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KENDALL CHRONICLE. 1 he North Moccasins Have Yielded Up Their Thousands and Have Millions Left for Honest Toil VOL. I. KENDALL, MONTANA, NOVEMBER 11, ivoi. No. 34 UM NEWS OF THE WEEK Work the Kend;11 Narirg Completion Doings Around the Barnes -King —The San'iag ) Coming to the eront The Kendall ndll silt 50011 have every druid corripleteil that will make it rank with the most up-to-date mills of its kind. No ctievenience in the operation of the mill from the time the ore goes into the heavy crusher until the bars of geld bullion are ready for shipment halt I een eve, I010ked. An extra crusher ar- rived this week and it will be kept ready for service at all the. a 811 that e hen the other crusher is in need of repair no tinie will be lost. The refinery is modern in all its ar rangetnents, and a new blouver has jest be en installed for the purpose of cat rV- ing off the deadly gas that arises front the cyanide (suite ion just before the gold is extraviete The wet k of siding the mill is nearly finished; the prime coat of paint is pot on at the same time the siding , is laid. e,irlv four rupee ot the ataxalatai pipe km- halt !wee arpleeed by iron pipe end now only a futile of the eriginsl pipe is in use, lied that is nearest the mill where the preeenre is not PO high. The line, as it is now, gives entire setisfaction. A force of eight men are workieg oht the !•:antiago mine belonging to the Waldotff-Draper compaey. They are cleaning out the tunnels where a large coantity of ore had caved in, anti after this is removed, the work of einkilig a willZP on the 260 foot t untiel win com- mence. Ore will then be taken ont and left on the dump until the proposed itulTt iirowtoft. - The Santiago is a rich proposition mid has enough ore in sight to guarantee tlie erection of it mill The present force of men will soon be increeeed and there is eVitlettee that 'text summer will see the Saetiago one of the busiest mines in this section. The new steam boiler is in piaci-At the ltarnes-King will knit it is not likely that fire will he under it until steam pipes connect it with the new hoist e be in place early in December. T11 Barnes -King had a clean-up etely last week and smelted on Friday. While the exact value of tlie bullion produced could net he learned, the returns front the work 01 in days previous is known to be very gratifying to the owners of the mine. LOCAL BUNTING PARTY. Taker Day Off and Walks Mush But Shoot Littie Early last annday morning Fred. L. Stephens, I,. ('. Wilson and Bert Shane shouldered their ritlee H11,1 PhOt guns u nd went nut looking for game both large and small. It is reported Ilea Stephens started on a deer ttail and run his tinkle clown, hut nary a (leer. The e hole party had a lona, hard day's tramp WI. 11 I- I bow.:11 there was no venison or bear meat. 1.rouglit liotne, the sportsmen secured a half dozen chickens a loch they eagerly devoured for their evening meet' upon their arrival in Kendall. MINERS UNION DANCE. Great Preparation• *re In Progreso for Big TIL1149 Thu North Moccasie Mieers' Union win give their grand anneal ball 'Meeks - giving night, Thursd y, Novetnla r 27, in the bank building at Kendall. The traion is petting ferth every effort to make the occasion a most pleasant one, and has placed upon the several commit- tees to loot( after the dance ladies and gentlemen who need to int roduetion to thou dancing public of tdis county. The committees are made up of people who are well experience:I in the capacities in hich they are to act and the fact that these people Ina, to look after things is s guarantee for the seceees of the efient 'tippet %till be served at the S.ephens hotel and is not included in die price et the dance tick s ets which ate only $1.0o each. Elsewhere in this iestie a ill he fonnd it display aneounceineet of the dance. Thanksgiving Proclamation. Octoher 29 —I'mesidetti Roottevelt tedity issned las preclanitition deeigtiatieg Thursday, Nev. 27, as a day of •Flitelkegivieg. 'Ille proclamation is 1t.4fuel ow-: \Acroidine to the yearly custom of our twople, it falls upon the president at this eenson of the year to utiopoint it day of festival and thanksgivitig to God over a century amid a quarter has passed since this country took its place :tmOng the nations of the earth. awl ;luring that DA) 14414.41.1- Mori/ .to ire thankful fur titan late ielliett to the lot of Hey GC114.1%1S1011 after generation ham ems 11 10 01511110041 and passe l a Hay. Each has lead to bear ite peculiar 1,Urtlenti, each to ince its special et Isis end each has known years of grim trial, when the country Was wee:iced by limner, au/Theistic or foreign, a hen the hand of the Lord was heavy upou it in dronth or tlood er pestilence, when et luiuilily ulietreme end angnieh of sold it paid the peoalty of folly and a (toward heart. Nevertheless, decade by decade. we have (-images] (inward and tittWitr414 W44-.144)W abundantly enjoy material wellateing, and tinder the favor of the alest High we are. striving earn- estly to achieve morel end spiritual up- lifting. The year that has just cloetal ham lwen one 44 peace anti of overfloo lag plenty. Rarely hag any people enjoyed greater presperity