. The ore is being accumulated on the dump and the owners expect to be able to build a smelter next spring to treat the ore. DIED AT LEWISTOWN. _ iinenuel La Rue Shiceumba After Under- going an Operation. Selene! La Rue died at the Van Dueen hospital on Thursday night as the result of complications after an operation for eppendicitie. Ile was a boy of eighteen years of age anti for the past two years hues been in the employ of B. C. White of Chet who boa him from the State reform school. La Rue was sent to that itusti 110011 Oil account of the fact that hits father rehired to support him and his utialter'e death left hint without a home. He has worked faithfully for Mr. White mid when a message was sent to that gee denim on Wedneetlay, inform- ing him thin the boy was dying, both ite and his eife at once warted for Lea is , town and erre present at the time of hie The father of the boy lives in the A Had Place for Montana /diners Who Want Jobs. The following !thee', sales took place duping the past seek: Peter Weydert sold 2,000 yearlieg wet hers to F. R. War- ren at $2.30 per head and 1,100 lambs to N. A. Lea is at $1.60. The Macdonald Creek Sheep Co. gold 3.2Q0 hintbs to F. K. Warren at $1.65 and 2.50) to D. F Slayton at $1.90. These\ prices shoe that in spite of the heavy shipments from Wymt• big that prices vie rti)I satisfac- tory in this section. day. October 25, 1902. Oacas EkrEPHSNS. Boots, magazines and all kinds of reading matter at Home Bakery. Republicans Elect Majority Five Republican Candidates are Sure Winners At die hour of goirg to press the elec- ticket, with the exception of Miss Myer - ion it -turns show that the Republican party of Fergus county elected the ma- jority of its ticket. The returns from Kendal Tnesday night she wed the Re- publican vote here to be larger than ea@ estimeted it %%mild be before election, the highest vote on the ticket being cast for King alio had 87. The result of the election in Kendall precinct was as foliose:— Republican ticket—Dixon 70, Hollo- way 77, Waite 72, Smith 71, liebb 81, Belden 85. Fowler 65. McKee 48, Staf- ford 70, David 68, Day 75, Keffy 70, King 87, Croft 73, Deleocretie ticket—Evans III, Leslie 100, Alexander 122, Hilger 107, Robin - 'ion 110, Slater 115, Shaw 119, Hazen 122. Pick 126, lilac:Gowan 98, Meyersick 147, Hog -deed 121, Nave 109, Tracy 114. tha early evenbig the indica- timdt were that the whole Republican sick, %mild be elected. Later returns changed the outlook. however, and it is now conceded that five Democrats will win. On the Republican ticket Joseph M. Dixon and W. L. Holloway will re- ceive a large majority of the votes cast. in Fergus county, and that Jack Waite, E. W. King, 0. W. Belden and James Croft will be elected there is not a doubt and F. E. Smith may possibly win. The Democratic candidate's show gains in a number of precincts this year, but extensive acquaintance and the popu- lariny of some of the Democratic candi- dates indnced many Republicans throughout the county to vote in their favor. On the Democratic tiAet the election of Ada Meyersick, Frank l'ick, Frank Hazen, Lincoln Slater and Abraham Hogeland is said to be assured. *500 Reward. As the result of the lunacy commis - A reward of $500 will he paid for in- sion held in relation to Owen Griffith, a foriiintinn that will lead to the convic- Cottonwood rancher, last Wednesday on of the party or parties who afternoon, it was decided that it %mild t set fire be advisable to send him to Warm to my frame house in Kendall on Satin - Springs for treatment. Dm Wilson aud Adis conducted a thorough exam- ination of the unfortunate man and are of the opinion that a ith proper treett- inent that he will recover. Griffith lois Largest stock of Stationery, Perfum- lung been it resident of the state and wits ery, Druggist Sundries and Notions in one of the pioneer residents of Barker. Lewistown et C. H. Williams. * For a good, high flavored cigar, try the Montana Sport, Ed. Weaver has it. • All kines of house paints, varnisbea, furniture Maine, oils. turpentine, etc., at The Lewistown Limber Co. have a ' complete line of doors, vrindowe, mould- ings, flooring, ceiling, sidings, building paper, builders' hardware, etc. limue Bakery. Sweet potatoes at Home Bakery. What $10.00 Will Do TEN DOLLARS coming week only a portion have you leave A On lionday, ending November ted from our high from which to Worsteds. Cheviots desirable patterns for from $15.00 BEND US YOUR 4 MAIL ORDERS will Here Is one of its power. Sto.00 with GREAT October 1st, all grade select, consisting and in our to $18.9o. E WI COIVIVERCIALNO6 LEWISTOWN, 27th, the clothing vl weeds. stock—suits Sizes do of See us. broken STOW wonders the things it the inducement SUIT SALE we place on lots of stock. of imported The lot that 34 to 42. at will sale Men's Hundreds includes have our store the do, but it's we offer to for one week, Suits selec- of suits and domestic the most sold formerly EXPRERS PAID ON ALL PURC/14SES OR OYEit MONTANA _ Sampler' of carpets, linoleum and wall paper at Dome Bakory.

Kendall Chronicle (Kendall, Mont.), 04 Nov. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.