than ae are now en- joying. For, this we render heartfelt soilFlolruaii thar.kuu to the . giver of good and we seek to praitte Hint not hy words only, lint by deeds, by the way in which We do our duty to oureelves and our I'd 1 ,1wineii. '•Naw therefore. I, Theodore Roose- velt, President of the United Stater, tlo h-reby designees as a day of general thanksgiving, Therisday, the 27th of the coming November. attel do recommend that throughout the land the people cease from their ordinary occupations and in their several homes awl places of worship render thanks unto Almighty Gout for the manitold blessings of the past year. •`111 %% it nem' whereof I have hereunto set my hand and retitled the seal of the United States to be affixed. \Done at the City of Washington, the 29th day of October, in the year of our laird nineteen hundred and two, and of the independence of the United States the one bemired and t wenty-seventle \THEODORE ROOSEVELT.\ JOHN - HAY, See'y of State. By the President. RECENT MINING DECISIONS Of Interest to Mining Men in the West let's required wmk. The prayer was for an accounting, injenctive relief, that complainant be decreed the owner of a certain interest, and for generud relief. Defendant urged that the comptaint ens defective in that the specific c111111e action was uncertain. The court held that the conteteion hind no merit. the cause of action being the wit holding iii the interest; and if the required work Ce-tettants each have the benefit of had been done the relocation 11104 a (lend work done on mining claims. ‘Yhere on compiainaiit's title, and if not defeit. the question wits whether $100 worth of dant might be foetid to be ui trustee, and work had been done 011 a nailing claim such relief as the pleadintat sod evidetow in the year 1898, and the . witnedises of warranted plight be given tinder the cOrliplititiatit Mere that it had been done, prayer for genetal relief. And it wee and the witness of the aefeellatit testi- proper ter the I tat r court not to compel fled that, in 1897 the tunnel (the only the plaintiff to elect whether he %mild eork (lone) WaS in depth 35 or 40 feet, stand on the allegation that the required and another %littlest; of defendant testi- amount of work wits' not 'lone, or that if tied that in the fall of 1897 it was 45 or not. it was through the fraud, ete., of the 50 feet, sayitig that he had inemeured it defendant ; since more than One set of the Ihay before and fottml it 89 feet, end facts might establish the wilMg COM' further stat!ed that 12 or 14 feet of work 'dallied of.—Yarwood vs. Johnson (70 wee (lone after December 31, 1898, and Pacific Reporter, 123); Supreme Cute t. defendant's SitlIrEBV8 testified that they of iVashington. estimated the work done on the tunnel to cost $4 to $5 per foot, such evidence $500 Rewar& was settietent to 'thew that mei. $100_ a ort Ii of work bad twee done in the 'ear A reward of $500 will he paid for in - 1898. If the required amount ef work tion of t vormation them e ill lead to the ettevic- i s done, it is Unmated:II whether all he party or part ice who set tire I of 1 lit' c0-101114 110 their propertionate to my frame house in Kendall on Sutler - part of such stork, where it is shown day, October 25, 1902. OSCAR STEPHENS. that the requited 11011 w of work hiss H 41 :wet) lime, it %%ill be presumed, in the Lime Kiln For Sale. abeence of et idence to the contrary, that ••• It a as done by the co•teitants or some of A large quantity of lime atone pied \ ese 04 , 0 440.1elmut at... et ith an eviithliPited luit•iitess a150 tempts' to relocate a minitig claim bisect rr.onth, ace Itte tome- Avows en opieur- enures to the beta -fit of all I he co-teeenta. ttinity to donble lite present but owes. The mere lapse of time dues „ot dissolve Timer -a is on the /H.1- /'ellY it fralli\ t lie rriatiort81) p of the co-tenatiCv. bog 16x32 ft , tied plc:aye( east.' near y„, s . 00 ,1 is. a„j i „,,,, my p acific Re i vr _ The !trite of the whitle outfit is WO. ter, 124); Supreme Court of Waellitig- For further particulars Apply to F. It. ton. Mumkers, Keodall, Montatta. Sufficient Statemeta of Fraudulent For a good, high flavored tatter, try the :11011811a t!pori. Ed. Weaver hits it. • Act in Relocating Milting Cleitie—A complaint alleges that one of the defen- dants, who was co-tenent of the COM- plainant in a certain mining claim heti relocated the claim in behalf of another, and that it was not open to relwetion, nut tate reqai red work haul listen chute on the claim; but that if it had not been dtme it was ost ieg to the (noel of the tie- feiniant. alio bad for consideration con- tracted with complainant to ho the hat - 'file Lewistown Lumber Co. have it COM pie le litie of uloors, wilitioea, mould- iegs, tloorieg, reilitig, sidings, building paper, builders' Itar,Iware, etc. _ Largest stock of gtationery, Perfum- ery, Druggist Sttintrien wort Notions io Lewistown at C. H. Williams. Largest stock of Drugs in Lewistown, at C. H. Williame'. • You'd Be Surprised If YOU took the troultle to inquire how many of your best dressed aequaintancee are not having their clothes tuadtato-meastire at all, but are wearing STEIN-BLOCH . 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